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Please Help!

A mother and son; love and criminals


Slash and Shooter were partners in crime and had been since they were children. Dedicated career criminals, they were in the bottom five percent of the social demographic. Career would indicate a dedication to craft, and the truth is that neither was dedicated to much of anything. Their primary source of income was the sale of drugs, preferably crack cocaine. Their problem was that they were also active users of the same drug. That being the case they often ran short of funds to buy drugs and turned to other crimes to make up the difference.

Their preferred method of obtaining money was to purse snatch or mug some unsuspecting citizen. If their victim chose to fight back, then Slash wouldn’t hesitate to demonstrate how he got his name. Shooter was a bit more careful in demonstrating his name since there was a pronounced noise element to shooting someone. Not getting caught was the only concern the two sociopathic criminals had. They were violent, without remorse, and scum of the lowest order.

It was Saturday night and Slash and Shooter were on the prowl. They desperately needed money to maintain the low lifestyle they were accustomed to. Shooter was the first to see the couple walking down the darkened street. The woman’s purse was being carried loosely on her arm and would make easy pickings. The two young men began to follow the couple.

Stacy and Rob Worthington had just left the homeless shelter where Stacy volunteered her time. Rob didn’t like his mother working late at the shelter and always made sure that he escorted her to and from there. To be honest, he didn’t like her working there at all because he thought it was much too dangerous. Since his father had died in the car crash his mother had dedicated much of her time to the shelter as her way of coping with the loss. Now a year later, Rob had nearly given up on talking her out of doing it.

His mother had worked much later than usual due to the holidays. Many of the streetlights in the area had been shot out by the gang members and the street had sporadic lighting at best. Fortunately, they were only one block over from the warehouse district that was much better lighted, and much better policed.

Unfortunately, Slash and Shooter were going to catch them before they made it to the next block. Were it not for Rob’s concern about his mother and his vigilance, there is no telling how the night might have ended.

Rob had just turned his head to scan behind them when he saw someone running up to them with arms outstretched. He reacted without thinking, striking out at the body rapidly approaching his mother. Shooter was completely taken by surprise as his head impacted the side of the brick building. He fell to the sidewalk, blood streaming from his head.

Rob grabbed his confused mother’s hand, “Run Mom! Now!” They ran as hard as they could toward the lit streets on the next block.

Behind them, Slash pulled a groggy Shooter to his feet, and they stumbled, then ran, in pursuit. The two criminals were not about to let Rob and Stacy get away. They had reputations to maintain, and they weren’t about to let some lame-ass couple make them look bad.

Rob and Stacy rounded the corner running flat out. Rob desperately looked for a police car or any form of help. The streets were deserted, and he was becoming desperate. The warehouses were dark and obviously closed for the night. The parking lots were empty, except for one half a block away. That lot was well lit and had roughly twenty cars parked in it. The cars were near one building and Rob pulled his mother along as they rushed toward that building.

The couple arrived at the door to the building breathless. Rob tried the door, but it was immovable. He pounded on the door four times hard. He paused for a moment to look around and heard the click of a solenoid lock. He quickly pulled the door open and pulled his mother inside. A massive man stood inside smiling at the breathless couple. Rob panted for breath, “Thank god! My mom and I are being chased by muggers.

Stan was the doorman, and he couldn’t help but laugh at their antics. Hell, they knew the knock code, so he knew they were supposed to be here. He gave them kudos for their creativity with the whole mom and son thing. He pulled the inner door open and waved them through. He wished he was allowed inside. He would have liked to watch what happened next with them.

An hour later he saw the two muggers lurking around the parking lot and he realized his mistake. By then it was much too late.


Rob held his mother’s hand tightly as they walked down the hallway. Both were very confused by the reaction of the doorman. Why the hell was he laughing? They paused in the hallway to catch their breath and Rob turned to his mother, “Are you OK Mom?”

Her pale face looked up at him, “I’m fine I think.”

Suddenly she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him for all she was worth. Rob put his arms around her and held her close, grandbetting yeni giriş “It’s alright Mom. I think we’re safe now. Let’s go inside and call the police.

