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Panty Boy’s Adventures — Part Two

After spending the whole night on my knees, wearing my panties and eating my girlfriend Caroline and her friend Candy. When I woke up, I provided morning wake up services for each, which included swallowing all of Caroline’s morning piss. After she was done I went to the bathroom for my morning ritual.

I am required to wear panties whenever I am with Caroline and am not allowed to take them off, unless of course I am getting changed and putting on a fresh pair. When we have sex, which is still almost every day, either she takes off my panties or I slide them to the side to let me dick out.

After my morning piss and brushing my teeth, I came back in the bedroom and grabbed a pair of gym shorts. Ever since I moved in with Caroline I am required to wear panties whenever I am home and whenever she directs me to when we go out, whenever we are together I am wearing panties. She has always told me that if she catches me without them, I will be punished.

I put on the shorts and a tee shirt and went to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. I do most of the cooking and cleaning in the house. Caroline calls it “panty work.” As I was starting breakfast the girls came in and sat at the table dressed in robes. I made them coffee and brought it to them. I then returned to the kitchen and made breakfast for everyone. Nothing special, ham and cheese scrambled eggs with toast and orange juice.

As we ate breakfast together the girls talked about what they wanted to do today. The plan was for the girls to go get Candy’s car, then go to her apartment so she could change and get a few clothes in order to stay the weekend. Candy was obviously looking forward to another night of me satisfying her needs.

After breakfast Candy went to take a shower as I started to clean up. When the water stopped, Caroline went into the bedroom. Candy was drying herself off and trying to figure out what to wear. She only had the clothes she wore last night with her. She asked Caroline if she had something she could wear. At that, Caroline yelled out to me “do you mind if Candy wears a pair of your panties, her panties are still soaked.” Of course I said ok and Candy also borrowed a sweatshirt of mine. She put on the skirt she was wearing last night to complete her outfit.

Caroline then took a shower and got dressed. She came into the kitchen as I was rinsing the breakfast dishes and loading the dishwasher. I was bent over the dishwasher when Caroline slid her hand underneath my shorts and grabbed my panty-covered cock.

“I’ve got plans to make this little boy grow up later today,” all while stroking my cock and getting it very hard. I was bent over the dishwasher for what seemed like 5 minutes having her stroke my cock, I had a raging hard on by the time I stood up and Candy said “nice tent!”

We’ll be back is all they said as they left.

I finished cleaning the kitchen then went to the bedroom and got undressed before walking into the bathroom to take a shower. As I walked into the bathroom setting on the floor were both Caroline’s and Candy’s panties. I picked up Candy’s panties first and smelled them. God her pussy juices still smelled great. I then picked up Caroline’s and her’s smelled great too. Caroline’s panties were black satin with a lace trim and lace back. They sure looked sexy and I put them on to model. She wears a small to medium and I am definitely a large. So the panties were very tight around my cock and it became hard right away. There was enough material that the head did not pop out of the panties, which of course makes jerking off much more pleasurable. I really enjoy the feel of rubbing my cock through satin panties. I sat on the toilet stroking my cock through Caroline’s panties while smelling and licking the gusset of Candy’s panties. I was almost ready to blow my load when I heard Candy say, “What do we have here. Those are my panties you are wearing. You are in big trouble Little Boy.” I looked up and Caroline and Candy were both laughing at me.

I had stopped stroking and was almost in a state of terror. I was caught and I had no idea what was coming next. Then both of the girls started giving me directions.

“Oh, keep stroking Little Boy, you are not stopping now.”

“Suck on those panties and tell us how they taste.”

“I görükle escort want to hear your talk dirty while you stroke that cock, and you are to stroke that cock until you cum in those panties.”

So there I was stroking my cock again, sucking on the panties and telling the girls how great the panties feel on my cock and how I love the taste of Candy’s pussy and cream in her panties. Soon I had a great orgasm shooting a wonderful load in Caroline’s panties.

Caroline then Said in a mad voice, “You just jerked off and came in my panties. You are in big trouble. Take them off and get in the shower. I’ll pick out your outfit for today.”

After my shower I came into the bedroom and setting on the bed were the panties I just came in along with a pair of white women’s shorts and a light blue, long sleeve button down shirt. It was very clear that you would be able to see the black panties through the white shorts and of course Caroline knew this. I had no choice but to wear this outfit. I put on the panties first as directed and modeled them for the girls. I then put on the shirt and got three buttons done when Caroline told me to stop. She came over and tied the ends of the shirt in front, so that it fell just above the top of the panties I was wearing. I then put on the shorts and she rubbed my cock through the shorts, getting them wet from the cum soaked panties. The panties practically stuck to the shorts and there was no hiding that I was wearing black panties.

