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Our story starts in 1982.

Sergeant Paul Zielinski, the Texas Ranger stationed in Pecos, Texas sat down on a bench under a tree in the Rudman Park. At the moment, he had no specific assignment, which was a rare occurrence. Like all good officers, when he was out in the public, his mind constantly was questioning why a person was doing what they were doing. He noticed the four Sadler women, each with a child. Jane Sadler, the mother, was about thirty-nine. Her daughters, Robin, Jean, and Sandra, were nineteen

Something was not right. Then it hit him. All four children were the same age, and each had bright red, curly hair. Not believing in coincidences, he knew deep down that there was some mischief involved there.

Mischief in Pecos often was somehow connected to the Skelton boys, who Paul knew well. The Skeltons were hunting buddies of Paul. They were the kind of guys who appeared at the Ranger’s office anytime that there was an emergency to offer their help. Paul knew that there were some things that they did that it was just as well that he not know. Before him was just such a case, because the Skeltons were the only family in the county with bright red, curly hair.

The Skeltons are Jane’s age, he surmised. There was no reason for them to even know the younger girls, so the connection has to have something to do with either Jane, or her husband, John. Just for thinking purposes, if the Skeltons were the father of these red haired kids, how in heaven’s name did they get them all pregnant at the same time? His mind wandered to Johnny Sadler, who owner the local Cadillac dealership. Paul had never heard anyone say anything nice about him. It was always, “that big fucking prick.” He wondered why Jane, who was an elegant woman, had married him.

His radio came alive. “Ranger 245, we have a “21-red” at highway 41 and Kern Road. “ Paul hurried to his car.

A year later he was shooting the breeze with Danny, Jimmy, and Bud Skelton when they had taken a break from Hog hunting. Paul remembered the day in the park, so he brought up the Sadlers. “Hey Bud, how long have you known John Sadler?”

The Skelton’s exchanged glances, each with a smile creeping onto his face. “Well, I recon that I’ve known the shit since my senior year in high school. That was 1964.”

“Tell me about him?”

That question coming from a Ranger, who was their friend, was not brushed aside. Bud said. “This will take a while. We hate the fucker. I had been dating Jane, his wife, since our freshman year. We were two innocent kids. My senior year, the Sadlers moved to town. John’s father purchased the Cadillac dealership. He was the quarterback of the football team. He’s a mean bastard. He would walk down the hall punching the smaller guys, like me, on the arm. He hung around with Jake Wallace, and Bert Liberty, two of the toughest guys bursa escort in school. Every Goddamn girl in school busted her ass trying to date John. As you know, he is handsome. Can’t deny him that.

He let it be known that he intended to fuck every girl in school. Jane went out with him when I was out of town. I was with my family in Dallas. When I phoned Jane to ask for a date, she told me that she was seeing someone else. Later, at school, John was bragging to all the guys that He had taken her cherry. He went into detail about how it had taken him a half an hour to get into her the first time.

I was made to look like a fool. I dated Betty Gardner. I thought that we were an item. Then, one Monday, John spread it around that he had dated her Saturday. He said that he took her to a dance over in Odessa. After, he had her in a motel for five hours fucking the bejeeves out of her.

At first, I did not believe him. Until Friday, that is. I took Betty out. She made no move to stop me from playing with her tits. Suddenly, she rolled onto her back in the front seat. I opened her legs, pulled her pants down, and put it to her, easy as that. I knew that John was telling the truth about her.

John dropped Jane. He had been cheating on her all along. She made it known that she wanted to be my girl again. Big sucker that I am, I started dating her again. Got a hell of a surprise on the first date. She was baby-sitting. After the kid was asleep, she took my hand, pulling me into the master bedroom. She dropped her jeans. When I got on top of her, she guided my cock to her pussy.

Had a lot of practice, I guess. What to hell, I thought. Damn if I did not hear that she was stepping out on me to have a quick fuck, now and then, with John. I confronted her about it. We had a big fight. She admitted that she had two-timed me again. Next thing I knew, she was marrying John. The girls were born six months later.”

“Knocked her up, huh?”

“That isn’t all. Dan, Jim and I got some work with a wildcatter, out of town. We were gone for six months. Our younger sister, Mary Lou, took a job at Sadler Cadillac. John was twenty-five, married to Jane. She was eighteen. He talked her into driving one of two cars over to a dealer in Odessa. On the way back, he stopped at “Big Tom’s” bar. Got her drunk. Took her to a motel. She didn’t tell anyone. From then on, he was banging her almost daily, she told me later. She got pregnant. That’s when I had a talk with her.

We talked about killing him. Jim said, “Hey, wait, let’s bide our time. Revenge is best served cold.”

Paul looked from one of the Skeltons to another. “Hey, look, Boys, remember that I wear a badge. Perhaps it would be better if we drop this subject now. I got a feeling that you shits got your justice in a way that may have crossed the line.”