Stacy was so proud of her handsome son. He had been her rock since her husband’s death, constantly watching over her. Now he had saved her from those evil men. Strange feelings swept over her body as he held her close. Feelings she felt guilty about because they were feelings a mother should never have for her son. Lately she had caught herself looking at her son differently and that scared her.

Rob wasn’t sure what had come over him. His adrenalin was through the roof and his mother’s body clinging to him was having a profound effect on him. He felt himself becoming aroused and he immediately felt like a horrible son. This was his mom, holding onto him for protection. Much to his embarrassment, his nineteen-year-old body had a mind of its own and often disobeyed his logical brain.

He kissed his mother’s cheek and couldn’t help but wonder what her lips would taste like. He mentally slapped himself. Stacy felt the kiss on her cheek and realized that she desperately wanted to feel his lips on hers. She flushed with embarrassment and guilt. In a daze, she slowly dropped her arms from around his neck. Her hands slid down his chest, almost caressingly. Rob took her hand and led her the rest of the way down the hallway. They walked through an ornate entry door and into a massive low-lit room.

They were met by an usher who escorted them to a large couch. Rob and Stacy were very confused, but compliantly sat down. Rob grasped the usher’s arm, “Please help. My mother and I were attacked! Would you please let us use the telephone to call the police?”

The usher grinned down at Rob, “Nice role play you have going. You know that there are no phones allowed you silly boy! Now, I have work to do. You folks enjoy yourselves.”

They usher quickly walked away while Rob and Stacy looked at each other with confusion. Neither knew what was going on in this place they had so suddenly found themselves. Rob held his mother’s hand tightly as they both attempted to make sense of their strange surroundings.

Their couch was in a semi-circle consisting of couches like the one they were sitting on. A round stage was centered in front of the couches, and on the stage, there were a variety of strange contraptions, hanging chains, and an extremely large bed.

A waitress came up to them, “Would you folks like something to drink?”

Rob looked up at her, “I don’t suppose you would mind calling the police for us? Mom and I nearly got robbed a few minutes ago and we had to run in here to get away.”

The waitress smiled, “Ooh, this is a good one. I don’t remember anyone trying this before. Have fun with it. In the meanwhile, what would you like to drink?”

Rob gave up for the moment, “Uh, a Coke for me and a glass of Chardonnay for mom. The waitress walked away and returned within a few minutes. She set the glasses down on a nearby coffee table. She smiled, “Enjoy the show!” They watched as she strutted away toward the next couch.

Things got quiet as the lighting was diminished to the point where the couches on either side were in shadow. They could see the shapes and movement of people but couldn’t make out much in the way of details. The stage was down lit by small spotlights in the ceiling, leaving it as an oasis of light in the room.

A statuesque woman walked out onto the stage. Rob was immediately taken by how striking her looks were. She reminded him of a runway model for Victoria’s Secret, not only by her looks, but also by the way she was barely dressed. Her ebony skin and nearly shaven head were very exotic. As she approached the front of the stage, he could clearly see the nipples on her erect breasts and the cleft of her shaven mound. He reacted typically for his age with a massive erection.

Stacy was shocked and a bit intimidated by the exotic beauty standing in front of her. Her pride in her own body had faded after her husband’s death, even though she worked hard to maintain it. She didn’t feel sexy anymore except on those occasions when her son Rob complimented her. He seemed to always find something to compliment her on. She felt a little tingle when she thought about her handsome son.

She was further shocked when two very fit white men joined the ebony beauty on stage. Her face flushed in embarrassment and arousal as they walked up on either side of the woman. The only thing the men were wearing were male stripper G-strings that bulged dramatically. The men each grabbed a wrist and pulled the beauty toward the chains hanging down from the ceiling. She struggled against them, but they were much too strong for her. They pulled her hands up and secured them to the shackles at the end of the chains. One of the men moved to a wheel on the wall and began to rotate it. The chains started pulling upward until her arms were stretched above her and her feet were barely on the floor.

Rob looked over at his mother grandbetting giriş and she looked back at him in shock. He leaned toward her, “I have no idea what is going on here. Are you Okay?”

She looked a bit shocked, “I don’t know either, but we can’t leave. You know those men are waiting for us outside. I suppose I can handle seeing some naked people if you can.”

