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Poolside Pleasures – a summer of lust.

Patricia smiled privately to herself as she dropped the rustling pile of groceries down on the kitchen bench, delighting at the thought of the many little treats she had bought for herself within them.

A selection of fine cheeses, some crackers, Chilean grapes, a water melon, and Turkish delight in dark chocolate, as decadently expensive as it was gorgeously sweet and sticky.

The trip to town had reminded her about the upside to having a wealthy, albeit insanely remote and busy husband. This was one who missed any event of significance in the family, was never home, and appeared ghost like on the fringes of her life, and that of her kids.

Just to treat herself she had also splashed out on a new bikini, its price tag inversely related to its surface area. It was the latest design she had seen whilst looking through the Victoria’s Secret website. It was her last ditch attempt to seek an outfit that might elicit some response from a husband who seemed intent on doing nothing coming home, grabbing a beer then dropping into a deep, comatose sleep after the dinner she had inevitably cooked.

She had mixed things up a bit when she spied something similar in town. It consisted of a cheeky Hipkini bottom, one ruched up the rear with the fabric nicely framing her peach smooth butt cheeks. She knew even at 37 it continued to draw admiring glances from plenty of younger men over summer.

In a simple black, with jewelled hoops on each hip, she revelled in the slightly dirty look they would give her curvy flanks. For up top she had invested in a palm patterned push up halter top that was supposed to add one size to her bust. Not that she needed it, really – she was more than happy with her 36C cups, still holding up well despite a couple of kids.

It was a stinking hot summer morning, humidity was just beginning to thread its way into the air, and the pool beckoned.

She quickly slipped out of her sunfrock, unclipped her bra and peeled off her sweaty G string. Without even grabbing for a towel she snuck through the door between the bedroom and the deck, feeling deliciously naughty and leaping into the cool depths of the pool.

The clammy heat was immediately banished – replaced by the water’s cool clasp all over her skin. She relished the water’s cool passage between her legs, her newly clipped pubes, (another treat in town) swayed gently as she tread water, her pink pussy lips an alluring soft mound beneath them.

Slipping out of the water’s cool clasp she padded into the bedroom and grabbed a towel, dried off and rustled her new bikini out of its bag. Deliberately she avoided looking in the mirror until she had it on and positioned.

Once she’d snuck inside its skimpy frame she did not have to pose too long front of her full length dressing mirror to know that the figure looking back was hot – damn hot.

Regardless of her age she stacked up pretty well in the looks department. She had a personal trainer to thank for that, Rochelle easily her equal in both the looks department, and Patricia was pushing her hard in the four sessions they had together each week.

She spied a movement from the corner of her eye near the pool. A young muscular man stood at the end facing the bedroom, pushing the skimmer along its surface. The intruder was Jason from “Too Pool for You”, the pool company her husband had insisted on employing to keep his investment (as he called it) landscape magazine perfect.

She quickly wondered just how much Jason had seen. Surely not her naked run back to the bedroom? She had not even heard him turn up – maybe he had spied her pose in the new bikini before the mirror.

But thinking about that she did not mind if he had, the thought gave her a delicious tingle even as she cheerily waved “hi” to him. If he had been glancing through the window she would never have known, his sunglasses shaded his eyes – he returned her greeting and returned to grooming the pool.

Sneakily Patricia stole a look at him. At 21 he thankfully showed no sign of a university student beer pot most 20 somethings seemed to sport as standard these days. His stomach was a hard rippling plain of muscle, honed from the time he spent surfing, and the hard physical labour he had chosen for holiday work before returning back to uni’.

Days spent in hay gangs tossing heavy bales around, fencing boundaries on his uncle’s farm and digging foundations for a new dairy shed had honed him down, making him definitely more man than boy, while the sun had turned him a deep shade of brown.

Jason was now facing away from her, down the pool’s length. She took the opportunity to fully appraise his form, and quietly sighed at the strong legs firmly planted on the side of the pool. She longingly eyed the clear definition of muscles through his shoulders rippling as he eased the skimmer rhythmically across the pool’s surface.

Thoughts began flicking through her mind, and not the sort that bonus veren siteler supposedly wealthy, content mothers in their late 30s should be having about their hired help.

