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Big Booty

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Ropes, perhaps, should not have gone as far with Limba as he did. Sure, there was a “sort of” agreement between him and his wife, Fyr, but the dragoness and he had rules to that sort of thing. Sleeping around with others, that meant, to put it quite simply.

He could have some fun, of course, but that was not something that someone was going to say explicitly to him that it was okay. He was a demon of lust and, well, he was going to take everything that he needed too, one way or the other. As long as Fyr knew about things, she was happy with it, but it was the “not telling her” and keeping the little “pony joke” going between them that was really amusing him.

Of course, she hadn’t cottoned on to what he was doing, not yet. But as soon as he let the dragoness that he loved, as much as he enjoyed tormenting her, see Limba, she’d be all over the joke, thinking that he was going to say something about her liking horses… Oh, it was such a silly joke, her teasing him about liking skunks and him teasing her about liking horses, but it was just one more way for him to rile her up, all when he knew, in the end, it would not be all that bad.

It was easy to forget all that, however, as he thrust into the pony in the back of Fyr’s truck, the flatbed in the back allowing him to more easily thrust and grind, though it still bounced with the force of his thrusts. That it was Fyr’s truck was just the icing on the cake as he wound his tentacles roughly around Limba, the dim warmth of the last of summer tickling at his fur. He would not be happy with the cooler months of autumn were there, for it would mean that acts like fucking in the back of the truck, parked out by a thick hedge framing a field, were not quite as comfortable for him. Truthfully, Limba would complain more than he ever would.

“Unnff… Ohhh…”

The pony could not stop moaning as Ropes hammered into him, sliding his cock in hard and fast, stretching him out deliciously with every thrust. Between his legs, of course, he didn’t have a cock but a pussy, identifying himself as a boy mare, though he presented as male most of the time. He didn’t want just anyone thinking that they could duck in and take advantage of him, for that was indeed something that had happened in the past. Whereas Limba was more than capable of defending himself and making himself heard, the pony didn’t want to have to do that if possible.

Trees stretched overhead, the dying rays of the day glancing off his dun coat, though he was still in his shirt, even if the buttons had been opened to expose the moderate muscling of his chest. No one would have said that he was a bodybuilder, not by any means, but he was lean with definition and stronger than he looked — just another thing that worked in his favour. He had been fortunate to hang out with Ropes that time, originally having started his liaisons with Kao, the blue drake, and everything had come together.

Now, for the time being, he had two fuck buddies to get his rocks off with — and the cougar’s barbed cock was a delight as it raked through him. It pushed deep, driving through his pussy, his folds feeling tight around it, even though it was just the tightest point of his pussy right at his entrance. He grunted, tipping his chin down towards his chest, but could not hold the position as it strained his neck.

He didn’t know if it was hotter or not to not be able to see who was fucking him, pounding him deeply and roughly, but Limba liked it all ways, not complaining as long as lust built inside, curling and twisting into arousal. He panted harshly through flared nostrils, though could not stop the smirk from tugging at his lips. Despite everything, keeping the secret of his sex on the down low, he really did score the best guys.

The truck jolted and rocked, squeaking as the suspension protested, though it was just the uneven distribution of weight that set it rocking that badly. Limba groaned, ears slipping back, the pressure inside his pussy making him want to rock back against Ropes, though the cougar had him already just where he wanted him.

Harder and faster, the pony could not hold back anymore, blasting out a squeal as he let loose well and truly. His pussy clenched around the cougar’s barbed dick but, even then, he could not have honestly said that he was in control of the moment, not his body, not even those muscles that he had been subtly training for so long. With his pussy slickening with the liquid heat of his own arousal, all Limba Bostancı Escort could do was brace on his paws, trying to hold everything in place, all as Ropes’ meaty shaft slammed in more and more roughly.

The cougar had learned, after all, just how Limba liked it to be on the rougher side. And that suited him just fine, for he was not one for softness and sweetness either, not kisses. Only sometimes, if it played into the lust of the moment, making it all the sweeter for him, as a demon, to drink down. His barbed cock ached as he rammed deeply, though there was a pleasure to be had too in how everything came tighter, knowing that it was his wife’s truck and, despite their agreement, he was cheating on her, even then.

