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Big Tits

I just graduated high school and it was the summer before I entered college. I hate to admit it but I was still a virgin. I was feeling low and I thought I would have the whole summer to stew about it. I would take walks in the morning in order to get some exercise. A neighbor woman up the street named Rachel flagged me down one day. Would I like to earn some money and mow her lawn.

I wasn’t going to work that summer. A few dollars from mowing her lawn wouldn’t hurt me. I told her I would be around tomorrow to get started. I was quite pleased with myself when I got home. I told my Mom what I was going to do. She looked horrified.

“That woman’s a witch,” she told me.

I asked my Mom what she was talking about. Mom said that she practiced witchcraft and that I should stay clear. I told my Mom that I was just mowing her lawn, we weren’t going to practice any rituals. I found the whole thing so silly. The next day I arrived at Rachel’s house. Her lawn really did need to be cut badly. Rachel came outside and showed me where the mower and gas was located.

It took a few pulls but I got the mower started. It took me nearly an hour but I got everything cut and looking up to shape. I knocked on the door when I was finished and Rachel answered. I had to admit she looked quite fine. My guess she was in her early fifties. She had jet black hair. Rachel loved to wear tops that showed her cleavage. This horny virgin took a good look.

Rachel invited me in and promptly paid me. I looked around the house but I didn’t see anything that would look like a witches’ house. I think we were both giving each other the eye. I was all sweaty. My shirt was clinging to my chest. I was wearing a pair of shorts and my sneakers. Rachel offered me a drink. I looked at the glass closely.

“Don’t worry, it’s only cider, not witches brew.”

I chuckled. Sure enough it was cider. Rachel started to ask me some questions. Was I finished with school and did I have a girlfriend? I told her I wasn’t seeing anyone right now. I wanted it to seem like I didn’t want any attachments as I was leaving for school. I had my eyes on Rachel’s breasts. Those things were huge. I wanted to touch them in the worst way.

Rachel said I should take off my shirt. She would get me a towel to dry off with. Rachel went back and got me the towel and I shed my wet shirt. Rachel had her eyes glued to my chest. I toweled off and handed it back to her. She placed it on the counter. The next part took me by surprise. kadıköy escort Rachel placed her hand on my chest. It was more than just touching me. Her fingers went to my nipples and she pinched each one.

I guess I was shocked. I could feel my cock twitching in my shorts. No woman had ever done that to me.

“Are you attracted to me Kevin?”

I told her she was quite attractive. Rachel kept touching me. She said she hadn’t been with a man in some time. She said I shouldn’t go to school still as a virgin. My face went red. How could she possibly know? I didn’t have time to wonder about it. Rachel knelt down in front of me. She pulled on the waistband of my shorts and there was my dick exposed to her.

Rachel took me in her hand. She brought the tip of my cock to her lips and she engulfed me in her mouth. I couldn’t believe my luck. Here was this shapely woman sucking my rod. She didn’t just lick the head. She went down to the root and I could feel her tongue wrapped around my fat cock. It didn’t take much to get me hard. I was horny as all get out. A few minutes of attention and Rachel pulled away. She got up to her feet and then took me by the hand.

“Maybe we should go back to the bedroom.”

I walked back with Rachel. She stood there and I watched as she got naked for me. She wasn’t like any pictures of naked girls I had seen. Her tits were enormous and her nipples were large saucers. Rachel had wide hips and her bush was black as coal. She got onto her back and she motioned me to join her. She reached out and took my head in her hands. She guided my face down to her pussy.

I had never licked a woman before. I just ran with it. I stuck my tongue out and I started to lick up and down her gash. Rachel was definitely getting into it. She spread her legs wide and she began moaning as I worked my tongue all over her wet slit.

“Oh my God Kevin!” Rachel cried out.

I figured I must be doing it right. I got a little bolder and I pushed two of my fingers into her wet hole. Rachel was thrashing around on the bed. I looked up to see those ripe melons dancing around on her chest. I would have gone longer but Rachel told me to pull off. I thought we might be finished. Far from it.

“I need your cock, fuck me Kevin,” she begged me.

This was the moment of truth. I climbed close to her pussy. I guided my cock head to her opening and I pushed into üsküdar escort Rachel. I was surprised to find her pussy was very tight. It took some time for me to get my cock inside her the whole way. Once I was buried inside Rachel, I just held my cock in place. For some reason this made Rachel crazy with lust.

