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Tawny understood that her husband was a world-class son of a bitch and there wasn’t any changing him; he was what he was. Jack’s success as an associate regional manager for one of the nation’s largest providers of claims management solutions to insurance companies had been earned at the expense of others. Whether it was figuring out a person’s weaknesses and using them against him, taking credit for the work of others, or publicly targeting weak people to demonstrate his own power, no tricks were beneath him.

His job, as he explained to Tawny one day, was to help insurance companies gouge everyone from physicians to automobile owners, and increasing premiums, which were used to pay the multimillion-dollar salaries of their top executives. Money from the “little man”, as he put it, helped to compensate for their losses in the stock market, and recover other losses in a legal system gone awry. Jack always had been and always would be a son of a bitch.

A true company man if ever there was one, Jack clawed his way up the corporate ladder to be on the cusp of upper management; however, no matter how ambitious a person was, there was only a finite amount of space on the top rung. It was simply a matter of business physics: no two people could occupy the same position at the same time. Jack viewed this position in the same way that he viewed all of his previous positions: like someone else was in his rightful spot and had to be removed.

An opening of this magnitude was the Haley’s Comet of the insurance world, occurring only once in a person’s lifetime. So rare was it that an associate like Jack could spend his whole life never seeing the position vacant. Yet he craved the position of regional manager and all the trappings of the elite lifestyle that accompanied it: expensive cars, lavish waterfront homes, and European vacations. It all stroked his ego and Jack enjoyed having his ego stroked almost as much as having his cock stroked.

Tawny, on the other hand, had been a wholesome girl for most of her life, raised by a pair of loving parents in suburban Middle America. She had been a scrawny adolescent who came into her beauty late in her teenage years, developing into a flawless blonde beauty without the accompanying snobbish attitude of the truly hot.

Her eyes were so innocent and sexy that it was almost criminal. If it wasn’t her eyes that held your attention, then it was the two all-natural inviting globes, due south about twelve inches, which did. Her tits begged to be sucked. She didn’t learn how to use them until adulthood, when she got drunk and entered a wet T-shirt contest. Wiggling and jiggling on stage she worked the crowd applying lotion and doing anything to win the contest. She finished the evening in a reverse cowgirl position with streams of cream all over her face, but she never forgot how good it made her feel to have men ogle over her.

There was a freshness about her smooth skin that gave her such a youthful appearance that it made you search for signs that she wasn’t still a teenager. Fucking Tawny would be like fucking your best friend’s little sister in high school: you knew that it was wrong, but you couldn’t help yourself. Her only flaw, in fact, was being married to Jack.

Tawny felt empty inside. She realized that she was stuck in a marriage of convenience. Career always had been Jack’s priority and their marriage was a means to serve that end. The corporation favored those managers who could project a positive family image to the rest of the world. What went on behind closed doors, they couldn’t have cared less about. She found herself unfulfilled with the bored, unchallenging lifestyle of a trophy housewife.

Sometimes when she’d host a party, one of her husband’s mealy-mouthed bootlickers, having had too much to drink, would invariably try to convince her that it was the demands of the job that made her husband such a prick. As if by reassuring her that she was far too intelligent and attractive to have willingly married such an asshole, they could seduce her into letting them fuck her.

At first she found such attempts at getting into her panties pitiful, but over the course of time she began to find the game sexually arousing. This newly discovered pleasure caused a tingling sensation in her sweet little pussy, leaving her moist. So it became Tawny’s newest game for the excitement and attention that she so desperately sought to fill the void left by her unfulfilled lifestyle.

Jack was aware of what was making his wife’s panties wet, but didn’t mind these advances. It had given him the inspiration for the idea on how to get his next promotion.


The tingling sensation between Tawny’s legs returned again when Jack asked her to host another party. She usually made all of the arrangements, but this time Jack took charge of the guest list to ensure that the regional supervisor was the only top executive to receive an invite.

The night of the party, Tawny dressed in a sexy black mini dress with a deep V-shaped bodice to display her ample pendik escort soft breasts. It was provocative, yet classy, and went well with her favorite pair of Nicole Miller black strapped high-heels.

