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It was a humid summer night in Upstate New York; the air was thick and sticky. Kerrie was walking home to her two bedroom apartment. She had just come from a “Slumber Party” at her friend, Gina’s. Kerrie and Gina lived a block from each other. Kerrie had purchased some “toys” at the party along with some lingerie. Although, she had no one to wear it for. It still made her feel sexy. She had so much fun at the party she was thinking about hosting her own at her apartment. It was such a discreet and easy way to shop, instead of going into one of those slimy porn shops.

Kerrie arrived at her apartment five minutes later. She unlocked the door to the building and walked quietly upstairs. By now, everyone was asleep. There were three other tenants in the building. It was late and they all worked the next day. Kerrie had the next day off, she planned on staying up late and sleeping in late.

Kerrie unlocked her door and walked in with a smile. She loved coming home to her apartment. It always put her in a better mood. Everything was so bright. She made the apartment so welcoming with her décor. She was proud of her little home. She slipped off her hot pink flip flops and threw her purse down on the plush sofa. She carried her little red “Slumber Party” bag with handles, into her spacious bedroom. She took the lingerie out and immediately hung it in her walk-in closet. She had bought a hot pink lacy teddy that had clips for thigh highs. That was her favorite. She kept two pieces out. She then took out her “toys” she had purchased; a mini vibrator that resembled a lipstick perfectly, and a small pink vibrator with tiny bumps all over it. It was about five inches long. She never did understand some women who bought the humongous double ended dildos. She giggled out loud.

She made a mental note to put the “lipstick” in her purse. You never know when you’ll need it, she thought. She had a bad habit of masturbating in odd places. Once, she had gone to a public park with Trisha, one of her good friends. Trisha brought along her boyfriend, Matt. The two walked under the pavilion and started making out heavily. Trisha always did that. Matt started massaging Trisha’s breasts through her tight tee. He was putting his hand between Trisha’s legs and rubbing while she pulled on his hair. Matt always turned Kerrie on. He was absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention a complete man whore. Kerrie made an excuse that she was tired and went back to her car to take a “nap”. She was actually beyond horny and needed to get herself off. Once she got into the car she unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand under her panties Beylikdüzü escort and rubbed herself while she thought of Matt and his bulging cock in his jeans. Then she started thinking about Trisha’s pussy and how wet it probably was at that moment. She brought herself to orgasm in less than a minute.

Kerrie loved men, but lately she had been thinking a lot of the same sex. It was something about their soft skin, their lips, and their breasts that drove her crazy sometimes. She didn’t exactly think of herself as bi-sexual or even curious. She was second guessing herself. She assumed she was attractive to the same sex as well. She was proud of her toned, tight body. She was five-nine. One hundred and forty pounds. She had silky soft dark brown hair that fell a little past her shoulders. Her eyes were big and brown. Just like her Mother’s. She loved being outdoors and it showed from her natural tan. Her breasts were a full 38C. Her lips were just a little pouty. She was the object of a lot of neighborhood men when she ran. She never noticed. Kerrie was the best in the high school track team. That was seven years ago. She was lucky to still have the body she had back then. She worked out five times a week and watched what she ate. She didn’t ever starve herself though. She allowed herself a couple days a month to really indulge.

Kerrie undressed and left her clothes in a heap next to her bed. She went to the bathroom to run some hot water for a long bath. Her bathroom was completely decorated in palm trees. She loved palm trees. She had always dreamed of living on the beach, running in the morning on the shore when no one was awake yet. She thought maybe once she was done with college she would try it out. She was going to become a pharmacist. It was definitely hard work and seemed to be taking her forever to get there.

While the hot water was running, she walked naked through her apartment to her kitchen. She always walked around naked. She was on the second floor and her blinds and drapes were always shut at night. Sometimes she fantasized about someone watching her. She definitely had an imagination to her. She opened the refrigerator and reached for a bottle of white wine. She shivered a bit as the coldness from the refrigerator mingled with her nipples, making them stand at attention. She poured a glass to the rim and went back in the bathroom.

Kerrie set the glass down near the tub and lit some lavender candles. They helped relax her. She put the candles on the edge of the tub and turned off the lights. She stepped into the steaming hot water and Beyoğlu escort bayan sighed.

She was in there for almost a half an hour and the water was warm now. She had finished her glass of wine. She was never much of a drinker. When she went out to the bars with her friends, it only took her a few drinks to be buzzed. However, with wine, it took much less. One full glass and she was tingly. Not to mention, a tad horny.

