Suit Shopping

Suit Shopping

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Big Tits

Suit ShoppingWandering around the men’s department you’re checking out all of the suits we have to offer here at Macy’s. You reach your arm up and stroke each jacket testing the feel of the wool on your fingertips. I saunter up in a tight black pencil skirt hugging every curve that you can’t take your eyes off of, and a pair of bright red paten leather skysc****r heels. These shoes say fuck me all over them…I ask you, “is there something I can help you with, sir?”You tell me you’re in the market for a new suit, but aren’t sure of your measurements. Being the professional woman I am I ask you if you would be more comfortable with a gentleman assisting you today to which you respond…”No need to call anyone else to assist you look capable”First we look at the selection we have, you tell me color choices and fabrics you like while I am already undressing you in my head. Once we have an idea of your style I tell you we need to go into the back to take your measurements. I pull out my tape and start with your neck. Turn around bending over slightly so you can get a good look at me ass Jot down your number and ask you to spread your arms out.I stand back and admire the strength showing in your shoulders and the pure beauty that is your chest though you still have a shirt on my mind is racing. I slowly walk up to you and as casually as I can press my chest to yours in an effort to get the tape around your torso. I take this time to inhale your scent and even place a slight kiss on your neck. Again I turn away and jot down the numbers this time leaning over a little further so you have a better view of my ass. I measure neck to wrist and slowly izmir escort trace my nails down your exposed skin giving you a slight chill.It’s time to measure your waist so I ask you to please lift your shirt slightly. But now I think you’re on to me… You say “I think it would be better if I just take it off” I tell you that sounds like a fantastic idea. Your jeans have a nice fit to them but I can’t wait to wrap my arms back around you to measure you out. I again press my chest to yours in an effort to smell you and get my tape around your sexy body. This time I lean in even closer and lightly lick up your sternum. Hoping you didn’t really notice I continue with me actual job of fitting you for a suit. Turning around so you see my luscious ass yet again this time I pop up higher on my heels so it accentuates my strong legs as you begin to picture what those thighs would feel like wrapped around your waist. Time to measure the inseam now…. You tell me it would be more accurate if you took your jeans off and who am I to stop you? I slowly run the tape up your inner thigh and maybe just maybe allow my nails to meet that exposed skin once again. As your jeans are off I can clearly see that you are aroused. While I’m squatting down I look up to you meeting your eyes for the first time and ask you if anything else needs to be measured. At this point the flirting and touching has me way past my breaking point…I kiss the head of your cock through your briefs.Before I go any further I ask you if you are ready to try on any of the suits we spoke about before. You tell me there was something else you wanted to try on before we worry about the escort izmir suits. You grab the back of my head gently and pull down your briefs enough that your cock pops out and simply look down and me and smile. I lean forward and lick from base to tip of your gorgeous cock. Then I run my tongue all around the tip and dip into the little hole there experiencing your juices for the first time. I then open my mouth wide and sink all the way down your throbbing cock. I begin a slow but steady rhythm of sucking and rubbing while you hold the back of my head. I take you as deep as possible before you stop me. Though enjoying my mouth you want to know what could possibly be under that tight ass skirt. You grab me under the arms and pull me to a standing position and quickly spin me around. You tell me that my taunting you with such an ass wasn’t very nice and now I must be punished. You swiftly lift my skirt all the way to my waist and grab two handfuls of ass.After complimenting me on such a fine piece you bend me over my workstation and smack it hard. When I moan instead of yelp you smack the other cheek. Leaning over my back with your full weight and pushing your cock against my ass you whisper in my ear “is there anything I can assist YOU with today, miss?” I whimper and say, “Please fuck me”. No other words needed you stand up grab a handful of my hair and slam your cock into my soaked pussy.We both gasp at the sensation you because you had no idea how tight it would be and me because you feel so good inside me. You Tell me to hang on and begin fucking me like a wild man at my workstation. I beg you for more and more. You keep up your punishing izmir escort bayan pace and I tell you I’m about to cum. You tell me to soak your cock with my juices and I do.After that you turn me back around and force my ass on to the workstation where you then dip down and take a long hard stroke of your tongue against my bright pink hot pussy. You ask me if I want more and I’m still begging you for it. You spread my legs wide and slowly oh so slowly push your cock in me. You command that I watch as you fuck me. We both look down and follow your cock going in and out of me. I beg for faster and you deny me because you are enjoying feeling my walls flex against you at this slower pace. This time you get no notice that I’m about to cum other than my pussy clamping down on you like a fist. This time you get no notice that I’m about to cum other than my pussy clamping down on you like a fist. You lean forward and kiss me to shut me up while I again soak your cock with my cum. You pull out and tell me you want to pump your hot cum down my throat and I quickly scurry off the workstation and to my knees in front of you. This time while I have one hand on your cock and my mouth full of you bi reach my other hand down and begin stroking my clit. I allow your hands to lead my head with how you want this suck off to go. I occasionally lick harder as you fuck my mouth. I bare my teeth slightly to set you on edge. And as I feel myself starting to cum again I clamp my lips tightly around you and suck harder than ever. I want every drop of that cum In my throat and I want it now. I grab your balls as I suck and massage them letting you know I’m ready for you. You look down and me and explode in my mouth.Once finished I lick my lips and say thank you sir it was a pleasure assisting you today. And you tell me “And thank you miss for your assistance you were very helpful”.

