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Subject: Happy Birthday Dad Part II Give to Nifty to keep getting your rocks off! Nifty Needs Donations! Thank you for all the warm, positive responses to part one. Love hearing from you guys. Enjoy! Dad gave me a hard, sultry gaze as I was wiping drool from my lips and chin. His large, calloused hands squeezed my shoulders, fell down my back and gripped my small ass. His eyes never left mine–he squat down, gripping my ass harder, lifting me as if I were no heavier than a cushion on the L-shaped couch. “Grab my shoulders, David.” His voice was all authority and husky. I did what I was told, He ran up the stairs, two at a time, his 13 inch cock bobbing against my naked hole. He jogged down the hallway to his Master Bedroom, to his king size sleigh bed. Gently laying me down, climbing atop me, his steely gaze held me ransom, his five oclock shadow running down his neck and into his thick wiry chest hair. He leaned over me, his full lips brushing against mine and placed them near my ear. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t remember your name.” He raised his body up; all I could do was gasp as his muscular body moved, the hard planes of his arms, chest and abdomen shifting, raising the light hair on my arms and legs. In one smooth motion, he knelt down at the side of the bed, raised my legs up, his hands pushing the back of my thighs towards my chest. All I could see was the top of his head, then felt a wide broad swipe of his tongue across my bare hole. I was the opposite of his body, more smooth, narrow, softer than his hard, bulky muscle. It didn’t seem to matter to him, he blew hot air on my hole, then began swiping, licking when suddenly I felt his teeth nipping at my hairless cheeks. His eyes appeared over my balls and hard cock, the crinkles at the edges of his eyes highlighted the dark lust he shot my way. All I could do was moan. “If you like this so far, just wait, Dave.” His voice thick and heavy, much like his cock. He rose from the floor, a thick, rough finger pushed inside my hole. “Hot, velvet, boy…” His wide shoulders escort pushed my legs further apart, leaning over me, his square, dark jaw coming closer and his lips met mine. His tongue demanding entrance, my mouth opened for his dominance. Fire lit my blood when he kissed me, his finger wiggling, pushing in and out my hole. A second finger entered, I flinched at the intrusion. He gave me a melting gaze, smiled seductively, “open for your Daddy”, he whispered and kissed me more thoroughly. “Nice,” he looked into my eyes, almost mesmerizing me, “you’re hole is self-lubing for me.” He pushed a third finger inside, my hole lit with a hard core of fire, his calloused fingers driving my nerve endings into overdrive. He spread his fingers, kissing me again: I didn’t know where to focus my attention, so just enjoyed his ministrations. Finally, he rose further up my body, wiping his fingers on a towel, I wondered where that came from. “Ok, boy, take a deep breath then let it out.” He was all hard business and I was open and self-lubed for Dad’s big cock. I breathed in deeply, keeping my gaze on his sexual gaze and when I let the breath out, he pushed his apple-headed cock into my hole. At first there was a terrible burning sensation, but his kiss kept my attention on him, not my hole. “Alright, boy?” He was planking over my body, his furry forearms on either side of my chest, his hands under my shoulder blades, gripping my shoulders so I couldn’t be pushed across the bed when he began pumping his pleasure into me. I nodded, my eyes felt bright but heavy. “Oh yes!” was all I could say. He nodded once, like the many times He’d acknowledge something I’d said thousands of times but didn’t need a response. He pushed inside a few more inches and waited for my hole to accommodate his length and girth. His lips rained kisses across my forehead, cheeks, closed eyelids and finally my lips. A few more inches pushed inside my slick, waiting hole. My eyes were bright, burning with lust at the hunk above me. He laughed and kissed me again, pushing until half his 13 inches izmit escort bayan were inside. My eyes widened in surprise: I could feel the thick ridge of his uncut cock at my prostate. “What is that? What are you doing?” His hips were gently rocking back and forth. “OH GOD!” “You may call me God.” He winked and brushed his lips across mine again, “I’m massaging your happy happy joy button,” he kept up the massage until I was shaking with lust and euphoria. `Good boy, I love seeing that look on your face.” My own cock was rock hard, brushing against his furry abdomen. “Grab my shoulders, boy, we’re going on a ride!” I gripped his furry, thick shoulders when he pushed the rest of his 13 thick inches to the root. His wiry pubic hair was rubbing my taint. He pulled out until his head was still inside and slowly pushed inside. My hot tunnel was lubing so much, we could hear his cock slipping, sucking and stopping. He moaned, which made me lube again. “Oh fuck, Dave Boy!” His eyes rolled back into his head and his hips pistoned faster and faster. His chocolate brown eyes popped back to hold my gaze, my eyes were glazed over and all I could do was mumble. I tightened my ankles around his hips to get a better grip, same as his hands gripped my shoulders so I wouldn’t be fucked over the opposite side of the bed. “Oh, gah meble gonk..” the rest of what I was trying to say was lost. I could see his full smirk, feel his hips pistoning in and out, his shoulders moving, his chest hair rubbing my smooth chest raw. “That’s what I love to hear, boy.” Another ten minutes of pistoning, he shoved his cock as deep as he could, a strangled cry rent the air and I could feel a warmth in the very center of my body. “Cum now boy!” His arms tightened around my shoulders when my cock exploded, covering the both of us; he twisted and suddenly he was on his back and I was laying on his chest, his cock still inside my body. “That was fucking awsome boy!” He exclaimed as he pulled me into a heart-melting kiss. About ten minutes later, izmit sınırsız escort his wide hand slapped my ass cheeks, “Alright boy, we need to shower.” We got up and headed into his master bathroom. He stopped in front of the toilet, I was gazing at his muscular furry ass. All I could see was black wiry hair curling over the bubble butt. “See something you like, David?” He looked over his shoulder at me, I nodded and knelt behind him. “I”d love to rim you while you piss, Dad!” He smirked at me over his shoulder, widened his stance until his legs were shoulder width apart and pushed his bubblebutt out into my face. “Have fun, boy,” He pulled his attention to his still-hard cock so he could piss. I pushed my face in between his furry mounds, a light soapy scent met my nose and deeper I pushed my nose in his private area, his manly musk and pheromones hit my scent glands. My mouth opened on his pink hole, his furry cheeks rubbing my smooth cheeks raw: I didn’t care. His moaning reminded me I had a job to do and shoved my tongue in his hole, tasting his musk, my tongue tingling with sensation. His piss vibrated his prostate and the muscles of his ass, I could feel his hole tightening around my tongue, his moaning increased as he pissed. He kept repeating “OH FUCK” over and over until the last drop hit the bowl. Flushing, he whipped around, his cock at full mast again, picked me up off the floor, shoving his tongue down my throat again. He walked to the large black and gray slate shower, pulled open the thick glass door, running hot water out of the rainforest shower heads imbedded in the shower ceiling. Steam billowed out the door, he stepped inside, still holding me. Warm slate hit my back as he held my legs around his hips and lowered my hole onto his thick and hard as steel cock, all the while keeping my eyes ransom. “Boy, you woke my inner monster—you do things to me!” He shouted as he shoved his fat cock balls deep into my ass, then pumping faster and faster. He kissed me deep, I had thought his cock and tongue would meet somewhere around my stomach. After another ten minutes, he came again deep inside me. He softly lowered me to the shower floor, I kissed his lips, cheeks, chin, then his thick stubbled neck, chest then sucked at his large brown nipples. “Happy Birthday, Dad.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 13 Thanks for the positive response to the story. I hope you continue to enjoy it. Feedback is always welcome Please remember to donate to Nifty to help keep this amazing fty/donate.html Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 13 After my physical Grandpa and I returned to his pickup truck to drive home. Even as we were walking to his truck, Grandpa put his arm around my waist and held me close to him. “How are you doing, buddy?” Grandpa asked. “Good, Grandpa. That was the most fun I’ve ever had at the doctor’s office. I’m glad you were here with me. It felt really good” “I’m glad I was here, too. I liked watching the examination a lot. I like seeing how you’re starting to develop. And milking your little penis was a dream come true for me.” When we got to the truck, Grandpa turned towards me and wrapped his manly arms around my small frame. “I love you, Tim. I’m the luckiest grandfather in the world to have such a handsome, special boy for a grandson.” “I love you too, Grandpa. You and Dad are my idols. I feel so lucky to be a part of this family.” He held me close against him. His facial stubble and goatee tickled the back of my neck. His hair smelled earthy and manly, like a forest on a rainy afternoon. He kissed my neck lightly, moving up my neck to my ear. It tickled, but in a good way. I could feel my balls tingle with excitement. Despite having just shot my load, my boypenis was hard again. “Oh, Grandpa,” I sighed, giving myself to him. His lips found mine and we kissed passionately. He kissed a lot like Dad, but more forcefully. He pressed his lips firmly against mine and drove his tongue deep into my mouth. I opened wider to welcome his tongue. He pulled it back giving me the chance to push my tongue into his mouth. It was warm and wet and tasted vaguely of tobacco. His tongue was rough against mine. He moaned my name. I moved my hands so I could touch his chest. I felt his large nipples protruding through his polo shirt. Still kissing him, I let my fingers run over his erect nipples. Grandpa responded strongly to even my slightest touch of his nipples. He flexed his arms around me and began wildly moving his tongue around my mouth and lips. His moan became almost a growl. He struggled to break our embrace. He held my chin with his hand and smiled. His eyes held mine in a gaze of love and lust. I felt the intimate bond of love between a grandfather and grandson. “Let’s go home,” he said. I snuggled under his arm, my hand again found his thigh. This time, his rock hard erection ran down the right side of his pants. He covered his hand with mine and moved it back and forth over his hardon as he drove us home. Grandpa was more serious and less talkative than me or Dad, so I just sat quietly next to him and enjoyed the feeling of family and connection as he held me. I also liked feeling his big weiner. When we got back to the house, Grandpa headed to Dad’s room and I went to mine to drop off my backpack. I took off my school uniform – khaki pants and a dark blue polo shirt. I also took off my underwear. Naked, I headed to Dad’s room to see Grandpa. Grandpa was sitting on Dad’s bed, upright against the headboard. He was naked with his right leg on the bed escort bayan and his left leg over the edge of the bed so his foot was on the floor. In this position I could see right up his tan, hairy legs to his cock and balls. His balls were shaven but the rest of his pubic bush was a long tangle of dark and light hairs spreading out across his crotch. His balls hung heavily from the base of his cock. I could see each of his large balls suspended in his ballsack. Above his pendulous balls, his throbbing, cut cock stood at attention. Veiny, with a large flared head, my hole twitched in anticipation. He was about the same length and girth as Dad – 8 inches that I could just get into my young mouth. His penis was less curved than Dad’s, standing straight like a thick club. His pubic hair spread out to become his hairy stomach and chest. His chest was covered in white fur that went all the way up to his neckline. Grandpa’s cock was hard and visibly throbbing, but he wasn’t touching it. Instead, he had each of his hands on his large, engorged nipples. He was slowly pinching them and sometimes twisting them a little. Occasionally he’d flick the tip of one or both of his nipples with his thumbs. The pleasure he got from doing this was palpable. I approached the bed but stopped short of touching him. “You like to show off, don’t you Tim?” Grandpa asked, looking straight into my eyes. “Yes, Grandpa. I like being naked and showing off. It makes me feel good.” “I liked it when you show off. I liked it during the examination when you flexed your muscles to show your development. Would you do that again for me.” “Sure, Grandpa! Like this?” I asked as I raised my arms and flexed them. Grandpa worked his nipples harder. My cock raged as I saw him getting more aroused watching me. “Yes, Tim. Flex for Grandpa. Show him all of your muscles.” I flexed my thighs one at a time, making the large muscles visible under my bare skin. I brought my arms together to show off my chest like the men do in those bodybuilding competitions. I tightened my abs and ran my hand over them. Grandpa kept watching me closely. It felt good to show off for Grandpa. “That’s my sexy grandson. Show me how your dad taught you to stroke your penis. Masturbate for me, Tim.” Without speaking I turned my focus to my hard boycock. I pulled my foreskin back between my thumb and forefingers. Grandpa could see the small, wet, purple head of my cock. Then I pulled my foreskin forward and let my index finger probe the hood of my dick and circle my cockhead. It felt good to play with my dick and even better to have Grandpa watching. I continued stroking and watching Grandpa. His hands didn’t leave his nipples but his cock was twitching and pulsating. Our eyes were locked together as we exchanged pleasure. “It’s beautiful to watch you play with your cock, Tim. When I milked you earlier, I couldn’t believe how hard your cock gets. It’s like a steel rod.” “Thanks, Grandpa. I like having you watch me.” I turned to the side so Grandpa could see the length of my small, arched boycock. “Did you hear Dr. Fielding, Grandpa? He said my penis was a half an inch longer than before.” “I see it, Tim. It’s a beautiful cock, Tim. And it’s only going to get bigger. Now, turn around, kocaeli escort bayan Tim. Show Grandpa your sexy butt.” I turned around and spread my legs a little. I ran my hands over the cheeks of my soft, round ass, letting a finger or two find my hole. It was still greasy from the lubricant Dr. Fielding used. “That’s it, Tim. Show Grandpa your boypussy. Show Grandpa how you play with your hole.” I bent over so that Grandpa would have a good view of my hole. I held my buttcheeks apart so he could see it clearly. My cock was starting to leak even without touching it. Showing off for Grandpa was getting me closer to cumming. “Your boyhole is so small and pink and smooth, Tim. Is that where your Dad fucked you, Tim?” “Yes, Grandpa. Daddy fucked my hole twice. It felt so good.” I reached around and teased my hole with a finger, showing him where Dad had put his cock in me. “Finger that hole, Tim. Oh, Tim,” Grandpa moaned loudly, “You’re turning me on so much.” Spurred on by him watching me, I continued fingering my hole. My sensitive hole puckered involuntarily as I thought about Grandpa watching me. I could feel his eyes penetrating my hole like a penis. “I want Dad to fuck me again. I want to ride his cock. And I want you to fuck me, Grandpa. And I want both of you to cum in me.” “Fuck yeah, sexy boy. Grandpa’s close to shooting. Turn around, Tim.” Grandpa’s nipples were swollen and red but his hands were still working them. His cock was so fully engorged with blood it was purple. The shaft of his cock was covered in a steady stream of