Things, however, were complicated there and sex was simple, at least to a demon of lust. Baring his teeth, the cougar spent himself inside the pony, every throb of his cock sending a fresh, jolting dose of seed deep up inside the boy mare. Limba milked him unconsciously, for all he was worth, though the moment was right, exactly as it was, desire snapping and snarling, as if the demon he was had proven to be a wild beast, merely caged.

However, he still had to head home, for Fyr was expecting him at the big house set on the very edge of town. It was a growing ranch, Fyr looking to purchase more of the adjoining land before they looked to take it for housing development, but the issue there was that it was already designated farming land. It gave her an edge and he’d promised, with everything that was going on, that he’d be back before dinner.

That didn’t mean, however, that he didn’t intend on taking Limba with him, the pony re-dressed and smirking in the passenger seat of the truck as the cougar got them set to head back to the ranch.

“Are you sure Fyr’s not going to be pissed off seeing me around?” Limba asked. “Or doesn’t she still…know?”

They’d not met before, but Ropes didn’t intend for Fyr and Limba to cross paths just yet either. There was so much more to the pony joke that he had in mind, after all, to set up…

“Nah, let’s get in there, I’ll make an appearance and then we’ll see what happens,” he said with a toothy grin, his tentacles sliding over Limba. “You’re too fucking hot to just kick out in the cool, you know…”

The days had moved more into autumn with the bite of that chill in the air as the night drew in, twilight swarming the land. He didn’t mind the dark, at least not all that much, though it did sometimes make it more difficult than he would have liked to get about. Others, who were not as used to driving and doing things in the dark as a demon was, were not as good on the road as he was.

Still, Limba being in the passenger seat helped a lot, the pony slipping his paws along the demon’s tentacles, caressing them. One was bold enough to snake its way into his jeans, though Limba had left them loose deliberately, allowing it inside to worm its way against his pussy. He grunted softly, leaning back into the seat as Ropes tentacle-fucked him even as he drove, the cougar not seeming to realise that his attention was split into two places.

Limba climaxed twice on Ropes’ tentacle, pre-cum drooling into him from the tip, before they pulled up on the property. A barn was set aside from the house and Ropes swung the truck around behind there, out of sight of the house, as he slid his tentacle back and surreptitiously wiped it off on the seats. There would be evidence left behind, but, of course, it was not as if Fyr’s nose was good enough to catch something like that. It wasn’t something that was going to worry him, not then.

“Go hide in the barn,” he said with a low purr, rubbing his tentacle against Limba’s throat. “I’ll come get you when Fyr’s busy. Got to give you a ride back later anyway.”

Limba shook his head. Ropes could have just dropped him off at home before heading back there, though there was a thrill and a sense of prickling exhilaration around sneaking around. He didn’t want to get caught, of course, for that may well have ended up as pretty explosive, but he was more than happy to hop out of the truck and slip into the barn, which he had not been in before, to wait for Ropes.

It wasn’t too chilly out there and he was sure that Ropes would help him warm up too soon enough…

Heading into the house, Ropes called out to his wife.

“Fyr! Hey, I’m here!”


She appeared from the kitchen, wiping her paws off on a kitchen towel, though her brow was already furrowed. She moved her scales lightly, more expressive than Ropes even was as a cougar, though the frills around her face twitched lightly too, controlled by very subtle, discreet muscles. Her tongue flickered out from her lips, though he still spent a moment admiring the rich red of her scales, knowing the yellow stripes that were hidden underneath her clothes, curling around her sides. She was gorgeous, he’d never deny that, but a demon of lust had to have other partners too, spreading his lust far and wide.

“I thought you’d Ümraniye Escort be back earlier than this,” she said, shaking her head. “Where’ve you been? I didn’t know what to put on for dinner without you turning up on time.”

Ropes smiled and nodded back out to the truck.

“I picked up a load of feed for the goats you got in,” he said easily, the lie simple as it was true. “I knew you were down to the last bag. But I was thinking I’d go round to see Kao tonight too, before dinner. If you didn’t have something you needed doing?”