Rob continued to hold his mother’s hand, “I guess we don’t have a choice but to stay.” Rob put his other arm around his mother’s waist and sat close to her. Their attention returned to the stage and Stacy came unglued, “Oh my god Rob! Look what they are doing to her! I mean, don’t look. Oh crap, I don’t know what to say.”

Rob could see that his mother was as red in the face as he had ever seen her. Her arms were covered in goose bumps, and he could swear that her nipples were pressing through the front of her button-down dress. Maybe it was wisdom beyond his years, or maybe he was just good at reading his mother, but he though he knew what she was feeling.

He knew because he felt the same way, lost, confused, and getting more aroused by the second. This thing, whatever it was, that the two of them were experiencing was by far the most erotic thing either of them had ever seen. And it was just getting started.

What Stacy saw that affected her so much was there on the stage under the lights. One of the men was kissing the goddess, because that is what she was, with obvious passion while the other was caressing her breasts. The two men traded places and the woman was again subjected to a passionate kiss while being fondled. The goddess didn’t appear to be objecting much. As a matter of fact, she seemed very taken with the two men.

Stacy nervously clutched her son’s hand and pulled it into her lap. She suddenly realized her son’s hand was now within inches of her crotch, even if her dress was covering it. It was too late to move it now. Rob would be embarrassed and so would she, if she made a big deal out of it. Anyway, if truth be known, she liked the warmth of his hand. He was her rock after her husband died and they had connected as something more than mother and son. What that was had yet to be defined. What she did know was that his touch thrilled her in a way she had never felt before.

Stacy was in a situation outside of her experience. She decided to believe that her relationship with her son would get them through this craziness. They were here for the duration, and they might as well settle in. While what they were seeing was shocking, it was also exciting in a delicious new way. Still, she had to maintain her decorum in front of Rob.

Rob’s view of his mother changed after his father died. He would often sleep with her, holding her through her grief. In those times he realized that she wasn’t just his mom. She was a vulnerable woman that deserved his kindness. Somewhere along the way he realized that she was a beautiful woman and he tried not to think about that. The problem was that he saw her all the time. He couldn’t avoid seeing her beauty and it drove him a little bit nuts.

Stacy moved her hand so that she wasn’t clenching Rob’s so hard and as a result his hand was resting on her thigh with hers on top. Rob looked down at his hand, then at his mother. He then decided he liked where his hand was very much and turned back toward the stage. He did notice that his mom was starting to breath a bit heavily. Then he saw why.

The men had advanced in their captive’s seduction. The goddess was now fully nude. One man was licking and sucking on her breasts while the other was squatting down and very obviously eating her pussy. The goddess was in the throes of an orgasm. Stacy and Rob turned toward each other, their heads nearly colliding. Rob went low to avoid hitting his mother and his lips landed on her neck at her shoulder.

Rob didn’t think about it, he just reacted. He kissed his mother’s neck. Then he kissed his way up her neck and nipped her earlobe. He breathed in her scent for a moment, “You smell amazing.”

Stacy’s reaction outwardly was a rapid intake of breath followed by a barely audible moan. Internally, she was on fire. She had never felt so aroused in her life. What did Rob just do to her? She suddenly had no problem with Rob’s hand on her thigh, now rubbing very near to her crotch. Rob moved away from her ear and their lips touched.

Very tentative at first, almost like it was accidental, their lips pressed together. Neither of them could have said when it turned into an open mouth kiss, but it didn’t take long. Rob’s pent-up passion for his mother, for the woman, was invested in his kiss. Stacy nearly fainted from the thrill of it. She now knew that what she had been feeling was a very intense attraction to her own son.

It suddenly hit her what that meant. She had feelings for her son that were not motherly. Her mind tried to understand, and her thoughts raced. ‘This is so wrong. We can’t do this. Why can’t we do this? It’s nobody’s business but our own.’ Until finally, she grandbetting güvenilirmi realized that she wanted Rob not as his mom, but as a woman.

