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The next morning Peter and Jo had an exciting session. She wanted ass fucked again, she had three vaginal orgasms from it then a massive orgasm when he did her pussy. They showered and dressed then Jo made breakfast. Peter then drove to the office and arrived just after eight. His secretary made him a coffee as he looked at his diary. It was a quiet day, Peter had a meeting at ten and nothing else for the rest of the day, but he knew that could change at any time. He had a lot of research to do so he still had plenty to do.

After his coffee he messaged Kay, it read, “Hi Kay, I was so happy when Jo gave me your mobile number last night. I have thought of you often and even visited your old apartment, but the lady living there now had no idea where you were now living. How are you? Are you still working? If you would like to go out one evening for a little supper, then please let me know. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Peter.”

After his ten o’clock meeting he checked his messages, there was one from Kay which read, “What a fantastic surprise to receive your message. I have often wondered how you were though Jo has kept me updated regarding your degree and your new job. How’s your private life? Are you dating anyone? I was so happy that you broke up with Kate. She’s still in America, we used to email but I haven’t heard from her for ages. I have gone off her quite a bit. I have noticed that in the last few years she has only been thinking of herself. I feel sorry for Jo, she phones her on her birthday every year but Kate never phones her back.”

“I am now the headmistress of a medium-sized primary school. It’s a lot of work. I have over twenty teachers working under me. The class sizes are too big, and that makes it hard for the teachers. There’s so much administration which I have to attend to. I only now teach in emergencies and I miss the actual teaching. I downsized as I lived in an eight-roomed apartment. I was there myself, and it was too big. My daughter left for Australia eight years ago. She married an Australian farmer, and now I have two grandchildren, a boy of six and a girl of four. I flew over for Christmas two years ago and had a wonderful time.”

“I have started playing golf, and the food is excellent at the Golf Club. Why don’t we meet there for supper? I see that your golf handicap is three. That’s amazing, we will have to play soon. I have one of the new apartments just before the entrance to the golf course. If you want to come over for a glass of wine then just let me know. Looking forward to seeing you, love Kay.”

He replied, “That’s great news, I think that you will be a glamorous gran. Australia is very far away. Would you think of emigrating there after you retire? The food at the avcılar escort golf club is wonderful and very reasonable. Would you like to meet this evening? If we are there before six, then we can have the ‘Early Bird’s’ menu which is an exceptional value. Are you seeing anyone at the moment? You are a beautiful woman. Would love to see you this evening. Love Peter.”

She answered, “Thanks for the compliment. We could meet in the clubhouse at five-forty-five this evening and have the ‘Early Bird’s’ menu. I am only fifty-four, and I love living here. I also have been dealing in Antique jewellery and older watches. I have a cabinet in the Antique Centre in town. It was also terrific when I downsized as I was able to sell a lot of the furniture that I had in the Centre. I have been doing well with it, and it’s proven to be very profitable. I only deal in top end watches like Rolex and Cartier. No, I am not seeing anyone at the moment, but I am looking forward to seeing you tonight. Love Kay.”

He wrote a quick reply which read, “Super, see you then. Love Peter.”

He arrived at his apartment at four-thirty, he had a quick shower and changed into a blazer and trousers. He walked to the golf club and came into the lounge at twenty to six. Kay was already there. She had a bottle of Challis and two glasses on the table. She poured Peter a glass. They toasted each other. Kay looked stunning. She was wearing a risqué outfit which showed her voluptuous curves to perfection. They then ordered their meals with both opting for the Roast Lamb for their main course. Kay said, “How has your day been? My day just flew in, we are coming up to exams time, and there’s so much to do. We broke the back of it today, and all the papers are now locked in the school safe.”

Peter replied, “I had a quiet but busy day. I had one meeting this morning then spent the rest of the day doing research on several projects that are on the go. It was a fulfilling day, and I accomplished a lot, some days you feel that you are just running on the spot.”

Kay said, “It’s good to have a satisfying day. I bought a couple of nice watches at lunchtime. I put a small advert in the local paper for watches and jewellery, and that’s how I buy. I enjoy buying and selling so much. I can live off it quite comfortably. I have my cabinet in the Antique Centre, and that’s where I sell. It’s a hobby that makes money. Everything that I buy is increasing in value while you get nothing having your money lying in a bank.”

Their meal was then served. It was delicious, especially the lamb, which melted in the mouth. When the meal was finished, they went back into the lounge bar to finish off the second bottle of Chablis which Peter had ordered. avrupa yakası escort They were the only people in the bar. Kay leaned over and kissed Peter passionately with her tongue. Peter responded by playing with her very hard left nipple. Kay was hot, she whispered, “I’m so fucking hot, you will make me cum if you keep playing with my nipple like that. Let’s finish the wine and go back to my place.”