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The Clio

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The ClioI couldn’t believe my eyes, although yes there were the drunken goggles but this guy looked amazing. He had the brown short wavy hair with a gorgeous beard not too long or thick and piercing blue eyes, at least that what I thought I was seeing. Jack Daniels was making this man look fit. I couldn’t remember what the clubs name was but on the dance floor the lasers were bouncing around the room whilst I danced with one of my friends whilst trying not to spill the vodka lemonade in my right hand. The music was beginning to die down for the next song when I felt like I was being watched. My friend Freya was looking at me to get her attention when she started to move around but kept eye contact I followed her. Little did I know she wanted me to see the person who had been watching me? It was the same man I had just been looking at when he was at the bar. I quickly drank my drink and went back to the bar to get another but this time I thought I would get 2 jagerbombs and a jack and coke. Freya followed me over to the bar and ordered the same. I was starting to feel like my arms were extremely light and when I went back to the dance floor the man with the piercing blue eyes had moved. It didn’t matter to me I was just looking to have a good time with my friends. Freya was dancing away and singing alot to the songs when her boyfriend Markus came over and started to dance with her. That was me out of the window anyway, bye bye Freya and hello loneliness. Just as I was moving through the crowd izmir escort to get back to the bar and stay out of everyone’s way a hand grabbed me and pulled me back to the dance floor. I didn’t see who it was but they felt warm. As we got back to the dance floor two hands grabbed my hips and began grinding against my butt. Whoever they were I couldn’t see them and I really didn’t like it. I fought to turn round to see if it was maybe someone I knew doing this as a practical joke. I was surprised to see those two piercing blue eyes staring back at me. He smiled and leaned in and kissed me. With the touch of his lips on mine I felt a tingling sensation in my pussy. No man had got that reaction from me before. He pushed me back down so his cock was rubbing against my ass and it felt good. Freya told me that she and Markus were away up to her house and that she would leave the door open for me when I came back. She saw I was “occupied” and left. I knew they would be having sex so I planned on going back in a couple of hours once they were hopefully done. I didn’t know how long I had been dancing with this guy but it felt amazing and I could feel a bulge forming in his pants. When I turned round and faced him I pulled his head down to mine and gave him one of the best French kisses I’ve done in a long time if I do say so myself. His hand was moving down to my hips and to my buttock grabbing them and teasing me. When he pulled apart his eyes locked with mine.“Fancy getting out of here and escort izmir going somewhere quiet?” he smiled“Sure” What else could I say he was like Mr nearly perfect? He grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs onto the street. It wasn’t a long walk until we reached a blue Clio. “Are you ok to drive?” I asked him“Yeah sure I only had a couple” Normally If I were sober I wouldn’t have dared get in a car with him like this or let alone someone I had only met an hour if that ago but there was something that attracted me to him. Before I could even get my belt on he was leaning in and passionately kissing me deep and he wanted it, he wanted it now. “I…Don’t even know your name” I managed to say between him kissing m“It’s Chris”“I’m Jess” The ignition started and I could see the bulge in his pants getting bigger and bigger. Reached over and pulled it out of his pants slowly working the shaft going up and down. “Hmmm…” he moaned out loud“You like that?”“Hm…Yeah. Faster” he asked and I obliged. I got faster and faster until he cummed all over my hand and his pants. Teasing him I liked the cum off my hands. It took us only 5 minutes until we reached a quiet spot. He put his seat all the way back and started jerking himself to get hard again. I could feel my pussy juices flowing in my denim shorts and my nipples getting harder and harder watching him jerk off. I put my seat back as well resting a leg on his dashboard hoping he didn’t mind. I pulled my shorts down showing my purple lace izmir escort bayan knickers that were soaking. Pulling them to the side I slipped two fingers in and pushed them hard and fast in and out of my pussy watching him get hard. Once he was hard he leaned over to me and put the back of the chair down. “Wait.” I asked him, I put a Johnny on his rock hard cock not wanting to take any chances. “You ready baby?”“Give it to me”He pushed his rock hard cock deep inside my pussy the radio playing through the speaker behind him. It was blocked out with the slapping of his balls on my ass. It felt so good. His cock was bug and thick and filled me up good. I let out a loud moaning and he got faster and faster. I wanted to be on top and managed to manoeuvre around him to get him on the passenger seat. His eyes were hungry wanting me more and more and I wasn’t going to disappoint him. Slowly I rose and fell on his cock teasing him like he teased me. His hands guided my hips and down on him. The faster I got the more I moaned.“I’m Cumming” I said to him. I could feel my pussy grabbing his cock and not letting go with the wash of the orgasm coursing through me. “Ughhhhh!” he pulled out and ripped the condom off covering my stomach in his cum. I leaned in and kissed him jerking the rest of his cum out of his balls. Once we were finished he drove me to the lane were my friends house was. “Will I see you again?” I asked“You’ve got my number” and he drove off. And sure enough there in my demin shorts pocket was his number. When I opened the door for my friends house the house was filled with their snoring. I climbed onto the sofa and pulled the cover over me slowly drifting into an endless sleep of the blue eyes man….Chris.

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The one time I was ‘taken for the team’

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Female Ejaculation

The one time I was ‘taken for the team’I previously posted an account of my ‘taking a woman for the team,’ and how blissful an experience it was. Fair is fair, and now I’d like to share a story in which a woman ‘took me for the team.’ It was the early 2000’s. A buddy of mine was first dating a girl and I went out with them and this girl’s friend. The girl’s friend was turned off (or intimidated) by my intellect. I forget what she said to her friend or how it was re-packaged for my ears, but after this first outing she did not hook up with me because she thought I was too much of a brain (or some such crap). I was not overly attracted to her. She did have a nice figure – thin and toned. Even though I had always been attracted to curvier women, I could recognize she had a tight, sculpted body. Her hair was not my favorite – kind of like a middle-aged mom, and since she would have been in her early 20’s at the time, it was too early to adopt a fashion like that, IMO. izmir escort So it was no big loss.Somehow I found myself out on a second double-date with my friend, his girl, and this girl (who thought I was too brainy). I guess I really didn’t have much else going on a the time. Well, this time the friend was friendlier. I think my friend (or her friend told her to give me a chance, that she wouldn’t regret it). One thing was for sure – she drank a lot more this evening. I was a little offended because I never thought myself the sort that someone would have to get drunk in order to get with, but I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to ‘hook up.’I use the term ‘hook up,’ specifically here because I decided early on that if I did allow myself to be ‘taken for the team,’ I was not going to have sex. It just felt too much like she was doing this out of convenience for her friend to go all the way. I knew I could fuck her very competently. My dick was (is) long and escort izmir wide and she was so thin. I managed to satisfy far larger women with more challenging physiques with my G-d given equipment and experience. I just could not convince myself to have intercourse with someone I didn’t think really liked me.Sure enough she did come back to my apartment and my friend and his gal went back to his. We started hooking up very soon after we got back to my place and it wasn’t long before we were both nude. “Oh my G-d, it’s true,” she said when she first set eyes on my cock. Yes, I too was reminded of that scene from Boogie Nights: “Oh, it’s true … your are Brock Landers.” I said, “What’s true?” She then replied, “I heard you had a big one.” Apparently, my friend who had never seen, but gave me the benefit of the doubt having heard rumors, told his gal about my surprisingly large cock, and his gal, in turn, told mine. Unfortunately, she was completely shaved, but I went izmir escort bayan down on her. She got into 69 and started blowing me. I must admit she gave very good head. So good that when she took a break to say, “I want you inside of me,” I was already practically orgasming. Not having changed my mind, I just moaned a little. It was a genuine moan because she had gotten me so close, but she thought I was responding to her invitation for sex. She returned my dick to her mouth, bobbed up and down no more than twice, and I orgasmed. I didn’t want to be so harsh as to not announce and force her to take my load in her mouth, so I said, “Sorry, too late … I’m already cumming.” To her credit, she just kept on sucking and swallowed a very healthy load, considering I cock-heaved seven times.That was all for that evening and I drove her back to her home in a distant suburb early in the morning. From that point on the shoe was on the other foot and she now wanted to see me again if for no other reason than to fuck, but I was only going to be taken for the team once. It was fun, but I knew I didn’t want to be in a relationship with her so I passed on any further dates, double or otherwise.