She didn’t always enjoy the hours of preparation that it took to get ready, but did enjoy fantasizing how much attention her efforts would garner. In the shower she examined her freshly waxed bikini area. She hated having to endure the excruciating pain of the Brazilian cut but loved the curtained-off look that it left on her labia. Her curiosity peaked, she made the hasty decision to shave it all off. Never before had she gone completely bare, and found it a surprisingly liberating and exciting sensation. She loved the feeling of her freshly shaved mound, and after a warm breeze found its way up her dress, made another decision to go pantiless. It was going to be a special night, she could feel it. Moments later, she sashayed downstairs to welcome her guests as they arrived.

Greeting the guests was her favorite part of the whole evening. A couple of well-planted seeds here and she would reap a harvest of attention the whole night. Her foyer was private with soft dim lighting and just enough space for one couple at a time. The tight quarters allowed her to turn embraces into caresses, exploring all of her male guests under the guise of being a good hostess.

After greeting all the guests, she set her sights on Jack’s boss as the target. Her method of working was a simple one: get the man drunk and tease. She could work a man until he was on the verge of creaming himself right in front of his woman, who would never suspect that, in his mind, her man was bending Tawny over and pounding her hard. In fact, she found the added challenge of another woman to be more exciting.

Tonight the greetings at the door left her so wet that she questioned the wisdom of not wearing any panties. Hornier than usual, she was afraid of juices running down the inside of her thigh. Going pantiless was not part of the plan and bad things happened when you deviated from the plan.

Enticing the regional supervisor and getting him drunk was the easy part. Tawny was an excellent conversationalist and when she sensed that her mark was getting a little tipsy, she increased the amount of alcohol she was putting into his drinks. She had used this tactic frequently before and it never failed her.

“Maybe you should slow down on those drinks,” protested his wife in a nagging tone.

“You know how you can get after you’ve had too much to drink.”

The grown man looked as embarrassed as if chastised by his mother.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, Tawny thought to herself as her conversation with the couple continued. While the wife was there, she was witty and charming, and when the wife went away, she switched to seductive and inviting.

Tawny’s game of “turning it on again/off again” was played out with all the skill of a Broadway actress. The mark became increasingly horny especially when his wife would depart, making Tawny’s seductive side come out. It was as if someone was giving him a good tug job only every time he was on the verge of climax, they would abruptly stop, pause, and then start back up again, cruelly never letting him blow his load before repeating the cycle.

After the wife had excused herself, Tawny moved in on him and gently brushed up against the front of his pants. Her goal was the head of his penis and she scored a direct hit that resulted in no small measure of a physiological response to stimulation. Impulses shot through his already primed nerve endings to the pleasure sensors in the brain, releasing endorphins, causing his anus to contract and the muscles at the base of his cock to spasm, making his penis almost jump right out of his pants.

Tawny saw the front of his pants leap out at her and was instantly swollen with pride. Her charms had worked. They always did.

In one quick motion, she grabbed him by the hand, turned toward the stairs and said, “Come with me,” as they bolted together. Even if he had wanted to protest, she didn’t leave him any time to, and like a lamb to the slaughter, he was led away.

Jack had watched the whole scene play out before him from a dark corner of the room and smirked.

Tawny had now crossed into uncharted territory. Her flirting had taken her this far many times with other men before, but never any farther. She could feel her pussy begin to throb.

She held tightly onto the mark’s hand as they climbed, forcing him to follow closely in trail. During the whole journey his face was only inches away from her stunning ass. It bounced with every step, giving him a hint of her savory fragrance that the quick pace and throbbing little pussy had created between her legs. The aroma was intoxicating.

When they reached the top of the stairs, he was dizzy and on the brink of collapse. A cocktail of alcohol, testosterone, and adrenaline was coursing through his veins. The thought of taking another man’s wife in her çekmeköy escort own bed, while both her husband and his wife were still downstairs, was exhilarating.

As if reading his mind, Tawny breathed into his ear, “I want you to fuck me hard, knowing your is wife downstairs.” Knowing what a man wanted to hear and which buttons to push was a specialty of Tawny’s. With those words she sent him over the edge, but while doing so, was dangerously close to the precipice herself.

