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Sexy slick sweat
Glistens wet on her brow
Pert upturned breasts
Scream out “look at me now”
Glimpses of cold
Alabaster white skin
Pale with the promise
Of what lies within

Soft curly hair with
Its promise of mound
Wet lips so glossy
And hark! What’s that sound?
Moans carry quietly
On thick smoggy air
Fingers run gently
Through long luscious hair…

…Not red exactly, her hair, more a deep orange, glinting in the reflection of the water and metal as the beams of passing traffic fragmented around us.

Thick sucking sounds, the pungent smell of sex rising as she fingers herself, no shy girl this, while repeatedly drawing me into her hot, wet, very willing mouth.

“No teeth” I think blissfully, “How wonderful an experienced mouth can be”. Then I feel my balls contracting as the moment approaches. Her green eyes flick up as she feels the girth of my cock expand and then I am convulsing to the sound of her choking, struggling to swallow as I pull her head towards my crotch, still jerking uncontrollably, eyes shut.

As the moment passes my hands unclench from her hair and she pushes upwards, eyes sparkling at me. She loves this, on her knees, back alley blow job, being treated like a dirty little slut. She pushes her tongue between my teeth and I taste my own cum, salty and thick, while she pulls my hand up under her dress to feel canlı bahis the wetness between her legs.

She is soaking there and I run my fingers over her mound as she pushes into me, all fiery passion. She whispers “My place” in my ear before biting me, hard, on the neck. Then she is stepping lightly in front of me as we exit the alley and re-join the stream of people enjoying an early morning in the big city.

We are there in no time and she smiles almost shyly as she lets me in. As the door closes, the smells and sights of nite life are replaced by the hum of a refrigerator and the lingering smell of morning coffee.

She leads me straight towards the bedroom, no empty offers of night caps. As we reach the bedroom door, I grab her from behind, running my hands over her body, inhaling the smell of her, my face buried in her auburn hair.

She holds perfectly still, taut with sexual tension, as I run my fingers softly over her breasts, and she gasps as I suddenly tug her nipples through the cotton of her dress.

“Take this off” I whisper in her ear before kissing the soft pale skin of her neck. She smells like flowers.

“This?” she replies softly, puller her dress up and over her head.

“All of it” I reply, and she slides her panties down her legs and kicks them away, before unclipping her bra and shrugging it off her shoulders.

“Close your eyes” I whisper, bahis siteleri as I press myself against her, the closed bedroom door supporting us. She is young and her skin is flawless, pale and smooth. I run my finger down her spine and watch the trail of goose bumps that follows.

Sinking down to my knees, I run my fingers down her thighs and she shivers, her breathing now erratic as she leans into the door.

My cock is hardening as I kiss then lick her calves, up behind her knees, then slowly up her thighs. She adjusts herself, spreading her legs wider as she feels my nose hit her arse, a weak moan pushing past her lips.

I flick my tongue out, just touching her pussy lips and she jerks, her left hand reaching back and pulling my head closer.

I pull her downwards onto her knees, still facing the door and with both hands, pull her soft white buttocks apart. Her pink anus is nestled between, drawing me like a beacon, and it clenches as the air hits it.

I lick upwards, my tongue pushing into her pussy before sliding up until I reach the puckered entry to her backdoor. I lick again, then bite her right buttock and suddenly she is convulsing, animal grunts coming through gritted teeth as I force the tip of my tongue past the rubbery ring of her arsehole.

I twist her roughly onto her back and with one stroke I am buried to the hilt in her pussy, her buttocks in the palms bahis şirketleri of my hand. Her face is flushed, green eyes shining as I thrust into her again and again, building towards my own release.

She fingers her arse as I fuck her and she shows me, watching me watching her watch me watch her. I pull out and roll her back onto her knees, pulling her hips up and pushing the small of her back down. She cants her hips invitingly as she looks back over her shoulder at me and mouths “yes” as I slowly push the swollen head of my cock past her wet and pliant ring.

Her arse is tight and so very hot and I know I will not last. I feel her push back and then I am thrusting into her again, my fingers locked in her hair now, the slapping sound of my balls against her arse counterpoint to the “uh uh uh” sounds she makes with each thrust.

Suddenly I am cumming, my cock spraying semen repeatedly as I piston furiously in and out of arse.

Finally I slow, a familiar lassitude creeping over me by degrees. She has her head turned as I slip from her greasy arse and roll onto my back on the floor. She sighs and wraps slim arms around me, her silky hair nestled against my sweaty chest…

…Thighs taper upwards
And in at the part
Lets sliding wider
Transfixed as they part
Eyes now are filled with
Those thoughts we call sin
Want just a glimpse of
The joys held within

Tongue flickers out
Juice is tart to the taste
Mouth opens wide
Each lost drop is a waste
Bodies contort in
A strange twisted fight
Where the only real winner
Is wild pure delight…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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