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Bir Otobüs Yolculuğu

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Bir Otobüs Yolculuğu

Eski kız arkadaşımla tatil dönüşünde otobüsün en arkasından iki kişilik bilet almıştık. Zaten eylül ayıydı ve otobüsün arkasının boş olacağını umuyorduk. Çünkü ailesinin yanında kalmıştım ve malesef tatil boyunca hiç sevişememiştik. En arkaya sağ cam kenarına orta yaşlı, pek güzel olmayan orta yaşlı bir kadın bindi. Sıçtığımızı düşünmeye başladım ve bi süre sonra bizde yattık artık bir şey yapamayacağımız için.

Birden uyandım ve kız arkadaşım kasıklarımı okşuyordu. 🙂 Bir yandan da gizli ve alay eder gibi bir tavırla uyuyan kadına bakıyordu. Direk erekte oldum. Elini şortumun aşağısından içeri soktu ve bacaklarımı okşamaya başladı. Ve pek tabi öpüşmeye de başladık. Otobüs çok sessizdi, bizde çok sessiz olmaya çalışıyorduk ama vıck vıck diye çıkan ıslak ağız sesleri yüzünden her an biri uyanabilirdi. Boynumu yalamaya başladı, elini boxerımın içine soktu. (kusura bakmayın artık penis, erekte gibi kibar kelimeler seçemiycem çünkü hatırladıkça azıyorum) Elini yukarı götürmeye çalışıyordu ama elini alttan soktuğu için boxer izin vermiyordu. Bir yandanda yaramaz bir kız gibi yandaki kadına bakıyordu. Onun o korkarak ama gizlice yaptığı şeyden zevk alan tavrına bitiyordum. O bakarken bende boynunu yalamaya başladım. Nefes alış sesleri güçlenince ağzını tuttum, durdum ve duyacaklar ses çıkarma gibisinden kafamı geri çekerek baktım. Oda kafasını biraz geri çekti ve sanki bir şey dememişim gibi parmağımı yakalayıp emmeye başladı. Şeyimin başına hala ulaşamıyordu, sinirlendi kökünü iyice sıktı. Sıkmasıyla beraber benim ucumdan biraz daha zevk suyu çıktığını hissettim. Şortum iyice ıslandı. Hayatımda o kadar heyecanlanmamıştım. Yakalanma korkusuyla beraber yaptığımız şeyin zevki 10 kat artmıştı.

Elini çektim, biraz doğruldum şortumu aşağı sıyırdım. Damarlarım artık kan basıncından şişmişti… Ben şortumu sıyırırken “napıyosun” dedi kısık sesle. Umursamadım. Kala kaldı ben soyununca. Islanmış şeyim gözünün önüne geldi. Emmeyi ne kadar çok sevdiğini o kadar iyi biliyodumki…

Arada kadına bakıyordu ve kadın hala uyuyordu ama bu sefer öndekilerin de uyanabileceğini fark ettik. Çünkü öndeki çiftin hareketlenmeleri başlamıştı. Hareketlenmeler dinince benimde kendimi geri çekmemle beraber, korka korka kafasını eğmeye başladı. Eğilmiş kadına bakıyordu, yumuşacık saçlarını okşayarak kafasını aşağı itmeye çalıştım. Ağzı şeyime temas etti. Ama özellikle açmıyodu. Bi yandan elleriyle kasıklarımı okşuyordu bir yandan da kuru dudaklarını şeyimin başına koymuş yapsam mı yapmasam mı diye karar vermeye çalışıyordu. Bir anda otobüsün yeşil uyku ışıklarıyla aydınlanan, ıslak dilini yavaşça çıkardı ve benden çıkan zevk sularını yalayarak yaymaya başladı. Sikimin üstünde otobüsün yeşil ışığını görebiliyordum. Çok kaygandı. Bu azdırma kısmını o kadar yavaş, korkak ve bir o kadarda istekli yapıyordu ki. Off kelimelere dökebilmek gerçekten çok zor.

Biraz diliyle oynayarak bana can çekiştirip işkence yaptıktan sonra gözlerini kapatıp bütün hepsini yavaşça ve dikkatli bir şekilde ağzına soktu. Dudakları o kadar güzeldiki dişlerini hissetmiyordum bile. Şeyimi ağzıyla kavradı. Her şeyimi verebilirdim o an.

Kafasını elimle nazikçe ittikçe daha derine gidiyordu. Bir yandan saçlarını okşuyor onu ne kadar sevdiğimi düşünüyordum. Sonra kafasını geri çekip dilini içerde çevirmeye başladı. Ses çıkarmamaya çalışıyodu ama ben zevkten offluyordum zaten. Çıkan ıslak temas sesleri beni daha çok azdırıyordu. Sikimin altı kısmını eliyle iyice sıkıyodu ve beni daha da sertleştirip sikimin başını ağzının içine düzenli bir hızda sokmaya başladı ama çok hızlı değildi. Beni çıldırtmayı çok iyi biliyodu çünkü. Boşalmadan önce son bir kez kadına bakayım dedim. Kafamı çevirir çevirmez kadının bakışını yakaladım, suratını çevirdi ve gözlerini kapattı. Yalandan homurdadı yeni uyanmış havası vermeye çalıştı. Gözünü tam açmadı ama. Ben sadece biraz uyandım ama hala uyuyorum havası vermeye çalıştı aslında tam olarak. İlk başta hasktr dedim bi ama daha sonra iyice tahrik oldum. Büyük ihtimalle yaptığımız her şeyi öylece izledi. Bu esnada kız arkadaşım hala köpek gibi beni sömürüyordu. Kafası yukarı gittiğinde ağzını nerdeyse tamamen çıkartıyor ve eliyle beraber tekrar aşağı iniyordu. Çok fazla dayanamadım. Ağzına boşaldım. Ve gerçekten çok fazla sperm boşaldı. Hepsini yuttu. Boşalma esnasında kafasını kollarımla iyice sıktım. Ama canını yakmamaya çalışmak istiyordum. Saçlarının üzerinde elim kayıyordu. Bu esnada o kadının da bize bakmasını istiyordum. Nasıl boşaldığımı görmesini istiyordum. Sevdiğim kızın nasıl her şeyden habersiz bir şekilde üzerimde kalan spermleri severek yaladığını görmesini istiyordum.