He smiled as if he was being helpful, though Fyr was already grateful that he had brought the bags of feed, of course. She shook her head.

“No… No… It’s still early, really, I hadn’t gotten dinner started. But do you need help with the feed?”

“Nah,” he said. “It’s only a few bags, no big deal. I’ll get it all done. Oh, I passed Sandy’s earlier.”

Fyr cocked her head.

“Sandy’s? The diner?”

“Yeah!” He grinned widely. “They had a special on, for beef stew! I was thinking that would be a good dinner. I know we have the beef from last week still, right?”

Fyr frowned and shook her head, though Ropes was being quite manipulative in what he was saying. Of course, the beef stew was a dish that needed to “soak” in the juices and simmer for as long as possible, letting the early evening deepen further until dinner was ready. That would allow him more time with Limba, tying Fyr up in the kitchen.

She might be annoyed about it later, if she found out, though that was a risk that Ropes was more than willing to take.

“Mmm, that does sound nice…” She said, sighing and rubbing the back of her neck. “Ugh, now you’ve got me wanting it too! But you know that’ll take at least a couple of hours to do, even if I get chopping now! But I did get fresh vegetables from the garden too… They’d go nicely in it…”

It helped, of course, that beef stew was one of Fyr’s favourites too, keeping the ruse as Ropes blinked innocently.

“Oh, we can have it another day if it’s going to be too much work now,” he said, even though he was evasive and manipulative at best there. “I don’t want to put you out, especially when Kao said he had to have help moving something, I already promised… I’d rather be here to help!”

“No, no,” Fyr said, smiling and pursing her lips softly at him, though her eyes had crinkled in the corners. “I want it now and I’ve got everything I need here, so don’t worry about it. You go sort the feed and go help Kao, but I’ll text you when it’s nearly done! Don’t be late!”

Ropes grinned and kissed her on the nose, the end of her snout delicate enough that the lines of it wrinkled a little as she smiled. She couldn’t help it, but she didn’t know that her husband was well and truly taking her for a ride, Ropes caressing her jawline tenderly with one of his tentacles.

With his wife well enough taken care of back up in the ranch house, the lights in the kitchen on so that he could keep an eye on her from a distance, Ropes all but flew back down to the barn. It was funny how the lure of sex could make one run like that, his tentacles flickering and twisting around him, curling back and forth, though his pale eyes glowed in the darkness as he stalked his prey.

Limba was in the barn, but Ropes did not bother yet moving the feed bags, not when he had a better target in mind. The truck was tucked away and Fyr would not be able to see it leaving again, not from the kitchen window of the house, but he still knew that there was a risk being taken. He had to hold that in mind, at all times, grunting softly, searching out Limba in the barn, though the lights had to remain off.

“Where are you, little broodmare…”

The pony’s giggling, lilting laugh echoed through the barn. At least there was a nearly full moon out, the sky populating with stars, allowing Ropes to see a little more clearly, though his night vision was perfectly adequate. It was the time between the sun setting and night truly falling that was a more difficult time for many with his eyesight, even if it was still better than that of any mortal.

He scented out Limba, ducking into a stall that was noted for one of the horses that were to come in the weeks following, tackling him with a yowl onto a pair of hay bales. The hay was soft, from that summer’s cut, and still green as it itched against his stomach, though Ropes relished in the sensation of the hot, squirming body under his, Limba playfully fighting back, even if there was no true fear there. The play fighting was just part of the foreplay, all so Ropes could take his wrists and fetlocks too in his tentacles, pinning him down spread-eagled over the bales, even though Limba’s right hip was almost off the bales entirely.

Well, needless to say, not everything had to go smoothly when it came to sex. It was the messy, awkward, twisting bits that were the sweetest of all, Ropes inhaling deeply the earthen sweetness of the boy mare. Limba squirmed and flagged his tail, his jeans under it, showing Anadolu Yakası Escort off the curve of his arse. He had not fed his tail through the hole and clasp at the back after fucking in the truck, which would make it even easier for Ropes to get them off him.

“Mmm, looks like you got me,” Limba nickered, wiggling his tail and the velvety dock back against Ropes’ lower abdomen. “Now… What are you going to do to me, you big, bad feline? Does your wife know you’re here?”