precum that poured from the head. His penis twitched and bounced. “Mr. Summer’s tells me you’re pretty good at sucking a man’s cock. Is that right?” “Yes, Grandpa!” “Try not using your hands. Just use your mouth so I last a little bit longer.” I bent over Grandpa’s musky crotch, keeping my hands at my sides. I started with my tongue along the shaft were the precum was flowing, licking from the base upwards. I swallowed a few gulps of precum and used it to wet my lips. I focused on the shaft first, using my lips and tongue to pleasure my grandfather’s penis. I was sucking on my grandfather’s penis and I couldn’t be happier. Grandpa was happy too, but in a different way. Licking his cock combined with the torturing of his nipples was driving him close to the edge. He was reduced to single syllables. “Yes. Fuck. Yes, Tim. Suck me, Tim. Suck me. Fuck. Oh, Tim.” Something about the way his legs were starting to twitch told me to put his whole cock in my mouth. I opened wide and took the wet head into my mouth and held it there for a second. “Oh fuck, yeah, Tim. That’s it. Suck Grandpa’s cock.” And I did. I slowly started bobbing my head up and down on his cock, getting the head into the back of my throat and part of his shaft into my mouth. In and out, up and down. His slick, hard cock penetrated my small mouth again and again. “Faster. Fuck. Faster. I’m gonna cum. Take it boy. Swallow your grandfather’s seed.” I went faster, filling my mouth with his cock then sliding it most of the way out. Up and down quickly sucking my grandftather’s delicious cock. He tensed up and shot. “Fuck!” Grandpa yelled. Semen filled my mouth and kocaeli escort spilled out the corners. I swallowed the thick, pungent liquid. More filled my mouth and I swallowed again. A third pulse and a fourth all went down my throat. I was determined to swallow as much of Grandpa’s load as possible. “Easy. That’s it. Easy, Tim,” Grandpa said, guiding my mouth off of his cock. Catching his breath he said, “That was amazing, Tim. Watching you show off and then have you suck me off was so intense.” He gently stroked my arm. I leaned over to kiss him, not an overheated kiss like in the pickup truck, but a loving, tender kiss expressing love and gratitude. “Now,” he said, moving his hand down to my ass cheeks, “do you think you’ll cum again?” “Oh, yes, Grandpa. I”m so horny right now.” Grandpa scooted down from his upright position and turned to lay perpendicular on the bed. He moved so his head hung backwards over the bed. His open mouth was level with my erection. Without speaking, I guided my cock into his warm, wet mouth. He closed his lips around my shaft. From here I could look down his body at his chest with his red and swollen nipples and his spent cock resting along his leg. Instinctively, I knew what to do. I started to slowly thrust my hips forwards and backwards to drive my penis into Grandpa’s mouth. When my cock was all the way in his mouth, I ground my balls on the mustache of his goatee, tickling them. I pulled most of the way out, then thrust in again. I was fucking Grandpa’s mouth. My boycock went in and out of his mouth. I imagined fucking his asshole and began to thrust faster and faster. Grandpa moaned in encouragement. I planted my legs in a firm stance and prepared to shoot. In. Out. Faster and faster. The intense feeling of penis pleasure grew. “Oh, Grandpa, that feels so good,” I moaned. I held his head in my hands and furiously humped his mouth. “I’m going to cum, Grandpa. Swallow my load. Oh, yeah.” With a final thrust I drove my cock as deeply into his throat as I could. And then release. The sweet release of my boy cum down my grandfather’s throat. I held my crotch against his face as my whole body shook and shivered. I waited until I could feel my cock begin to soften and then stepped back from Grandpa. I giggled seeing his face smiling and laughing upside down. “Wow, Tim. You really took charge and fucked my mouth perfectly,” he said, rearranging himself on the bed and indicating I should join him. “Grandpa, that felt so good. I liked when I thrust the last time and I came. That must be what fucking is like.” I climbed into the crook of his arm and we held each other for several minutes. I thought about Dad and the bond we developed and how similar it was to the connection I felt with Grandpa. I was so lucky to have both a dad and a grandfather who loved me and made me feel special. “I love you, Grandpa.” “I love you too, Tim. You’re my special little guy and your dad is my special big guy.” “We should send Dad a picture,” I suggested. Grandpa grabbed his phone off the nightstand and I snuggled up next to him, nuzzling his chest hair. He took a few pictures of us from the waist up in Dad’s bed. My favorite was one where we were making silly faces, so we sent that one to Dad. Grandpa and I laughed so much imagining his reaction. A few minutes later, Grandpa got a text from Dad with an image attached. The picture was of Dad’s hand on his erect penis, and the message said, “I can’t wait to spend time with my special guys.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Lyon?s Empire 3 Andre walked down the halls of Empire records carrying the naked body of his brother, Hakeem Lyons. People would occasionally walk by and give Hakeem’s ass a squeeze. Andre was glad when they got to the executive wash room. He gently laid him down on the bench. He looked down at his little brother. “Damn, this boy is sexy as fuck!” He whispered as he fondled his crotch gently. He licked his lips as he looked Hakeem over like he was a piece of meat. He gently reached down and caressed his chest, stopping only to pinch his soft nipples. “Mmm.” Hakeem moaned softly. Andre reached down and slowly stroked Hakeem’s dick. At first, Hakeem didn’t move, didn’t flinch. Andre stroked Hakeem’s dick a little faster. Hakeem’s body shook and shivered as Andre continued to stroke his dick. Suddenly, Hakeem’s eyes popped open and he said, “Fuck!” Hakeem just laid there, letting Andre feel all over him. After a few minutes he asked, “Is that all your gonna do to me? Feel on me?” “What else you want me to do to you?” Andre asked. “Would you give me a hug?” Hakeem said. “I wanna feel your strong arms around me.” “You do, do you?” Andre asked. He grabbed Hakeem around the waist and gave him a bear hug. Hakeem felt so good being wrapped in Andre’s strong arms. “Can you do something else for me? Would you make love to me?” Hakeem asked. “Make love to you?” Andre said, surprised. “Yea.” Hakeem said, hesitating. “Does that sound weird?” “No, bro. That doesn’t sound weird whatsoever.” Andre said. Then he bent over and kissed Hakeem passionately on the lips. Hakeem’s face turned a bit red. “If my baby brother wants me to make love to him, well, that’s what I’m gonna do.” Andre gently grabbed one of Hakeem’s feet and began to slowly massage them, one at a time. Andre rubbed his hand against the bottom of one of Hakeem’s feet. Hakeem laughed loudly and uncontrollably. “You still ticklish on your feet?” Andre asked, surprised. “Well, that’s good to know.” Hakeem caught his breath and said, “Don’t you even think about it!” “Alright, I’ll stop…for now.” Andre said, grinning from ear to ear. He gently massaged Hakeem’s feet, being careful not to tickle them. “Mmmm, that feels so good.” Hakeem said. Then Andre opened his mouth and put one of Hakeem’s feet in his mouth. He moved his tongue in and around Hakeem’s toes, getting his tongue in between his toes, as well. “Oooowwwweeee!” Hakeem exclaimed, smiling broadly. “That tongue is a fuckin menace!” Andre licked and kissed his way up one of Hakeem’s legs and went down the other, which made Hakeem’s dick stir. When Andre’s tongue slid up Hakeem’s inner thigh, Hakeem moaned softly. “You like that, hunh, man?” Andre asked. “Kinda.” Hakeem said, smiling. “Gimme them thighs, boy.” Andre said playfully. He sucked and nibbled kocaeli escort on Hakeem’s thighs. “No…stop…oh shit!” Hakeem exclaimed, his body trembling from Andre’s touch. “You know you don’t want me to stop, so stop protestin’.” Andre said as he continued his exploration of Hakeem’s toned body. His tongue made its way to Hakeem’s belly button. When his tongue circled Hakeem’s belly button, Hakeem’s body tightened up. “OH FUCK!” Hakeem cried out. He squirmed around like an eel. “I think I done found a sensitive spot.” Andre said. He continued to lick Hakeem’s belly button. Hakeem wiggled and squirmed around and said, “Oh shit…I’m gonna get you for this!” Andre had to admit, he enjoyed watching his brother squirm with pleasure. His tongue trailed up to Hakeem’s nipples. “I see nipples!” He said then opened his mouth and gently bit Hakeem’s left nipple while his other hand pinched his right one. Hakeem tried to push Andre off him. “Oh, now, you wanna fight me.” He grabbed Hakeem’s wrists and held his arms over his head. “Naw, bro! This body of yours is all mine!” Andre took turns nibbling and biting Hakeem’s left and right nipples. “Oh shit…fuck…mmmmm!” Hakeem moaned. Andre was biting Hakeem’s nipples, driving him bat shit crazy! “Shi…Fuck….Damn…DAMMIT!” Then Andre started biting Hakeem’s sides and stomach. “AWWW, SSHHIITT! NOT THERE! FUCK!” Hakeem’s dick got hard instantly. Out of nowhere, Andre said, “Kiss me.” Hakeem looked at his brother as if he’d lost his mind. Then he smiled and asked, “What if I said, no?” “Then, I’d turn you over my knee and whoop your butt.” Andre said, smiling devilishly. Hakeem thought about it for a moment. Then he and Andre locked lips. They kissed for a good two or three minutes. As they kissed, Hakeem’s hands were all over Andre’s muscular chest. “You like my chest, don’t you?” Hakeem kept rubbing his chest. “I like all your muscles.” Hakeem said. He started feeling on Andre’s arms. “Flex your arms for me.” “Only if you kiss them.” Andre said. Hakeem nodded his head in agreement. So, Andre flexed his muscles and Hakeem lustfully kissed both arms. “Those lips feel real good on me.” Andre grabbed Hakeem’s head and made him kiss his armpits. “Now, lick my armpits. Lick `em real good.” Hakeem licked Andre’s armpits happily. “Now, unzip and unbutton my pants.” Hakeem quickly did as he was told. “You’re about to get your prize.” Andre pulled his pants down to his ankles and took them all the way off. Underneath, he was wearing black bikini briefs. He reached in and pulled out his ten-inch dick. He sat down on the bench, in front of Hakeem. “Come get this meat.” He said. Hakeem slid over to Andre and grabbed Andre’s dick. He stroked it slowly, as he looked up at Andre. “I didn’t say, play with it.” Hakeem opened darıca escort his mouth and swallowed as much of Andre’s monster dick as he could. “Yea, that’s the way.” Hakeem sucked on Andre’s dick like it was the last dick on earth! He slobbed and slobbed on that dick, getting it soaking wet. “Oooh, man, that mouth. Shit!” “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” Andre asked Hakeem. Hakeem just smiled as he continued to suck on Andre’s dick. As he sucked on Andre’s dick, he used his tongue and licked it from the base to the head and back down again. “FFUUCCKK!” Andre was in heaven! Hakeem was sucking his dick like a pro; better than a pro…A master! His mouth was so hot and his lips were so tight and wet, Andre felt like he was in a pussy! Hakeem sucked and sucked on Andre’s dick, getting it hard and wet. “You ready for this dick?” Andre leaned over and smacked Hakeem on the ass. “Cause I’m ready for that ass.” “How you want me, bro?” Hakeem asked. “How you wanna take this dick?” Andre asked. “I wanna sit on it.” Hakeem said. “Well, then, take a seat.” Andre said. Hakeem sat down on Andre’s dick, with his back to him. Andre wrapped his big, strong arms around Hakeem’s waist and gave him a squeeze. “Mmm, yea. Squeeze me.” Hakeem said as he slowly bounced up and down on Andre’s dick. Andre gave him another big squeeze, which caused him to moan with pleasure. Then Andre reached around and began playing with his nipples. “MMMMM!” “You like it when I play with your nipples, don’t you?” Andre asked. “Yesss!” Hakeem hissed. “FUCK!” His body trembled with every touch. Andre nibbled on Hakeem’s neck as he continued to caress his nipples. “Oh my GOD!” “You like that, hunh?” Andre asked. “What are you doing to me?” Hakeem asked. Andre chuckled and said, “I’m making you mine…All mine!” Andre pushed Hakeem on to his stomach and laid on top of him. Then he gyrated his hips and long stroked his tight hole. Hakeem was enjoying this immensely. Every time Andre’s dick went up in him, his body trembled. It was a long, slow fuck, just the way he liked it. “MMMMM, FFFUUUCCCKKK!” He moaned loudly. “AHHHHH, SSHHIITT!” “You like my long stroke?” Andre asked Hakeem said nothing. “Tell me you like my long stroke.” Hakeem still said nothing. He just had a cheesy grin on his face. “Alright then.” Then Andre quickened his pace, piston fucking Hakeem’s hole, harder and faster. “AWW, FUCK!” Hakeem cried out. “I LIKE YOUR LONG STROKE!” “I thought you’d see it my way.” Andre said with a smirk as he slowed down the pace and long stroked his brother. Then pulled his dick out of Hakeem’s hole. “Now, get on your back so I can see the look on your face as I fuck the hell out of you!” Hakeem got on his back with his legs in the air. “Fuck me deep, daddy.” He said. “As deep gölcük escort as you want, son.” Andre said with a grin. Then he slowly sank his dick deep up his asshole. “Oooh, shit!” Hakeem exclaimed, his eyes bugging out of his head. He could feel every inch of Andre’s ten inches! “Ssshhhiiitttt!” “You like that big dick, don’t you?” Andre asked. “Yes, daddy!” Hakeem said. Andre began to slowly long stroke Hakeem’s hole. “Oh my GOD!” Andre was really working Hakeem’s hole, driving his dick deeper and deeper. Hakeem had never felt anything, like this, before, in his life! These new sensations were coming fast and furious. “OH FUCK!” He tried to run away from the dick, trying to slide himself out from under Andre. “Where you goin’, man?” Andre asked. “I can’t take no more.” Hakeem said desperately. “It’s too much.” His body twitched as if he was on drugs. “Yes, you can.” Andre said as he gently kissed his face. “You can take all this dick.” He kissed him again. “I know…but, I don’t know. Oh fuck!” Hakeem said deliriously. “I’ll be gentle.” Andre said. “Real gentle.” He slowed down his stroke to a mere crawl. “Is that better?” Hakeem didn’t answer. His body was still twitching as if his fingers were caught in a electrical socket. It took a minute for his body to calm down and get used to the long stroke. Andre, however, wasn’t about to let his baby brother get used to his stroke. Not today! Then, suddenly, Andre started piston fucking Hakeem’s hole. “OOOOHHH, SSHHIITT!” Hakeem screamed at the top of his lungs. Faster and faster, in out in out. Andre’s dick was abusing Hakeem’s hole. “After I’m done with you,” Andre said. “That hole ain’t gonna be no more good!” He slammed his dick up into Hakeem like a sledgehammer against a redwood tree. Skin to skin contact echoed throughout the room. Hakeem slammed his fists against Andre’s burly chest, trying to get away from the intoxicating pleasure of his dick. It didn’t work, however. All it did was make Andre fuck him harder and faster. “OH MY GOD!” Hakeem screamed. Just then, his hard dick spewed cum like a volcano, spraying his seed all over the place. Most of his cum landed on Andre’s muscular chest. Andre scooped up the cum from his chest and said, “Here, I think this is yours.” He smeared the cum all over Hakeem’s face and smeared it in his hair. He chuckled at the sight of Hakeem with cum in his hair. “You’re gonna have one hell of a time explaining why you got cum in your hair.” Hakeem slowly walked over to a mirror. He was shocked when he saw the cum dripping from his hair. “You’re such an ass!” Hakeem exclaimed. I am, am I?” Andre asked. Suddenly, he picked Hakeem up off the ground and carried him to the door. With one quick shove, he threw Hakeem out into the hall, butter ball naked! Hakeem tried to get back into the washroom, but, Andre had locked him out. “Andre! Open this door!” Hakeem screamed. “This ain’t funny!” “Call me an ass, will you?” Andre thought to himself. Ignoring Hakeem at the door, Andre headed for the showers. The End