“You bursa escort bayan might say so,” Jim said. “But it was very sweet, indeed.”


We now join Captain Paul Zielinski. The year is 1992.

Paul turned to Ranger Ted Burton. “Ted, have you been reviewing the latest DNA information?”

“Yes, Sir. You know what they should do is take a DNA sample from each child at birth.”

“Parents DNA too.”

Later, Paul thought about the Sadler kids. I wonder if they have any idea what the medical history is of the fathers of those kids? He and he alone was in the position to set things right for the kids. He set up a meeting with the Skeltons, after discussing the matter with the District Attorney, who agreed to provide immunity for any misdeeds in exchange for giving the children access to their father’s medical history. After all, whatever happened, happened eleven years ago.

“Bud, Jim, Dan. Here, read this letter of immunity. For the record, whatever you tell me will stay in this room. No notes, or recording. This meeting never happened. I am asking you each to provide, via your doctor, a report of any conditions that have any medical significance for the Sadler children, if any of you are the father of them, as I suspect that you are. I will copy the information. It will be sent to a local attorney, without identifying you or your doctor. He will provide it to the Sadlers.

For eleven years, I have been dieing to hear this tale. This has got to be a dandy.”

All three Skeltons broke out in belly shaking laughter.

Bud, the oldest, took a swig of his drink. He got serious. “Paul, we got that fucker. We got him really good.”

“Took care of Jane, too.” Dan piped in.

Bud continued. “Jean Sadler was engaged to be married. Here in Pecos, there was only one place to have the wedding practice dinner. That, of course, was the Holiday Inn. The groom and his family were from El Paso.

Jim, here, was working part time as a bartender. We had gone to Mexico several times to get laid, like all young bucks do. I got into a conversation with a friend of mine about Gamma-hydroxyloutyrate. You know, GHP. You guys call it the date rape drug, now. Back then, no one had heard of it. Down in Mexico, I got some.

At the dinner were John and Jane, the grooms parents, Jean and Terry, Sandra and Phil Dean, and Robin, who was with that jerk, Frank Hogan. In the wine, we gave each a dose. Within fifteen minutes, they were all out of it.

Jim had access to room keys. We carried all of them to different rooms, except that in every case, we did not put the woman with her man. Jane was in a room with the groom. John was in a room with the groom’s mother, and so on. We stripped everyone naked. Then, taking our merry old time, we fucked each of the bursa bayan escort women.

The idea was to leave some cum running out of their pussies so that when they woke up, naked in the bed with an “other,” that they would believe that they had sex with the person they were bed with. We even spread some cum on the guy’s cocks. Imagine what went on when the stuff wore off, and everyone came to?”

“Did the wedding take place the next day?”

“Sure did. We all went. It was very strange. The wedding party kept casting glances at each other. Jane looked very pissed. John never looked up. The two single guys had a vacant look, trying to remember getting laid, I guess. Funny.”

“Might have been funny then, but how about when you learned that the ladies were all pregnant?”

“Paul, as I said before, Revenge is best served cold. The only regret we had was the groom’s mother had a bingo, too.”

Paul just sat shaking his head. “Do any of them know that what happened is not what they think?”

“Oh, yes. Like John had done to me, telling everyone that he had fucked girls that I was dating, we sent pictures to Jane and John showing Jane on her back with one of the wedding party guys on her. Of course the guy is out of it, but you can’t tell that from the pictures. I’m sure that they believe everyone had her. Lately, I‘ve been sending them by e-mail. I mention that everybody in Pecos has seen the pictures?”

“Have they?”

“No, we have not shown anyone.”


The year is 2001.

Paul notices in the Pecos Times, that a divorce has been granted to Jane Sadler from John Sadler.

A few weeks later, Bud’s wife, Rebecca Skelton died. Paul went to the wake.

“See where your old girlfriend finally divorced John.”

“Jane caught him with a secretary in bed is what I hear.”

“Bet that divorce cost him a bunch.”

“Greg Thompson, an attorney friend of mine, told me that she is now a full partner at the dealership. She has her own office, and I’m told, she runs the place now. John can’t take the heat, so makes himself scarce.”


February 8, 2003.

Paul parked his car in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot. A short distance away, he saw Jane Sadler open the passenger door of a new Cadillac. She took a cart and was soon in the store. Walking toward the store, Paul was amazed to see Bud Skelton in the driver’s seat.

Paul walked over to the car. Seeing him approach, Bud broke into a big grin.

“You wouldn’t want to tell an old friend just what to hell is going on?”

“Ha, ha, ha. I figured that you might be inquiring the minute that I saw you.”


“Hey, I never said that I stopped loving the woman. For your information, Jane and I are married. A little trip to Vegas six months ago. As things are now, I have John’s woman, half his dealership, and I am the daddy and grandfather to the kids. Best of all, he sees my smiling face anytime that he comes to work. We got some Pecos justice, wouldn’t you say?”

I’m Softly

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