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…this is for a special person in my life, all for you my secret smile…

I look around the kitchen checking to make sure I haven’t missed anything. The quiche is out, the sandwiches are there, the nuts n nibbles are set out too. I mentally run through the rest of my party list, the ice in the freezer and the mixers in the cupboard, good I think that’s everything. I can relax a bit more now and enjoy the night. I never need an excuse for a party in my house, the more the merrier is my motto when it comes to having fun. However tonight is a little different.

I jump every time I hear the doorbell go, wondering if it is you trying to act calmly in front of my other guests. We bumped into each other a few weeks ago and when he had spoken since I had no hesitation in inviting you to my next house party.

I t had been a couple of years since I had seen you and the feelings in my stomach when I saw you that day put me right back at the beginning of our friendship. The churning the hot flush, the wetness in my pants knowing what you could do to me. I was stood in the middle of the town centre and you still managed to make my knees go weak by just looking at me.

The doorbell rang bringing me back to reality. I made my way through my friends to the door to open it. I lifted the latch and opened the door. There you were all smiles for me bottle of red wine in one hand and a bag with more for the night ahead. I smiled back, resisting the urge to run away and let my stomach empty itself. I grab your arm and guide you into the hallway. You hand me the wine as a gift and I smile back at you leaning in to plant a kiss on your cheek. You smelled so good, the wetness in between my legs growing in appreciation.

I take your coat and make small talk asking if you found the house easily and how your week had been. You are looking around the house at the people staring at you. I assure you they are all friendly it is just that on this occasion you are the new face and all of my friends are inquisitive. I take your arm introducing you to the multitude if faces, the hands outstretched fro a shake the females offering their cheeks. You were always the charmer in this situation making your way around like you knew them all. Some of th3e faces had that extra bit of recognition when your name was mentioned. I would give a little glare to those people not wanting you to know I had told some of my friends all about you in the past.

We made our way to my kitchen and I help you find fridge space for your drinks, introducing you to yet more faces. I sit myself up on the worktop in the kitchen and pat the space next to me you hop up and look down the length of the kitchen at all the people.

I inhaled your scent deeply, letting the shivers that take over run through my body, tingling my most private areas. I look at you as you talk to me studying your face. You look a little older than when we were close friends but you are still as handsome as always. Your dark hair and twinkling eyes full of mischief. Your mouth forming ht words I can hear you speaking, my heart and mind remembering how warm and soft your mouth can be and the smile that it can form. You stop what you are saying as you realise I am not fully listening to you and Im blush immediately as I realise my little inward fantasy has been caught out. I look at you in the yes and you just smirk back at me, knowing where I was and finding it amusing.

I shake myself up and offer you a tour of the house, you have never been here before and I needed the distraction. I walk through the kitchen and remind you of the rooms we have already been in, making small talk about things I have had to fix since my move into this building. I go up the stairs pointing out the bathroom and bedrooms as I go till we reach mine. I look at you quickly then proceed bursa escort to make my way up the final staircase to the 2nd floor, showing you everything I can think of to just get that extra 5 minutes with you. As I come back down the stairs I hear a noise coming from my room and go straight in to investigate. It seems a couple of my friends have found my pc and are having a sneaky browse on the internet. I scold them jokingly and the leave me to switch it all off. You have followed me in smiling at the altercation you have just witnessed. I invite you to find a seat and you put yourself onto the edge of the bed, drink in one hand as I ramble on about things in general. I point out that I have photos to show you of family and friends and you come over to look with me, leaning over my shoulder.

The closeness of you makes my chest rise quickly as with every breath I take I can feel yours on my neck sending shivers down my spine.

I move back and walk to the other side of my room pointing out photos on my wall of days that you might remember. You come towards me and I sit on the bed pointing out the individual photos to you making comments in a nervous and obviously worked up way. You put your hand on my shoulder and I jump at your touch. You laugh out loud at me but do not remove your hand asking me if you make me that nervous. I take a deep breath and look at you confirming with my expression the answer to your question. I lean into you wanting to taste your lips but I pause just as I am bout to touch you. You put your hand on my leg and move back, telling me what I know deep inside that you are with someone and it’s not a good idea. The burn scalds me and I back away embarrassed at my foolish attempts.