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Subject: Halloween Whore Chapter 3 “You think we could?” “We managed to do it one on one. Imagine how they’ll react when we approach them together.” “All of their co-workers will be at that party. We don’t want them to get fired.” “You and me, in a room full of firemen and police officers…and our two hot fathers…do you really want to miss Sunday’s party?” “All right. You go and shower,” Jake said, kissing Daniel’s nose. “I’ll pack the costumes.” “Hold up, big brother. We need to think this through. If we go home and just show up for their party, they’ll know it’s us under those masks.” Daniel reached for his phone. He called up the app they used to connect with their dads in the first place. He typed out a quick message. A minute later, he had a reply. He typed out another message. Another reply. He smiled as he typed out the second response. “We’re in!” Daniel said, sending back the smiley-emoji. “They said we’d be more than welcome at Sunday’s party — but we have to wear the costumes.” “I think I’m going to bust it just walking in the door,” Jake said, leaning down to kiss Daniel. “You know our dads aren’t going to keep it in their pants for very long once their bosses leave.” Daniel stood up and into his step-brother’s arms. “If what they told us about last year’s party is true, it’ll be us they’re passing around this year.” “We really are just big whores.” + Wendell and Michael walked their chiefs to the door of their home. After they opened the door, the two men stepped out onto the shallow porch. They breathed in the night air as their hosts stood in the doorway. The fire chief spoke first. “You know we don’t give a damn what you and the others get up to once we leave. We just feel like we’re out of place here, after a while.” He smiled. “You understand, right?” “But o’ course we do!” Wendell said. “Too bad, though. You miss out on all the fun stuff.” “No, I don’t. I just go home for my own brand of fun stuff. The wife makes sure my candy cane gets licked, same as your husband.” Wendell laughed. “Fair enough. Still, we’re glad you come for the PG-13 part.” The police chief pointed to the front window. “Who are those boys in the masks? The clown and the puppy, do you guys know them?” “Voluntary party favors,” Michael answered with a wink. “They answered an ad we put up on a kink site. We thought they were just one-timers but they messaged us last night wanting a repeat so we thought, what the hell?” “You gays are all just big horn-dogs.” The chief laughed. “Even the young ones!” “We’re also damned fine fire-fighters and police-people.” Wendell added. “That, you are. We’re heading out, guys. You all have fun!” “We will,” Wendell assured him, letting his left hand come to rest on Michael’s Lycra-covered ass. “Be safe on the drive home!” The two other men walked to their waiting car. The fire chief went around the front to get in while the police chief opened his door. At the front door of the house, Wendell leaned in to his husband’s right side and kissed his cheek. “You think those two ever get frisky with one another?” “Hand-job at the picnic last year,” Michael responded. “Most they ever do, I’m pretty sure. If it was more, somebody on the squad would be crowing about banging the chief.” “Damn shame,” Wendell said. “I’d bend the both of them over the hood.” “We both would.” “Let’s get back to our party. I’m sure it’s time to walk the puppy.” “Serious question, before we get back in there. Who do you think those boys are?” “I think they’re two horny fuckers who want to get their asses plowed by a hornier group of toned-up, beefed up, firefighters and police. Why the hell else would they come to this party?” “It doesn’t even interest you who they are, does it?” “Should it? They’re both here of their own free will. What does it matter who they are?” “It doesn’t, I guess. As long as the boys don’t find out. You know how they get when we start talking about the things we get up to at these parties.” “How about less talking and more getting-up-to, then?” Back in the living room, an officer pulled the last of the window blinds. Dressed in a pair of tight blue shorts, he blew the whistle around his neck. He touched the center of his chest, across which he’d written “LIFEGUARD” in permanent blue marker. “Rules are — if the puppy stops to sniff, then you gotta feed him your bone!” “What about the clown?” This question came from a tall firefighter working off his tight football pants to reveal a clean, worn jockstrap with a bulging front. “What’s he get for showing off that ass?” A beefy male in a black and red jockstrap and cape took firm hold of the clown’s exposed ass. “Let’s ask him. What do you say, funny-boy? What do you want out of all this?” Inside the mask, the clown’s muffled voice was low but audible. “Treat the Trick.” The caped firefighter smiled, exposing vampire teeth. “You heard him, men!” A raucous cheer went up in the living room as all nine men took up a space in the middle of the room. Wendell and Michael strode in just as the clown took up the puppy’s short chain leash. The two hosts took opposite spaces in the wide, loose ring of their co-workers. Dressed in a pair of white shorts and a sailor’s kerchief, Wendell smiled down at the puppy as it began its round. Across from him, Michael adjusted the Lycra micro-shorts with the Flash symbol on their front. His own superhero mask had not slipped all night but he thought of taking it off. Later. One thing Wendell was right about, the masks were hot and added something special to the night. The first stop the puppy made was in front of a dark-skinned police officer wearing a cowhide vest, some tight denim shorts and a pair of brown boots. The front of the puppy mask nudged the bulge in the shorts and he made a soft whining sound. “Cowboy up!” One of the men shouted. “Give the puppy a bone!” “I wanna clown around, myself,” the slender male next to Cowboy said. “What do you say? Wanna see what’s under my Big Top?” The man slid both hands around the large lump in the front of his red shorts. Intrigued, the clown dropped the leash and stepped toward the man. Bare hands glided up over a smooth chest, under the red suspenders to find the man’s pink nipples. The man had painted a red diamond over one eye and a black one over the other. He had a simple red dot on his nose to signify his own attempt at a Clown. He leaned in. The modified clown mask allowed the two males to share a long, deep kiss. “Oh, fuck yeah,” another officer said as the two clowns began making out. “I might need to get some of that, myself.” His own black and yellow shorts were bulging. The strap across his chest strained as he flexed sizable pecs. The two wings attached to the strap fluttered. “Who knew clowns had such great asses?” “Who knew bees had such impressive stingers?” Turning to his left, the man in the Bee costume hooked an arm around the shoulder of his fellow police officer. They shared a deep kiss, one with generous tongue. The Bee’s left hand teased the front of the red crop-top, just under the bright yellow izmit escort “R” in the black circle. This caused a groan. “You sure this isn’t going to get me into trouble, Boy Wonder?” The Bee asked, tugging on the nipple. “Wouldn’t want to get spanked by the Bat.” From behind the Robin mask, the officer’s eyes fluttered open. “We have an understanding. We play, but only when we’re together.” On the other side of the ring, the hairy bruiser in the Batman cowl and black jockstrap grinned. “My Robin comes home to the Bat-Pole.” He framed his impressive shaft with his gloved hands. “We’re all good with playing.” The puppy pulled off the head of an uncut cock, then wiped his mouth. Cum dripped from his bottom lip and onto his chest. He looked up and gave a happy-sounding yip. “Damn! Already, Cowboy?” A firefighter in a red jockstrap and fireman’s boots said. “He’s good!” “Fuck yeah, he is! That’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten off!” Going back down on his hands and knees, the puppy continued around the circle. He stopped in front of a husky male in a bulging white jock. The male wore tall white socks with two bright red bands at their tops and a battered pair of cleats. Rising up on his knees, the puppy ran his hands over the man’s firm, round stomach, enjoying the hair. “Batter up!” Another firefighter encouraged. “Puppy wants another bone!” The Baseball Player eased the puppy’s head forward, allowing him to sniff the jock. The puppy groaned and began a soft whimpering sound. There was more teasing, more rubbing of his nose in the damp jock. All the while, the puppy’s thick cock began drooling. After a few long licks of the jock’s front, the puppy nosed its side and the area in between the man’s thick thighs. The scent grew stronger as the man adjusted his stance. Another soft groan came from the puppy as his tongue began trying to taste the scented area. “Where the hell did you find these hotties?” A man in mouse ears and a bow-tie asked Michael. Gloved hands rubbed his own nipples. “They’re nicer than the cake you guys made and that’s saying something!” “Met them online.” Michael responded with a grin. “We gave them a test-drive before letting them come to the party, though.” “I’ll bet you did. Lucky fuckers. I wish I’d thought to bring party favors!” Michael’s hand went to the front of the man’s red shorts. “You did. You always do.” “How about after the puppy makes his rounds, you and me get down to playing Mouse?” “We could get a jump on it, if you want. Looks like he’s going to be a while in the batter’s cage.” Wendell watched Michael and his co-worker begin to kiss. The large ginger hooked the man to his left and pulled him into a tight hug. Without asking, he kissed the man while groping the front of his leopard-print loincloth. Wendell’s hand began working the full length of Tarzan’s vine as they made out. Batman and Robin came together with Bee in between them. The three of them began making out, then went to a nearby sofa to see where things led. Right behind them, Fireman and Cowboy engaged with one another. Clown and clown continued to make out with the larger man kneading and pulling at the younger’s firm, round ass. Not far away, the Player had begun feeding the puppy the first few inches of his thick, uncut bat. Wendell stroked Tarzan’s cock as they made out. The length of the thing swelled in his hand, drooling precum. They groaned against one another, the two of them lost in the happening of the moment. When the kiss broke, Tarzan was panting. “I don’t know what you do and don’t do but I’d love to have your mouth on me, right now.” Smiling, Wendell turned the man around so that he faced Michael. The ginger pulled aside the loincloth. Once Michael caught sight of what this revealed, he was on his way over. Mickey came along with him, dropping to his knees at the same time, at the same altar of uncut Tarzan cock. Wendell eased his hand into the cleft of the man’s cheeks, a curious thumb wanting to find a hole. Batman was on his knees on the couch. Robin and Bee were worshipping his beautiful dick, a curving piece of uncut meat that ran a small stream into the men’s mouths. Fireman and Cowboy had drifted over. While Cowboy and Batman made out, Fireman watched the action unfolding on the floor with the two clowns. Near them, Player chocked the puppy with his impressive shaft. “Ever had Charlie?” Fireman asked Batman. “We had him for New Years Eve two years back,” the hairy hero smiled, pushing Robin further down on his dick. “He smells nice! I mean, even right out of the shower, his crotch has a strong, masculine odor. No wonder the pup is eating it up.” “Whoever that kid is, he’s got some serious kinks going on. Scent-play, puppy-play, denial…he’s not even touched himself this whole time but he’s been hard as hell.” “I can’t wait for Wendell and Michael to get around to him.” Batman bent down to kiss Robin as Bee took over deep-throating duty. “I want a shot at the clown, though.” “Tight little ass,” the larger Clown said, bending over the boy’s body to slide a finger in between his cheeks. “We’re going to need to loosen you up.” “Please,” the smaller clown responded, resting his face on the man’s thigh. “I need it.” “I’ll bet you do.” Clown’s finger found its destination and eased inside. “You been sneaking into the lube, I see. You’re a ready little fuck.” Turning his head up, the younger plead with his eyes. Taking hold of the man’s shaft, he began to stroke him in time with the finger now in his ass. They established a dual rhythm, one that got faster when the man added a second finger. Tarzan felt the warm liquid squirt up into him. Leaning into Michael, he knew what came next. Wendell’s thick head tapped at his primed hole, waiting for him to reconsider. Once the ginger got going, it was far too late to stop him. In response, Tarzan let his head rest on Michael’s chest, then reached back to pull his cheeks apart. Underneath them, Mickey swallowed Tarzan’s dick and began bobbing. The head eased into Tarzan’s hole. Wendell watched it until it was halfway in, then let his eyes drift to where the clown was being fingered. He gave Clown a wink, a silent thank you for the prep. “Fuck, yes…” Robin sighed as Bee’s warm shaft slid into him. “Do my Boy Wonder right,” Batman coaxed as he stroked Robin’s face. “Cum up his sweet hole so we can feed Cowboy his treat!” Cowboy mouthed the Batpole while stroking Fireman. Bee began fucking Robin, not waiting for a second invitation to deliver all of what he offered. The men began working against one another for their mutual pleasure, all of them groaning or making some significant sound. “God, yes…harder,” Robin muttered. Reaching back, he pulled the thick-bodied Bee forward. “He can take it,” Batman assured the onlookers and the fucker. “Best of luck satisfying that slut-hole. My boy is bottomless when it comes to dick!” The men surrounding the impaled male put this to the test. Each of them took their turn, each of them pounding the Boy Wonder until they came. As Cowboy pulled out of the sloppy hole, a river of cum yahya kaptan escort ran out of the bottom’s used hole. The others fell against one another, some on the floor, some on the couch. Robin laid his head on Batman’s leg, catching his breath. “God, that was good.” Cowboy took a seat next to the dynamic duo. Robin leaned forward and began cleaning his cock. “You filthy pig,” Cowboy smiled, not stopping him. “Me? You catch what’s being done to my ass?” Bee’s mouth, now fastened to Robin’s used hole, worked to get everything pumped into it, out. At one point, his tongue delved so deep that the Boy Wonder began squirming. Precum of his own leaked onto Batman’s bare leg. It didn’t take much of this to make the younger boy begin to writhe, then to convulse. As Bee sucked on his tender asshole, Robin began cumming hard. He leaned into a kiss from Cowboy, who reached back to finger his worked opening. The tangle of different men dispersed as Bee and Robin began a threesome with Cowboy. Batman stood and wandered over to where Clown mouth-fucked the smaller clown. The two men began kissing. Soon, Clown and the Bat abandoned the boy to pursue their own sexploits. “Goddamn!” Player shouted, then. “This fucker is good!” Holding to the back of the puppy’s head, the larger male began unloading. Grunting like a beast, he emptied his balls into the younger male’s willing mouth. All the while, the puppy wagged his hips, his rounded ass pointed in a very specific direction. Wendell and Michael shared a kiss as they both finished in Tarzan. “I think it’s time,” Wendell said, already pushing down his white shorts. “Both of ’em are lookin’ sort of lonely and rather empty! I say we fill the lads up!” An odd sort of hush fell over the room as the hosts of the Halloween party disengaged from their friends and co-workers. Wendell strode over to where the clown knelt on the floor. Wearing nothing but his sailor’s kerchief, the brawny ginger took hold of the clown’s blue curly wig. He would have pulled it off had the clown not stopped him. “You’re really dedicated to the costume, aren’t you, lad?” Wendell said, sliding a hand under the boy’s chin. “All right — but you’re still going to suck my cock!” “Yes, sir,” the clown said, already moving the mask away from his mouth. From under the mask, Jake took in the fullness of the man’s beautiful cock. Every vein running up from the base, every pulse, every throb made his mouth water. Without using his hands, he brought the head down and into his mouth. The strong taste of precum washed over his tongue and he let out a long moan. Both hands went to the man’s muscular legs, then around to his firm ass. One curious finger slid into the hairy cleft of his cheeks. “Now, you’re getting bold,” Wendell told him with a chuckle. “Somebody get this lad some lube if he’s going to finger my ass while he blows me!” Before anyone could, Jake eased his mouth off the man’s cock and began snaking his tongue into the area his finger had gone. Surprised by this, Wendell brought one leg up and over the boy’s shoulder. His now-open hole received all of the boy’s tongue. Jake began licking, sucking, and chewing on the man’s tender flesh. One meaty hand slid to the back of Jake’s head. “You nasty fuck,” the man growled. “Get that tongue in there! Lick my sweaty hole, you whore!” Jake’s dick throbbed in the front of his jockstrap. The clown collar he wore did not stand between himself and the man’s pink hole. He drove his tongue as deep as he could, pleased by the growl of pleasure that came from the man. “Get that fucking tongue in there! Yeah!” On one couch, Batman settled into the center. Bee eased into the space beside him and began rubbing his nipples. Ever the good boy, Robin slid in between the man’s legs and started mouthing the Batpole. They all watched as Wendell had his thick ass rimmed by the clown. Michael pulled the puppy onto his back and spread his legs. The boy’s cock stood erect, long strands of clear liquid pouring from the head. Instead of attempting to see beyond the mask, he swiped at the stuff, then applied it to the boy’s hole. Glancing at Wendell, he enjoyed the blissful fluttering of the man’s eyes as the boy licked his asshole. Although the ginger would never admit it, he loved having his hole worked by a talented tongue more than anything. Even better than a blowjob. Tarzan sat on the floor, leaning against the opposite couch. Draped over his shoulders, Fireman’s beefy legs framed his head. Mickey sat on the other side of him, his face pressed into the scented crotch of Player. Clown and Cowboy lay on either end of the couch, both watching their hosts. “Get ’round here, boy,” Wendell growled, pulling away from the talented tongue. “Lay down next to your whore friend.” The puppy lay on his back, legs now draped over Michael’s muscular arms. The dark-skinned male lined his thick cock up with the boy’s exposed, glistening hole. Smiling, the man eased the head in. The boy flinched, sucked in air, but said nothing. “All I want to hear from you is, harder, faster, cum inside me, or a combination of these things. Got it, puppy?” Michael eased in more of himself and the boy whimpered. “Good pup.” Wendell positioned the clown on his back, as well, opposite the puppy. Kneeling down, he followed Michael’s lead, knowing they were going to be the center of attention for their guests. The puppy’s shoulder grazed his knee and he looked down. “You lads brought this on yourselves, coming back here…but I guess whores never get enough, now, do they?” Inside the mask, Daniel made a very canine-like sound of agreement. Almost the full length of Michael’s shaft had filled him and that was all he could manage. Words seemed to fail him as he felt the blunt head graze his prostate. Jake allowed himself to be manhandled, to be pulled tight against Wendell’s body and his legs pushed down to his chest. He let out his held breath as the man tapped his exposed hole. He felt the eyes of the other men on him, felt his own dick throb, felt the jockstrap hold his erection to his stomach. Through the mask, he watched Wendell get into position. Unlike before, the man took his time preparing the boy’s pink hole for his assault. A gentle thumb eased into him and began working him open. “They’ve fucked these little whores before, haven’t they?” Cowboy asked, stroking himself. “Seems like they’re pretty familiar with them.” Michael began a sawing rhythm, folding Daniel’s leg back toward his chest. He leaned in and pressed himself as tight as he could to the boy’s crotch. They both let out a soft sigh of satisfaction. Michael leaned in further and slipped a hand around Wendell’s neck. They shared a deep kiss. This elicited some wolf-whistles from their guests. Wendell eased into the clown as he kissed his husband. Michael’s mouth on his never failed to excite him, to rile him up, to make his already-hard dick harder. The deeper the kiss, the easier he slid into the clown. When Michael’s tongue grazed his own again, he had bottomed out in the boy. His thickness gebze escort caused the clown to gasp. “Ain’t your first time, whore,” Wendell chuckled, jostling his hips. “Don’t act like it is.” The man folded the boy’s legs in so his knees touched his chest. He pushed forward and began to increase the speed of his hips. The clown groaned. Wendell sighed as he set up a rhythm they both enjoyed. Man and boy drew closer as Wendell continued deep-fucking him. “Why don’t you let me see who’s under that mask, boy?” The ginger growled, nuzzling the boy’s neck. “Just give me a little hint.” Jake whined, putting a hand to the front of the mask. Wendell’s mouth continued along his neck, down under his chin, then along the other side of his face. All the while, the man’s hips kept delivering deep cock-strokes to his ass. “He’s finding his stride now,” Tarzan noted, standing. “Wendell’s going to drill that poor kid into the floor, for sure.” Michael eased back onto his heels while pulling the puppy up. Soon, Daniel was straddling the man and impaling himself on the thick shaft jutting from his crotch. This new position for the two of them brought Cowboy and Fireman off the couch. Batman and Robin came over to where Wendell all but covered the clown with his beefy body. They began stroking themselves as their co-worker sped up. With their chests pressed together, Wendell and the clown rubbed against one another as the man’s thick cock went in and out of the boy. They felt only the erotic friction of their own bodies, heard the slick slap of their own skin against one another. Jake brought his legs up, then pinned his knees against the man’s sides. Clenching on the outward strokes, the boy gasped as the man fell into him on the inward ones. The thickness opened him every time. “Kiss me,” the man growled, easing the mask up. “Slide your tongue in me again while I’m slidin’ my cock in your whore-ass!” “Yes, daddy,” Jake sighed, already pushing the mask up. “Oh, yes…keep giving me your cock!” Wendell felt a surge in his groin. Something about how the clown said ‘daddy’ did something to him he wasn’t expecting. The erotic surge that went through him caused his cock to swell even larger. Bringing his arms up, he framed the clown mask with them, blocking the face from onlookers. His thumbs slid under the chin portion of the mask. His cock jerked. He then brought the mask up a bit more until he could see the full, round lips. On the top lip, he noticed a very familiar dusting of red hair. “Holy…Jesus,” he muttered, his hips slowing. “Don’t,” Jake gasped. “Please don’t stop. Don’t stop what you’re doing, daddy.” The ginger man spread himself out on the boy’s body, covering as much of it as he could. He got in closet and eased the mask up a bit more. His and the boy’s eyes met. The same erotic surge inflated his cock even more. Jake groaned at the new size. “Keep doing it…keep fucking me, daddy.” Using just his arms, Wendell brought the boy’s legs out further still. Instead of slowing down or pulling out, he began to hammer himself into the tight hole. It thrilled him to hear the shocked gasp from the boy under him. It thrilled him even more to push every inch of himself into the boy each time he fell into him. His cock was throbbing, pulsing precum into the tight hole. He put one hand on the mask, pulling it back into place. His other hand took hold of the boy’s jock and pulled it aside. “This what you wanted?” Wendell asked, slamming into the boy. “Hard Halloween fuck? That why you and your ‘friend’ came back, tonight?” “Yes, SIR!” Jake almost screamed through the mask. “Fuck me, Sir! Fuck me hard!!” Wendell obliged. Rising up on his knees, he brought the boy’s body up by his ankles. The hard, thick slab of his cock slammed hard into the tight asshole gripping it. His own precum lubed their movement. Knowing who it was looking back at him through the eye-holes of the mask, the ginger man held nothing back. This knowledge kept his swollen cock going. “Close…” he muttered. “Fucking…close.” Tarzan, Batman, Robin and the others gathered around Wendell and the clown. All of them were stroking themselves, their eyes glued on the man and boy. The ginger did not slow down, did not take his eyes off the clown. He did, however, pull back the boy’s bright blue jockstrap to free his thick cock. From his angle, his glimpsed what the others could not — a hint of bright red hair crowning the boy’s cock. Thinking back, he realized this was why the boy insisted on wearing the jock the whole time. It was sexy enough but hid who he was. “You…fucking…whore…” Wendell growled, stretching the boy’s legs as far as he could. “Let’s give this whore…what he came for, men! Let’s TREAT this Halloween whore but good!” Jake’s entire body pulsed as the full length of hard cock went into him. He felt the insides of his thighs bruising with the beautiful beating the man gave him. He couldn’t form words. He could just make strangled sounds as his body was abused in the best way. Robin’s hands found his nipples. Batman straddled him and began raining cum down on his bare stomach. Bee and Cowboy began doing the same, both of them shooting their loads on his lower stomach. Wendell dropped back down on top of the boy. He pushed the mask up and covered Jake’s mouth with his own. Shoving his tongue into the boy’s mouth, he pumped his hips a few more times before his balls tightened and he began to cum. Fireman and Player shot next, both of them marking Wendell’s shoulders and Jake’s arms. Clown followed, some of his spunk landing in the middle of Wendell’s back. Michael and Mickey rounded out the sudden circle-jerk cummers. Michael aimed for the clown’s chest, scoring his shot as Wendell moved out of the way. The large ginger did not stop pumping his own load deep into Jake’s ass. “Fucking…whore,” the man growled, smiling down at the boy. “Filthy little cum-whore!” Holding back the boy’s legs, Wendell looked down to where his cock still plugged the pink hole. Around the edges, small trickles of cum ran out and down the boy’s firm cheeks. The same stuff oozed from the clown’s exposed shaft. The thick band of the jock kept his secret, the one only Wendell knew. Looking up, he saw the puppy trying to hide his own secret. The boy’s hard cock ached behind his hands. Smiling at the puppy, Wendell called him forward the way he would a real pup. “Might as well add yours,” he growled, holding out his hand. Daniel let Wendell position him. When he was straddling the clown, Daniel began stroking himself. Behind him, he felt a thick set of fingers slide up into his ass. Wendell’s face brushed against the side of his mask. “You boys didn’t have to go to all this trouble. Your dad and I would have fucked the two of you so hard you couldn’t walk — any day of the week.” The man’s low voice permeated the leather and what he said made Daniel’s whole body quake. “Fuck…oh, fuck…fuck, daddy…” “Damn right,” Wendell said, pulling the boy against him. “Daddy’s gonna use this ass any time he wants, now.” Michael dropped to his knees and pulled the clown’s head up between them. “We both are. You naughty little Halloween whores.” END Don’t forget to drop a quick nickel in the bucket guys! Without donations, you wouldn’t get excellent (FREE) content like fty/donate.html