She absently fanned her hands out in front of her, imagining they contained his tight butt, gently running over its furred surface, massaging the taut muscles within as she let her fingers slip down and around, lightly teasing the soft skin of his balls and rubbing the skin of his hardening cock between thumb and forefinger…

The splash of the pool skimmer knocked her out of her day dream, but she noticed the warm stickiness her thoughts had created below, and lightly ran her finger down her pussy lips, savouring her own scent of desire.

Pool cleaning was just another part time addition to the holiday routine, one Jason quietly enjoyed for the change from the physical grind of his other jobs. The water’s presence was cooling in the hot afternoons, and in the case of Patricia Ryan, the scenery was not too bad either. More than a couple of times this summer he had happened upon her warming herself in the sun in a bikini, her generous curves greeting him as he came around the corner of the house. He laughed to himself once, recalling a fraught pick up line a guy he knew had used about “dangerous curves ahead”, so true, so true…

They had enjoyed cordial contact, shared a couple of anecdotes about the things they had got up to at university, places they had holidayed. It was the usual kick around conversation that Jason was more than happy to extend, particularly if it meant keeping Patricia’s fine body well in sight.

She had this marvellous fine neck, a and a warm, open face that betrayed only a little of her years, but in a way he found strangely exciting – there was a depth to it that reflected more than age, it was someone who was at ease with their appearance, confident they looked good. It was far more alluring than the unblemished, almost bland appearance of the girls at varsity, so often sporting looks of disdain or boredom at their situation, and the blokes leering in their wake.

Patrica’s face seemed to constantly be illuminated by a smile that flashed beautiful white teeth against her lightly tanned skin. Her dark hair that she always seemed to wear in a practical bun whilst sunbathing was thick, and more than a few times he had repressed the urge to brush stray wisps of it away from her sun warmed face as they chatted.

Her breasts were heavy and full, as far as he could tell, entirely her own. Her stomach was a taut flat plain honed from gym work, above hips that flared out around a fantastic bottom and strong tapering legs.

Yes indeed, Mrs Patricia Ryan’s pool was definitely a good job, in great company with good scenery.

Patricia returned to the coolness of the kitchen, bare feet padding over the carpet and she pulled out the goodies she had purchased and started placing them on a terracotta platter – she was enjoying the prospect of an afternoon in the sun, nibbling on some good food, drinking some decent wine, pretending to read while perusing the fine form of her pool boy.

Spreading the sliced fruit, grapes and cheeses on a platter, she filled herself a glass of Hunters Sauvignon Blanc, icy beads of condensation slippery against her fingers as she placed the glass and tray next to her deck chair. She dropped her wispy sun robe and lay down, relishing the warm sun on her skin and the acidic tang of the Sauvignon against her tongue – yes, life could be lonely, but it could be good.

Behind her Bolles she could easily observe Jason methodically going about his pool duties again. Mixing in some chlorine, skimming the grass clippings off the top, scooping out the few leaves in the bottom – it was all a marvellously compelling exercise in muscular movement.

It had Patricia enthralled, and more than a little wet thinking about what she would like to do with all that male hardness.

The Sauvignon had definitely gone to her head after little more than half a glass – the downside of being fit was an intolerance to much alcohol, but it also freed some wicked thoughts in her mind she knew she should not be having.

However in a heartbeat Patricia decided to see how close to reality those thoughts could come – after all it had been such a long time since she had really felt true passion from a man committed to her own pleasure as he was to his own, and she for one was sick of waiting.

Fitness classes were fine for staying in shape, and even dampening down a degree of sexual frustration, but they only took a girl so far. Sometimes getting all worked up like that had her not only feeling more confident about herself and her body, but more frustrated at not getting the attention she deserved for her efforts.

“I’ll be off then Patricia, be back next week,” called Jason from across the pool as he slammed down the filter door.

“How busy are you – would you like to stay and have a bite to eat, bedava bahis even some wine?” suggested Patricia, knowing full well if she had been teetering on the edge of wifely betrayal before, then she was now about to become airborne.