I figured it was time to really get fucking. I began thrusting deep into Rachel’s tummy. She wrapped her legs around me. I thought she was going to choke off my breathing. All I could do was to keep slamming my cock all the way in her clammy hole. To my surprise I was able to go a long time. I didn’t want to cum prematurely this first time. We probably fucked close to an hour.

I could hear Rachel panting as my balls slapped against her ass. Rachel urged me to go deep and hard. I did just as she asked. It finally got to the point where we were both getting close.

“I want you to cum in me Kevin. Give me your hot load.”

That is just what I wanted to hear. I stroked Rachel awhile longer and then I finally gave in. I blasted my load deep inside Rachel. God, how she screamed when she felt my seed enter her pussy. Rachel’s muscles were squeezing my dick. It was like she wanted every drop of my hot liquid for her pussy. I didn’t stop. I kept feeding Rachel cock and she took all my white froth inside her. We maybe went ten minutes before I start losing my erection.

I slowly withdrew and I looked down. White drop of my cum were mixed in Rachel’s black pubic hairs. Rachel pulled me down to her body and we kissed. She told me I was a very good lover. I got the feeling this wasn’t going to be our only time. Rachel got up and went to clean herself up. When she returned I got a pleasant surprise. Rachel used her mouth to clean off all our sex juices from my dick.

Rachel said that maybe that should be all for today. We got dressed and Rachel saw me to the door. We did manage to exchange phone numbers. Rachel said I should text her later that night. I went home with my mowing money and a spent dick. My mother asked if everything went well. I wish I could have told her just how good things went. I said everything was fine and I went to my bedroom.

The evening couldn’t have arrived soon enough. I texted Rachel and she replied to me. She told me she could still feel my cum swimming around in her pussy. She hoped we could sex again soon. I should stop by tomorrow if I wanted. I could feel my prick growing tuzla escort right then. I slept like a baby that night. The next morning my parents left for work. I made the walk up to Rachel’s house.

She answered the door totally naked. She said I had been on her mind the whole evening. I found out more about Rachel. She had been married once. Her ex-husband wasn’t comfortable with the pagan lifestyle. He decided to divorce Rachel. Rachel worked off and on with pagan matters. She said she wrote some books and she worked with others promoting paganism. She also said it had been a few years since she had sex with another man.

Somehow we just hit it off. I wanted Rachel and she wanted me. We went back to the bed once more. Rachel said she had a balm that she wanted to use on me. I had no idea what it was for. She rubbed some on the tip of my cock and then coated my entire shaft. She said it would desensitize me. We got out of our clothes and Rachel got on her hands and knees for me. I put my hands on her hips and then I shoved my dick into her waiting pussy.

Rachel was right. I was able to go much longer using that cream. I probably took Rachel for two hours that morning. I was surprised that I had more cum stored up so soon. Rachel seemed to need my loving. She said she went wild when she felt me flood her pussy with my love cum. I ended up fucking Rachel twice that day. Once in bed and once in the shower. The hot water was hitting our bodies as I entered Rachel from behind there in the tub.

She said to go as hard as I could. I drove my cock into her pussy deep. I would lift Rachel onto her toes with each thrust that I made. I reached around with my hands and I cupped those giant tits of hers. Rachel said she loved having her nipples pinched. I rubbed and pinched each one as we fucked in the shower. Rachel had numerous orgasms she told me afterwards.

That was the best summer I have ever experienced. I was over at Rachel’s house as much as I could be. She showed me various lovemaking positions. I no longer felt like an inexperienced virgin after being with Rachel. The time had arrived and there were only a few days left before I left for college. I think Rachel was sad I was leaving.

“You are going to forget me, aren’t you?”

I said I could never forget her. Besides, I would be back during the holidays and spring break.

“You will probably have a girlfriend by then,” she said.

I didn’t know what to tell her. We were so different age wise. I loved what we had but who could tell what would happen in the future. We had one more intense lovemaking session together. I gave her one final load of my spunk and then I left. I’m at school now and busy as hell. I do think of Rachel all the time. I haven’t contacted her yet. I am going to wait and hope that she will still want me in her bed when I return home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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