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Jim (32)

Chris (13)

Jason (12)





Jim sat in the long line of cars waiting for the bell to ring that would let everyone know school was over till Monday. It was 3 pm and the bell rang, within a few minutes swarms of 7th graders piled out and headed to the waiting cars. He saw his son Chris with his best friend Jason running toward the car and jump in the back seat.

“How was school?” he asked the boys.

“It was great! Mrs. Buckley was out sick so we didn”t have to take any tests!” they both blurted out.

“You shouldn”t be happy your teacher is sick, would you want people to be happy if you were sick?” he said to the boys.

“She”s not really sick, word around school is she just wanted a long weekend to go out of town. I”ll bet if we called her right now she wouldn”t even be home!” Chris told his father.

Jim decided to let it drop and went on to say “So Jason, are you excited about your first sleep over?”

“I sure am! I”m glad my parents are letting me spend the weekend with you guys. I won”t have to spend all weekend watching my little brother!” Jason told him.

“How old is Justin now?” Jim asked.

“He turned 11 last month.” Jason said.

The two boys talked non-stop on the drive home. Jim pulled the car into the garage and lowered the door. “Okay, everybody out!” he said.

Jason had never been to Chris” house before so his best buddy gave him the grand tour. The living room had a large leather sofa on one wall and a 70″ screen TV on the other, there was a bookcase filled with wrestling DVD”s, the boys and Jim were wrestling addicts and Jim took Chris to the matches when they were in town. “Look in here” Chris said and opened a closed door.

Jason looked in the room and was shocked to see the entire room was set up like a wrestling ring. There was a thick mat covering the entire floor and the walls were painted with ring posts in each corner. He was amazed to see there were even spectators painted on the walls. “Who painted this? It looks so real!” he asked

“That”s not paint, it”s some kind of photo process, that”s why it looks so real. Dad and I are really into wrestling and we even have matches with each other in here. Dad even knows some of the wrestlers and when they”re in town some will come over and show us some of their moves. It”s a lot of fun!” Chris said.

“No way! Your Dad knows some of them.” Jason was impressed.

The two boys went to the next door “This is my room” Chris said and opened the door.

“WOW!” Jason said as he went in. First thing he saw was a large flat screen TV on one wall and opposite were two gaming chairs, the kind with built in speakers. The walls were covered with framed posters of the most famous wrestlers he had ever heard of. There were also several large framed posters of nude men posing for some kind of advertising, he didn”t understand the language, but they seemed to be selling cologne or small bottles of something. He didn”t pay much attention to them as he was overwhelmed by the wrestlers.

“Each of them is autographed” Chris said “I”ve met all of them!”

“You never told me you knew all these famous people” Jason said “Why not?”

“I never tell anyone at school, some people would just want to be my friend if they knew Dad and I are friends with famous people.”

Chris was right, he knew first hand what he was talking about. Jason was considered a math whiz and several of the other kids would want to pal around with him when there was a test coming up.

Jason looked around the room, he noticed something was missing “Where”s your bed?” he asked.

“Well, as you can see my bedroom is so full of stuff a bed won”t fit, so I sleep with my Dad, he has a huge king size bed, I”ll bet it would sleep a dozen people! We”ll sleep in it tonight, Dad won”t mind.” Chris told him. “Hey, you wanna try out the wrestling ring? I even have gear we can wear just like the real wrestlers.”

“Sure! That sounds awesome!” Jason answered.

Chris went to his dresser and pulled out two pair of yellow speedo trunks like the professionals wear “These should fit, and take a look at these socks! Dad had them made special.” Chris handed a pair of calf high socks to Jason, they were made to look like wrestling boots and even had real laces.

Jason went in the bathroom to change while Chris changed in his bedroom. They both looked at each other and started posing like their favorite stars.

“Looks like you boys are going to have a match!” Jim said when he saw the boys “I”ll change and be there in a minute.” he told them and went to his room to put on his gear.

The two boys were in the wrestling room when Jim walked in, his outfit was real down to the last detail, even the boots were professional. They were all shirtless and Jim looked at his son, the bulge in his trunks was a nice package and filled the front of them. He looked over at Jason and his mouth went dry. The 12 year old seemed to be oblivious to the fact that his cock was stretched across the front all the way to his hip and his balls filled the pouch to almost a bursting point.

“”DING!” Jim hit the bell by the open door and the two boys started wrestling. Chris and Jason were having a great time, 13 year old Chris got behind his friend and reached up between his legs, his hand was full of his friends big cock and he easily flipped him on his back to pin him. Jim gave the three count and the match was over.

“Let me show you some counter moves” Jim told Jason “Chris, you be the referee this time.”

Jim got behind Jason reached up and put his hand on the 12 year olds cock and balls as if it were a natural wrestling move. He softly squeezed Jason”s huge cock while he talked about the move “If you”re in this hold , the best way out is to lift up you”re legs and drop your body down, then you can push back up and hit your opponent in the chin with the top of your head” He told him. “Okay, now you try it, just don”t hit me in the chin with your head! Just do the move.” Jim reached between Jason”s legs and put his hand back on the boys huge cock, he was a little surprised it was still as soft as before. He didn”t know the boy had never had a sexual experience, the boy didn”t even know how to jerk off.

Jason did as instructed and easily got out of the hold. Chris tagged in and the boys wrestled till the front door bell rang.

“Dinner”s here!” Jim told them “come on to the table.” he said as he carried a large handled bag to the kitchen.

The boys sat at the table, their bodies glistened with a light sheen of sweat and their nipples hardened from the cool air in the kitchen. Jim felt his cock harden as he looked at them “Chris, you sit next to me, Jason you can sit across from us, I like to look at someone when were talking.”

Jim put a plate in front of each of them then pulled containers of wings, celery sticks and bowls of ranch and blue cheese dressing from the large bag along with a pile of napkins.

“Dig in boys!” he told them.

The three started to eat and chatted between bites. Jim and Chris were horny from feeling Jason”s cock through his trunks and Jim was the first to lower his hand to his son”s throbbing cock. Chris reached down and pulled the waistband past his cock and below his balls so to give his father better access. Jason sat and ate wings, clueless to what was going on under the table.

Jim moved his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers “These wings sure are good, but they are messy to!” he said and licked the sauce from his fingers. He got his fingers coated with spit and lowered his hand to his son”s exposed cock, mixing his spit with the seepage that was coming from the tip of Chris” cockhead. Jim stroked his son”s hard cock while continuing the conversation with the boys. He twisted his fingers around his son”s cockhead, gathering cock slime then wrapped his fist around the hard cock, he slid his tight fist up and down his son”s cock till the slime turned to white foam.

Chris groaned from the feelings going through his 13 year old body and said “Wow, these wings sure are good!” Jason agreed and concentrated on the pile of wings and ranch in front of him.

When Jim felt his son”s cock swell and twitch in his hand he dropped his napkin “Whoops!” he said and bent over to pick it izmit rus escort up. But he did more than that, he lowered his mouth to his son”s cock just as the first spurt of boy juice shot out. Jim held his son”s cock in his mouth till the 13 year old stopped squirting, he sucked the last drops and raised his head, holding the napkin in his hand “found it!” he declared. He dipped a wing into the sauce and said to his son “That sure is some of the best sauce I ever tasted!”

“Yeah, this is the best I ever had!” Jason said, still oblivious.

Jim and Chris just smiled “We both love it too!” Chris replied and lowered his hand to his father”s trunks to squeeze his cock. The boy rubbed his greasy fingers up and down the length of his father”s hard cock, making a mess of his trunks. The boy ran his finger over the top of Jim”s piss hole and could feel the sticky sap on his trunks. Jim lowered his hand under the table and released his throbbing cock to his son”s probing fingers.

Chris moved his hand back up and started licking his fingers to get all the buffalo sauce off them. He was pretty sure hot sauce wouldn”t feel to good on his father”s cock! The boy put his hand back down and grasped his father”s 7″ throbbing cock flesh, pre cum was pouring out of the head and he knew his Dad wouldn”t last long. He knew the chance of getting caught by Jason turned his father on just as it did when he sucked him off in a public men”s room last week.

Chris” hand was covered in slippery slime as he jacked of his Dad, he used slow strokes from the base to the tip, edging him closer and closer to orgasm. The 13 year old boy felt his father”s cock swell and knew it was time. He move his fist to the head of his Dad”s cock and cupped his hand to catch his creamy load.

“Damn, this is good!” Jim cried out and pushed a ranch covered wing into his mouth as he shot off into his son”s palm.

Chris pulled his hand up from his father”s crotch and put his cum filled hand to his mouth and licked it off. As far as Jason knew it was just the ranch dressing.

Jim and Chris sat, ate more wings and talked while their cocks deflated. When the three of them were finished eating they got up from the table to clean up the mess.

Jason saw the stained, greasy front of Jim”s trunks and thought to himself “he should have used more napkins!”

After the kitchen was cleaned up they went to the living room to watch TV, they were still shirtless and in their trunks. At 9 o”clock Jim announced it was getting close to bed time and the boys needed to take a bath before getting on his clean bedsheets.

“I usually take a shower at home” Jason told them.

Jim told him that taking a warm bath would be better for his muscles, he wouldn”t be as sore in the morning from all the wrestling he did earlier. “All the professionals take a hot bath after a match to relax their muscles. I”ll get the water ready and you and Chris can go in at the same time.” he said as he left to start the water.

“Okay boys, baths ready!” Jim called to them.

Jason walked into the large master bathroom, there was a large glass enclosed shower with a very large bathtub next to it, it wasn”t a normal bathtub, it was a spa tub, complete with bubbling water. The lights were turned off but there was a soft glow from a nightlight by the sink. “This is so cool!” he said to Jim “I wish we had a bath like this at home!”

“Okay boys, in you go!” Jim told them.

Chris and Jason took off their socks and pulled off their trunks, Jason was not the least embarrassed about being naked in front of them, he still thought his cock was just something to piss from. When it did get hard, he really didn”t pay attention to it as he was not aware of what else it could be used for.

