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Her hands wouldn’t stop shaking. She began wringing them together as a nervous alternative. She was sitting at the end of the bed closest to the door in the hotel room. She was waiting to meet him in their usual place, but this time it wasn’t sex on her mind; it was ending this affair before it ended her sanity.

She curled her toes in and out of her heeled sandals, red polish that matched her red scarf tied at her throat flashed from her toes. She wore her simple short black skirt today and a simple low necked white blouse. She had come straight from work and an important meeting to be here. It was in this meeting that she had decided that these secret meetings must end.

He had been there today. His company was taking over her own. They had brought the two staffs together to discuss the changes. Taylor didn’t hear any of them. She had been too busy watching him while pretending not to watch him from across the board room. When it had been his turn to speak, this task was more difficulty, and awkward. He had refused to stop staring at her the whole time that he was talking. More than one person noticed. The engagement ring on her left hand suddenly felt like a hot brand burning her skin. It might as well have been with the way he was staring at it. She never wore it in front of him.

He was too obvious. People were talking now, and it wouldn’t take long with the merger until David knew. David was her fiancé and one of the partners at the firm. Thank God he was away on other business today. David. He was a good man, but there was some type of animalistic passion that seemed to overpower her when Jack was around.

Jack. Tall, dark, and staring dangerously at her in that board room. It made her realize how much her secret affair with him would hurt David. The minute she let herself meet his gaze in the meeting and he had stopped talking and smiled triumphantly, smugly, she knew that fate would fall fast if she didn’t end it.

She wanted to take off her shoes, but feared the need for a fast escape. She should have just phoned, but that would have been the easy way out. She knew that there would be nothing easy about this. Nothing was easy about Jack. In her thoughts came the flashing images of the times they had shared in rooms before this one. There were things that Jack made her feel that no man had ever come close to doing. She had never known what true sexual passion could be until she had finally given in to his advances. What had followed was 3 months of late night meetings, weekly afternoons at out of the way hotels, and hours of guilt over moments of pleasure. She just couldn’t do it anymore.

She suddenly stood up. The bed was not the place to be sitting with these thoughts. It would be too easy to give in once again. She opted for the chair by the window instead. In route to the chair, the door opened. Jack was there.

He still had on his suit. He had been at the office when she left and assumed he’d come directly after. She had been right.

His gray suit still looked as sleek and deadly on him as it had in the board room. He looked just as dangerous and smug in their private room as he had in the board room. bahis siteleri He leaned against the wall beside the bathroom and stared at her the same way he had only a few hours earlier.

Under his stare, she felt like a trapped animal, panic setting in before anger. “What you did today was hateful,” Taylor didn’t recognize her own voice as she spoke to him. It shook and was meek, not anything like her normal proud, husky tone.

Jack was unphased, he continued to stare. “It was necessary,” came his reply, the only sign of emotion from him was the slight tick in his right jaw. A jaunty pulse of flesh that at other times had made Taylor aroused instantly. This time it made her feel fear.

Fear; he could smell it on her and it seemed to arouse him. She sat in the chair, her arms clutching the small arms of the seat on either side. Her legs were pressed tight together, with her feet looking bowed inward as they were planted on the floor. Her perfectly round breasts that fit just right in his palms were moving up and down under that white blouse in her nervousness. Through the low neckline he could watch her cleavage rise and fall just below that red scarf that waved like a red flag. She still had on that damn ring.

She tilted her head up and straightened herself under his slowly smoldering stare. “People are talking about us.”

He moved from the wall and began his way towards her. He loosened his tie as he went. “It was necessary.”

She leaned back in the chair, his coming near making her want to move back farther. Her pulse pounded in her throat, “the way you were looking at me, Jack.”

He dropped his keys on the dresser, his tie free. “It was necessary.” He moved slowly towards her; taking his time to undress as he went.

“You made yourself obvious,” she watched him steadily nearing her. The tie was on the floor, his hands unbuttoning his jacket next.

He slipped his jacket onto one of the double beds. “It was necessary.”

“We’re going to be working together, it’s only a matter of time that people figure it out.” She began looking for alternative exits. The only way to get around him was to dive over a bed; a risk that she was afraid would have the opposite affect as to what she came to do.

His shirt he unbuttoned and pulled free of his pants. He slipped it off as he reached her in her chair. “It was necessary.” His knee touched hers slightly.

She was level with his navel. She could see his half arousal in the outline of his pants. She stared at it dazed for an instant by the sight and the touch of his knee on her own. She then raised her gaze to meet his own. “Thank God David wasn’t there.”

Jack pressed his knee between her own, then knelt and parted her legs at the same time. He held her there, he knees under his arms, and held her chin in his hand. His gaze was murder and determination. “I told you to never say that name in front of me.” His thumb pulled her bottom lip down slowly. He watched her pulse beat under her scarf then he said again, “it was necessary.”

Panic closed in sharply. Taylor decided to make a break for it. In an instant she leapt from the chair and sprang towards the canlı bahis siteleri bed. He caught her just as her knee landed on the edge of the first one.