Rob’s nervous hand went to the buttons at the bottom of Stacy’s dress. He unbuttoned two of them and her dress spread slightly, allowing him to place his hand on her bare thigh. The thrill that went through him was indescribable. Stacy made no move to stop him. In fact, she became more aroused as his hand caressed her thigh within inches of her crotch. Her attention turned back to the stage as Rob slowly stroked his hand up and down her thigh.

They watched as the two men unshackled the very aroused goddess and moved her to the bed. Rob heard his mother gasp as the two men revealed their erect cocks. The men moved onto the bed and rolled the goddess onto her hands and knees. One of the men moved to her head and presented his cock for her to suck. She immediately took him in her mouth while the second man moved behind her. Rob and Stacy had a perfect view as he slid his cock slowly into the goddess’s wanton pussy.

Rob and Stacy were breathing rapidly as the two men spit roasted the goddess. Her moans could be heard loudly as she was swept away into sexual nirvana. Rob again turned his head toward his mother. Their lips met again in a lustful kiss. His tongue entered her mouth and she met it with her own. Stacy’s hand moved from her own lap over to her son’s. She began to run her hand up and down the erection that was so prominently displayed in his slacks.

The threesome on the stage was rapidly building to a conclusion. The goddess was sucking enthusiastically on one man’s cock while the other man was fucking her hard and fast. The man she was sucking reached orgasm first, filling her mouth with his cum. The second man kept pounding her pussy for a few moments more before spilling his seed deep inside her. The threesome rested on the bed for a while before finally climbing off the bed and leaving the stage.

A well-dressed woman walked in front of Rob and Stacy. Their lips separated and they looked rather guiltily up at the woman. She smiled down at them, “Hi, I’m Tess. Please come with me.” She reached out her hands for them and they tentatively let her take them. She pulled them to their feet and led them onto the stage. Stacy was suddenly very nervous, while Rob seemed to be just confused.

Two new men walked onto the stage. They were fully naked and very well endowed. The woman pulled the couple close and talked low so that only the mother and son could hear, “That’s Bill and John standing over there. They are very good at what they do. Ok, here’s the deal. Word has gotten around. You two have got everyone here very excited, and it’s time to put up or shut up. You have three choices. First, you can wimp out and leave. Second, Bill and John can act out stealing your mother away and fucking her in front of you. Or, third, you can chain your mother up and fuck her yourself. I know three is what everyone here wants to see.

Rob and Stacy turned to each other. They knew that leaving wasn’t an option. Rob also knew that there was no way in hell he was letting someone fuck his mother. He felt his excitement rise as he realized there was only one option they could choose. He was a bit nervous about being on a stage, but he soon turned his attention to Stacy. He quickly forgot about the stage and the people watching. He wanted her so badly that she filled his eyes and his thoughts.

Stacy was torn. On one hand, she was extremely nervous and everything she knew screamed out to her that she mustn’t do this. On the other hand, she couldn’t remember ever being this aroused. She lusted for her son. When it hit her that they couldn’t leave she knew what her choice was. She turned to Rob, “It has to be you and me. This is very hard for me so please be kind.”

Rob kissed his mother’s lips, “I couldn’t be anything but kind to you mom. I love you and I want you.”

Tess was grinning now, “Wonderful! I have to say you two really have role play down pat. If you two weren’t so obviously in love I could almost believe you really are mother and son. Now, Bill and John will help your mom with the chains.”

Bill and John walked over and took Stacy’s hands. They walked her over to the chains but didn’t immediately place her wrists in them. Instead, the two men stood on either side of her. They began unbuttoning her dress, Bill working from the top, while John worked up from the bottom. Stacy stood there stoically, her nerves almost getting the best of her as the two men quickly stripped her dress off. John reached behind her and quickly released her bra. Bill grabbed it and pulled it away from her body. The men then grabbed her hands and secured them to the chains. Bill went to the wall and turned the crank, raising Stacy’s arms until her feet were barely touching the floor. Stacy stood shaking nervously, anticipating her son’s touch.

Rob stood in shock. He had never seen his mother’s naked breasts. She didn’t wear a bra when they slept together, but they were always contained within her night gown. That was the closest he had ever been to seeing them. He couldn’t take his eyes off her nearly naked body. She was so beautiful that it literally shocked him into immobility. He knew that he wanted her more than he had wanted anything in his young life.

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