Jim sat on a stool and watched intently as Jason pulled down his trunks, he sucked in his breath as the 12 year old boys cock came into view, it was soft but hung down his leg, he figured it had to be all of 8″ long and several inched around! He could see the boy also had one of the biggest sets of balls he had ever seen and they hung down between his legs. Jim could see the boy had a few pubic hairs above his cock but was hairless otherwise.

Chris and Jason sat down and let the warm water envelope their bodies. After about ten minutes Jim told Jason to stand up and he would wash his back. Jim started soaping the young boys shoulders and commented that his muscles were tight and he would massage them. Jim soaped his hands and rubbed his left hand over the 12 year olds shoulders and down his back, he used his soapy right hand and rubbed the boys chest, paying lots of attention to the nipples that hardened in his palm.

Jim became bolder with his soapy hands and lowered his left hand to Jason”s cute little boy butt and massaged each cheek while his right hand went lower and rubbed his pubic area.

“Gee, that feels real good.” Jason said in a low soft voice.

Chris watched his father”s hands work their magic on his 12 year old buddy and said “Dad does this for me all the time, it”s soooo relaxing!”

Jim soaped his hands again, he rubbed his left hand between Jason”s asscrack and slid a finger along the boys pucker.

Jason moaned aloud, no one had ever touched him like this and he bent slightly forward to allow the man”s hand more access.

Jim listened to the boy moan and understood it as a sign to continue his slow sensual caresses. The 32 year old man ran his soapy right hand over Jason”s upper thighs, then between them to cup the youngster”s large balls, softly massaging them with his skilled fingers.

Jim and his son watched as the 12 year old boy”s long cock responded to the caresses on his balls and asshole. The 8″ cock lifted before their eyes and grew as hard as a rock, lifting to a 90 degree angle up the boy`s stomach and past his belly button.

Chris spoke softly to his friend “It sure feels good when Dad does that to me after a workout. Close your eyes and enjoy it, Jason. Just let yourself go and enjoy the feelings.”

Jason closed his eyes as Chris said, he emptied his mind of everything but the hands caressing him.

Chris looked at his Dad with pleading eyes, Jim knew what his son wanted and he moved his right hand up, past Jason”s balls and circled the base of the boy”s cock. Jim pulled it down, aimed it toward his son and nodded his head.

Chris looked up at Jason, the boy”s eyes were closed and he had a look of peaceful bliss on his young face. The 13 year old moved forward, opened his mouth and slowly engulfed his friends cock. He heard Jason moan and moved his head forward to take more boy cock in. Chris new how to suck a large cock, he learned how to deep throat his father when he was only 7 and his skill grew over the past few years to where he could easily swallow the 11″ cock of one of his Dad”s friends.

Jim watched his son slowly take Jason”s cock into his throat, when he saw his son”s lips pressed against the base of Jason”s cock, he moved his hand back to the boy”s balls and slid his middle finger into the boy”s ass up to the second knuckle.

“Unhhh! Ohhhhhh!” the 12 year old moaned aloud. Jason was overwhelmed with his first sexual experience, he never knew how much joy he could get from the thing between his legs that he thought was only good to piss from.

Jim and his son worked methodically on Jason, every time Chris backed off to just having the cockhead in his mouth, Jim pushed his middle finger all the way in the boy”s ass. Back and forth the worked on Jason, his asshole loosened with each thrust of Jim”s finger.

“He”s getting close” Jim said to his son when he felt the boy”s hole tighten around his finger “get ready, he”s going to shoot soon!”

Jim then whispered to Jason “It”s okay son, let it go. There”s nothing to worry about, you”re with friends.”

Chris” mouth was halfway down his friend”s cock when the boy let loose. Not counting nocturnal emissions, Jason had never cum when he was awake, he shivered and shook as pent up sperm jetted from his young cock into his friend”s hot mouth.

Jim felt the boy”s asshole squeeze his finger, he felt the boy”s balls tighten between each jet of spunk that shot from his cock into his

13 year old son”s hungry mouth. He watched Chris” eyes bulge and water as he tried to swallow the massive amount of spooge izmit escort shooting form Jason”s big cock.

Chris wasn”t prepared for his buddy to shoot so much cum, while he loved cum, he didn”t know there would be so much. The 13 year old swallowed as quickly as he could, then pushed his mouth forward to deep throat the spurting cock so it would shoot directly into his belly. When Jason”s cock finally stopped spurting he backed off to suck the last drops of jizz from his cockhead.

Jason”s knees went weak and Jim slowly lowered him back into the warm tub water, the boy”s eyes were still closed and he was panting from his first orgasm. Jim and Chris didn”t say anything and the room was quiet for the few minutes it took for Jason to come back to earth.

“Hey sport, you okay? You feel more relaxed now?” Jim whispered.

“Mmmmmmmmm” Jason moaned “Yeah, I”m fine. I never did anything like that before.” he told them.

It was then that Jim and Chris realized Jason was as much a virgin as any boy could be, he had never even jacked off before.

“You never touch yourself when you get hard? Like, you never jerked off?” Chris asked.

“What”s “jerked off?” Jason asked.

“You know, you rub your cock till stuff shoots out.” Chris answered.

“Nope, never done that. Didn”t even know I could!” Jason honestly answered.

Chris stood up from the warm water, his 5″ hard cock stuck straight out and he wrapped a fist around it “watch me” he said and started to stroke it back and forth.

“Hey Son!” Jim said “you know you should never let a good load of cum go to waste!”

“Okay Dad, why don”t you show Jason how to suck cock?” Chris said and moved toward his father.

Jim moved the stool closer to his son and wrapped his hand around the 13 year olds” cock. “Get closer Jason, get real close and watch this” Jim said as he lowered his mouth to the hard boy cock.

Jason moved as close as he could get, his cheek was touching Jim”s as he watched the man slide his mouth down his son”s throbbing cock. The boy”s eyes got big as he watched the man swallow the 5″ cock all the way to the base. Over and over Jim slid his mouth up and down his son”s cock.

“Want to give it a try?” Jim said as he removed his mouth and aimed the 5″ cock at Jason.

The 12 year old didn”t hesitate for an instant and took his buddy”s cock into his mouth. It didn”t taste bad and he decided he liked how the hot hardness of it felt, he started to slide his mouth up and down his friend”s cock while the boy”s father urged him on.

“Good job, Jason! That”s it, now you”ve got the hang of it! Feel it son, feel how good a nice hard cock in your mouth is. You can pull off when he cums if you want, Chris won”t shot in your mouth if you don”t want him too.”

Jason hadn”t even thought about his friend shooting cum. Did it taste like piss? What if I don”t like it? He thought. As he sucked his friend he said to himself “What the hell, if Chris swallowed my stuff, I might as well try his.” Jason was getting into a rhythm, he liked sucking cock, he liked how it felt in his mouth and the rush of adrenaline that went through him as he heard his 13 year old friend moan and groan.

Jim watched the 12 year old suck his son”s cock, the boy was tentative at first but then started sucking cock like it was the best tasting thing on earth. “He”s a natural born cocksucker, look at him go!” Jim said to himself.

Jason was really getting into it, sucking and slurping his buddy”s cock as if his life depended on it.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I”M CUMMING!!!!!!” Chris cried out “pull off or your gonna get a mouth full!”

Jason had no intention of pulling off, a few minutes ago he wasn”t sure if he wanted his friend to shoot off in his mouth, but now everything changed, he wanted to taste Chris” cum more than anything.

“HERE IT CUMS! FUCK YEAH! I”M FUCKIN” CUMMINGGGGGGGG!” Chris yelled with pleasure.

Jason started swallowing as soon as the first blast hit, he moved tongue across the spurting pisshole to feel the hot blast. Jason went from being a virginal boy to being a hungry cum slut as the jizz poured into his mouth.

Chris pulled his well satisfied cock from Jason”s still sucking mouth and sat down in the warm tub with a look of bliss on his face.

Jason looked at Chris” father with a glowing look in his eyes.

Jim knew that look, the boy wanted, needed more cock! The 32 year old father stood and offered his now throbbing hard 7″ cock to the hungry boy.

Jason moved forward with the instinct of a natural born cocksucker, he took half of Jim”s cock into his mouth and only stopped when it hit the back of his throat. He started gagging, got tears in his eyes and had to pull back.

“Whoa Jason, don”t try to take it all at once! Learning how to deep throat is a skill and takes time to learn. Take it easy and just enjoy sucking my cock, I know I will.” he told the boy “I don”t have to be throated to cum. That”s what you want, isn”t it? You want me to fill your mouth with jizz, don”t you?”

Jason nodded his head, he was dizzy from cock lust, it was as if the floodgates had opened his mind and all he could think of at the moment was getting another mouth full of creamy cock juice. The thought of sucking off his friend”s father spurred him on, he moved his mouth faster and faster up and down the cock stalk of the 32 year old man as Chris looked on.


Jason was ready, he moved his hands to Jim”s thrusting hips and held on while the man fucked his face.

Jim pumped his 7″ cock in and out of the

12 year old boy”s mouth, he felt the kids throat start to open and pushed his cock in harder, not caring that the boy hadn”t been trained to deep throat. Jim felt Jason”s throat open further and his balls were against the boy”s chin.

“OH SHIT, HERE IT CUMS YOU SWEET LITTLE COCKSUCKER!” Jim cried out and shot hot volleys of man spooge down the 12 year olds throat.

Jason felt the 7″ cockhead enter his throat, he wanted all the man”s cock in him and started to swallow as he pushed his head all the way to his cock root. The boy started to shudder when he felt the first cum blast shoot along the big tube of Jim”s cock and across his tongue, he swore he could feel the hot cum travel down his throat and into his stomach. The boy pulled back, he wanted to taste the fatherly spunk before he swallowed it down to join Chris” jizz in his stomach.

Jim milked off the last remaining drops of jizz into Jason”s mouth then climbed into the tub with the two boys. The three of them relaxed in the warm water and closed their eyes, re-living their experience.

“Time for bed, guys.” Jim said “lets get dried off.” The three dried off with big fluffy towels

“Jason, Chris and I sleep in the nude, you can wear your PJ”s if you want…or you can sleep naked like us.” he told the boy.

Jason said he would sleep naked like them and they climbed into the king size bed. On the wall across from them was a 50″ TV mounted to the wall and under it were several low bookcases filled with DVD”s. The room also had a large walk-in closet and two dressers.

Jim moved to the middle of the bed, Chris and Jason got on either side of him and they drifted off to sleep.

Jason”s dreams were filled with images of hard cocks, he had visions of all his favorite wrestlers naked, with their big hard cocks pointed at him, begging to be sucked. The dream turned into an orgy of him sucking and being sucked, of fingers in his ass and hot mouths sucking his balls. The boy suddenly woke up, his hard cock was stretched across his flat stomach and he could feel the bed rocking, along with low moans and groans.

The 12 year old looked over and saw Chris on his hands and knees, the 13 year olds father was behind him with his hands on the boys hips. Jason watched Jim thrusting against his friend and with every thrust Chris let out a low moan.

Jason was still half asleep and asked “What”s going on?”

“Sorry if we woke you, Jason” Jim whispered “Chris and I were still horny and he wanted me to fuck him.” he told the boy “You can go back to sleep, we”ll try to be quiet.”

“I”m awake now, can I watch?” he asked and looked at the clock on the nightstand, it was 1:15 AM and kocaeli escort he had only been asleep for a couple of hours, but now he felt wide awake as he watched the father and son. His cock ached and he squeezed it for relief.

“Move down here so you can see my cock slid in Chris” asshole. I”m gonna cum soon so you better hurry! Jim told him as he continued to fuck his 13 year old son.

Jason put his face close to the union of father and son, he saw Chris” asshole was stretched around his father”s thick 7″ cock and he pushed his ass back as his father pushed forward. Jim”s cock was shiny and Jason saw the tube of lube on the bed next to them. “Does it hurt?” he asked his friend.

“No, it”s fucking great!” Chris grunted “I love a cock in my ass, any cock, all cocks! Cock, cock, cock, cocks fucking me!” the boy”s fuck lust took over and he started talking nasty, he knew his dad loved it when he was nasty and verbal and now he had an audience to show off to. “FUCK ME DADDY! POUND MY FUCKING ASS! FILL ME WITH COCK SLIME, DADDY!” he wailed.


Jim pulled his hips back till his cock left the boy”s hole, Jason could see it gaping open before Jim thrust forward, driving his cock all the way into his son. Over and over he pulled completely out then thrust back in his son.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” he chanted with each thrust “OH FUCK! I”M CUMMING! I”M FILLING YOUR HOT ASS WITH SPUNK! FUCK!” Jim cried out.


Jason watched Jim drive his cock as hard as he could against his son”s ass, the man”s back arched and tightened as he unloaded into his

13 year old son”s tight asshole.

Jim slowly pulled his cock from his boy”s ass, he watched his cock slime drip from his cock onto the sheets “That was great Chris, I could fuck you all night if my cock stayed hard!”

“Me too Dad, I love getting ass fucked!” Chris told him “I need more cock Dad! I”m so fucking horny my ass is on fire!”

“Sorry son, but I”m all fucked out. Maybe Jason will fuck you with his big cock?” Jim said as he looked in Jason”s eyes. “Well, would you like to stick that big cock in my son”s ass? I”ve got him nice and loose…and slick inside!”

Jason”s hard cock did the thinking for him, he didn”t say a word, he just moved behind his friend “I don”t know what to do” he said “what should I do?”

“Let me help you get started” Jim said and took the boy”s hard cock in his hand “I”m gonna put some lube on you just to make it slicker” Jim said and squirted lube from the head to the base of the boy”s 8″ thick cock, he slid his hand up and down getting it nice and slick, all the time he was thinking how much he would love to feel the 12 year olds huge cock in his ass. When Jason”s cock was completely covered, Jim held his cockhead against his son”s asshole. “Okay, now push forward, don”t worry, you won”t hurt Chris-he”s ready, look at his hole open for you.”

Jason watched as Chris” hole opened, he pushed forward and his cockhead entered his friends tight hole. “Ooooohhhhh!” he moaned. “Aaaaaaagh!” Chris groaned as inch after inch of thick cock slid in him till there was no more.

“Oh fuck! Your stretching my ass so good!” Chris told him “Now fuck me Jason, fuck me with your big cock!”

Instinct took over, Jason pulled his cock back till just the head was in, then he thrust forward. Cock slime leaked from Chris” asshole with every thrust and a puddle formed under the two rutting boys.

Jim didn”t want to just watch them, he wanted to join them but knew he wouldn”t be able to get hard again for awhile. He got behind Jason and scooped up some cock slime from the sheets and rubbed it against the 12 year olds asshole. “You”re gonna love this Jason” he said as he slid a finger in the boys ass. But that wasn”t all he did, he reached between the boys legs and wrapped his hand around the boys low hanging ball sack, he circled his fingers around the skin above his balls and started pulling up and down as if he were milking a cow. The 32 year old man reached back into the puddle of cock slime, coating his fingers with more goo. He timed his motion with care, as he pulled down on Jason”s ball sack he pushed two fingers in his ass.

Jason stopped moving his hips when he felt Jim slide the first finger in his ass, he didn”t have to move as Chris was doing all the work, sliding his asshole up and down his 8″ boy cock. He closed his eyes and was lost in the feelings of a hot tight asshole fucking his cock and a thick finger sliding in and out of his ass. The sensations increased twofold when he felt strong fingers milking his ball sack. “Ooooohhhhh!” he groaned “Ooooohhhhh! Yes, yes, yes!” was all he could say.

Chris felt full of cock, he loved how his friend”s thick 8″ cock felt, stretching him, filling him, fucking him. He slid his ass back and forth against his buddy”s cock when the boy stopped moving. Chris knew his Dad must be doing something to have made Jason stop moving but it sure wasn”t going to stop him! He heard his father talking to Jason.

“You like this son, you like being finger fucked in the ass? I know you do, don”t you? I have two fingers in your asshole now Jason, just imagine how nice a hard cock would feel in your ass, sliding in and out, fucking you over and over till it shoots it hot load in your ass!” Jim was talking nasty to the boy, filling his head with thoughts of pleasures he hadn”t yet experienced. “Don”t worry boy, you”ll get a nice hard cock in your ass before the weekend is over. Just think of it, a hard cock sliding in and out, fucking you till you shoot your boy spunk all over the place.”