“Guess I could spare the time, too damn hot to be doing too much else before knocking off anyway, I would be glad to.” He settled down on a deckchair next to her, accepting the beaded glass of Sauvignon with a grateful sip.

“Love the melon and lime flavours of this, it’s a nice choice – you a fan of Hunters?” She started at this sudden imparting of wine knowledge, and realised how little she knew of her gorgeous pool boy.

“Well, aren’t you just the expert Jason, I thought all you blokes at uni knew about was beer – when did you become such a connoisseur?”

Patricia lifted her Bolles up and gave him a bemused look, stretching her legs on the deckchair and taking a sip of her own wine.

He returned her look with a confident grin, and for the first time Patricia wondered if he had some idea what path they may be travelling down here.

“I worked on a vineyard last summer, we had a blast – a bunch of uni students surrounded by alcohol, you either became something of an expert, or you had trouble remembering where three months went, thanks to the non export grade Sauvignon we got for free – guess I remembered.”

“For someone studying what is it, economics? you seem to spend a lot of your time working outside around the countryside, are you not that keen on office work?” chided Patricia.

“To be honest, no – I have to wonder about the theory and the figures behind it all, it just seems so remote from the stuff that really matters. Working like this, it just keeps things real, and besides, helps you stay fit.

“Hmmm, you have certainly done that Jason. You’re looking good, you want to stay like that, there’s too many fat blokes in the world – I should know, I’m married to one of them,” she said, unabashedly running her eyes down his naked brown torso, over the bulge in his board shorts and down his strong legs.

“I can tell you, plenty of women will appreciate your physical work more than office work,- maybe some more than others.”

She chuckled as a flush of embarrassment crept up his brown neck as he took a generous swig of Sauvignon. Patricia bit into a slice of watermelon, by far her favourite fruit of the summer, and offered the platter to Jason.

“You know Jason, there is a lot more we could do here than rattle on about what we used to get up to, but I am curious – do you have a girlfriend?”

He sat up in the deck chair and sighed.

“Did have, but not so sure now – she has gone to the UK for her final year at uni, and I am not quite sure where we ended up,” he admitted, shifting uncomfortably under Patricia’s querying gaze.

“It must get quite hard for you then, apart like that, after all it’s February now so she’s been gone a while,” affirmed Patricia.

“Hard is not the word for it,” muttered Jason, leaving Patricia unsure about whether there was a not so subtle double entendre there or not. She paused. Deciding there most definitely was, she decided to push on.

“I could help you with that you know,” she whispered, gently running her slice of watermelon around the top most curve of her breasts as her nipples started to harden through her bikini fabric.

“Yes Patricia, you certainly could- I think I would welcome that help,” Jason looked her fully in the face, making no pretence about what was unfolding through the warm haze of Sauvignon Blanc and northern humidity.

He tentatively adjusted himself, and a quick glance confirmed to Patricia the reason, she could see the bulge in his board shorts swelling fulsomely.

“You know we have this place to ourselves all afternoon and tonight too, no husband and no kids for me – what have you got to go home to?”

She lightly stroked his strong brown thigh, tapping her fingers along the length of muscle running up the inside of his leg – he relaxed, letting his booted foot drop to the deck as he gently opened his leg wider, better allowing her to spread her hand up its length.

With her other hand she gently stroked her right breast through the palm pattern top of her bikini, tweaking the nipple with thumb and forefinger as it became rigid and sensitive, looking him straight in the eye as she did.

“Think we may need a bit more melon to cool things down here,” murmured Jason, as he plucked a wedge from the platter, and reached over to gently complete the circuit around Patricia’s breasts she had begun.

She sighed at the melon’s cool sticky passage under his firm hand, the temperature counterbalanced by the warm stickiness beginning to flow between her legs below. Patricia teased the top of her bikini down and let a rigid, brown nipple pop out.

Jason lightly teased its tip with the melon wedge, flicking it back and forth over the sensitive surface, enjoying the way the deneme bonus juice ran off and down onto her rucked bikini top. He lowered his lips to its sweet surface and started sucking, gently lapping the melon’s taste away.