The longing in me is painful and I know my face is telling you the story that my body is feeling. We both take deep breaths and stand up to make our way back to the party. I apologise as I walk towards my bedroom door, you reply saying there is no need and we start again as we join the party. The night is a success and everyone is having fun, laughing at jokes the odd practical joke being played.

We spend most of the night in the kitchen, the best place to view the events, close side by side leaning into each other as we laugh till the tears flow. As the night comes to an end and people are saying good bye as they leave one by one, I realise that I am leant into you your arm draped around me and that we have been sharing little kisses on the cheeks and affectionate touches. I smile and take pleasure in the fact that we are still close even after the gap of time.

I jump down off the top and find that my legs are not as stable as they could be and laugh as I make a joke about trying to find the bathroom. I use the bathroom checking my face in the mirror as I leave, and almost bump into you outside of the door. You hold up a fresh drink for me and I thank you with a little kiss. You laugh at how the alcohol is having its effect on me and I only grin back in response making you laugh more. I look up at you and you stop laughing and look back at me. I reach up and touch your face tracing my fingers across your mouth. I want you so badly I can feel my stomach turning into a knot. You lean into me and brush your lips against mine. I let out a soft moan as the contact hits me like electricity. I part my lips and melt into you as our tongues touch. You are so gentle with me. I can feel my entire body shaking at your touch. The passion making me feel as though I am being lifted off the ground. You stop and take my hand and lead me out of public view and towards my room. I follow you inside and I lean back to close the door, pulling you back towards me as I do. I let my drink fall from my hand and knock yours away from you, pulling you into me against the door roughly. The bursa merkez escort hunger inside of me growing at such a rate I can hear myself moaning loudly as you kiss me hard, feeling your hands all over my body. I push you away from me and look at you, your breathing is heavy like mine and I can see the lust in your face. I push you backwards slowly letting a smile creep across my lips. I push you back onto my bed and straddle you.

I lean down and kiss you softly letting my lips make a trail down your neck, my hands on the outside of your top, stroking your body. I pull at the bottom of your top and you raise yourself up so I can remove it over your head. I can hear the moan escape from your throat as I kiss my way across your chest and up your neck moving back to your mouth. You take hold of me and turn me over so you are on top. I look up at you with my eyes begging you to take me any way you want.

You lower your head to my neck and start kissing and nibbling, sending waves of pleasure through my body, I can feel my back arching towards you wanting more. You have undone my top and I lay there exposed but for my bra. You undo my trousers and push them down over my legs positioning yourself between them. I can feel your fingers on the outside of my underwear, feeling the wetness between my legs, you moan as you feel how wet I am already and come back to my mouth and kiss me deeply. I can feel your cock hard against me even through the layers of fabric. Your mouth on mine, our tongues entwined in a deep passionate kiss communicating our desire. Your hands running across my breasts lingering to take my hard nipple sin between your fingers. My head is back now eyes closed your mouth meets your fingers, your teeth taking my hard nipple in between.

You push my bra up over my breasts, your hands wrapping down under me to undo the clasps. You pull my bra from me throwing it from the bed, and move straight back to my breasts, my hands are in your hair, pushing your mouth down hard. Your fingers find my mound on the outside of my underwear, rubbing hard, knowing it drives me crazy, Im gasping at the sensations building. You pull the fabric to the side and plunge 2 fingers into me with ease, I’m Cumming hard, my thighs shaking, you lean up watching my face as I ride the orgasm. My body grinding against your hand, you lean down pulling my underwear from my wet pussy, licking at my clit keeping me high on the waves.

