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I met Miss O online, back in the days when on-line hook ups were still a rarity, not the norm. We’d been exchanging e-mails for about a week before the topic of sex came up, I don’t recall exactly who brought it up but lets just say once it was mentioned we never looked back. I’d quickly learned that Miss O was separated from her husband who now lived out of state, and that she’d recently been corresponding with someone overseas. That person had got her all worked up sexually but was in a relationship and was unable to travel to visit Miss O, hence he couldn’t exactly “deliver” all that he’d promised in his emails.

It turns out that this other person had mentioned anal sex to Miss O and that had piqued her curiosity. Now that she’d heard all about it from him and read about it on-line it didn’t take too long before the question, “Have you ever had anal sex?”, came floating my way by way of email. Back then I was a very horny young guy with little sexual experience and here was this perfect stranger, older, even hornier and asking me about anal sex. Lets just say it didn’t take long before the reply, “No, but I want to try it” was on her way. Before too long we’d discussed all we knew about anal sex in short, sexual charged emails. In the end I couldn’t wait to get home from work and work on the raging hard-on I’d had virtually all day from reading Miss O’s emails.

Pretty soon we were talking by phone, which is always a bit weird after purely on-line exchanges, but our common ground of extreme horniness served us well and before long we were exchanging pillow talk and I was pounding on my cock with some lube and she was giving her pussy a healthy rubbing too, till her noisy groaning orgasms came over the phone loud and clear. My god this woman knew how to let go when she came and this was no made-for-porn show. No one was getting paid here, it was all remote, fantasized pleasure, pent up after years of a boring unsatisfying love life, and turned Beylikdüzü escort into pure decibels.

Screaming orgasms aside Miss O had a sexy voice on the phone, almost husky, which later I discovered was because she was a smoker. She tried to hide he smoking habit when we first met in person but after repeated assurances that I wasn’t that bothered, she eventually relented an shyly smoked a cigarette in front of me. It actually made me horny to see her smoking – all I could think of was her sucking on my cock instead of that cigarette. In the end even though I wasn’t really a smoker I shared a few cigarettes with her to put her at her ease and that did the trick.

I’d always been told that women who like to smoke have an oral fixation give great head – she was certainly no exception. Later on I got in on the act too and busted out a cigar, sat on her porch and sucked on it while while she sucked on me. She seemed to really enjoy that, and this was long before Clinton got busted for enjoying the same thing with Monica. After these moments of mutual pleasure we got so horny that it would never be long before I’d was ripping her panties off and laboring at her juicy pussy with her rubbing furiously at her clit until she came noisily. I rarely smoke a cigar these days but those sessions of sex and smoking have created an indelible association in my mind – just a few puffs and I’ll usually have a raging hard-on all over again – thanks Miss O!

But I’m getting ahead of myself now…

In reality it was the talk of anal sex that pushed me over the limit to the point where I flew out to meet Miss O in her home town. She was really nervous about it though – we’d talked at length on the phone, exchanged photos and it was clear there was plenty of sexual chemistry, but this was a whole new thing for her – well me too come to think of it. It wasn’t so much fear that we wouldn’t hit it off or that I might turn out to Beylikdüzü escort bayan be an axe murderer (these are possibilities of course, even without online dating), more that she didn’t really trust herself with what she was about to do. It was kind of like the fear and adrenalin rush you get climbing up to the top of a really big roller coaster even though you know you’re about to have the ride of a life time.

For Miss O there was the added complication that she was raised and had lived her married life as a Catholic. Now three decades of Catholic guilt were about to be unleashed and would either head for the door or come home to roost. Just like smokers I’d heard rumors about lapsed Catholics and lets just say I was hoping to receive the full force of her reaction to kissing that guilt goodbye and hopefully make full use of the time before guilt came a knock, knock, knocking on the door again. If she wanted to use me, abuse me and generally fuck me silly in some kind of compensation for all that guilt well, I didn’t have a problem with that.

Our first meeting was at the airport, there she was grinning shyly without much to say. She was dressed modestly, with a skirt and jacket, more like relatively formal work clothes than casual clothes. I wasn’t expecting her to wear something exotic with high heels and cleavage, but I was glad it wasn’t just jeans, tennis shoes and a frumpy blouse or top. We eyed each other somewhat nervously and exchanged pleasantries about the flight. She apologized for this, that, and the other, already nervous that I’d smell cigarettes on her, and then she led me off to her car continually glancing sideways at me grinning.

As we walked through the airport to the car park I slipped my hand around her waist and then slid my hand down to be touching her ass. Not in a crude grab ass gesture, but certainly in a more familiar way than two people who had just met would normally engage Escort beylidüzü in. But then we’d actually “met” weeks ago, and shared more details about our lives and peccadilloes than some people ever achieve after decades of relationship, so touching her ass didn’t feel out of place to me. No it was more like an assurance, as if to say, “Yes it’s me, that guy you’ve been fantasizing about sexually for weeks now, and now our bodies are touching – what do you think about that?”

In response Miss O turned to me, still walking, grabbed my jacket and led me over to the side of the walkway behind a pillar and then we simultaneously pulled each other close – my hands around her ass, hers around my shoulders pulling our bodies tightly together. I could feel the press of her breasts against me and in response I pushed my hips against hers and as we kissed the lump of my now erect cock in my pants pushed into her groin. As I’d felt her breasts before, I knew she now felt my cock now.

We kissed. It wasn’t a romantic kiss, more of a, “I want to get you home now and fuck your brains out” kind of a kiss. Grinding our body parts into each other our intentions were clear, when we stopped she was almost panting for breath, maybe a little giddy with the moment. We did it again, this time I reached my hands down around the back of her ass and between her thighs, caressing her sex from behind through her jeans.

She moaned appreciatively and demanded, “Let’s get you home now!”

But not before one more smooch. Before she could lead me away to the car again I wrapped her in my arms and she nuzzled into my neck and inhaled, ingesting my aroma and swooning.

“We’re going to have some fun aren’t we!” I said, more rhetorical than a question.

“Oh yes we are!” came the eager response from Miss O.

And with that she gave me that sly sideways grin once more, then took my arm and lead me out to the parking lot as if to say, “There’s no way in hell you’re escaping from me now!”

Maybe it was I who should have been scared, maybe it was her that was the axe murderer, but I was just too naive and lets face it, too horny to even contemplate such a thought! Of course neither was true and now we were both going to have some fun indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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