Peter’s cock was now rock hard as Kay gently stroked the hard length in his trousers. They finished the wine, Peter paid for the meal and wine, then they left. They both had their arms around each other as they walked to Kay’s apartment. Kay said, “I am so horny, it’s a long time since I have had a cock. I love it hard and deep and I can take it in every hole. All that I ask is you take it easy to begin with as it has been such a long time since I have had a cock inside me.”

They kissed then Peter said, “Don’t worry, I love to take a long time with foreplay. I know that the way to give a woman pleasure is through her clitoris. I love to spend a long time arousing my partner by sucking and tonguing her clitoris. Let’s just take our time and when we are both ready then you go on top so you can be in control of the fuck.”

Kay kissed him then said, “That would be great, once we know and are comfortable with each other then we can try anything that you want. I love my clitoris being sucked, I have a big clitoris, I have been told it’s like a little cock. It’s also, along with my G-spot, crucial in giving me my orgasms. I love to cum and I cum a lot.”

They arrived at Kay’s apartment, within a minute. Kay’s body was unbelievable, her tits were massive and didn’t sag. Her stomach was flat and her vulva was smooth and swollen with a perfect sex slit. When she saw Peter’s enormous cock, she said, “Wow, that’s the biggest cock that I have ever seen. We must take our time until I get to know him. He looks wonderful.”

She then went down on him and quickly was taking the full length in her mouth. Her lips and tongue were everywhere. Peter then lay her on the carpet in a position that they could sixty-nine, he put her in an area that allowed him easy access to her cunt and ass. Using two fingers, he spread her cunt lips open and out popped the most prominent hooded clitoris he had ever seen in his life. It was like a long thick thumb. He teased it with circular movements of tongue around it. He then went down on it and started to suck it as he finger fucked her as he sucked it.

Initially, she was taking three fingers, but within fifteen minutes he was fisting her as he sucked her. He had felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth three times, and her cunt was now squelching with her cunt juices. bağcılar escort She had powerful cunt muscles as she was gripping his fist tightly inside her. He soon started to finger her ass hole using her cunt juice as lube. She loved it. She was moaning with pleasure, and he had three fingers inside her ass. He was sure that she was now ready for him. He said, “I think that you are now ready for me. I am now going to lie on my back, and I want you to squat over me. I then want you to position the tip of my cock on your ass hole. I then want you to push down on my cock and take as much of him as you can. Are you comfortable with this?”

She answered, “Yes, that’s the best way to do it. I think that I can take it all, but initially, I will only take what I feel comfortable with.”

She then squatted over him gripping the base of his cock she positioned the bulbous tip against her ass hole. She then pushed down on his cock. Three-quarters of his cock slid inside her. She moaned with pleasure then said, “That feels fucking wonderful, I can feel the tip stimulating my G-spot, I want the full length inside my ass.”

With circular up and down movements, she was soon taking his full length. He was fingering her enormous clitoris as she was riding him. She was soon taking his full length. She was pounding his cock. She had her first vaginal orgasm, and she was trembling. He felt the warmth of her cunt juice on his fingers. A short time later she had her second, and she shook with this one. She came off him then guided his hard cock into her hot juicy cunt. She soon had a powerful rhythm going. She was a gripper and had powerful cunt muscles. Kay said, “Cum baby, cum for me. I want to feel your hot spunk inside me.”

He replied, “Keep pounding my cock. I love how you are riding me, you are teasing me with your gripping of my cock. I love it when you grip the tip of it.”

Kay said, “It’s fucking marvellous, I love when I grip on the base, and that mushroom head of a cock hits the top of my cunt. I am on edge, cum for me, let me feel your hot spunk explode inside my juicy cunt.”

She continued to hammer her hot wet cunt on his erect cock, she had a great rhythm going. Then as if by magic they both had massive orgasms simultaneously. Kay was shaking uncontrollably with it. A minute later she had regained her composure. She then slid her cunt to the base of his throbbing cock and gripped his cock tightly. She said, “That was unbelievable, it was the most powerful orgasm that I have ever had. I can still feel your hot spunk coming out of your cock. I squeezing your cock now to get the last drop of your lovely cum out of you then I am going to go down and lick and suck your cock clean.”

She came off him and went down and sucked every last drop of his cum out of his pulsating cock. She then licked his cock clean with slow, deliberate licks. When she had finished, she kissed him tenderly and affectionately. Peter was surprised at how sweet the mixture of their cum tasted. Kay said, “I love how our cum tastes, I want to be your cum slit.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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