Sevdiğim kızın kafasını okşuyordum en azından tek yapabileceğim şey buydu… Bu sırada kadına baktığımda uyuma numarası yapmaya tekrar başladığını gördüm. Terminale geldiğimizde bavulları alırken gözgöze geldik çekingen ama meraklı bir bakışla beni süzdü. Sonra hiç birşey söylemeden gitti.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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bu sitede herkesin yaşamından kesitler vermesi ve diğer arkadaşlarla paylaşması güzel. bu siteyi hazırlayanlara teşekkür ederim. mesleğim gereği tüm turistik yöreleri geziyorum. iki gün önce pamukkaledeydim.

ilk günümdü pamukkalede. daha yeni geldim ve arababı park ederken bir adam yanıma gelerek, pansiyon olduğunu ve ucuz olduğunu eger arzu edersem boş oda olduğunu söyleyerek, kartını bırakıp gitti. iki müşteriye uğradıktan sonra motele gidip kaydımı yaptırdım. kaydımı yaptırırken içeriye gelen iki bayana dikkatlice baktım. onlara baktığımı fark eden bayanın teki hafifçe gülümsedi. ve ben ona hitaben merhaba dedim. merhaba sözcüğüyle başlayan tanışmamız akşam yemeği ile devam etti. otelci benim onlarla birlikte olmadığımı bildiğini ve bu nedenle önce onların odalarına gitmelerini ve daha sonra benim odama çıkacağımı ve arzu ederlerse bir şeyler içmek için odama beklediğimi söyledim. tabiki bu fasıldan önce hayli kur yaptım ve onlarda karşılık verdiler hatta yemek yerken önce ayakkıbımı ayağımdan çıkarıp, masa altından ayağımı birinin ayağına değdirdim. o ses çıkarmayınca cesaretlendim ve ayağıma biraz daha yukarıya çakırdım ve yemek yediğimize dek ayayağımı bir kaç defa bal kutusuna değdirmiş oda bundan hoşlanmış olmalıki bacaklarını tam açmış ve böylece sağ ayağım tam hedefi buluyordu.

şansım yaver gitmişti. çünkü onların oda numarası 12 ve benimki 11 di. anlayacağınız yanımdaki odada idiler. odaya çıktığımda onların şuh kahkahaları dışarıya kadar geliyordu ve odama girip önce duş alıp, yarı çıplak olarak odalarını tıkladım. kapı açıldı. onlara bir şeyler hazırladıığımı isterlerse odama buyurabileceklerini söyledim. adını özlem olduğunu öğrendiğim uzun saçlı, esmer tenli, 1.75 civarında boy sahibi olan \”YO BİZ SENİ BEKLİYORUZ. GELİRMİSİN\” dedi. odaya girdğimde aleyna odada yoktu.aleyna sarınşın bir izmir dilberi.

aleynayı sordum banyoda oldğunu söyledi.

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ve onu öpmeye doyamıyordum dilim diliyle dans eder, ve elim amını okşarken banyo kakpısı açıldı ve içeriye aleyna içeri girdi ve çırılçıplaktı ve bizi önce seyretti.

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FEMDOM MARRIAGERules and guidelines for proper slave husband to proper oral servitude :1. Consider orally serving a woman a privilege and honour.2. Always be ready, eager and willing to serve her orally in any way and as much as she likes, at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances, no matter whether she just was at the gym for a workout or whether she is just having her periods or whether she just had sex, with you or any other man. You always owe her your full oral servitude at all times. Consider it your basic duty as a ( gentle-)man to serve a lady like that.3. Consider Cunnilingus and Anilingus as the basic and natural form of having sex with a woman.4. Never expect anything in return, let alone demand any sexual favours in return.5. Absolutely never and under no circumstances ejaculate without her explicit permission. Do not masturbate or play with yourself while serving her orally, unless she wants you to.6. Whenever you think about losing control, beg her to help you, i.e. with some harsh testicle treatment ( slapping, kneading and/or stretching vigourously ) in order to immediately abort your urge to ejaculate and cool you down. It is YOUR izmir escort duty to signal it to her early enough to avoid unpermitted ejaculation. There is no excuse for it, no matter how much she has been teasing you !7. Whenever allowed the privilege to ejaculate always instantly and automatically lick up every drop of your own slime, no matter where it has ended up. Should you have been granted the utmost privilege of being allowed to ejaculate inside her body ( vaginal or anal ), ensure that every trace of your male slime is again being instantly removed from her body by sucking and licking her vagina or anus with utmost respect, devotion and gratitude until she has been perfectly cleaned again from your mess. An excellent way for you to do so is to offer her your face to sit on, however always do it the way she likes it best.8. Always express utmost and humble respect when serving a woman orally, i.e. any form of oral service is always performed with you being fully naked, kneeling in front of her ready to serve, even if you are only required to tongue clean the soles of her shoes or kiss her anus ! You can only remain clothed or semi clothed if explicitly izmir escort bayan instructed by her to do so.9. Never touch her with your hands and always keep your hands firmly behind your back at all times while serving her orally, unless instructed by her to use your hands in any other way.10. Always follow her wishes and instructions promptly and eagerly no matter how much discomfort or humiliation it may cause you and never stop until she tells you to, pushes you away or simply gets off you.11. Always be prepared to eagerly drink and swallow any form of vaginal discharge, slime, sweat, juices, menstruation, semen (!) and of course her urine. Always lick her properly clean after she has climaxed and thank her for the privilege with a deep, passionate and memorable anal French kiss.12. Consider it a gentleman’s duty to offer her your mouth as ladies toilet at any time. Always assume the necessary position, which allows her maximum ease and comfort and enables you to swallow every drop, i.e. without causing any mess. Learn to swallow continuously and efficiently, allowing her to use your mouth freely without any restrictions or inhibitions. Always lick escort izmir her clean after she has used you and thank her afterwards.13. Equally when tongue serving her anally, be prepared to tongue clean her anus AND rectum (!) properly from any sort of dirt, especially when she wishes to use your tongue instead of toilet paper. Always ask for permission to wash your mouth after tongue serving her anally, should you be required to perform further oral services for her or any other woman. Never perform Cunnilingus after you have performed Anilingus, without washing your mouth first ( -> could cause vaginal infections ). Otherwise of course be proud to taste her anal flavour in your mouth for as long as possible.14. The presence of other women does not change any of the above rules, i.e. when required to serve her you perform with equal eagerness and passion, strip fully naked and kneel in front of her, willingly enduring the humiliation it may cause you being exposed, paraded or shown off in front of other women.15. Accept the right of your lady to always offer your oral services as well to other women. Always obey her and serve any other lady given to with utmost respect and devotion in any way required, no matter whether you like her looks or not and accept the humiliation as a proof of your love for your lady and a proof of your respect and adoration for the female sex.

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Anne porno aldatma hikaye evli kadın kudurmuş gibi sikişiyordu

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Annika Albrite

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“Clare” Unconventional Aunt Ch. 02

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I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be. I have met almost his entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years. I don’t know how, I asked, he didn’t say.