Ropes smirked, licking his lips.

“Well… I’ll do whatever the hell I want with you, little mare. You can’t do anything about it, can you? Or you won’t…”

Limba shivered. Oh, that was very true. All so very true in a way that had him squirming and wriggling back against Ropes, wanting more. Fuck, he was already so wet between the thighs for him, his pussy flexing and trying to twitch, though that was just the memory of the muscular contractions that helped signal his need to such an extreme. He clenched and squeezed around nothing at all, wishing that Ropes would just rip his clothes right off him, to fuck him full.

“Maybe I’ll use the halters on you, hm?” Ropes teased, sliding a tentacle up between the pony’s legs, sensing his need. “Really make you my sexy, slutty little broodmare. Kao said he’d been tying you up lately, you going mad for it, demanding that he fuck you full… So needy. Good thing that I’ve got more than enough tentacles for every one of your holes then.”

Ropes said that as if it was a promise and Limba quivered. Fuck, he almost climaxed at once. It was hot, so damn hot… And he wanted more. He wouldn’t have minded being all trussed up in all manner of leather and bondage, if he still got what he wanted. Without begging, of course, for that was something that Kao had had to catch onto in the early days of their fuck sessions…

But Ropes did not intend to make him beg and Limba appreciated just how in tune with his wants and desires the cougar was. That could have been something to do with Ropes being a demon of lust, but, really, Limba didn’t give a flying fuck about it. What he was more interested in was the broken, torn cry that broke his lips as Ropes snarled, holding him forcibly down with the tentacles, his claws shredding through his jeans.

Where the fabric should have been more than enough to stand up to the might of any feline’s claws, Ropes tore through them as if they had no further substance to him than butter. Shreds of blue denim fluttered away, half-hanging off the pony’s hips as he exposed his bare pussy.

“Such a slutty boy mare,” Ropes purred, taunting Limba even as the pony tried and failed to brace, one hoof sliding to the ground still in the grasp of Ropes’ tentacle. “You’re already soaked, like you’ve just been fucked by someone in the back of a truck and don’t know what to do with yourself. Did you stall yourself in my barn just to see if a stud would come to fuck you, to cream in your slutty, needy pussy?”

It could have been too much for someone that did not like that kind of dirty talk and play, but Limba practically melted under it. He didn’t mind being teased, for a little while, but getting fucked crudely and hard was just the way that he wanted it, the main event for him.

Foreplay, with a demon, had taken on another note, however, giving him almost as much delight as being fucked did. Maybe it was something about Ropes being a demon or perhaps it was just all about Ropes being Ropes, but he was more than content to take it all, regardless.

He groaned, the cougar dropping behind him, though he could not turn his head to look back. His eyes and the way that they were positioned on his face allowed him a greater range of vision, though there was still a blind spot behind him. Somehow, he had ended up with his dun cheek pressed into the bale, pinned there lustfully, though he would have happily suckled on a tentacle or similar if one had been offered to him. He grunted contentedly, the cougar’s breath wafting over his sex, leaving a ticklish, cooling sensation on his inner thighs. Even if Ropes’ claws had not shredded his clothes — fuck, what was he going to wear to get home? — he would have been spreading his legs like the pony whore he was playing the part of and more for him.

Well, more for Limba and himself…but something for Ropes too, yes, he was sure.

The cougar did not wait, enjoying the freedom of having his paws and mouth free to do as he pleased. That was just one of the very many benefits to having tentacles like that, even if it was not something that he could explain to many. Placing two fingers against the pony’s sex, one on either side of his boy mare folds, he pressed in close, sliding his tongue into the space offered his tongue flicking up deep inside.

He drank in the lust of the pony, though felt every twitch and every throb. There was so much more there to enjoy, even as his own cock rose hard in his jeans. Those would not have to be in place for long, no, but he dug his tongue into the pony with great relish, tasting his sweetness. There was a lingering hint of Ropes’ cum in there too, but he didn’t mind that, for it was merely evidence that he had been the only one to fuck the pony, the only one to take him, roughly and crudely dominating him in the best way that he knew how.

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