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My boyfriend used to be a pretty normal guy with a pretty normal sex life. I turned him into a pervert though. I am proud of it, we’ve done things together people haven’t even heard of. Take last weekend for example: we where house/dog sitting for my mom. She had gone out of town and we where just chilling in her house in the country. It’s surrounded by trees and quite secluded. A nice place to relax.
My boyfriend, Samuel, had asked me to bring my toys along and of course I did. I had several, but every girl needs to happy, right? It was a warm day, mid-may, and we where inside watching some bad tv. Samuel sighed, “I’m bored….go get your toys for me…” I raised an eyebrow and ran off to get them. I dumped a rope, butt plug, vibe, nipple clamps, dildo and some lube into his lap grinning. “I’m in charge for the day, ok?” He asked. I nodded and go wet. I’ve always been a sub and loved when he was in charge. “Good, strip.” He commanded.
I obeyed and my clothes were soon in a pile on the floor. “Ok, now on your hands and knees.” I obeyed again and he got up with the lube and butt plug. He rubbed the lubricant on my asshole and slid a finger in. I moaned happily and moved against his hand. He carefully slid this plug inside me, I whimpered slightly as my ass snapped around it but soon was fine when my ass stretched enough. Samuel moved the plug around a bit stretching it more. He stood and I heard him rummaging with the toys behind me. He went back to fiddling with the plug and I felt the rope against my ass.
I craned my neck around to figure out what he was up to, but he slapped my ass hard. “Eyes straight ahead!” he command.
My head snapped back, “Yes sir, sorry.” I bowed my head submissively. I felt the rope around the base of the plug and rubbing my asshole.
He stood and I felt a tug of the plug, “Ok slut, you can look now.” I peeked over my shoulder and saw he had tied the rope to the plug like a leash. “Time to go for a walk doggy.” Moisture flooded my pussy as I reddened with humiliation. Samuel nudged me with his foot and we began to walk. He led me to the door that led to the back yard. I looked at him pleadingly. I did not want to go outside like this. His response was another hard slap to my ass.
He opened the door and I carefully crawled outside. The cool air hit my already hard nipples, I was extremely wet, but extremely canlı bahis nervous as well. He led through the back yard in the wooded area. I looked around trying to figure out what he was up to, but couldn’t come up with anything. We walked toward the large dog pen and I felt a flood of panic. I knew he had a major interest in bestiality. He opened the gate and led me in. My mother’s large dog ran up to us and licked my face. I tried to turn away to keep his tongue out of my mouth, but I was at his level and he was happy to see people. Samuel brought me to the side of the pen and looped the rope around a post holding the fence up.
“Stay here, I’ll be back.” He commanded. I nodded and watched him go. Freddy, a lab/sneaky neighbor dog mix continued to try to play with me. He licked my face and circled around to sniff the plug, he licked at it experimentally.
“Go on,” I said shaking my ass at him, trying to get rid of his cold nose. He jumped away and came back to lick my face more. I was burning with shame and still spitting out dog spit when Samuel came back.
“Shoo Freddy….for now.” He told to the dog. Freddy walked away to his doghouse and laid down with his favorite toy. He grabbed the rope and led me to a level part of the grass. “Lay down, on your back, spread eagle.” I looked at him worried, but obeyed. “Do you know what I’m going to do?” He asked mockingly.
I hesitated, not wanting to give him any ideas. “I believe, sir, that you’re going to make the dog lick me.” I looked at him, very worried. He was holding something in his hands, but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it was.
He nodded and looked down at me. “Do you want the dog to lick you?”
“No sir.” Whispered, knowing it wouldn’t matter. “It’s humiliating.” I finished lamely.
He nodded again and knelt beside my hand. I watched in confusion as he pushed something into the ground. His hand moved as he attached a bit of twine to it and roughly tied my hand with it. A tent spike. He had three others beside him. Samuel moved around my body and tightly staked me to the ground. As horrified as I was, I was getting wetter.
“Lift up your ass slut.” He commanded. I complied and he pulled the rope, adjusting the butt plug deeper. “Now your back.” He pulled the rope up to my neck and looped it around my throat tightly. I could breath, but it was labored. He bahis siteleri moved between my legs and started to rub my pussy avoiding my clit. “You know, slut, for not wanting this you sure are wet.”
