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Paul sat nude at the oak desk, sipping Chablis while re-reading Gwen’s e-mail. He smiled as she related the most intimate and mundane aspects of her life and Paul hung on every word. His manhood twitched in anticipation of opening the six attachments, Gwen’s P.S. had simply said: enjoy the glamour pics! Ha ha!

The lovely transsexual grinned coquettishly, a beige wet tee shirt clung to her petite body. Hair tousled, pert breasts and nipples clearly outlined. Paul stared into her inviting gaze and his warm balls rolled within the hairless sac.

Posing under an arbor laden with ivy, Gwen wore a cute, flowery summer dress. Another outside shot found his t-girl in a very short mini-skirt showing gorgeous tanned legs. Hair tied in a bun, Gwen appeared ready for work in a smart pleated skirt and ruffled, white blouse.

Paul’s cock throbbed semi-erect viewing the next picture. By the fireplace in her spacious living room, Gwen posed submissively on hands and knees wearing only a black thong. Fleshy derriere raised high, the skimpy material wedged into her crack. Dainty wrists bound by a colorful scarf, Gwen’s slim fingers grasped the bamboo cane. The voyeur drank in the implied scene of punishment forthcoming and lightly fingered the soft skin of his growing erection.

Saving the best for last seemed to be the trait of Paul’s beautiful transsexual and the picture shocked him pleasantly. He gasped at the unabashed pose of his girl propped on one elbow, laying atop her satin quilted bed. Naked, except for the smoke nylons that highlighted Gwen’s tender white thighs and red high heels, she stared back invitingly, mouth slightly parted. Her hair and makeup were perfect, although she didn’t have a need for much. Pear shaped breasts hung, capped by those wonderful gold loop piercings. Centered between spread legs and capturing most of Paul’s attention were Gwen’s hairless genitals. Her cock stood erect, shaved balls encircled tightly with a thin chrome ring.

Paul’s pulse increased at the sheer beauty and wanton look his t-girl provided. Blood coursed into his thickening penis and he stroked with delight. Paul dove into the magic monitor and kissed a cheek, telling her how pretty she was, how he had missed her. He fingered taut nipples and smoothed a path along her shapely hips. Gwen’s legs were ultra smooth and warm to his touch. She whispered that she’d been masturbating, thinking of him. Paul caressed her feminine scrotum, quickly grasping the rigid stalk, feeling it pulse with urgency. He bent closer to mouth her pink shaft and suckle Gwen’s spongy cap.

Hard as a rock, Paul’s penis had grown to it’s 8 inch height and he gazed down at the mushroom head, amazed at the effect this girl had, even in pictures. Paul felt safe with Gwen and desired her immensely. It was easy, almost natural to enter the delicate line of crossing genders. She had completed the circle of masculine/feminine passion.

Tearing open the foiled Trojan, Paul unrolled the rubbery sheath down, encompassing his erection, hissing with delight the second skin afforded. Narcissistically, he loved the fact he could see the minute printing on the condom’s bottommost edge. Through the cloudy rubber, Paul could see the one thick blue vein. His palm moved the ribbed surface in a stroking motion, the unmistakable squelching noise of rubber so pleasing. The reservoir tip looked like a nipple that needed attention. He sighed.

Gazing into Gwen’s alluring eyes, Paul memorized every facet of the scene and enlarged the picture. He focused on the head of her cock and sure enough, as he’d suspected, a clear droplet of pre-cum leaked. Oh dear, dear girl, the aroused man thought, what you do to me!

Paul had become fascinated with cum, especially since meeting Gwen and it was all her fault he smirked and deduced. Although he had male encounters in the past, Paul never thought of himself as homosexual and certainly didn’t have any aversions to the gay lifestyle. Gwen was more his style and she had nudged him pleasantly in this new direction. His cock throbbed within the restricting condom remembering the sweet taste of her sperm. When she ejaculated into his mouth, Gwen’s shrieks bounced off the walls but her load of cum was light, salty and easy to swallow.

Draining his glass, Paul clicked onto a favorite website for erotic literature. Logging into his account, he scrolled down through the listing of new stories and categories he enjoyed: lesbian, transsexuals & crossdressers, BDSM, incest/taboo, toys & masturbation. Paul selected a curiously interesting title and settled in.