They all have in one way or another committed incest. I doubted Daniel and others I talked to at first. I soon learned how naïve I was. Over the last three years I decided to put them to paper. There are ten stories in all. I started submitting them here for your consideration.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long. Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Daniel insisted I talk to one person before any others. That person was JB.

This story is one that almost never saw the light of day. Jay at first rejected any attempt to publish this. Clare on the other hand encouraged it. They are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

This is the second chapter. Jay has stepped over the line with Clare. He now struggles with his feelings for Clare. Jay learns Odell is not to be trifled with.


“That is the first orgasm I’ve ever had!”

Clare continued to weep. I had a feeling she was somewhat inexperienced but this was a shock. I was afraid mom or Jesse would come back if they heard her cry.

“Shhh, it will be ok. I promise.” I whispered. I rolled her to the side and just held her. Eventually she became very still. Then it dawned on me she was asleep. I closed my eyes and followed her. I was sleeping in the wet spot and was happy to do it.

“Jay I don’t know how to say this…” Mom stopped to collect her thoughts. “I don’t remember ever seeing Clare this happy. I am thankful for what you have done. She has never had anybody treat her like this. Be careful JB. Think this through before you take this too far.”

“I understand.” I replied.

“No I don’t think you have.” She corrected me.

“Mom. I think I may have already done that? I said. She looked confused. “I went too far.”

I looked at Mike for backup. He knew better than get in the middle of this.

“Did you?” Mom asked stunned.

“No. But, well I guess you can say I helped her out!” There was no way to put it mildly.

“Did she help you?” Mike asked so mom wouldn’t have to.

“No. It is the only time, but…”

“What? Jay just say it.” Mom was pissed and impatient.

“She told me it was the first time she ever, you know…climaxed.”

“Oh. Oh dear!” Mom grew silent.

“That was what Jesse heard last night.” I explained. “I thought I was helping.”

“Maybe you were, but JB, this has got to stop. And stop now! I am worried just as much about you as her. You can get hurt too you know?”

“What do you mean?” I had never thought about that.

“Jay she is married. I will not have my son be a home wrecker. As much as I hate that man, and I do hate that man, I will not allow it!” Mom stared me down. “She under his spell. She always has been. My bet is she will not leave him willingly.”

“But mom he abuses her!” I protested. Mike was taking this all in silently analyzing it.

“That is exactly my point. You are smart see for yourself. Read about it.” She was challenging me. “If she leaves him freely you have my blessing. But if you, if you cross that bridge.”

“What are you saying?” I was confused now.

“I believe what your mother is trying to tell you is you need to expose Odell for what he really is. A bully and a fraud.” Mike stated.

“But how do I do that and not turn her against me?” I protested.

“Maybe you can’t JB. Are you doing this for you or for her?” Mike asked.

He was one of the smartest people I knew and had he had just put me in my place. Was I really helping her, or just using her against Odell? I did not feel so smug right now.

Mom went up to see Clare. She was gone for almost an hour. When she returned she had the sheets from our bed and headed to the basement. Clare finally came down. She sat beside me but I could tell she was upset. Dad left us alone.

Jesse made it down at the crack of eleven and pranced in the kitchen.

“How is your toe?” She asked Clare. Oblivious to the drama unfolding she was trying to be funny.

“My toe?” Clare looked at me.

“Yeah you know, Jay, JAY, JJJJAAAAYYYY!!” Jesse teased. I thought Clare was going to cry but just then mom came up from the laundry.

“Jesse!” What they were doing is none of your business!”

“Doing? What they were doing? Oh you two kids!” Jesse teased.

“Jesse!” izmir escort bayan Mom warned.

“Well all I can say, from what I heard, I hope to stub my toe that hard some day!” Jesse continued.

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing and so did Clare. Only mom seemed not to find it funny. All I know is it weren’t for Jesse the day would have probably turned out much different. It was out in the open. Now it was a matter of where to go from here.

Sunday Clare and I started back, it was a beautiful evening. After last week, the business, Dr. Nelson and now Clare I felt I was sinking in quicksand. I needed a break. I just needed something to go my way. I felt closer to Clare than ever before and now today it was like the rope was covered in grease and she was slipping away and I was helpless to stop it.

I look over at her. I wonder if Mike is right. Am I doing this for me? Is it out of pity? Am I helping her or using her to make myself feel better about me? Am I trying to take her from Odell just so I can say I won? Then what? Toss her aside? Would I be happy to fight for her just to leave Odell? I do care! I want her to be happy, but happy without me? That I can’t say.

“You ok Jay?” Clare was in her new yellow dress, she looked lovely.

“I’m fine just a few things on my mind I guess.”

“Am I one of them?” She asked. It was an honest question.

“You are.” I replied.

“Are you going to leave me?” Clare sat up and looked my way.

“Do you want me to?” I was rude answering a question with one. Clare did not answer.

Neither did I.

“I am not like your mother. I was always shy. I still am.” Clare started. “I didn’t date much. Odell was different. The others all they wanted was sex and more sex. I was afraid. I can’t explain it.”

“Clare you don’t have to…”

“Yes I do, you need to know. With Odell it was more about being together. At least at first. He didn’t ask and I didn’t offer. Sex was always so distant.” She stopped to collect herself. “I don’t know why I said I would marry him but I did. At first he was the same but then he started going out at night. What I feared most was being alone, and now I was.”

She stared out the windshield. I was going to say something but she let me know she was ok.

“I got pregnant once. No one knew then. Not even your mom. I don’t know how? I wanted a baby but we rarely had sex, and never for more than a few minutes. I told Odell and he got mad. Very mad.” Clare touched the scar on her cheek. “I lost the baby. We told everyone it was a car accident. That way if they found out about the baby, it would cover that too.” Her hand never left the scar.

“Odell did it?” I asked.

“He didn’t mean to.” She looked at me scared. I knew better than to question that. She would just need to defend him further. “Anyway, I can’t have more kids. When Odell found out I was pregnant he sent me to see Dr. Abu. Then I had a miscarriage, something went wrong I guess. He was the doctor that told us. I will never forget that day. I have been alone ever since. Until you came that is.”

“And Odell where does he go at night?” I wasn’t sure I should ask.

“I’m not sure. I really don’t care.” Clare was clearly affected. “He hangs out with buddies, drinks and gambles.”

“Will you leave him?” I didn’t want to ask but I needed to know.

“Rhonda asked me the same question.” Clare said. That was no surprise. “He is my husband. I promised through better or worse.” She looked at me. “What we did last night can never happen again as long as I am married to him.”

And I thought it was me who would say that to her. But then it occurred to me. Clare didn’t say never, just as long as she was married to him.

“What if he leaves you?” I asked.

“He won’t, he can’t!” She looked at me in a telling way.

“What would he have to do to change your mind?” I pried.

“If he was unfaithful to me. That would be different.” She gave me that same look. She was protecting him. I don’t know why but she was. And she was telling me how to fix it.