Between the nasty talk, the fingers in his ass, the milking of his ball sack and the hot asshole sliding down his cock proved too much for the

12 year old and he started shooting his cum load.

Jim felt the boy”s asshole tighten on his fingers and knew he was about to shoot his load, he felt the first shot fire deep into his son”s ass. He pulled the boy”s massive cock from his son”s asshole and quickly covered the spewing boy cock with his mouth. Jet after creamy jet of boy jizz filled his mouth, he was amazed how much cum came out of the kid and he thought back to a Peter North film, that guy could drown someone with jizz, but he was sure Jason would beat him in a `huge loads” competition! Jim sucked and swallowed till the last drop of jizz slid down his throat along with his son”s ass juice and the remnants of his own cum.

Jason felt lightheaded and a blinding light went off in his head as he pumped his huge cum load into Jim”s mouth. The 12 year old boy crumpled into a heap as post orgasmic tremors shook his young body. He watched as his friend Chris rolled over in the same condition as he was, exhausted! Jason noticed a pool of cum where Chris had been and figured his friend had shot his load. He slowly inched toward the slimy pool of cum, moved his face above it and started lapping it up like a kitten with a bowl of milk.

Jim had already gotten up and went to the bathroom to clean himself “You need to get up boys, go get cleaned up and I”ll change the sheets” he told them.

The two boys slowly got up and headed to the bathroom, Chris turned on the shower and they both got under the warm spray. Jason had no inhibitions, he soaped up his best friend, paying special attention to his asshole to clean the cum from it as best he could, he slid a soapy finger up the boys ass and felt the jizz slide down his hand, he continued till no more slime came out.

The two boys walked back into the bedroom, the bed looked comfy and inviting and they climbed in next to Jim, ready to sleep for the next few hours.

“Good night boys” Jim said, but it was too late Chris and Jason were sound asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

The End of Part 1

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Subject: My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad 3 All the usual disclaimers apply. Remember, guys. Nifty needs us and we need Nifty. Donation before masturbation. Pony up before you lube up. Nifty Stories Archive Donation Please send any constructive feedback to me @ hoo My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad 3 In about ten more days, my dad returned from his temporary duty station in Okinawa,Japan. We all gave Chief a big hug and went out for pizza. During the meal he toldus the Japanese have bars where they eat raw fish. My brother and I said “gross” and”yuck”. Mom scolded us and said,”enough, boys.” Then I said, “The Japanese people can eat anything they want, but over here, raw fishis not food. We call that bait ! ” My whole family laughed and so did our teenage waiter and a guy at the next table. Mydad repeated my funny line many times over the years. He’s gone now and I grew up to love sushi and sashimi. Every time I eat sushi, I think of Chief. On the way to the car, my dad leaned down and said, “Its been nearly three weeks since our last gamewith the airmen. Are you looking forward to shooting some hoops, son ?” All I did was smile and nod yes. On the ride home, I only thought about how the field house showers with the airmen werea lot more fun than our shower at home. And I wondered if any of the guys would notice the few blackhairs above my dick and in my armpits. I just discovered those this morning. Puberty. It’s happening ! That afternoon Chief came home from his radar station on base. We dropped Jeff off at a spot where skate boarders gathered and then headed to the field house. We were both in a good mood. As we got out of the truck, I asked dad if he was going to be shirts or skins ? He said, “always, skins.” Duh, I thoughtto myself. He loves to show off his lightly hairy chest. “Me too. Skins !’ In addition to being the best player, in spite of being twice the age of the airmen, my dad looked so sexywhen he started sweating and his nylon basketball shorts rode low. Then you could see his jock strap in the back and more of the trail of hair that went from his tight belly down to his crotch. It was a good, hard scrimmage game and my team, the skins, compensated for my size. I got fouled at the endand missed my first free throw but for the second one my buddy Bud hoisted me up to make the shot. I made it and won the game ! Cheers went up from the skins but the shirts groaned but none of them actually seemedmad. That’s when Bud yelled out, “Hey guys, John Jr now has hair in his pits !” Skins and shirts howled in approval.I was now sitting on escort izmit the shoulders of handsome mixed race Lionel and country boy Bud. The guys were patting my legs and tight little butt congratulating me on my pit hair. Louie asked if I had pubes but I just smiled. I was on the top of the world. There was a lot of happy hooting and hollering as these young fit guys stripped naked all around me. Everywhere I looked was a cock and balls or a young male ass or a smiling face. These guys did not seem to care I was checking them out. I was in horny boy heaven. That’s when a tap on my shoulder turned me around to face my naked dad. He handed me his sweaty jockstrapand nylon shorts and socks and told me to put both of our stuff in his gym bag. As i put the damp clothing in the bag, I had an overwhelming urge to inhale the funky manly smell comimg off my dad’s jockstrap. Is that normal or gross or perverted ? I don’t know and I guess I don’t care. Because I took a big long whiff and it was amazing. Then Bud appeared next to me and whispered, “good stuff, huh ? Hey, man. Do me a favor and put my jock inthat blue Air Force bag right over there.” He pulled his jockstrap off and handed it to me. I noticed his cornfedcock was semi hard. His eyes stayed on my naked boy body as I took his smelly jock across the change room. My dad and the teams were all skins now and steaming up the gang showers. Bud and I had some privacy and we used it. We both maintained eye contact as I kneeled down at his gym bag. Before I put his jock in his bag, I held it upto my young face, inhaling deeply of Bud’s musk. Bud smiled at me big. My friend took my dad’s smelly jockstrap out of our bag andwas going crazy with it, sniffing and snorting and rubbing the pouch that held my dad’s big cock and hairy ballsall over his face. Bud’s sexy show made me laugh and turned me on like crazy. But we needed to get in the gang shower with the rest of the guys. Bud and I got some cat calls from the naked airmen as we entered the steamy showers with our hard dicks leading the way. I went to the shower head where my dad was washing his hair and sporting a semi hard dick. After the shampoo was out of his eye he got down on his knees so I could wash him and rub him down. I soaped up myhands and went to town, We had an audience of admirers as I washed Chief’s shoulders, arms and hairy chestand abdomen and I gave his hard dick a few good strokes. Dad’s eyes opened even wider when I took a firm grasp of his big hairy balls and rolled them around in my soapy hand. Bud yelled out, “My turn izmit escort next, I want that John Jr treatment on my cock and balls !” “Me too yelled a couple of others. My dad stood up and rinsed his front as I soaped up Chief’s high and tight ass covered in a light dusting of black hair. I pushed his hairy legs apart so I could go in deep. I pushed my soapy fingers intohis very hairy ass crack. I used the fingers of both of my hands to get in that daddy hole and make sure Chief’s ass was good and clean.Louie and Anteater both told me to really get in there and scrub that hole. Then the point guard Dave from Floridayelled, “No skid marks in Chief’s skivvies !” The guys laughed at that remark. I pushed my soapy index finger in my dad’s hole up to the knuckle and he threw his head back and let out a moan. That got the attention of all the guys and everyone I could see had huge boners to my young eyes. Bud, said, “Chief, your son got your big hardon dripping and that’s not water, man. That’s pre cum. At that point dad told me that’s enough and we need to hurry up. I then said I was going to pee. Chief looked at me expecting me to go to the urinal in the change room. But I just stayed by dad and let my little hard spikego down a bit. When it did, I started pissing like a racehorse and some of my yellow stream got dad on his feet. That’s when most of the guys showering around us started pissing all over the place and some were play fightingand crossing streams. That’s when Louie yelled out, “Hey Chief, we taught your son about pissing fun in the shower last week.” I froze and Bud made a huge gasp and someone else said, “oh shit.” Bud had told the guys not to mention the fact I had joined them last week against Chief’s orders but Louie forgot and messed things up. I was on the verge of tears but my dad just gave me a stern look and said we would deal with this later. He took me by the shoulders and started soaping the front of my body with strong smooth strokes of his soapyhands. My dick got super hard and he noticed. Dad soaped up my crotch and cradled my small balls before he rubbed his slick hands over the sensitive strip of skin between my young balls and butthole. It felt so good and I let out a low moan that got the attention of most of the young guys. I bet they would like their boss to clean their private parts like I was getting. I knew I was a lucky boy. Chief then stroked my hard spike three times but not enough to give me the dry cum tingles. Dad pushed me under the water to rinse off my front. He was acting izmit kendi evi olan escort pretty stern but not mean. That’s when he kicked my legs apart for better access to my butthole. He used both of his strong hands to prymy young butt cheeks apart. He rubbed his soapy hands up and down my crack until he spotted his target. I know he took a long second to inspect my tight pink little hiney hole. And all the guys saw him stick his big right hand index finger in his mouth to lube it up with saliva. With one big hand on my shoulder, he bent me over a bit so he could push his big digit hard up my virgin boy ass. Oh my god, I gasped and thought I saw stars in front of my eyes. It was so intense like dad was trying to teach me a lesson. With his second push into my butt, I moaned so loud it echoed off the tiled shower walls and you could hear me over the running showers. The other sound was the sound of a bunch of guys jacking off all around us. They were getting off watching their hot boss finger fuck his young son in the shower under the guise of washing him down after some hoops. If dad was trying to chastize me or teach me a lesson, his big finger in my little asshole was having the opposite effect. The second I sensed dad was about to take his finger out I took the initiative and rammed my ass back on his finger as hard as I could, moaning louder each time. I heard several of the guys groan and blow their creamy loads because I could see spunk collecting at the main drain between my feet. But I noticed that Bud did not blow a load this time and I notice everything about my friend Bud. Dad got the best of me and extracted his finger and finished his shower. Dad sent me out to get dressed. I could hear some guys beating their dicks and getting off and several apologizing to my dad. Dad told me to leave our bag and go wait in the truck, he had some stuff he had to do before he could leave. I sat in the cab and waved at the airmen as they passed me on their walk back to their barracks. After about twenty minutes, I thought I might get on Chief’s good side a little bit if I helped him with whatever was holding him up in the fieldhouse. The lights were low in the gym so I looked in the change room. I didn’t see anyone but I heard voices from the supply closet that was was partially open. I clearly heard Bud say, “You gave me a good one, now its your turn.” I pulled the door open and started to say that I wanted to help when I saw Bud sitting on the closet floor completelynaked. His left hand was holding my father’s big hard cock like he was about to put it into his mouth. I was stunned and speechless at the sight before me. Bud just froze too. But my dad broke the spell when hesaid, “John Jr, I told you to wait in the fuckin’ truck. Now, go!” Please send constructive comments to hoo