Alicia’s mind whirled with anticipation. canlı bahis şirketleri Masturbating took the edge off but Rhonda, her buxom redheaded college roommate, had promised her an orgasm to remember. So here she was, wrists and ankles restrained to the corners of the canopied bed, forming a giant naked X. The acrid smell of marijuana lingered and the lacy curtains billowed from the night’s breeze. The nearby nightstand lamp clicked on. Blindfolded, Alicia only sensed Barbara, Rhonda’s twin sister, enter the room. The duo murmured their approval of the captive girl they’d lured into their den of lust. Alicia heard wet sloppy kisses near the foot of the bed and could only wait for their attention.

On her right, the mattress sunk with Rhonda’s weight and manicured fingernails touched her cheek and neck. “God, you are so fucking beautiful like this.” She whispered. Barbara sat on the other side mimicking the soft touch. Alicia, at their mercy, tumbled down into the bondage realm.

A glass tinkled and ice cubes brushed her nipples. She sighed as the unforgiving squares circled areolas, dripping onto Alicia’s breasts. Fingernails returned to elbows, underarms and her sensitive ribcage. Cold, crinkled nipples stood erect with desire. What she had wished for arrived as two sets of warm lips suckled the stiff buds, teeth nipping the rubbery flesh. Alicia licked her dry lips.

The room was quiet. Long, stiffened goose feathers assailed Alicia’s naked skin. She quivered from the maddening tactile sensation. Goosebumps appeared, the feathers tickled every centimeter of exposed flesh. The fingernails returned, raking and pulling harder. A tongue laved then suckled Alicia’s toes. A whirring vibrator caressed the underside of her heaving breasts, briefly kissing the tip of each turgid nipple and traveled ever so slowly, stopping at Alicia’s navel.

Her body pulsed at each new sensation and during the halted, teasing intervals only craved their return. Alicia couldn’t remember being this turned on. One of the girls, (Alicia hoped it was Rhonda, she liked her best), knelt on either side of outstretched arms with ass facing Alicia’s head. Her nostrils flared at the unmistakable womanly scent so near.

Palms softly smoothed along Alicia’s tummy and stroked the jungle of reddish-brown pubic hair. Insistent fingers carefully grasped and pulled back the engorged petals, opening her wide. The tip of Barbara’s feather delicately painted Alicia’s pink inner labia. The girl’s hips bucked upwards as the feather traced a small circle around her pearl. Alicia’s miniature penis, proudly blossomed from it’s protective hood. The feather flicked back and forth across the shiny, reddened gem.

“Ooo. Look who’s come out to play?” Rhonda hissed. “Such a nice clitty. She’s so pretty and so…”

“Plea…please…oh God…pleas-se let me cum…” Alicia begged. Barbara watched in fascination as a thick wad of clear fluid oozed from her fluttering vagina and onto the sheet.

Paul lovingly stroked a very stiff prick. He strained back in the chair and moaned as the first droplets of pre-cum leaked. He stopped the stroking action and fondled full balls, watching the shaft bob in delight. Fingertips pinched the reservoir tip, smearing the trapped, silky fluid over a sensitive cock head. Like a wet kiss, but better. This was his kiss, his moisture and needed to be tasted. Not yet.

The twin redheads were unrelenting. They brought the spread-eagled, wanton girl closer to orgasm again and again. Alicia’s skin was pinched and stroked and heated. More ice was applied, she screamed as it tortured her clitoris and nearly fainted as a succulent mouth soothed her stalk.

“Open up darling.” Rhonda commanded. The flesh like dildo eased into her mouth and she suckled it with passion.

“Bet you’d like this in your cunt…hmm?”

“Oh God yes…please…yes…I…I…would. Very much…please…” Alicia groaned as the large penis entered her soaked quim, the tunnel gripping the shaft with a need. The vibrator was back, dancing around Alicia’s mons area. Her body stiffened as it brushed against her pearl.

“Please! Ohh…ohh…please. I n-e-ed to cum…Ohh…”

“You’ve been such a good plaything. It’s only been an hour you know…” Rhonda chuckled, her breath minty and warm. Alicia was shocked having lost complete control of time. She strained against her bonds to their delight, they also were extremely aroused. Barbara removed the blindfold and her eyes adjusted quickly to the bedroom sights and the two naked woman attending her.