My face burned again. He whistled to Freddy who ran over happily. Samuel pulled a wet finger out and held it out to the dog. Freddy sniffed it and licked it, Samuel brought his hand back to my pussy and snapped his fingers next to it. The dog sniffed my pussy and tasted it. I fought against the ropes. “No, stop it.”
Samuel looked at me for a moment. And stood, “I’ll be back bitch” He left me there with the dog lightly licking me. Freddy licked deeper inside of me trying to get all of the musky taste and I could feel myself getting more excited. I fought it the best I could, groaning unhappily. Samuel returned with my ball gag and slipped it over my head. “There, now you shouldn’t have a problem.”
He moved beside the dog. “Sit, Freddy.” The dog stopped licking and sat next to him. I watched in growing terror as he reached down and began rubbing the dog’s cock. He was going to let Freddy fuck me!! I fought the ropes harder and screamed into the gag. Samuel stopped and looked at me. He turned and suddenly slapped my open pussy hard with his hand. I shrieked into the ball again. “What’s the matter slut? Finally figure out what I’m up to?” He smirked. “Stop the fighting or I’ll make him fuck your ass.”
I knew he would carry through and I tried to calm myself down. Freddy was hard now, his thin pink cock completely free of his hairy sheath. Samuel guided him to my wet pussy and he slid easily in. I whimpered as he started to hump me. He wrapped his front legs around my stomach and rammed into me. His cock was small but was growing inside of me. I knew that as he came, it would swell and would be caught in me. I realized with disgust I was starting to enjoy it. I bared down and forced myself to not cum.
The dog’s cock started to swell as he pumped harder inside of me. I started to shake with the effort of not enjoying the fucking. Samuel noticed my face and figured it out quickly. “You don’t wanna cum with the doggy, slut?” He asked condescendingly. I shook my head pitifully. “I’ll see what I can do about that,” he grinned evilly. He reached towards my pussy, but Freddy, misinterpreting the action snapped at him. He missed but nipped my belly. bahis şirketleri I jumped in surprise more then pain. Samuel’s face betrayed him as a look shock and concern washed over him.
My belly’s skin was a bit red, but not broken. He put a hand on Freddy’s head to calm him and slipped the other on to my clit. He began to rub deftly and I felt the orgasm growing powerfully. He grinned at me and slid the gag out. I was screaming with abandon as they both brought me over the edge. Samuel made me continue cumming while Freddy finished. My clit was sore and swollen when he finally stopped tweaking it.
Freddy stopped humping and laid on top of me panting. Samuel began petting him, “Good boy, you did very good.” I could still feel the cum splashing the walls of my pussy. I envisioned the sperm swimming up inside of me and began to squirm again. “Now what?” He asked sighing and looking annoyed.
“It’s inside of me,” I whimpered. “I want it out, please, sir.” He sighed again but nodded. Samuel got the dog up and started pulling him to get his swollen cock out of me. It popped out painfully and I yelped. “Thank you, sir” I panted. I couldn’t hide the fact that I did cum and kind of enjoyed it.
“Oh, you’re not done yet bitch” he laughed. He left Freddy to lick my aching pussy as he walked away. “I gotta clean you first.” He walked away as I strained to see where he was going.
He walked back with the hose we used to fill the water bowl. Freddy ran when he saw it, not wanting to get wet. I didn’t have that luxury. He squeezed the nozzle and aimed the spout at my pussy. I screamed when the cold water entered me. He laughed and got closer with it hitting my clit. The combination of pain, humiliation and vibrations brought me to orgasm again. I was gasping for air against my neck rope and shivering when he finally stopped.
Samuel roughly slid a finger in and felt for more dog cum. His hand came out with a mixture of water, my cum, and dog semen. He looked at his hand considering and stood. Kneeling beside my head he force the finger into my mouth. Very unhappy, but knowing better than to fight him, I licked it clean. He smiled, satisfied.
He untied me and let me up carefully pulling the plug out of my ass. I colapsed against him and he helped me into the house. As I was drying off and dressing, he gathered my toys and came into the living room. He grinned at me. “So, how you doing hun?”
I sighed and looked at him. “You know I’m not going to forget this when I’m charge, right?” He just laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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