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 15 This story, including all other chapters, are published and copyrighted (under my author name sexyinaf) and I will seek litigation against anyone who does not have my permission to post it elsewhere and chooses to do so anyway. I grant the Nifty Archive non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display this copyrighted story. All feedback is strongly encouraged, whether it is positive or negative, so please don’t worry about offending me. Let me know what you think of my stories and spare no details. If they made you cry, I want to know; if they made you mad, I want to know; or if they made you cum, I want to know. I have absolutely no idea what my readers think of my stories unless they tell me so harsh criticism is better than no criticism. I will try my best to respond to all responses unless you specifically request me to not respond. This series is an ongoing work. You may contact me ail Please make a donation to Nifty if you find that you enjoy visiting the site. All of my stories are a work of fiction and some contain incestuous themes. ******** Trey and I went and got dressed so we could go find the twins. The thought of what we were going to do after the party with the twins kept my dick hard and a quick glance at Trey’s groin made me think that he was having the same thoughts. We went downstairs and heard music being played in the ballroom of our fraternity house. Trey and I grinned at each other, knowing the twins were about to sing and play music. We walked up to the entrance of the ballroom and found Rhett standing there so we joined him. “They are about to play a song!” Rhett stated with a gleam of excitement in his eyes. Rhett’s excitement was well justified. The twins were known for having three passions in this world. First and foremost, Trey (Collin) and me (Cody); their second passion in life would be their love of each other and the bond they share as identical twins (they were each other’s best friends and loved being so similar); and their one other passion in life is music. They were both attending the university for Music Education. They are undoubtedly the most musically talented people on the planet (famous musicians included in that list). They had a vocal range that would make Mariah jealous, they could hold a note for as long as they wanted, and sing and play any song they wanted with perfection and ease that shouldn’t be possible. They refuse to perform professionally stating that it would pull them apart from Trey and me, which it probably would because musicians have to travel all around the world and Trey and I do not want to live our lives as travelling groupies. They both had microphones placed in front of them; Cody was sitting at a drum set and Collin was behind an electric keyboard that was high-tech and could mimic any instrument he wanted to play. I glanced over at Trey to see that he was just excited about the upcoming music as Rhett was (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t too). They started to play their instruments and a look of recognition passed Trey’s face. “What are they playing?” I asked him. “‘The Catalyst’ by Lincoln Park.” After listening for a few more bars I realized he was right. They eventually started singing and they were absolutely incredible. The ballroom had really good acoustics so it was the perfect spot for them to play. Rhett started clapping when they were done. “That was amazing,” he exclaimed. The twins’ glance towards Rhett was very brief and they looked towards Trey and me for feedback. “Well done,” Trey complimented and I nodded my head in agreement. They beamed at us, elated to get positive feedback from the only people they truly cared to impress. “I thought we would go grab a bite to eat together before we headed over to the party,” Trey suggested. Everyone nodded in agreement so we went to a restaurant nearby. ******** “That place wasn’t too bad,” Rhett commented when we left the restaurant and started to head to the fraternity house’s party that we were invited to attend. “Did you see how little they gave in that fruit cup?” Trey complained. I rolled my eyes. “Not everyone eats ten pounds of fruit a day like you do.” “I don’t eat ten pounds of fruit everyday–I only eat five,” Trey said seriously. “Oh my God! Are you kidding me?” Rhett asked incredulously. “Fruit is good for you,” Trey lectured. Rhett rolled his eyes. “Did you see how much fruit we have in our kitchens? They have a whole refrigerator with just fruit in it!” “Yeah, my father knows how much Trey loves fruit so he has fruit delivered to our house every other business day.” “I’m going to have to write your dad a thank you note for that,” Trey said. I laughed. “I told my father how much I love the taste of your fruity dick so he is just making sure it stays that way.” “Fruity dick?” Rhett asked, raising his eyebrows. “Yeah, when you eat five pounds of fruit a day over a long period of time like Trey does your cum, cock, and even sac will start tasting a little fruity.” I noticed Rhett glance over at Trey’s groin. Trey seemed to notice the glance too because he covered his groin with his hands. “Oh no, don’t even think about it! Thanks for putting ideas in his head, Nicolae.” Rhett blushed and looked away without saying anything. Something tells me that that wasn’t the first time he had thought of blowing Trey (I’ve seen him sneak peeks before) but I didn’t say anything. “This is it!” Cody informed us as we approached a large fraternity house. “In terms of size it is second; only our house is larger. As of right now it is considered the best fraternity too.” “That will change,” Trey said with a smirk. We entered the house since the door was open and walked into their ballroom and were approached by three handsome, smiling guys. The one in the middle was huge! He was roughly six foot ten and his shoulder blades must be three feet apart from each other. He had a handsome face with a natural tan and dark features–if I were to guess, he came from an Egyptian background–and I’m only basing that of stereotypical images of izmit escort bayan pharaohs so why am I pretending to know anything on the subject? The guy on the right of the giant looked completely tiny next to the giant, seeming to be about five foot three but he had a mischievous look about him as he quite obviously checked the five of us out–did he just seductively lick his lips at me? The guy on the left of the giant was roughly six foot two and seemed to be rather shy and reserved based off his mannerisms (he kept averting his eyes when one of us made eye contact with him). He was pretty muscular and had a lot of dark chest hair popping outside of his designer polo shirt. “You must be the new fraternity I’ve heard so much about!” the giant beamed. “My name is Ryder and I am the Recruiting Chairman for this fraternity. This is Jake,” he said, gesturing towards the short guy, “and this is Luke,” he continued, gesturing towards the hairy guy, “They are my fraternity brothers, though we usually just shorten it to ‘brothers’ like most fraternity folk.” I introduced us to them, stating our names and titles. “I heard they were hot but you never said they were this hot,” Jake said, overtly checking us out again. I saw Luke blush and Ryder just shook his head. “Forgive my rude friend,” Ryder apologized. “Since when is calling people ‘hot’ rude?” Jake said. “I think it is a compliment–but seriously? Have you ever seen a group of people hotter than them? They even have hot identical twins!” “Jake…” Ryder warned. “You know I speak my mind so get over it. They are all like hotter versions of really hot celebrities, you,” he said pointing at Trey, “are like a hotter version of Kellan Lutz.” “Uh…thanks?” Trey commented uncomfortably. “You,” Jake pointed at me, “are like a hotter version of Sterling Beaumon.” “Who?” I asked. “I’ll show you later,” Cody whispered in my ear. “And you two,” Jake pointed at the twins, “are like hotter versions of Austin Butler.” “Cool,” Cody grinned while Collin blushed. “On a random note–I’m a two, Luke is a one–but he thinks he is a zero, and Jake is a six,” Ryder informed us, confusing me. “What are you talking about?” I asked Ryder. “I’m going to guess that Nicolae is a four, Trey is a two, Cody and Collin are fives, and Rhett is a solid six.” “Answer his question,” Trey told Ryder in an impatient tone. “He’s rating everyone using the Kinsey scale,” Rhett informed us. “Very impressive,” Ryder complimented Rhett, looking a bit shocked. “You are using incorrect definitions for the ratings though,” Rhett informed Ryder. Ryder laughed. “I know; I just like my version better.” “Will someone fill us in on what’s going on?” Trey demanded. “He is using his own version of the Kinsey scale to rate how straight or gay he thinks everyone is with zero being completely straight and six being completely gay,” Rhett informed Trey. “Well put,” Ryder said with a smile. “Do you agree with the ratings?” Ryder asked Rhett. “Based off what I know about my brothers I would say your ratings are pretty accurate according to the definitions you use.” “Wonderful!” Ryder said, looking pleased. Trey rolled his eyes. “I think we’ve seen enough; let’s go home.” “We just got here, Trey,” I argued. Trey smirked. “Have you forgotten what we were going to do after the party? This appearance is just a polite formality.” I blushed, remembering his plan. The song that was playing in the background changed and Cody exclaimed, “We love this song, Collin!” and dragged his identical twin to the middle of the room reserved for dancing (nobody was currently dancing). After a couple of bars I recognized the song as Nelly Fertado’s “Promiscuous.” The twins started dancing seductively together (which I knew was just for show–it was appropriate considering the name of the song though). Soon everyone in the ballroom was watching the twins dancing together, only an inch apart from each other. Cody and Collin moved in complete synch with each other, which was the only reason why their groins didn’t actually make contact and grind each other. Their lips were so close to each other yet they never made contact as their bodies danced in perfect rhythm to the music. There in front of me was the hottest pair of identical twins in the world, dancing together in suggestive, twincest fashion. Their audience (which was everyone) watched in complete fascination while most of them were hoping they would either slip up or intentionally graze each other. I knew it was just an act between them–they were staying true to the song’s title while at the same time coming so close to giving the audience what they want but making sure they don’t give it to them. Trey pushed up against me and I could feel his hard cock on my ass. The song ended and the twins succeeded in never actually touching each other, disappointing the drooling audience. Cody came up to me and smiled, telling me he was ready to leave whenever I was ready. “We are leaving right now,” Trey commanded in a tone that left no room for arguments–not that I would after watching the twins’ dance, so we left. ******** “Goodnight Rhett,” Trey said dismissively as soon as we arrived home. Rhett eyes widened momentarily, then he seemed to realize we were about to do something with the twins so he simply wished us goodnight and went to bed. Trey said nothing to the twins as we all headed to my room. The twins followed us without instruction, seeming to simply know with their quasi-psychic connections to us that they were supposed to follow us. When we arrived in my room Trey closed the door and took off his clothes, revealing his prominent erection to the twins and me. It was clear to me that he did not want to waste time. They practically drooled staring at his naked form and then Cody looked over at me expectantly with a lustful look in his eyes. I took the hint and stripped out of my clothes and Cody groaned. Trey turned my head towards him and he kissed me. Our tongues danced and I could feel the stares of the twins on us. Trey broke the kiss. “I love you,” he said affectionately, and leaned in and kissed my forehead. izmit eve gelen escort “I love you, too.” “Oh, for fuck’s sake! Can we blow you yet?” Cody whined impatiently. Trey raised an eyebrow. “You think you’ve earned the right to suck my lover’s cock, Cody?” He then turned to Collin. “Why should Nicolae let you suck his soulmate’s dick?” Collin’s eyes just about popped out of his head before turning teary and he looked like he had the wind knocked out of him. Cody reached over and gently touched his brother’s arm. “La hiaw rix n’xiz. Za ukvaah za zepp rix xapp,” he told Collin in a calm voice, in the language they made up on their own (I call it Twinese) to communicate with each other. “E n’xiz,” Collin replied, looking calmer. “What do you want from us?” Cody asked Trey. Trey grinned. “I’m glad you asked. If you want to blow us, you will have to blow each other first.” “Is he serious?” Cody asked me, which made me blush. The blush gave him my answer. “Okay then,” he said, and started taking his clothes off. “What are you doing?” Collin asked Cody. “Baking a cake. What does it look like I’m doing?” He tossed all of his clothes aside then reached for Collin’s pants. “Woah, woah. Time out!” Collin shrieked, backing out of Cody’s reach. “Oh, come on. You want Trey’s cock as much as I want Nicolae’s cock, so let’s just blow each other and get it over with so we can blow them.” Trey frowned. “Well that kind of attitude kills the mood. Nicolae and I both agreed that it would be really hot to see you two together but we both want you to want to do it. Like an appetizer before the main course, but you are acting like we are asking you to eat a bar of soap first.” I nodded in agreement. “Trey, I-I love you, you know that, but you aren’t going to be able to force me into actually wanting to blow my twin brother,” Collin stammered. Trey seemed to think about for a moment and then a devilish grin came upon his face. He gave his hard cock a few jerks and I watched as his precum pooled out of the slit of his cock. “Both of you come here,” Trey ordered the twins and they came and stood close to us. Trey had some precum on his hand from jerking his cock and he lifted his hand towards Collin’s mouth. Collin’s face lit up and he eagerly leaned forward and licked Trey’s hand clean. “Oh fuck–please Trey.” Trey grinned and with a few more jerks he was able to get another copious supply on his hand, but this time he brought it up to Cody’s mouth. “Don’t you dare open your mouth until its time,” and then he spread it across Cody’s lips. “You two are going to have to share this time.” Cody looked confused but Collin leaned and kissed Cody and the two of them started making out, sharing the load of precum that was spread on Cody’s lips. The two didn’t stop making out even after the Trey’s precum was gone and Trey and I just watched in lust as the two incredibly hot, identical twins made out. Cody reached down and unzipped Collin’s pants and this time Collin didn’t stop him as they awkwardly stripped Collin naked without breaking their kiss. Cody reached for Collin’s cock and Collin groaned into Cody’s mouth as Cody stroked his dick. They continued making out while Cody gave Collin a handjob and Cody suddenly broke the kiss. They looked into each other’s eyes for a second and Collin blushed but nodded without saying a word. Cody grinned and before Trey and I could even interpret what the nod and grin meant Cody got onto his knees and took the entire shaft of his twin brother’s cock into his mouth. “Holy shit,” Trey whispered with horny astonishment as Cody started deepthroating his twin with relative ease. “Has he been sucking your dick?” Trey asked as we heard Collin groan. “No, I…” I was interrupted by a moan of pleasure as Cody pulled off Collin’s dick and started sucking on his balls. “Fuck,” Trey whispered. Cody reached up and started simultaneously blowing and jerking Collin off. “Oh fuck! Awww…” was all Collin could muster as he blew his load in Cody’s mouth. We watched Cody’s throat swallow some of his brother’s load and he kept sucking Collin off for a while longer. Cody looked over at Trey and me and opened his mouth to show us some of Collin’s cum on his tongue then he shut his mouth and swallowed and opened his mouth again showing us that he consumed all of Collin’s cum. “Guess I get to blow Nicolae now!” Cody said with a grin as Trey and I both stared at him in awe. Collin got on his knees and started sucking Cody’s dick in the exact same way Collin blew him. “Oh fuck!” Cody exclaimed after a few minutes of deepthroating and simultaneous jerking, blowing his load into his brother’s throat. Just as Cody had done, Collin showed both Trey and me Cody’s cum on his tongue before swallowing, then opening his mouth again to show us he swallowed all of his brother’s cum. “I don’t think I will last long after seeing that,” Trey laughed nervously. “I won’t either,” I replied. “Guess it’s time we fulfilled our end of the bargain,” Trey said and climbed onto my bed, spreading his legs to give Collin full access his crotch. I followed suit and spread my legs to give Cody full access. It took what seemed a fraction of a second to get the twins burying their faces between their legs. Something that amused me and made Trey grin was we both noticed that the twins’ movements were exactly the same. What made it more impressive was the fact that they were so focused on our groins that they didn’t even seem to notice that they were doing the same thing their twin was doing to their lover. I could see a lustful look of satisfaction on Trey’s face as the twins started rubbing their faces against our crotches. This did not last long because they soon took our cocks into their mouths and my vision went blurry from pleasure as Cody expertly slid my cock down his throat. I need to ask him whose dick he’s been sucking but at the moment I couldn’t form any words. He’s definitely better than Rachel, Trey, and my father. “You taste so damn good,” I heard Collin whisper to Trey as Trey simply groaned. Much to both my pleasure and izmit otele gelen escort dismay, I felt my orgasm come too soon. I tried to gasp a warning to Cody but I just moaned something inaudible but knowing Cody he knew I was going to cum because he went down all the way and swallowed my cum as I shot it down his throat. As my orgasm subsided, I looked over at Collin sucking Trey deep into his mouth and could tell by Trey’s breathing he was going to cum soon. Suddenly Trey reached down and shoved Collin down on his cock as he groaned, “Fuuuuccccckkkk!!!!!” and shot his load into Collin’s mouth. Collin pulled off Trey’s dick and Trey gave his cock one last stroke, getting a glob of cum out of his cock. He scooped it up on his finger and brought it to my mouth and I groaned as slurped his fruity cum from his finger. We all just laid there for a few minutes. Collin and Cody rested their heads on our groins like it was a pillow and Trey and I just stroked their soft, golden hair. Collin looked up at Trey. “Can I talk to you?” Collin asked Trey softly. “Yeah, we can go to my room,” he said. Trey then told me he loved and gave me a kiss on the lips before leaving with Collin. Collin looked up and grinned at me. “Alone at last,” he said in a weird voice, then wiggled his eyebrows at me. I laughed. “I wonder what he had to say.” Cody smirked and something told me he had an idea of what it was but I had another question I wanted him to answer. “What did you say earlier to Collin?” Cody faked a gasp of horror. “You want me to divulge the secrets of our language?” “No, you can paraphrase if you want to.” “Earlier when Trey called you his soulmate it struck a nerve so I comforted him a little.” “Why would that bother him?” I asked. “Because Collin is Trey’s soulmate.” I felt a jealous ache in my heart. I could tell Cody could tell that struck a nerve. “I’m your soulmate, Nicolae.” “What makes you so sure?” He looked hurt for a moment and looked away. I sat up and drew him in for a hug and I could tell the contact soothed him. “Do you remember when we first met?” Cody asked me quietly. I did remember. I remember seeing him and those beautiful eyes he had. “Of course I do.” “I remember it like it was yesterday. You were the first person to see me for me–you still are.” That confused me. “What do you mean?” “When we made eye contact that first day there was an instant spark. You looked at me and I felt like you truly saw me.” “What do you mean by ‘truly saw you?'” I asked. He looked sad for a moment. “We transferred to the same school as you in fourth grade. Before that, Collin and I could not be distinguished from each other by anyone.” “I thought you liked it that you both fooled so many people.” “I do love being so similar to him–he’s my best friend, but I wanted to be recognized as an individual too. I have many examples of what I mean but just one would give you an idea of what I mean. In gym class, when people were appointed team leaders and were choosing teams, they didn’t call us by our names, they called us by Twin Number One and Twin Number Two. When they called out Twin Number One, Collin would ask which one of us was Number One, and the kid would just laugh and ask ‘Does it matter? You’re like the same person.'” My heart broke a little hearing that. “I’m so sorry.” He smiled at me. “That all changed when I met you–I fell for you instantly. When we met for the first time, you looked in my eyes and held my gaze for the longest time.” I blushed. “I thought you had beautiful eyes.” Cody grinned. “I know, but the point is that you didn’t give Collin that much attention; it was always me. I never once had to correct you from thinking I was Collin because you always knew which twin was me from the moment we first met.” “I don’t know how to describe it, but I’ve always had a special connection with you that I just don’t have with Collin. I mean, I consider him one of my best friends, but with you there always has been some sort of spark.” Cody grinned at me. “That is because we are soulmates. Trey has the same spark you just mentioned with Collin.” I frowned. “I’m not trying to say the love you and Trey have is in any way invalid–it’s very valid; I’m just saying that I’m your soulmate.” I tried to come up with words to explain how I felt. Cody smiled at me. “You don’t need words; I already know how you feel about it.” I smiled at him. Cody reached over and held my hand. “You don’t fully grasp how much it meant to me to have someone truly see me the way you do. You saved me from thinking that I was just some twin number nobody ever cared to get to know.” “Is that why you love me?” I asked him. “One of the many reasons, but that would be the first reason. I’m certain that we were made for each other. Every time I think I couldn’t possibly love you anymore than I already do I learn something new about you and I just love you even more.” “Do you wish you were my number one?” I asked him. The question may seem cold but I truly wanted to know how he felt so I could make things right if I could. “Every damn day,” he admitted softly. My heart ached for him. “Why didn’t you tell me?” “I will always do whatever it takes to make you happy. The open relationship you have with Trey being your primary lover makes you happy and any interference beyond that of a secondary lover on my part would diminish that.” I honestly didn’t know what to say. “You don’t have to say anything,” Cody said. “I need you to know that I love you,” I told him, and then I kissed him softly on his lips. Cody kissed me back. “I love you, too. Let’s get some sleep so we aren’t exhausted the first week of college.” I laughed. “Good idea.” I laid back down and Cody came and snuggled up with me. After a couple of minutes, I could tell he fell asleep. I sighed. I always thought that Cody liked just being in the background until he found an opportunity to make me happy but I now realized that he wants to be with me the way Trey was with me. I guess I was pretty naïve to think otherwise. He had always just seemed so happy with just making me happy. I knew that that happiness was genuine, but now I can also tell he wants more from our relationship. I yawned and looked at the time. Maybe I will just call my father tomorrow and ask for his advice. He always knew what to say. I kissed Cody on the forehead and felt myself drift into sleep. To be continued…