Massage oil, saffron scented, dripped onto canlı kaçak iddaa Alicia’s torso and the sisters began a sensational rub down. The duo efficiently spread the glistening balm over the expanse of naked skin. Alicia’s nipples were like pebbles which Rhonda tweaked. Previously devoid of attention, the twins now turned their focus on Alicia’s crotch area.

Alicia moaned aloud as a well oiled digit probed deep into her anus. She lurched as sleek fingers swathed outer lips and eased into her slit to masturbate her swollen clit. The bedroom was filled with the scent of arousal and Alicia knew they wouldn’t stop this time. Slick fingers moved faster, finding the perfect rhythm. Rhonda looked into Alicia’s eyes, seeing the lovely spark of pleasure as she peaked.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohh fuck! Ahh! Eeeeeeeee!” Alicia screamed, her body twisting and squirming against the bonds as she attained the most intense orgasmic delight. Waves of beautiful bliss encompassed the writhing woman, the large dildo squirted out unceremoniously onto the bed.

“Ohhh…fuck…fuck…fuck…me-e-e-eeeeee!” Alicia humped the wonderful fingers that brought her so much pleasure. They roamed over bulging, tightened sinews and released the restraints. Barbara watched as the frothy flow issued from Alicia’s pussy. She would taste her soon enough.

“Wha…what…did you do to mee…?” Alicia gasped as newer tremors racked her trembling body. She was a beautiful mess.

Trembling, on the verge of cumming, Paul purposely removed the hand from his hardon. Gasping, another larger spurt of pre-cum leaked and dribbled onto the enlarged rim of his head. He could cum in a second but devilishly teased the silky essence adorning the tip of his cock. A quivering finger pressed onto the rubber sheath, spreading the fluid around to the ultra sensitive front side. Paul’s penis expanded, the feeling was like a slippery, wet tongue lapping the shaft. Using the tips of his fingers, Paul slowly twirled the condom’s top. The sensation was incredibly arousing and he jacked his shaft several times, eliciting more colorless cream.

The second skin clung erotically to Paul’s manhood. Naturally, he enjoyed and used a variety of lubes but this was different. He was oiled within the vacuum, utilizing his own special brand. On the comfortable chair, his balls rolled to one side, he could make it through another story. Perhaps.

Josh had heard about the all male bath house from a fellow at the bar. As a realtor, Josh had many gay clients and he’d indulged in his bisexual side often enough. Sometimes he just wanted cock. Oh well.

The fee was nominal and he signed in as a visitor, the annual membership and application would be looked into. The young man behind the desk was cordial, blonde, very tanned and scrutinized Josh handsomely. He took the locker key and towel and headed down the hallway.

He carefully hung his clothes and felt energized being naked. A quick shower was tempting but weighed himself first. Two naked men, holding hands, came around the corner and smiled to him. Josh was in great shape and the shorter, more paunchy of the two checked him out. He liked being looked at, in a way.

The sauna was not his first choice either. Josh opened the heavy wooden door to the steam room and found it nearly empty. His eyes adjusted to the dimness and moved towards the right set of benches. Sitting on the raised tier was a handsome, middle-aged man with short curly black hair with hands relaxed on knees. Josh immediately took in his muscular build and between open legs, a fairly thick penis stretched along the bench seat. The man looked up, caught his gaze and smiled.

“See anything you like?” He asked with a soft voice.

“Umm. Yeah. Actually…I do.” Josh answered, offering his hand, “I’m Josh. New here.”

“Hi. I’m Bill. Welcome to our club.” Said while shaking hands. Bill’s eyes devoured Josh’s profile. Opening his legs a tad, the handsome man reached down and casually touched himself. Josh eagerly watched.

“Umm…mind if I get a closer look?” Josh boldly asked.

“Not at all. In fact, it’d be my pleasure.” Josh noticed there were others’ in the room but didn’t care in the least. He knelt on the bottom bench between Bill’s legs and moved closer. Josh smoothed his palm along a thigh and touched the fattening penis with desire. Encircling the base, Josh stroked the skin softly.

“You have a nice one. I like thick cocks.” Josh whispered.

“I bet you do.” Bill answered, leaning back a little and opening his thighs wider. Josh leaned in and placed a canlı kaçak bahis quick kiss on the man’s tip. He loved the muskiness surrounding Bill’s genitals and opened his mouth over the cock. Josh felt it pulsate slightly, he sensuously probed the slit with the tip of his tongue and carefully moved his teeth around the rim. Bill’s cock was clean tasting and sliding his mouth lower, Josh’s own prick began to swell.