She never let him take control. Instead she dragged him into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed while forcing him onto his knees directly in front of her. Tawny’s aggressiveness seemed so spontaneous that he had no idea the care and practice that had gone into this exact placement on the floor.

Tawny hoisted her black strappy heel up over his shoulder, resting the crook of her knee comfortably there; her calf and foot dangled against his back. With all the grace and balance of a gymnast, she slowly lifted her other foot off the floor higher than her hips before straightening it out, until it was fully extended. Her legs lay spread wide apart in a modified split, straddling him. The black mini dress was forced to climb high up on her hips, leaving her pantiless crotch exposed. Her heart pumped faster and breathing became more labored to fuel her tensed muscles.

He was bursting at the seams. With her legs spread wide apart, her shaved little box was now just inches away from his face, emanating heat, aroma, and wetness. It was too much for him to take and he instinctively dove in with his tongue.

Tawny’s head exploded with pleasure as the tongue slid past her outer lips, propelling her well beyond the point of no return. All of the sexual tension that she had built up in the mark she had also built up in herself too. It had been a long time since Jack had pleased her with the emotional and physical contact that every woman needs. Feeling sexy, shaving herself, shamelessly flirting, and Jack’s inattention gradually merged into one, making her psychologically and physically ripe for the picking as she slipped over the edge. The plan that she worked out with Jack would have to be temporarily put on hold as both her legs hung out in the air, quivering as she helplessly tried to stave off the pleasure that was about to overtake her. Her cumming wasn’t part of the plan, but it was her last thought as she slipped into oblivion and surrendered to the will of his probing tongue.

His tongue quickly worked Tawny’s now dark pink pussy lips before making its way to her engorged clitoris, thrusting all the way into her smooth mound. Tawny felt her vagina and pelvic muscles begin a series of rhythmic spasms as a wave of euphoric release washed over her body.

“AAUUGGH!!!” She came all over his face, coating it from nose to chin.

He didn’t let up on his tongue action and continued to flick the housewife’s re-emerging clitoris. Again Tawny felt the tension well up inside her. This time it was her thigh muscles that initially felt the returning twinge before the contractions erupted, sending her climbing to an additional peak as a second release of tension followed on the heels of the first.

“Yes, yes, OHHHHHH!!!!!”

After she received several more strokes of his tongue, she panted and felt a spine-tingling shiver and a bead of sweat roll off her forehead as the mind-blowing orgasm returned. Tawny’s back arched up off the bed, vibrating ecstatically from head to toe. She felt so filled up that she let out another string of nonsensical syllables as she rode the waves of multiple orgasms to successively higher peaks.


Tawny’s orgasms slowly waned to a tingling sensation in her feet. She felt her toes curl around the edge of her Nicole Millers in a hopeless attempt to hang on to the vestiges of her orgasm.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned satisfactorily, returning to her body. “My husband has never made me cum like that before,” she confessed regretfully as she dismounted the man’s face.

She stood him up and helped him out of his clothes. “I want to feel your cock tickle the back of my throat,” she purred at him, still feeling the need to explore her dirty side.

For the first time, she let her hands work their way slowly down his bare chest. He was in remarkably good shape for a middle-aged man, she thought to herself. He had a firm body that managed to avoid the bulging midsection that plagued so many other men his age. In his younger years he must have been quite the stud. It was a shame that it was wasted on his obnoxious wife.

She reached for her semi-stiff objective between his legs. She moved her hand over the member, focusing on the tip. It was a nice piece of meat: long, thick, veiny, with a good curve, a small head that she was certain had speared more than a couple of honeys before ending its career with the ice lady. She could feel his pre-cum as she paused to enjoy the closeness and intimacy before working the sensitive area maltepe escort with the flat of her hand.

“You’re so much bigger than my husband.”

“UMMMMM,” he breathed.

Tawny had gotten hers and now he couldn’t wait to get his. She reached for his balls and felt the weight heavy in her hand; it must have been a while since they had been emptied. She worked his balls, feeling his member become fully erect. Her mission was complete.

