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So, finally you come over for dinner… and desert. I cook up a nice meal, serve it with a nice bottle of wine and have candles lit around the room. The light is soft, the fire adds to the warm, gentle light. We sit and eat, the tension is thick, we can both feel every nerve in our bodies screaming for touch. The wine adds to the feeling and you are giving me a look that makes me tremble with anticipation. After only a few bites, dinner is but a memory. I take your hand and lead you back to my bedroom.

I stand behind you, kissing your neck, running my fingers through your hair. You push back against me and feel how hard my cock is, aching to be released. I unbutton your blouse, letting it drop to the floor, I do the same to your skirt. I can feel the heat coming off your body. I grab your hair and bend you over the bed, dropping to my knees.

You can feel my breath on your thighs and on your ass as I inhale your sweet scent. I slowly lick your thighs and you step apart to give me better access to my target. I pull your panties aside and lick up and down the sides of your pussy, you are so wet now, as I tease you so softly. Then I stick my tongue inside you, finally tasting you. You moan and arch your back, giving me more to taste.

I stick my finger inside of you and softly probe your warm inner depths, while my tongue bursa escort finds it’s way around your ass. I pull my finger out and lick it clean, then reach around to rub your little clit, while I give your pussy full attention with my tongue. You reach down, spreading your pussy so I can lick you more deeply, swaying as I probe you, as I fuck you with my tongue.

You begin to shudder and give me my treat, I greedily lick it all up, savoring every last drop. You collapse on the bed, breathing heavily. I pull off my shirt and my pants drop to the floor. You can see my hard cock bulging, straining to get out.

You can see a dark spot where my cock ends. I crawl up on the bed with you, and you finally free me. You notice that I am closely trimmed, which would give you easy access to more of me. I straddle you, my cock rests between your tits and you pull me closer so you can taste me. It tastes sweet and you want more, you grab my ass and pull me deeper.

I reach back and rub your pussy while you lick up and down my hard shaft, licking my balls when they come over your face. I get off of you and turn you over, you are now laying flat on the bed with your legs parted slightly. You put your ass up in the air so I can see your hot little pussy hidden between your legs. I lean over you, and take my hard cock, rubbing bursa merkez escort it up and down your pussy.

You moan and beg me to put it inside you, but I don’t. I continue to rub it up and down, covering the tip with your sweet juices. Finally I slide it in your tight little pussy and you moan with satisfaction. You reach down and rub your clit while I slowly pump my rod in and out. I grab your hair, pulling your head back so I can lick and bit your neck.

You can feel my weight pressing you down, you can feel my throbbing cock, seeming to get harder with every thrust. Without removing my cock, I pull one of your legs to the side and rotate you so that you are laying on your side. I straddle your leg, my balls rubbing on it as I thrust inside of you, deeper than before. Now you can look at my face, you can see the pleasure of your hot little pussy grabbing onto my cock, trying to extract my cum.

My leg rubs against your clit. One hand pinches your nipples gently, the other is holding onto your ass tightly. It seems like forever that I penetrate your wetness, before I turn you again, so that you are on your back. I move my legs up so that I am straddling you, pressing your down hard, my cock touching places that have never been touched before.

I hold your head in one hand, so you can bursa sınırsız escort see my cock sliding in and out of you. We move as one, our rhythm matched, the pace slowly quickening. You beg my to ram my cock inside you hot little pussy, harder and harder. We move faster and faster, as you start to scream out, “Fuck me, fuck me with your big, hard cock!” I pull my cock out and cover your body with my cum.

I collapse on top of you, my heart is beating so fast, we are both covered in sweat and cum. I kiss you, madly, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, our hands begin to explore each other’s bodies. You push me off of you and move down to bring my cock back to life, you want me to fuck you again, you want to ride my cock. I tell you to lick my cock, to suck it until I am hard. You move your expert mouth to my shaft and bring it to life within seconds.

Not wanting to wait any longer, you climb up and straddle me, slowly I enter you again. I grab your ass with both hands, moving you back and forth on my cock, I squeeze hard, spanking you, looking into your eyes. “Ride my cock, squeeze my cock with that hot little pussy, fuck it, fuck that hard cock!” You rock as hard as you can, I watch my cock slide in and out, covered with our cum.

You cannot get enough, as I go deeper and deeper. You leave scratches on my chest as your body tenses again and we both release our streams together. You collapse on top of me and fall asleep with my cock softening inside your hot, wet hole… A few hours later, you awake to find my cock inside of you, and it is hard, you start to move again, waking me up…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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