“Mmm. That’s good. Make it hard now.”

Josh cupped the man’s large ball sac and lapped them eagerly then used the flat of his tongue up along the front of the shaft. Josh sucked at the penis again, encircling his fingers at the base and began to move the pliable skin up and down. The man sighed deeply from the pleasure, his prick stiffening quickly. Josh tightened his grip and allowed the cock to touch near the back of his throat. Stroking the tall pole, Josh sat back to admire the beautiful cock glistening with his saliva.

“God, you have a gorgeous cock. Love sucking you.” Josh whispered. “Such a big one and…so hard!”

The handsome man looked down lewdly, touching Josh’s hair, “You got him nice and big now. So…tell me. Do you swallow?”

“God yes.” Josh answered and mouthed the hardon, wetly sucking the sensitive front again. Bill pushed his hips forward, nearly gagging him with the magnificent erection. Josh knew what he personally liked and began to bob his mouth up and down, lightly squeezing his balls with one hand and jerking the slippery shaft quicker. Bill groaned as Josh pursed his lips around the mushroom head and sucked like a vacuum. He played with his hairy sac, lapping all around the shaft and masturbated the full erection with a perfect rhythm. The man was breathing heavier and sighing.

“You going to cum for me? Please? Cum in my mouth now…” Josh whispered, closing his mouth onto the throbbing cock and humming, “Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.” Josh felt a droplet of pre-cum escape his own prick sliding against the wooden bench seat.

Bill stiffened and his strong fingers grasped Josh’s head. His cock enlarged and exploded in a rush. A large volley of creamy spunk shot out and the man jerked into the wet cavern. Josh eagerly swallowed the salty gift, fondling the swollen balls to release all he had. Grunting with ecstasy, Bill’s orgasm seemed endless, spewing a fountain of sperm into the eager gullet. Josh swallowed the load lovingly and licked the popsicle clean.

Turning his head and pressing Bill’s cock to his cheek, Josh noticed a spectator only a few feet away masturbating to the show. His slim cock anointed with lube. His eyes glassy and focused. Josh knelt up onto the bench, offering his ass to the anonymous gentleman. It looked to be a great place to spend the afternoon.

The Trojan crackled as Paul leisurely pistoned his erection and sighed with deep pleasure. He wanted to cum. Badly. Sometimes the tease, the buildup and denial were heavenly, he relinquished his grip. The top portion of Paul’s dick was immersed in a gooey sauce that felt like a wet mouth unwilling to cease. He plunged the elasticized rubber down, watching the trapped, foamy pre-cum slither over his cock.

Gwen’s erotic picture appeared on the screen. Paul wished she was here now, obviously. He wanted her clitty inside his asshole, her feline nails raking his back, her nipple rings dancing across shoulder blades. He needed to cum. Desperately.

Looking into her eyes, she whispered, “My big man. Look how hard you are! Indulge. Taste yourself.” Gwen winked.

Paul slowly rolled the condom upward until just below the glans head, his pink shaft throbbing maddeningly. Like unscrewing a bottle top, Paul lifted the lubed safety off, the head of his oh-so shiny penis an angry magenta. He gasped while smearing the essence down the front and sides.

“Taste yourself.” Gwen again encouraged.

Without hesitation, Paul thrust his long tongue deep into the rubbery warmth, tasting the heady sweetness. So silky and pure. He rimmed the circular aperture as if it were Gwen’s tight ass, opened sufficiently.

Out of control, Paul jacked the utterly stiff phallus slickly coated with his testosterone-based arousal. A huge dollop of white cum erupted into mid-air, landing on his tense stomach. He groaned, slowing the pace intentionally as a rope of sperm cascaded over his fingers and onto pubic hair. Legs tightened and toes curled as Paul ejaculated a torrent of spunk, riding a long beautiful wave of ecstasy. He chewed the spittle from the condom tastefully.

Minutes later Paul shivered, the intense orgasm finally subsided, but his long cock showed no signs of flaccidness. Cum was everywhere. All over him and the chair and some on the floor. Paul stared at the creamy, delicious looking substance. Would he eat his own cum? Time would tell.

~To Be Continued~

Next: Another Visit From Gwen

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