She dropped to her knees, lifting his penis up until its head was up around his navel. Again her deviation from the plan put her in dangerous territory, but she didn’t care as she lovingly stroked and kissed his dick. The pretty blonde got down for some serious ball sucking as she stroked his cock hard in her hand, licking her way up from his scrotum all the way to his pre-cum before she eagerly wolfed down the cock that was put to her face. She could barely get his whole member in her mouth. She knew how to give good head: plenty of eye contact and, when the cum started flowing, holding her mouth open and sucking up as much as she could.

After several bobs and strokes, she regained her composure and remembered why she was there. She grabbed hold of his cock for a couple of quick strokes, ensuring that its hardness would last a little while longer.

“You’re going to cum all over me, big boy,” She said as she grabbed the man’s cock and gave it a good shake. She loved the feel of the dense weight in her hand and had been dying to do that. “Let me slip out of this dress first.”

She slid the straps of the mini dress off and let them fall past her soft shoulders, lifting her lovely rack up to him. She let him caress them before she gathered up all of his clothes and backed into the bathroom.

She straightened herself up, pulled herself together, and exited through another door back down to the party. For her, at least, the exciting part was over.

The stage had been set. The invisible handoff had been made and it was now Jack’s turn to spring the trap.


As if right on cue, Jack appeared out of nowhere, surprising the still naked regional supervisor on his knees.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Jack faked being appalled.

The mark did the only smart thing that he could think to do and didn’t say a thing. Being found naked in a compromising position was one thing, telling a man you just tongue fucked his wife was another, and he didn’t know exactly how much Jack knew or if Tawny would be coming out of the bathroom.

“I’m going to ruin you, you fucking pervert,” Jack growled. “First I’m going downstairs to bring your wife up here, and when everyone in the company finds out, you’ll be fired. Your wife is going to rake you over the coals in divorce court and take all your money, and you’ll never see your kids again. Even your friends aren’t going to want to talk to you once I’m finished with you.” Jack’s cheeks were flush and the glare helped sell the whole act.

The regional supervisor’s head was spinning, desperately searching for a way out, his high just moments before replaced by the panic of being publicly exposed. Everything Jack threatened was true. If word got out, he would assuredly be fired, divorced and humiliated. He had worked too hard over the past twenty-five years to give it all up like this and decided that his best option was to throw himself at Jack’s mercy.

“Jack,” he pleaded, “I know what you’re feeling, and I don’t want to bring any more shame to my family than I already have.” In truth, he didn’t have any idea what Jack was feeling and his only concern was for his own public shame and the inevitable raping of his bank account. “I’ll give you money, if we just start all over and pretend that this little incident never happened.”

“Oh really, how much money is it going to take to erase the memory of you tongue fucking my wife in my own home?”

Damn, he knew, the supervisor thought. “If you don’t ruin me, I’ll give you anything you want, just name your price.”

Jack didn’t say a word. He moved closer to him carefully. He spread his feet a little more than shoulder width apart and reoriented his groin in the direction of the kneeling man. The message was so skillfully delivered and with such uncertainty that, later in therapy, the mark wasn’t certain that the dick sucking hadn’t been his idea.

His only words were, “I’ll suck your dick.”

Jack didn’t have any hang-ups about having his dick sucked by another guy. In fact, he made a show of it. He left his hands on his hips, not wanting to lend the guy any assistance as the mark hesitantly undid his belt. The mark reached up and fumbled with the zipper to pull his pants down just enough to expose his five-and-a-half-inch prick.

Jack noticed that the mark’s bigger dick was still hard and wondered if it was the result of Tawny remembering to give it a couple of tugs before she made her getaway. It was about seven and a half inches in length with a nice curve upwards along the shaft. The thought of her having to touch the other man’s cock wasn’t pleasant for Jack, but the fact that is was so much larger than his really pissed him off. The mark’s cock was larger by at least a full two inches, had thicker veins, and still got harder than Jack’s. He mentally compensated by reminding himself who was about to suck off whom here.

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