Kerrie put the glass down and started rubbing her soapy breasts. Her hand moved down past her navel, to her neatly groomed mound. She slid two fingers between her lips and slowly moved it up and down, rubbing against her clit. Kerrie bit her lip and laid her head against the back of the tub, moaning softly. With her free hand, she pinched and rubbed her nipples. She started rubbing her pussy faster and realized she was about to come. She stopped and stepped out of the tub. She blew out the candles and wrapped herself in a big fluffy towel and dried herself off quickly.

She went into the bedroom and picked up the two pieces she had set out earlier to sleep in. She slid the black lace see-through boy shorts on, then the matching camisole that barely contained her full, perky breasts. Kerrie glanced at the pink vibrator on the bed and walked out of the room. She was a bit leery to try it because she had always used her hand to get herself off. She never put her fingers in her. It wasn’t because she was scared; she was definitely not a virgin. She just had never put something like that in her.

She walked to her computer in the living room and booted it up. She checked her e-mail and all the forums she frequented. Then she went to Sapphic Erotica, a lesbian porn site. In her opinion, it was tasteful lesbian porn. She tried this site once and loved it so much she paid for a subscription for a full two years. There was another reason why she was second guessing her sexuality. The videos were always hot and gave her things to think about while she was masturbated.

Kerrie sat at her desk for almost an hour. Eyes glued to the screen as she watched several different videos. In one video, there were six girls playing “Spin the Bottle”. They took turns passionately kissing each other. That led to the girls nibbling and licking each other’s breasts. Eventually they ended up totally naked and in an orgy. A redhead eating out a blonde girl, while another girl was sitting on the blonde’s face. Kerrie was getting so turned on; she almost came just watching these videos. She got up and went to the bedroom. She figured she would do a quick “rub-down” Escort Bomonti as she liked to call it, and then get some sleep.

She carried a candle in with her and lit it. When she masturbated, she didn’t like the lights totally off and leaving them on was too bright she thought. She made sure the blinds and drapes were totally shut. She slid off her boy shorts and threw them on the floor. She noticed they were soaked. Kerrie stood by the bed and stared at the pink vibrator. She felt silly for being so cautious of a vibrator. She climbed on the bed and reached to her nightstand for lube. She put some on the vibrator and switched it on. She leaned back against the pillows and spread her legs. She touched her breasts with the vibrator, making her nipples wet with lube. She put it between her breasts like a real cock and moved it up and down. Kerrie moved “Pink” down to her throbbing pussy and rubbed her clit with the tip. The vibrations against her clit made her spasm and arch her back. She moaned loudly and gripped the covers with one hand.

Kerrie slid the tip into her pussy slowly. “Ohhhhhh….” she whispered. She pushed it in deeper, until there was about an inch left. Then she pulled it out, still keeping some of it in her, then slid it back in. “Mmmmm…” she moaned. She was moving her hips in rhythm with her hand.

She took it out of her and held it upright with one hand and lowered herself onto it, as if straddling a man. She thought about Matt’s cock…bulging against his jeans whenever she saw him. She pictured herself riding him. He would be sucking on her nipples and she would be slamming herself onto him, making her breasts bounce in his face. She started riding the vibrator faster and harder. With her free hand she brought her breast up near her mouth and circled her nipple with her tongue. She almost came right then. Then she reached down to rub her clit as she slid up and down “Pink”.

She closed her eyes and then pictured herself, again, riding Matt’s hard cock while Trisha sat on his face. Matt would plunge his tongue deep into Trisha’s bald pussy and Trisha would cry out and grip Kerrie’s breasts and bite them. Trisha would move her hand down to Kerrie’s clit and flick it with her fingers. The two girls would kiss passionately kiss while Kerrie slid up and down Matt’s rock hard cock.

Kerrie’s fantasy was driving her wild. She slammed deeper and faster onto the vibrator, crying out. Her breasts bouncing with her. She felt a shudder and cried out. “Ohhh fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She was still in her fantasy, thinking about Matt bucking his hips upward into her as she came down on him. She felt spasm after spasm, and continued to ride, increasing each spasm, until she felt a deep shudder. She yelled out and collapsed onto her back. She pulled the vibrator out and turned it off. She set it next to her and smiled.

Kerrie closed her eyes and instantly fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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