You undo your trousers with your other hand releasing your hard cock, kneeling up, fingers inside of me thumb rubbing over my clit, you stroke your hard cock openly, precum lubricating the head. I hear your groan and look at you. The sight of you is amazing, so aroused so deeply into the pleasure with me. I reach out for you and pull you down on to the bed, making your hands leave my wetness. I position myself over your hard cock, I don’t need to guide it with my hand you are so erect standing up from your body. I lower myself slowly, your mouth open gasping, moans escaping my throat, I slowly take your length into me stopping when you fill me completely. We can feel each others pulse , so sensitive so intense. I move so slowly as I lift myself all the way back up and off you. Your hands reach for my thighs trying to push me back down, I let a little giggle escape me as I know you want me so badly. I throw you a wicked look and you call me a bitch , with that little smirk that means you know I am going to love you entirely with my mouth, please you in any way I can, tease you till the brink.

I lean in and roughly kiss your neck letting my tongue and teeth move against your skin, I can feel your cock respond in twitches under me so wet from out mingling juices. I move down your body taking you in as much as possible till I reach your hard hot bursa sınırsız escort wet cock, in one move you enter through my wet lips and into my waiting mouth, sucking at you hungrily you can only respond my gasping and curling up, your shoulders and legs raising. Your hands on my head pushing yourself deep into my throat, your hips moving with you, the moan of delight and passion from my throat vibrating against you. I bob my head up and down the length, you are gasping with each stroke, my hard nipples brushing across your thighs. I wrap my hand around you tightly pumping you into my mouth. I can feel you swell, my other hand reaching up your stomach to your chest, I bring it back down to meet the other around yr cock, scraping my nails as I go.

Just as I stat to feel your cock tensing I stop and release you. Leaving your cock standing proud, wet, engorged. You gasp and look at me with animalistic eyes, the lust practically flowing between us, u sit up taking me into your arms tightly, your mouth on mine hungrily feeding from each other. You push me back flat and position yourself and with one hard quick thrust you are inside me, pumping into me hard and fast making me cry out loudly, suddenly aware we could be heard you push fingers into my mouth. I can taste myself on you. I suck as you fuck my wet cunt, our bodies banging and grinding against each other. You feel my muscles clenching at your cock about to cum. You pull out and turn me over roughly pulling my hips up towards you, backside exposed, you aim at my wet cunt and hold onto my hips as you push into me, reaching deep into me, as I get close to orgasm I am begging you to fill me. My face to the side you can see my mouth open eyes closed, tits moving with your hard fucking.

I can hear you calling me your little slut, your little whore, I can feel my muscles tightening and I tell you Im going to cum, you slow down to the point of almost no movement, sending me over the edge knowing what it does to me. You keep inching yourself in and out of me feeling my cunt trying to milk you. You are biting your lip fighting back the urge to cum deep inside me. As I start to come down you remove your self from me telling me to lay down, I do as you tell me wanting what I know is coming. You straddle my chest pushing my tits together sliding your hot cock in between them. I place my hands over yours holding my tits together forming a warm channel for you to fuck. My mouth open, eyes looking into yours.

The tip of my tongue meets with your cock on every stroke, You move your hands leaving mine there, leaning back slightly you push your fingers inside of me getting them all wet with the juices, you lay them across the head of your cock lubricating it more with every stroke, I can taste myself again, I’m watching your face, your eyes watching the display before you, your balls stroking under u against my skin, you pinch my nipples making me gasp, my mouth opening in response. The sight makes your balls tighten and you feel it starting. You push forward telling me you are going to cum all over your little slut. I am begging you in between my rapid licking for you to squirt all over me, use me, you cant take any more, feeling the cum build deep inside , moving its way up your shaft, you take your cock in your hand tightly. Your other moving to my breast squeezing hard as you pump your cock fast gasping, Im waiting looking up at you lustfully my tongue trying to lick your cock, you release your cum in one long stream across my face and tits, into my mouth, and across my cheeks, You keep pumping hard till there is nothing left, rubbing your cock against me. Across my lips and cheeks pushing the head into my splattered mouth, letting me suck you deep. You fall forward leaning against the wall as you slowly relish in the feeling of moving your cock in and out of my warm mouth.

As you come down from your orgasm you sit back looking at my pretty face covered in your cum, you stroke my cheek lightly. I look at you lovingly a smile on my face as I move my cheek against your hand. This is me, your little whore, always will be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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