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Subject: Chapter 2 – Sleeping Dad This is a work of fiction involving incestuous themes. Please turn back if underage or against your sensibilities. Everyone else, if you like what you read and want to offer suggestions/feedback don’t hesitate to mail me at ail. I love hearing what you liked most and how you would like it to progress. Please continue supporting this wonderful site by making a small donation to . ————————————————————————— Matt almost tripped over his Dad’s clothes in his unwavering quest to get to him. He steadied himself ad let his eyes adjust to the light from the windows. His Dad was sprawled on the bed lying on his stomach with a sheet partially covering him, facing away from the door and one leg hanging out almost trailing the floor. “Dad?”, Matt called out hesitantly. “You ok? Dad?”. Steve didn’t respond. `Dad?”, Matty said a little louder. Still nothing. Matty put a hand on his fathers back and shook him lightly. At this Steve mumbled something unintelligible and snorted but barely stirred. Matty was a little relieved his dad was ok. But now other thoughts started taking over. The starlight was compounded further by a waxing moon, with the result the room was pretty well lit for Matt to take in everything. That one loose leg out of the sheet was bare and sock-less. Matt stared transfixed. His father’s leg was long, muscled and covered in light blonde hair. Even in the dull light he could make out the hairs on the thigh and shin ending in a smooth pink foot. Matt bent and lifted his dad’s foot and pushed it back on the bed. `Damn that’s heavy” he thought to himself. It was then he saw the large wet spot on the sheet, which could only be the sweat and cum from earlier. That mixed with the musk of his dad’s foot escort kocaeli was intoxicating. He stood there at the end of the bed staring at his dads prone figure and debating with himself whether he should just go back to bed. “Just a peek” he thought to himself. Matt pinched the end of the sheets between his fingers and gingerly peeled it off away from the feet. The more he peeled the sheets back, the faster his heart was racing as more of his dad’s naked skin was laid bare. First the pink feet, at least a size 11. Matt was a size 12 himself. This lead to smooth white ankles that seemed to glow with their own light in the reflection. Then the forest of light blonde hair began going up thick meaty calves and disappearing into hefty thighs. Matt carefully lifted the sheets further making sure his dad was still sleeping. Steve’s thighs were like large bristly tree trunks. Matt gulped in anticipation of what he was gonna witness farther. He carefully folded back the sheet in hopes of seeing that huge bubble ass that he always only had seen wrapped in baggy gym shorts or jeans. But as he pulled the sheet back, his hope was dashed as the first few inches of fabric showed. Steve still had his briefs on. “Fuck”, Matt cursed under his breath. Frustrated, Matt just removed the sheet altogether in one quick pull from his dad and let it fall to the ground. Steve lay exposed on his stomach, in just his black underwear. They were pulled down just a little so he could see a little bit of the butt crack with a thin line of dark blonde hair disappearing down it. Steve’s huge pale back was smooth and hairless heaving gently to the rhythm of his soft snores. Matty couldn’t stop staring. His cock that had been twitching this whole time was starting to grow again. Matty adjusted his shorts and pushed kocaeli anal yapan escort his dick down. His hand came away slick in more precum. He wiped it off on his shorts. Then reached out a slightly unsteady and cum slicked hand to Steve’s back and shook him gently. “Dad?” No response. Matty then trailed his hand down his Dad’s smooth back. As it brushed against the soft hair, he folded his hand with just an index finger now tracing the path of the golden trail. Matty slipped his finger down the dark mysterious tunnel formed by the fabric of the underwear against his Dad’s huge globular ass. His finger almost got wedged in the butt crack. He hooked his finger and lifted up the brief, meaning to pull it down, just a little bit, to release those golden globes. Thats when his dad stirred. Matt was paralyzed. He had has his finger down his Dad’s crack. He was erect as a pole himself. The sheets were pulled clean off of him. This was not a good position to be discovered in by his Dad. Matty’s breath was stuck in his threat just as his finger was in Steve’s underwear. Steve just grunted, his hand then came down to his butt. Matty quickly pulled his finger off, the elastic snapped back gently. Steve proceeded to put his hand down his underwear and gave his ass a vigorous scratch. Then grunted again and turned on bed, now lying on his back, legs spread out, head lolling to the side, and began snoring again. “That was close”, Matty thought to himself. He stood there unable to move, transfixed by the sight before him trying to figure out his next steps. Unconsciously, he brought his index finger to his nose as if in deep thought. The smell hit him like a truck and broke his reverie. It was the finger that had been down the butt. It was slightly izmit yabancı escort wet in his dad’s sweat, his own precum and smelled strongly of musk and soap. It was such a heady mix, Matty put his finger to his mouth without even a second thought. He swirled it around his tongue and tasted the tang of sweat and salty sweetness of his own precum, accented by a floral reminiscent of his dad’s body wash. In that instant, Matty wanted to lick his Dad’s whole body and give him a tongue bath. that taste was like nectar, he could survive off of that. He wanted more. He looked at Steve again, prone on his back. Steve had a light stubble down the side of his face that Matty could see. His father’s chest was huge and well defined. They were heaving gently in rhythm with his snores. His chest was covered in short blonde hair around two large pecs. His areolas were like two pink oasis in a golden desert. He had big fleshy nipples standing out like little tree stumps even as he slept. They looked firm and plump but had a softness to them like a cherry. The trail of blonde hair was thickest between his abs down a straight line from his chest disappearing into those briefs, getting thicker and more lush. His abs were not defined but they were there, covered in just enough fat to hint at solid muscles underneath. Similarly he had a hint of love handles but just barely enough to pinch. The hairs on his chest seemed to be slicked back in a couple spots. Matty realized those must be the little cum pools from the session not that long ago. He squinted and could now see the glistening of the cum and sweat in 3 distinct pools across Steve’s chest, belly button and left side of his hip. Matty was rock hard at the thought that slipped through his mind. He wanted to smell it. He wanted to taste it. He licked his lip. Matty bent down, inches from his father’s chest, barely breathing. His pink tongue darted out. —————————————————————————– More action in chapter 3. Please do send feedback and suggestions. thanks for the encouragement guys!

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Subject: Uncle Ian – Chapter 5 Uncle Ian Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. Uncle Ian — Chapter 5 We finished the shower and dried off. Uncle Ian gave me a hug then I watched as he padded down the hall to his bedroom. I turned and went to my room. Sex with Ian was amazing, but I was left with feelings of guilt when it was over. I could not imagine what Uncle Jimmy would say if he found out. If he got mad and threw me out I had nowhere to go, and what if he told my mom? Our relationship was already fucked up this would completely destroy it. I went back to my room and laid on the bed. I could not sleep at all. Thoughts ran through my mind going back and forth to what Ian felt inside of me to what Uncle Jimmy would think of me. Would he hate me. I tried to reason that this was all Ian’s fault. That he was the adult and he should have stopped it. I decided that I couldn’t let it happen ever again. That it could go no further and if Jimmy found out I would apologize and leave the house so that I didn’t cause him any additional harm. The next day I avoided Ian completely. I heard him getting ready, but this time I watched as he got into his car and drove away. Once the house was empty, I left my room and got some food. I spent most of the day looking for a job and even spent some time online checking out some local guys on a dating app. Some of the guys that chatted with me were ok. Somehow my tastes had changed over the past few days. Ian was one of the hottest men I had ever been with. Even though it was wrong I could not deny it was amazing. Prior to Ian the guys I had been with were all very similar; my height and build, not fem but not over-the-top as masculine as Ian, in good shape but hot buff, and all were about my age where Ian was old enough to be my dad. I started to expand my online search parameters to increase the age group. I had started with my usual 18-25 range but most of these guys seemed too young to me now. I increased my search and my preference to guys 30-45 to see if anything would interest me. With my new parameters I started to get message dings on the app. Some of the guys I immediately discounted, either too old or too fat, or just seemed creepy. One guy seemed interesting. The app showed he lived close. His profile said he was 39, bisexual 6’2 and 190 pounds. In his picture, he was hairy, even hairier than Uncle Ian and he wanted to bottom. “I never fucked a guy before” I texted “You can try it on me if you want” He replied sending a picture of his ass. It was nice and firm and very hairy which I seemed to really like a lot. My dick was pounding hard in my shorts thinking about it. “Come on man, I need kocaeli escort bayan it” he texted. After a bit more thought I decided to say “ok”. His house wasn’t far, and I arrived quickly. I was caught a bit off guard when he opened the door. I was not expecting to find him dressed in a suit and tie. “Are you getting ready for work?” I asked looking at him. I couldn’t help noticing that he looked very good in his dark blue suit with a pale blue shirt and tie. “No, I am in real estate. I am showing houses. This is one of my listings” he replied. “This isn’t your house?” I asked feeling a bit worried. “It’s ok, my client is out of the country. The house is safe to use.” He replied leading me to the back of the house and into a large bedroom. “Are you ready to fuck me?” he asked then reached out his hand and placed it on my crotch. I jumped back not expecting him to do that. “Sorry, I never did that before” I said. “But you want to try it don’t you?” he questioned. Before I could answer he dropped to his knees and started to bury his face in my crotch. My dick started to react as he continued to rub himself against me. The guy reached up and unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. It was rock hard as he took it into his mouth. “Fuck this guy knew how to suck dick” I thought as he went to work. I started to rock back and forth on my heels sliding my dick into his mouth as far as he could take it. “Wow that’s a nice cock. I want it in me” he said rising to his feet. Once he was standing in front of me, he bent forward and placed his wet lips on mine pulling me to him. I reached up and loosened his tie then unbuttoned his shirt. His body was very hairy, but it felt soft more like fur. The guy kicked off his shoes then unbuckled his pants and let them slide to the floor exposing his lower half. His lower half was almost as hair as the top half. His pubes were thick and ran around his dick and balls. “I need to feel you in me” He said as he backed up to the edge of the bed then sat down pulling me to him. He leaned over and took my dick back into his mouth and began sucking it again. His mouth felt good and I would have been content blasting a load into his mouth, but he had other things in mind. The guy stopped sucking and pulled me to him “Fuck me” he said looking up at me from the bed, then he laid back and raised his legs exposing his hole. My dick jumped at the sight and the thought of fucking him, but at the same time I was nervous. “Do you like it?” the guy asked. “Yeah” I responded, looking down. “What do you want me to do?” I asked. “Rub the head on my hole. I want to feel your precum sliding around” I took my cock by the base and started to move it. I felt like I was going kocaeli sınırsız escort in slow motion as I started to touch his pink puckered hole. “Yeah that feels good man” he said as I started sliding my dickhead around making his hairy hole wet with precum. Then the guy reached down and grabbed my cock. “Move slowly or you’ll hurt me” He said as he pulled my dick to his hole. I watched as the head disappeared into his pink hole. I felt a push as if something elastic was stopping it. “Slow man” He said, and he took a deep breath. A few seconds later he started pulling me deeper into him. “Ok slide in slowly now” He said and wrapped his legs around my waist. I watched as my dick slowly slid into him, to the point where I could not see it anymore. I could feel my body pressed against his, my dick deep into him. “Fuck I need this man” he said once I was in deep. “Fuck me” he said. I looked down at him, his blue suit jacket and blue shirt open exposing his hairy body. His tie laying askew across his chest. I liked the way his body looked. It was manly and rugged, similar to Uncle Ian but not as muscular. More like a dad body I thought. I slowly began to pull back then slowly pressed in again. It really didn’t feel like much to be honest. I didn’t know what I expected. However, the faster I began to go the more incredible it felt. I began fucking the guy with everything I had, driving deep into him harder and harder each time. The guy seemed to love it and was moaning and squirming on the bed. “Yeah man fuck me, fuck me heard” he said so loud I was afraid someone could hear him. “Don’t stop” he said. “I’m so close” I said taking a deep breath. “Don’t cum yet I need more of a pounding” he said looking up. The guy then reached up and pulled his tie off. “Here wrap this around the base” he said handing it to me. The tie was soft and felt nice. “What do you want me to do?” I asked confused. “Wrap it around the base of your cock and balls” he said. I stepped back and my dick slipped out of his ass. I draped the tie over my dick then up and under my balls then back up. Immediately my dick felt even harder. “Now fuck me man” he said. I slid my dick back into him this time it was much easier. With the tie around my cock base, it somehow made the feeling better, even more intense. I began pounding his ass. Again, I had to stop as the orgasm got close. When I did the guy took my hand and brought it to his nipple. “Play with it” he instructed, and I began to rub it. He took my index finger and thumb and wrapped it around the nipple. “That’s it man pull on it” He said. His nipples like the rest of him were hairy and there was something hot about pulling izmit anal yapan escort on it and watching him react to it. With my other hand I reached forward and took hold of his cock. It was rock hard and hot in my hand. “Don’t do that or you will make me cum, he said. “I want to cum while you are fucking me.” Time had passed and I began fucking again. The tie around my cock base seemed to be tightening as my dick swelled even more. I drove my cock deep and deeper into him. At this point I stopped worrying if I was hurting him. As my own pleasure became more important “Yeah man your dick is amazing. Fuckin plant your seed in my hole” He said, and his words only drove my desire. “Fuck I am close” I said through gritted teeth as I kept fucking. “Pull the tie off when you are ready to cum” the guy instructed. I continued to hold back. I wanted to cum but didn’t want this to end. Sweat coated my face as I rammed my cock into him hard. I could feel it in my balls, I was going to cross a threshold that I would not be able to hold off much longer. I reached between us my dick still inside him and unwrapped my cock. Immediately my dick felt amazing and my orgasm started. It was like it was coming from my toes and up my back and into my dick powering my cum to shoot into him. I rammed my cock into him as I felt cum shoot jet from my dick. Just as that happened his ass clamped down on my dick and I watched as cum started to shoot from his dick. I watched in amazement as he began to coat his hairy body with cum without ever touching his dick. “Keep fucking” he grunted as he twisted on the bed from the orgasm. I continued fucking and watching in amazement as cum shot everywhere. With one last push, I emptied the last of my cum in his ass and one last blob dripped from his cock. When it was over, I did not move; I held my dick deep inside him with his legs wrapped around my waist. Both of us were panting and sweating. “Fuck that was incredible” he said, and a feeling of accomplishment and pride came over me. Finally, I slowly pulled my semi-hard cock from his ass. As I did, my cum oozed from his ass and onto the bed. The guy slowly lowered his legs to the ground and grabbed a towel. He began mopping the huge pool of cum on his chest and stomach before tending to his hole, then he stood up, pulling me into an embrace. His hairy body was sweaty but that seemed hot to me. I placed my hand behind his head, and we began to make out. I could feel his tongue deep in my mouth and I imagined what it would feel like in my ass like Uncle Ian had done. As we made out my dick began to get hard again. “Fuck I love young guys; you are always hard. I wish I had more time, but I have to get back to work. Maybe if you want to fuck me again?” he said pulling up his pants. We exchanged numbers and I went back to Uncle Jimmy’s place. ————————————————————————— Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at:

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Subject: True Life Of A Sex Addict Part 1 True Life Of A Sex Addict – Part One Categories: Gay, Incest, First Time Written By Andrew Marcus hoo Over the course of my 50 years of living, as of March 2020, I have literally had sex with thousands of men; starting with my father at the age of 5. I’m certain I am who I am today because of him. Sure, I lived one hell of a fucked up life, yet I have no regrets about what my father turned me into. My father trained me to be a submissive cock whore bottom, to which I remain as to this very day, in fact, I have only tried being a top once in my life, not liking it at all. My dad trained both my holes extensively for approximately two-years before ever allowing me to service another man. By the time I was 7, my father began letting his friends enjoy my amazing male pleasing talents. I experienced my first nigger escort dick By the time I was 10, I was already going into public restrooms, searching for cock and something I grew to crave; Cum, my reward for properly servicing a man. Sure I messed around with boys in my neighborhood, but it wasn’t the same. I’ve experienced the cocks of men, a little boy cock just didn’t do anything for me. This was the making of a true “Size Queen”. Something I still am to this very day, bigger is better! During my pre-teen years, I became interested in bestiality, allowing dogs in the neighborhood to fuck the hell out of me. When I couldn’t find any real dick to fuck me, I’d resort to finding objects to fuck myself with. Also during these years, I learned to suck my own dick, especially around the time I turned 11 years old and now able to produce my own sperm to swallow. izmit escort bayan During high school I decided that I should be paid for doing what I do best; sexually pleasing men, primarily pedophiles, though I didn’t truly understand that derogatory word, until later in life! I started pimping myself out to men in the Chicagoland area. This is something I continued to do until my early 20s. I stopped being a prostitute because I wasn’t able to control the cocks I was serving. If they pay for my services, I was obligated to pleasure them. During these years I discovered there are a lot of nasty trolls in the world with tiny cocks! So I began meeting men at adult book stores, porn shops and bars, giving me control on what cocks I would service. This continued until I turned 25, around the time of the Internet boom izmit sınırsız escort and meeting men I was talking with in AOL chat rooms. The new thrill, of having anonymous sexual encounters was more to my liking, something I still very much enjoy to this day. Oh…before I forget, sometime during the 1980s I also became fond of telephone chat lines and meeting up with fellow sex addicts! During my 20s until my 40s I travelled the world, always searching for new anonymous cock to suck. I’d say 90% of my traveling was devoted to hunting for dick. This is when I knew I was addicted to sex, primarily sucking dick and swallowing cum. Absolutely my most enjoyable pastime! Several of my past jobs I had were for the sole purpose of finding dick! Working at No Tell Motels was a favorite of mine! If this is something you want to read about, please let me know. If I receive enough favorable response, I’ll begin writing from memory, starting all the way back to 1975 when my daddy trained his little Caboose to become a good little cock whore. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments.

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