“So are you going to leave me now?” Clare asked.

“Do I still get a kiss good night?” I teased.”

“No spice?” She asked smiling now.

“If you insist.” I replied.

“What about Melody?” She asked.

“I think that ship has sailed. She won’t answer my calls.” I said.

“Looks like we both go without!” Clare teased.

She seemed pretty happy for the moment. I decided to let her enjoy the rest of the ride.

We talked about the roofing business for some time. Clare was actually quite helpful. Then as we neared home she asked me a question.

“Jay where do you go at night?” It was me that was on the spot.

“I can’t tell you right now. But if you want I would like to show you. Would you like that?”

“You cannot tell me but you will show me?” That doesn’t make sense.” Clare said confused.

“Tomorrow after work? Ok?”


Fortunately Odell was not home. I made some calls and found Clare waiting to join me in bed. izmir escort Gone were the new outfits back to the old.

“You don’t like them?” She asked. “Nothing can look different. I went to see my sister and came back.”

I knew then in her own way she was helping me. Clare was drawing the lines I just had to stay between them as I colored them in. We kissed goodnight and promptly went to sleep.

God smiled on me the next day. The sun was out and workers were roofing buildings. I was in meetings most of the day, but was able to make some more calls. Financing was still tight. The sub-contractors were getting nervous. They were spending money with no guarantee. I called Mike he said he was working on it. My funds were dwindling fast.

I thought of not going to Dr. Nelsons but I gave Albert my word. Today he said he talked to Nancy and I should bring Clare. I picked Clare up from work remembering to bring her black dress. If I was in a suit she should look nice too. We waited at the car. Albert called and said there would be a delay. I showed Clare inside the limo and she was thrilled. I sat in back and looked at all the knobs and buttons Nancy had. I noticed two similar to the two up front that did not work.

Looking around I saw the reason why. They were connected to a camera and a small monitor. I went back up and popped the switches. They too were disconnected. I hooked them up. Turning one switch on opened a panel in the dash, there was a monitor hidden inside. The other knob determined which camera angle was chosen, there was even one pointed at the driver. By pure chance I pushed it down and a red light came on, ‘rec’ was in the corner of the monitor. There was a CD or hard drive some place recording the selected angle.

The more we played the more I learned. Soon I figure I knew as much as I could without tearing the car apart. The driver could control it but Nancy could override it. Albert called and said I needed to pick her up at the apartment. There would be a second stop and then to the house.

Clare and I pulled out. And headed to the apartment. I warned her this could be dicey based on last week’s drama. I of course did not tell her what started the drama.

“Dr. Nelson!” I greeted her as I helped her in. She ignored me clearly not happy to see me. She kept the privacy window up as I headed to the next stop. I was so distracted by Clare I did not even see the address until we were blocks away.

“Is this the right address?” I called back.

“It is.” The speaker squawked. I knew instantly this was trouble. God why did I come? I pulled up to the back door and got out. Six scantily clad girls started to climb in the back of the limo. I was at the Pussy Cat strip club. Six sexy hard bodies in clothes so revealing even I blushed. Tits and asses bent and twisted. Hair flung, makeup highlighted, anyway you look at it they were hot.

Nancy was up to something and she was not playing fair. Only when the last one stepped in did it occur to me that something was wrong. I knew one of them. I had seen her and she was out of place.

I started driving to the house it was only fifteen or twenty minutes away. I had a bad feeling. The privacy window went down and only the tinted window remained. I could see the girls, some only from the back. Nancy glared at me.

She was punishing me. I could see right through this. She was showing me if I would not give in to her, maybe I would to them, or she would. Maybe she just wanted to tease me hoping I would cave in to her. Regardless I didn’t care. Something was amiss. I saw her sip some wine.

Nancy always had wine, good wine, expensive wine. And she liked to share. With the roofing job and Clare, Nancy and Albert I wracked my brain. The city hall. The girl in the back was from the city hall. If she offered her a drink! Fuck that! If she offered her money for sex!

Fuck! As much as she needed to learn a lesson she was a good person. Arrogant maybe but not a criminal in a city of criminals.

“Dr. Nelson I will have you home soon. Please be patient.” I said over the intercom. The light went out. She turned it off. I tried to roll down the window that too was off. I even tried the security window. Still off. I turned on the camera and chose the one on me. But she turned that off too. She was in control and she was flaunting it to her own peril.

“In an act of defiance she downed the wine and started to pour another. The girls were getting touchy feely moving to the music Nancy had blasting. She pretended to toast me. Nancy drank and then looked like she was offering it around.

I applied the brake firmly shifting them all to the front. Dr. Nelson looked pissed.

“Clare don’t ask any questions just do as I say. Go in back set beside the doctor. And do not let her give anyone a drink. I said. “Or give them any money.”

I ran and opened her door and pulled her out. Tell them I tried to grope you. You don’t know me you were just here for a ride.”

“Remember. Don’t let them drink. Spill it, drink it yourself but not escort izmir them.”

I opened the rear door.

“Sorry doctor, a dog ran out! Clare would like to sit back here. I think she is drunk.”

I saw Clare take the glass from her and down it. Nancy was shocked as Clare sat down.

I hopped in front and could see Clare demonstrate how I tried to touch her leg as I started to the house. Nancy looked in the mirror. She knew something was up. She also knew I would never take advantage of a woman like that.

Then slowly the plant looked forward too. Her eyes caught mine through the tinted glass, she knew her cover was blown. But what she couldn’t figure out is why I just did not come out and say it.

I pulled under the carport and went to the back door. Albert was waiting but I motioned for him to let me get the door. When I opened it the music was turned off.

“Ms. Clare sorry for the bumpy ride.” I helped her out noticing the dress slip up her leg. Clare flashed me her panties. Nancy noticed. “Doctor I will be back for her after I deliver these young ladies to the requested parties address.”

I helped her out taking her hand firmly. She knew enough about me to know something was wrong. I reached in and turned off the master override then closed the door.

“Albert call me in five. Nancy call your lawyer. Tell him everything that has happened. This is my Aunt Clare. I will be back to get her.” I stopped for a moment. “Did you record tonight?”

She looked at Albert then Clare. “No.”

“Ok . That may be good or bad tell your lawyer. He may want to talk to Clare.” I better go. Now hand me some money. Nancy dug in her wallet and handed me fifty bucks.

I drove slowly out of the drive and down the street. I rolled down the tinted window.

“You girls celebrating anything special?” I tried to sound interested. The plant kept an eye on me.

“We just want to party!” One girl yelled to a chorus of ‘party’!

The phone rang it was Albert. I faked a conversation.

“Sorry girls that was your stop calling. They have a problem and will need to reschedule.” The plant sneered. “Well looks like you get a free limo tonight! You want to go back or is there a place you want to go? There and back is paid for!”