She told me to put my shoes on, “we are going shopping.” They both then grabbed their phones from the desk. It was then that I noticed that both were on, one aimed at the bathroom and one at the bed. I had been set up. Caroline obviously expected that I would not resist the temptation of the panties lying on the floor. The only question was whether I would do this on the bed or in the bathroom. So they had a phone aimed at each.

Driving over to the local mall, Caroline and Candy were discussing the plan, which was to go to Victoria Secrets and find the hottest girl there. They started throwing out names of some of the girls working there and a short description followed by either, “She’s Cute,” “She’s Hot,” “she’s got a great body,” and then they started talking about a woman named Paula, “Oh she is so hot and she’d be very game for this adventure.” I was starting to panic. My biggest fear was always being caught in public, wearing panties by someone I knew. I had shopped for them many times before and had gotten comfortable discreetly telling the sales girl that the panties were for me, partly for the shock value and partly because it directed them to panties that would fit a cock. It never seemed to phase any of the sales girls I had spoken to in the past.

When we got to Victoria Secrets, Paula was not working, so they sought out the hottest salesperson and introduced me to her. Her name was Sandy. The girls told me to model for her so she knew what she was working with. Then Candy grabbed my cock and started rubbing it. I was instantly hard as it had been a long time since anyone other than Caroline rubbed my cock. Of course everyone noticed that I was hard and Caroline said, “it’s not that big, so it fits in panties really well.” All three girls laughed hysterically, Sandy the hardest. When she calmed down, Sandy said “I’ve got some ideas for that Little Boy.”

We went through the store with the girls picking out many pairs of panties for me. Some we would eventually buy, some we decided not to. It seems that all of the “not to’s” ended up on the floor for me to bend over and pick up. It always seemed like the prettier the shopper next to us the louder they spoke and the more often they picked a pair and dropped it on the floor. By the time we had finished everyone in the store knew that all of the panties were for me. I ended up with six new pair of panties, two wine color, which is my favorite panty color, along with two pair in black, one satin and one lace and two very feminine floral pattern. I also had two very sexy outfits that the girls just loved. In the check out line one of the women came up to Candy and Caroline, “how’d you do it, how’d you make him such a submissive panty boy?”

Caroline told the story about me jerking off in her panties and now he only wears panties and does what I tell him. He eats my pussy all the time and cleans up his bursa merkez escort mess when I tell him. I was so embarrassed and it seemed like all of the cashiers stopped and listened to the story. We checked out and as we were leaving just about everyone made a comment to either the girls or me.

We were walking in the mall, heading supposedly to Macy’s, when we ran into a woman, Donna, who works for me. As we had the friendly “meeting you here” conversation, I noticed she kept looking down at my crotch, my panties still very visible through the shorts. Caroline then introduced herself as my Mistress and her partner in crime, Candy. She asked Donna if I was a domineering boss, because that is not who is really is. My biggest fear has been realized, I ran into someone I knew out in public as I was wearing panties. When we said goodbye she said, “every girl learns that you should never wear black panties with white short. Most girl make that mistake at least once in their life.” I turned red as can be and she just smiled, said “I’ll see you on Monday” and walked away.

The girls then said “that was perfect.” It was now time to go home, no Macy’s. It seemed that they set this up and planned to walk the mall until I ran into someone I knew. For it to be a woman that world for me was all the better for them. On the way home they asked all sorts of questions about Donna.

“Is she married?”

“Do you think she cheats on her husband?”

“Do you think she’d want you to clean he husband’s creampie?”

And finally, “I’ll bet she thinks about you in panties when she fucks her husband tonight.”

After the mall we went to the local sex shop. Caroline and Candy went straight for the dildos and vibrators, the bigger the better is all Candy said. She then grabbed this large black cock vibrator, “since you’ve never had a black cock, you get the black one and I get the pale one.” It was labeled as 12″ long and 1.5″ thick and had a big set of balls on it. The each ball had a compartment for a size “D” battery and the speed button was between the balls.

Caroline looked at it in horror as she said, “my pussy cannot handle something that big, it will tear me apart.”

Candy told her to just have me eat her real well and get it really lubricated, then take as much as you can. After a few times you’ll be shoving that thing in to the hilt.

By the time we left, we had the two vibrators, all sorts of cuffs and restraints for me along with a pair of black crotchless panties for me.

When we got home, I made drinks as the girls sat next to each other on the couch. When I walked in they were talking about the dildos and I knew I would be in for a show.

I grabbed my drink and sat in the chair across from them. I took a big sip and Candy said “Bob, why don’t you model some of your new clothes for us.”