He pressed her face down to the mattress, her feet hanging off the bed. He pressed his own body down on top of hers and pulled her back until she was bent over the edge of the bed. His hips were pressed to hers and his chest now bare warmed her back. She fought him. She was horrified that her body was responding heatedly to him even as her brain was trying to find means of escape. He held her hands against the bed and kissed her ear.

“Taylor,” he spoke hotly in her ear. His tongue traced the lobe, flicking slowly at the inner most part. “When are you going to realize,” he pressed her hands into the bed with his own. She could feel his arousal pressing hard against her rounded ass. The feel of him hard and strong against her made her shamefully wet. He knew full well what he was doing. He took the moment of her change from flight to arousal to reach under their bodies for her breasts. He cupped each one in a hand, holding them firmly, then thrusting against her ass with his, “You belong to me.”

His grip on her chest became harder; he reached for her nipples and pinched them into painful points. His legs covered her own and held her in place. She was bent to his own contours and helpless against the hard arousal running back and forth against her ass cheeks. The intensity of the moment made her moan deep inside herself.

It was all he needed. He took his hands and ripped her shirt open in a quick jerk leaving her in the scarf and small white lace bra. She reached to claw at him with her hands but he pressed her back down to the bed with a hand in the small of her back. The other hand moved to flip her skirt up over her ass. He fingered her small lace bikini then slipped two fingers inside against the warm wet mound he was pressing into the edge of the bed.

The sound he made was possessive and masculine when he discovered she was hot and sleek under him. Her mind maybe having second thoughts, but her body knew where she belonged. Spreading her legs apart, he inserted his first two fingers inside of her, while his thumb rubbed the inner most part of her passion.

She had stopped fighting him. She was fighting herself now, trying not to enjoy the feelings he was giving her. He took this time to undo her bra, and open his own fly. His arousal free, he pressed it against her ass, as his fingers began to pick up their pace working purposely inside of her.

She found herself pressing against him. His hands were driving her wild. The nervous energy she had built up waiting for him, waiting to break up had turned into an electrical current of passion. He was slowly drawing her to the edge of her mind in passion.

“Tell me,” he said low somewhere near her ear. She could feel his chest hot just inches off her back. His fingers continued their sweet torture on her body. His free hand was stroking the middle of her back.

Taylor made a sound like a gasp and a groan from the bed. She could only focus on the pleasure that was being brought up inside of her.

Jack’s hand canlı bahis became more determined working in and out of her body, his other hand gripping a hip and pulling her ass off the bed higher against his own thick shaft. “Tell me Taylor that you’re mine.”

His thumb was pressing harder in small circles against her throbbing clit. His other hand moved to open her petals wider as his arousal slid against the back of her ass. She was close to cumming.

He knew this. He felt her tighten on his fingers. He felt the exact moment her body began to move with him instead of trying to keep him from being inside. “Say it,” he spoke more forcefully.

Taylor clutched at the bed spread and tried to focus on saying no. She felt her engagement ring cutting into her hand and remembered David. She opened her mouth to say no, and found herself on the verge of intense climax instead. At the same moment, he moved his hands, placed them on her hips and held her there.

In her aroused state, she let her body speak for her brain and spoke the words that would put her out of her sweet misery. “I’m yours.”

The words were soft and panted, but it was all Jack needed to hear before he let himself go wild. Quickly he lifted her hips and pressed himself completely inside her wet pussy. When he found himself buried in his lover to the hilt she let out a hard, lusty cry.

He began his possession. Slowly and firmly he fucked her. Pulling out to nearly completely then thrusting hard and grinding inside. He took her hands in his and held her ringed finger in front of her.

“Open your eyes,” he said as he picked up the pace. “I want you to look at this ring when I fuck you.” His thrusts were harder than ever before. Her feet bounced off the floor at each impact. “I want you to feel me like this each time you look at the ring another man gave you.” The passionate assault continued, building in an intensity that took them both by surprise. Jack bit at her shoulders, gripped at her hands and marked his possession of her with his words at each thrust of their bodies against the bed.

The words “you’re mine” became a chant of pleasure as he fucked her hard and steady, the only interruption to the chant were Taylor’s own cries. They were cries of passion and of a deep sense of knowing that his words were right. She was wearing another man’s ring, she even loved the other man but her body and its passions were claimed solely by the man thrusting so forcefully inside of her.

As he rode out his way to climax, his hands searched her inner bud again. Pinching it between his fingers, he thrust himself one last time. Hot seed filled her, ran down her leg as she found her own release with him inside. He held her under him as she bucked and rocked in the most intense climax she had ever felt. He held her there long after she had collapsed completely under his thighs.

Rolling himself to the side of the bed he stared at her as he caught his breath. She watched him in return; dazed by their encounter for the moment. His jaw was still twitching. There was still anger in his eyes.

He pulled her completely on top of him. With his hands he pressed her ass down to cover his slackened penis. He kissed her hard as he held her there, and then pulled her up by her hair to meet his eyes. They were hot with jealous passion and made her melt inside. “Don’t ever try to leave me again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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