“Hey let’s call Silk!” Someone suggested.

“You mean the Sultan?” Someone asked.

“Yeah! He knows how to party! Besides I could use a trip or two after this last weekend.”

Someone dialed as I drove back to the club. A short conversation later she hung up.

“Hey driver can you take us up the river a bit?”

“Your wish is my command!” I turned the car around cranked up the music and headed to the address they supplied. The gates opened and the security guy checked them out. His smile said everything. I pulled up where he pointed me to. I helped each lady out making sure the plant went last. I ducked inside.

“They will not let you call out for help. Take my card. Ask to call me so you can tell me whether to wait or go pick up my next fare. Make it late. Any time with a thirty I will leave and call your boss. They have been tailing me all night. If it is on the sixty I will come pick you all up. None the wiser. I take all or none so make sure they are ready.” I said quickly. “Oh and do not eat drink or smoke anything you do not open yourself. The guy is a slime bag. Now go.”

I waited outside the car so they could see me. I brought a book on spousal abuse to study.

The guard walked over and wanted to chat. He asked me who I drove around.”

“I don’t know, and don’t want to know. I don’t know who lives here. I never met you.” He laughed.

“Yeah I guess not knowing is better. Same here.” He replied.

“That’s why I don’t ask questions. Then I don’t know the answer.” It took a while but he caught on. I think. Maybe he just left. She had been in there an hour and I was starting to get worried. I kept reading not even looking around. Then the phone rang.

“Limo!” I answered.

“Who is this?” A male asked.

“This is Jay, I drive the limo.” I replied.

“You’re here?” He asked.

“Well I am at a house outside. Waiting for a fare.”

“She wants me to tell you one o’clock!” He said.

“No! I said twelve thirty.” I could hear her scream.

“The boss says one o’clock it’s one o’clock!” The asshole said.

“Look. I can take a fare home and then be back by twelve thirty. I can wait until one. Will that work?”

“She says twelve thirty, but they don’t leave before one!” He repeated.

“I got this. Please tell your security people I need to leave and will come back.”

He hung up and soon the security guy wave me over.

“He says you will be back to get the bitches?”

“Yeah, I will be back.” I answered.

He opened the gate I drove out slow and steady. I headed down the direction I came. The tail was still with me. I went a couple of miles just to be sure. I stopped behind a gas station.

They pulled up beside me.

“Call the captain. Your gal is inside the house. She has what you need. There is a gate and security. I will be back at twelve thirty to pick them up. Don’t call me, don’t follow me. I will be down at the station in the morning if you do not raid the place tonight.

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Trip to the hot springs goes weird

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Trip to the hot springs goes weirdAmy and I have been dating since high school. When I met her I assumed she was the typical prudish cheerleader. Boy was I surprised! One weekend she informed me she had a fake identification and wanted to check out the amateur night at a topless place in a town a few hours away. I borrowed and id from a buddy and we drove to the club.I assumed she wanted to watch and see what it was all about. She signed up as one of the participants.Amy is 5’5″, 110 lbs. firm titties and tight ass. I haven’t gone all the way yet but she gives a great blow job and I love playing with her tittiesMost of the women were middle aged that got up and danced but we were both excited to watch them do their best at dancing and exciting the crowd. I was really surprised to see single women in there anxious to get a look at naked women.After a couple hours it was Amy’s turn. She was led back stage and I waited to see her strut her bare tits.She had given her music choices to the dj and I knew when it was he rturn. The music was loud and throbbing and as she pranced on to the stage the crowd went nustShe must have practiced stripping because she was quite good. She flung her bra around as she shook her tits for everyone. She slowly slid off her shorts and gave everyone a good look at her muscular assI was completely shocked as she slid off he rpanties and let everyone see her beautul kitty. I was seeing it for the first time; shaved and tiny. She was awesome\. The crowd was throwing vast amounts of dollars on th estage as she struttedThe staff figured out she was completely nude and wisked her off the stageAs we drove home we both laughted and she blew meWe are both 22 now and we had discussed the hot springs on the mountains. It had the typical amenities; pool, spa, gourmet dining, sakarya escort you name itWhat appealed to us was the hot water the flowed into the river. As the sun goes down, there isn’t any clothing requiredWe checked into our cabin and enjoyed the spa and some great dinig and waited for eveningThe resort is made up of about 20 hotel rooms and about 30 cabins and has a great view of the mountainsWe waited until it was dark and slid on robes over our swim suits,There were some small pools with people spread out. Sure enough, as we got closer most of the folks did not have any clothes on. We could make out their shapes in the darknessI wasn’t surprised a sAmy shed her robe and suit, everyone could at least see her profile. I did the same and we settled into a pol near the riverI looked around and there was about 12 foks all enjoying the hot water in their birthday suits.We were a bit disturbed as the roar of motorcycles interropted the peace. About 14 bikers, some of them with girlfriends, pulled up and parked nearbyAs the bikers dismounted and began to find their way to pools, most of the other guests got up and left.Amy and I began to relax again until one biker couple came close”Holy ##% Sam,” the girls said.”Take a look at this yojng couple”The two bikers came into our pool and sat down, close to usTeh grils slid over and began running her hands all over AmyWe had discussed having fun with someone else, or another couple but never had pursued itAmy was almost smiling as this biker chick examined her body”Geez Sam, take a look at these tits” the girl played with AmySam leaned over to get a fel of Amy. I decided it was going too far and started to move that way to interveneI was puled form behincd”Where are you going buttercup” a hoarse voice from behindOne of the bikers adapazarı escort had grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back next to himSAm was playing with Amy’s tits as the chick began kissing herI tried to get loose but this guy was hugehe grabbed my hair and guided my face right into his crotchSoon I was feeling his hardness in my face and I knew what he wanted. This is not how I wanted to experiment with a guy for the first timeI opened and found his full dick in my mouth”That’s a good bitch” he saidHe grabbed my cheeks and pulled my head up and downSoon I was sucking him on my own. I was not aware I could felel every detail of his memberHe spead his legs and barked at me\”Hey play wiht my balls too”Soon he began groaning loudly and thrusting deep into my mouth. He shot a load in my mout, almost gaggin meHe held my head to his crotch as he emptied in me”Oh that’s good” he saidI looked over and they had dragged Amy to the grass”Hey everyone” a new biker was on Amy. “i’m fucking a cheer leader”Hey Hog” the guy that just emptied in me said. “Try this one”Hog came over and pulled my face up to his crotch. Now I knew why they called him Hog. His dick was the thickest I’ver ever seenHe pulled my right up to his dick and I took over again”Play with my balls” he yelledI reache dup and cupped his balls and swirled them. I raked his ass with my finger tipsHog took my face and fucked my mouth and throat. He empteid in meHog fell back and let go”Hey, side by side” someone shoutedThey grabbed me and Amy and we both were on our knees sucking dickOne of the chicks came up and played with Amy’s ass as we sucked off two more guysAs they emptied their loads two chicks were shouting”Hey we get a turn”A girl about 25 grabbed Amy and I got a biker chick that was approacing 60At oen time she sakarya escort bayan must of been hot, she was stil lean but her tits sagged a bit”Come here young one” she said”Hey you got a bald dick, just like a young boy” (Amy and I both shave our crotches”Shit, this is just like fucking a k** in schoolI was hard and embarrassed. She lay down and pulled me into her pussy. She didn’t shave everything, she had alanding stripAs I began to thrust I looked over at Amy. The yong biker chick had her lickng he and a youg guy was exploirng her pussy and ass. Watching Amy got me excited and I shot a load quickly”Well shit, youjng stuff. That didn’t lasst long”Hey Hog” Anotehr guy said. “Let’s spit roast this one”I didn;’t know what a spit roast was. The young guy came at me from behind and positioned me to fuck my ass as Hog pulled my fac back to his huge memberI was jsut glad Hog had decided on my mouthAs the biker entered my ass I tried to pul away. It hurt”Hold still bitch”Hog fucked my face as this guy slid his enteir length inThey rocked me back and forthhI either had a dick entering my mouth or my ass”Jeez, I havent’ had this much fun for a long time” Hog saidI looked over and young guy was fucking Amy as young bitch sat on her faceAs hHog emptied in my mouth, the other guy shot in my butt. Icould feel his entire length throb as he emptiedThis went on for most of the nightafter a whiel I was surprised as the guys were lining up to fuck me and the girls wanted service from AmyAs the sun began rising the bikers gathered their stuff and leftI was sore as hell and stuneed. Amy and I sat next to each other and didn’t say anythingAs she slowly got up I almost giggles as come ran out of her ass and kittyAs I got up I realized it was running out of meWe couldnpt find our clothesWE held on to each other as we limped to our cabinWe didn’t say anythign as we scrubbed each other in the shower.We wer both hungry so we went for breakfastAs I took a bie of my breakfast I looked over at AmyWe both broke out into laughter at the same timeWe may come back!!