“Hmmm, seems you may have lost your girlfriend, but not your touch young man,” murmured Patricia into his ear as she eased her hand under her left breast and pushed it up harder into his mouth.

He bore down on her nipple gently seizing it between his straight front teeth and pulling them along its taut surface, as Patricia moaned and ran her hands over his broad torso, feeling the bulge of muscles she had gazed at for so many weeks now.

Emboldened by her acquiescence, Jason reached around and undid her bikini top, casting it onto the deck as he moved to straddle Patricia on her deck chair, the better to place his hands under her breasts and lift them up to his mouth. He suckled in an alternate fashion on each, revelling at the sheer weight and warmth of them, and the obvious pleasure his attention was bringing their owner.

“Give me your mouth, kiss me, I want to taste you,” implored Patricia, pulling Jason’s eager jaw to her lips with one hand. He plunged his hot long tongue into her mouth, and she folded her lips around it, proceeding to gently suck it.

She broke off, gasping “you know this is what I am going to do to your cock don’t you?”, as she noticed its pulsing, uncircumcised head pushing above the waist of his boardshorts. He only nodded and then clasped her tongue between his teeth, teasing it the same way he had done to her nipples only moments earlier.

He flicked its pointed tip with his own tongue, gently sucking and tweaking it – he pulled away, looking her in the eyes said “and this is exactly what I am going to do to your pussy when I get there,” he grinned.

She sighed with pleasure, feeling herself relaxing into the suckling sensation. Her sexual tension tautened to the point she had to reach down and lightly run her hand over her pussy through her bikini bottoms in time with his delicious action.

She broke away and commanded him.

“Run your hands over me, just touch me,” she muttered into his warm hair. He happily obliged, lightly caressing the surface of her stomach with one hand, while his other continued to gently cup her breast up to his hot wet sucking lips.

He marvelled at the taut surface of her stomach, something he would have been surprised to find on one of his uni’ girl friends, almost 20 years her junior, and he appreciated the sheer hard work she had put into her body. It was a complete turn on to be with an older woman who had made the effort to hang onto assets like beauty and health.

He gently caressed the curve of her hip lightly encased by the decorative ring of her bikini, and met no resistance from Patricia as he eased his hand under the fabric and around to the front where her heat was competing with the day’s humidity, only damper.

He eased his fingers down between her damp thighs, delighting at the short, smooth pubes of her pussy, as Patricia eased her legs apart so willingly to allow his hand better access to her warm centre.

Patricia moaned long and deep as he ran his index finger gently down the slippery groove of her pussy, lightly rubbing her swollen clitoris at its apex, marvelling at the way it rose up like a surging pink bud demanding attention. He grasped it gently between his thumb and forefinger. Stroking the sensitive tissue caused Patricia to thrust gently against his hand, her pelvis arching up, willing him to keep stroking and caressing her pleasure centre.

“I can see you are enjoying this as much as I am,” observed Patricia, staring down at the long throbbing cock of Jason’s that had pushed itself well over the band of his boardshorts, pressed hard against his stomach.

“Get them off, I want to suck that cock of yours,” she commanded.

He just grinned up at her, one hand still on her warm breast, the other idly stroking the slippery crack of her pussy.

“Give me a sec, it’s been a while and I would hate to waste anything. How about I jump through the pool to cool down,” he suggested. He looked at her a moment, withdrew his hand from her bikini bottoms and licked his fingers, savouring her desire.

Standing, he whipped off his boots and shorts and stood before her.

His hard erect cock pulsed gently, engorged and full of promise. Its big uncircumcised head was an inviting swollen helmet crowning a healthy strong shaft, running almost parallel to the hard brown plane of his stomach.

Looking up from her deck chair it was all Patricia could do to stop herself wrapping both hands around its thick veined base, and her lips around its engorged head. But too late, he had turned and leapt into the pool, almost arrogant in his confidence that Patricia would not have a change of heart, abandoning their passionate adventure, curbed by guilty second thoughts and intrusive doubts.

“Two can play at this,” thought Patricia, and as he breaststroked his way underwater towards the other end. She placed herself down at the other end, topless and dangling her legs into the pool, the cooling tongue of the water heightening the heat she felt between her legs.

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