The Victoria Secret bag was setting by my chair while the sex shop bag was setting by the girls. The first pair I grabbed was one of the floral panties. I sat them on the chair and got completely naked, then put on the panties and modeled them for the girls. As I was modeling both girls stripped down to their panties and bras. Then Candy grabbed the dildos from the bag and loaded the batteries. She then started licking the head of the cock. Oh my god it was so hot. I was oozing pre-cum into my panties and quickly developed a wet spot. Caroline must have been enjoying the show as well and she said, “Look, we all have matching wet spots in our panties.”

Candy then grabbed to black dildo, handed it to Caroline, who started licking up and down the cock. She then told me to kneel down and get her pussy ready. She draped her legs over my shoulders and I took her panties off and got down to business as she started sucking that cock. As I am eating her pussy, Candy comes around behind me, grabs my left hand and attaches the handcuffs we bought. She then grabs my right hand and hand cuff my hands behind my back. She then tells me to slide back so I can get a good view of the show.

At this point Caroline takes the dildo out of her mouth and starts rubbing it on her pussy and clit. She then slowly inserts the head, she just says “Oh my god, this is a big one. I don’t know how much of this I can take.” She starts turning the dildo around in her pussy rather than in and out. She then turns the vibrator bursa sınırsız escort on low, slides it in a little further and screams with her first orgasm of the day. She pulled it out, turned it off, and told me to open my mouth you’ll need to clean off these pussy juices. She gets up and puts the cock dildo in my mouth until I start to gag, then she pulls it out just a bit.

All this time Candy has been sucking on the dildo while rubbing her pussy through her panties and creating a large wet spot. She gets up, takes off her panties and says, “this is the biggest white cock I have ever seen.” She sits down giving me a perfect view of her pussy as she starts to fuck herself with the dildo. She then turns on the vibrator and really starts to go to town on that fake white cock. What a sight, she is fucking herself, holding the cock by the balls. She has a beautifully shaved pussy with just nice black landing strip. My cock is begging for attention and no one is touching it and I am almost begging to be allowed to jerkoff, but I know that will not be allowed. Candy is taking almost the whole cock in her pussy with the vibrator humming along at about half speed. She then starts screaming as she cums. It seemed to last for a couple of minutes.

She then challenges Caroline to she if she can take as much of that black cock as she did a white one, “you know black cocks always go in deeper than white cocks.” Caroline of course cannot refuse the challenge and she grabs the dildo out of my mouth, sits down and starts going to town. She gets to the point where she can take half the cock in her pussy and fucks herself with the vibrator still below half way. While she’s fucking herself she starts telling me how small my cock is in comparison and all I’m good for is cleaning her up.

The girls spent the rest of the day taking turns fucking themselves with their fake cocks and thoroughly enjoying it. I am treated to a wonderful show, watching the two fucking themselves but my cock is killing me for lack of attention. I’ve never been this hard for this long without being treated to a release.

After several hours, both girls are able to take the whole cock in their pussies. So when it becomes time for dinner, they undid my handcuffs so I could cook for them. They stay sitting on the coach trading stories of how great such big cocks felt in their pussies.

When dinner is ready, I come into the room and let the girls know that dinner is served. Candy then says, “I’m not sitting down to dinner without “Big Bob in his place.” She then starts fucking herself as she takes the whole thing in her pussy. She then grabs her panties, and puts them on and tells Caroline that she should do the same. So here we are eating dinner, all three of us only wearing panties and the girls each with a 12″ dildo stuffed in their pussy. The entire dinner conversation is the girls one-upping each other on how great the dildos feel.

After dinner and several bottles of wine, the girls headed to the bedroom. I took my normal position on my knees and this time I watched Caroline shove the cock into Candy’s pussy. She was even able to handle having the vibrator turned on full speed. Candy had another great orgasm, then returned the favor for Caroline. Caroline used to completely shave her pussy, but ever since I have become her live in submissive she has stopped shaving and not has a rather full bush. After about five strokes, Candy was able to get the entire dildo into Caroline’s pussy. Afterwards I was required to clean each of their pussy. What a great taste, they both had cum about six times and I enjoyed my role.

The girls fell asleep naked, cuddling each other as I spent the night lying at the foot of the bed. I woke up first and went to the bathroom to take my morning piss. When I came back, Candy was up and told me to take my position. I got on my knees and started eating her pussy. She told me how much she loved having her pussy eaten; it gives her a sense of power. As she was approaching her orgasm, she told me not to stop regardless of what I say and to keep eating away. Well she came about a minute later and I kept right on going. She seemed like she was really getting into again and grabbed my head. That is when she pissed in my mouth and told me “Don’t spill a drop and keep going.” After swallowing her piss and bringing her to her second orgasm of the day she released me.

Caroline of course had woken up and watched the whole show. When Candy was done she just said, “My turn” and wrapped her long legs over my shoulders. I of course did the same for her as I had done for Candy and got the same treat.

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