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Our gardener enjoys Anita at the back yard

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Our gardener enjoys Anita at the back yardOur gardener enjoys Ana at the back yardI arrived home very early that Thursday afternoon. As I walked through the living room, I heard a commotion noise outside the kitchen window. In the distance, I saw my lovely wife Ana and our Mexican gardener, Diego; a good man that usually makes some jobs. Upon closer examination outside, I saw Diego was doing more than just looking my wife. Ana was kicking and screaming as the man was fondling her right in the garden.My wife`s jean shorts covered her shapely, beautiful ass, but she was topless. Her bra was missing and her blouse had been ragged and tossed to one side. Now her round and firm boobs were bobbling up and down as she was fighting her captor. After more struggling, she broke away and actually tried to flee across the yard toward the back door of the kitchen: but then the large Mexican old man grabbed her within a few feet. He wrapped her up from behind, and roughly squeezed both of her tits between his dark fingers. He mauled her nice boobs from behind as she screamed.After he grew tired of that, Diego dragged my sweet wife back over to the kitchen full length window, and threw her up against it, her face pinned against the glass. I crouched down behind a chair with a great view. With the sheer size of Diego, a real sakarya escort giant man, I was not about to intervene for fear of being absolutely destroyed.The window glass was thin enough that I could hear Anita’s whimpers and sobs, and the shuffling of feet on the deck. Suddenly Diego yanked her shorts down her knees with one quick jerk, and then my wife stood naked, except for her golden necklace, earrings, and low sandals. I got not even surprised when I saw she was not wearing panties…Now Diego was apparently tired of her teasing and decided to take action. He then pushed her torso against the window. Her tits were smashed against the glass; her nipples, areolas and much of her pale tits were flattened against the cold surface.Then the Mexican man fell to his knees, and buried his face into Ana’s ass crack. I could see him working his tongue into her asshole as my delicate wife moaned and squirmed against the window.Then Diego quickly dropped his pants down, exposing a long, dark dick surrounded with black pubic hair. He took aim at Anita`s tight pussy from behind, and rammed it in hard and deeply. She screamed in pain; his cock was really hard and very thick…He had pulled Ana’s hips away from the window. Her hands were against the window supporting her, as she leaned over. I could see her ass flesh adapazarı escort ripple as the large, older Mexican humped her from behind. He moved his hands down her sides, and grabbed her hanging tits. Anita’s head was hanging down, her blonde curly hair covering her face. I could see she had a helpless, pleading look on her face. But I just sat there, with a hard on, watching her naked body being ravaged by our gardener.Eventually, she just took it and stopped struggling with him…Meantime, Diego had withdrawn his hard cock from her pussy, and was smashing it into her ass crack. With some little teasing and work, he was able to slide his huge piece of meat into her asshole and butt fuck her as she groaned and sobbed louder.He reached down around her and toyed with her pussy and her clit. In a matter of seconds, it seemed to me, my sweet wife was almost willing. It was not long until her facial expression transformed in pure pleasure, although she was being sodomized.She started grunting; making sounds I’ve never heard her make before. Now Ana was gyrating all over, her tits and hair flying, her knees buckling, until Diego stopped thrusting and took his dick out from her anus. Ana then fell onto her knees, exhaling some soft moaning as Diego leaned back in a deck chair in victory.It was not long sakarya escort bayan until I had to change my location to the hallway. Diego had grabbed a chunk of Ana’s hair and basically dragged her inside the house, into the living room.I saw my sweet wife closely. She had her head down, looking at the floor; sticky cum dripping down her legs, her hair messed up. She looked defeated as he pulled her by her hips toward him. My beautiful wife was now a sex toy for the gardener. He made her open her thighs and immediately, he buried his face into her wet pussy, causing her to gasp and cry in surprise.After about five minutes of feeling her pussy lips licked and sucked; my sweet Ana was more than willing as I noticed her knees starting to buckle. She then lifted one leg on the couch to give him better access. Seconds later she was moaning as she came.Then I watched as Diego suddenly moved from lapping at her cunt to biting her inner thigh right next to her pussy lips. She screamed in pain as she started to cum again…”You are a mess, chica. Go to your bedroom and clean yourself up”“Ah, put on some sexy slutty underwear for me” He added.”Please, I don`t want more, just leave me alone, I beg you…” Anita pleaded.”You say so, but your wet slutty pussy says other thing, chica” He replied smiling.When she was passing close to him, the huge man grabbed her by the waist and gave her a loud slap on her ass, laughing. Then ordered her to do as she was said…When I saw her limping away to the stairs, I sat on the floor, thinking my sweet Ana was going to have a long afternoon…

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