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Big Tits

Dedicated to Mrs. Tempinsanity, my muse

Sorry I did not get your name the other day when we met, but we were in a big hurry, remember. I was so surprised when I opened the door to the small men’s room at the bar, and there you sat on the toilet with a surprised look on your face. I could tell you had been drinking a lot by the strong stream of piss you were sending into the toilet. Perhaps because of the amount you had had to drink, you did not object when I moved toward you. As I did, I unzipped, and pulled out my semi-erect cock. I needed to piss bad, and right then, so having you sitting on the only toilet was only a mild inconvenience. As you continued to piss, I stepped between your legs and spread them apart so that I could piss into the bowl between them.

For a few moments, we pissed together, two strangers in need of relief from full bladders, with the world outside the door of no importance. As I finished, I squatted slightly so I could run my fingers across your warm wet pussy lips. Your eyes were closed, perhaps from embarrassment, or perhaps in invitation. I massaged both your pussy lips and clit slowly, enjoying the sensation of wet slipperiness and warmth. Thinking I should not press my luck here in this small room with an unlocked door, I stood up, reluctantly, and pulled my hand away from your dripping, silky slit. As I did, my cock passed in front of your face and grazed your lips. You moved forward, without opening your eyes, and caressed the still dripping tip of my cock with the tip of your tongue. Soon you were licking my entire cock from end to end, and I nearly came when you parted your lips and sucked it into your hot mouth.

After only a moment of this, I could stand no more. I put my hands under your arms and raised you up off of the toilet seat and leaned you against the sink with your panties still on the floor in front of the toilet. You raised one foot and rested it on the toilet as I guided my stiff cock into your waiting pussy. You again closed your eyes and pressed down against me as I drove deeply inside you. I felt the contractions as you began to come almost immediately, and I thrust harder, knowing that we had little time left together. As you began to come, squeezing my stiff cock with your throbbing pussy, I heard the door behind us open, but it closed a moment later, leaving us alone in the throes of cumming together.

You sagged into my arms, eyes closed, body pressed against mine, with my cock still buried deep inside you. Then you moved suddenly, as if just realizing where you were and what you had done. Your eyes popped open, and you looked directly into my eyes for a brief moment with only a flicker of concern. Then, you quickly wiped your pussy with some tissue, pulled on your panties, and scooted out the door without looking back. As you were leaving, you brushed against a man who was just entering. As he entered the bathroom, he winked at me and said, “Hot fuck, eh.”

My reply was, “The best.”

I am sure you remember this encounter; I know that I always will. Perhaps we will meet again one day.

Our next encounter arrived sooner than I though it would. After our brief encounter in the men’s room, I thought about you often. My memories focused on the silkiness of your pussy lips, the way you responded to my touch, the way you thrust yourself downward on my cock. Oh, to see you again.! But perhaps bursa escort it was not to be. I went back to the same bar several times over the following weeks, but, alas, you were never there. I had given up hope, when suddenly fate took a turn in my favor.

I was on the way to lunch one day, and I saw you entering the sandwich shop near the university for which I was headed. My heart began beating faster, and, I have to admit, my cock began throbbing. I approached the shop with a certain amount of anxiety. Would you recognize me? How would you react? Would you slap my face and stalk out? I did not know, but I knew the possibility of being with you again made it all worth the risk. Even in the worst case, I would always have the delightful memories of fucking you against the sink in our first meeting.

So in I went, and by luck I was right behind you in line. As you studied the menu, I said, “I recommend the No. 8. That’s what I always have.” At that you turned around and looked at me. For a moment, confusion reigned in your features. I saw the flicker of recognition, the uncertainty of possible further involvement with a total (well, nearly total) stranger, and possibly other concerns that I could not read. You ended the moment of silence by saying “No. 8 sounds good. I will try it.”

After you paid, you stood by the register as I paid for my sandwich. As I walked up, you said “I always eat outside. Do you want to join me.” I of course agreed. You could have led me anywhere at this point. We chatted about the day, the crowd, the coming winter as we walked, and soon you turned into a church ground. The church was surrounded by a stone wall a little over four feet tall, and you led me to a cul-de-sac in one corner where we could be seen only by someone walking directly into this hidden niche. The ground was thickly grassed, so we sat with our backs against the wall and ate, continuing our earlier chit-chat. After we had finished our sandwiches, it was you who brought up our earlier encounter.

“Do you always fuck drunk strangers when you come across them?” you asked. I laughed. Straight to the point–I liked that. “No, not always,” I replied. “But in your case, you were too tempting to resist, and you did not seem to mind.”

“No, I guess I didn’t put up much resistance. But I was drunk, and my memories of the whole affair as not as sharp as I would like them to be.” Given this opening, my response was “Perhaps we should meet and give it another try.” I nearly fell over when you said “How about now. Here.”

Well we did have some privacy, though people were walking by on the sidewalk just on the other side of the wall. Moreover, the wall was not solid, but instead it had slits every few inches, so anyone who knelt down and looked could readily see us on the other side. Before I could respond, I felt you hand on my knee and your lips pressed against mine. My cock had been hard since I first glimpsed you, so there was no turning back at this point. As your tongue slid between my lips, I pulled you close, feeling the firmness of your breasts as they pressed against my chest. After only a few moments, you pushed me back on the grass, and swiveled around so your head was near my crotch. You unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock—not an easy job considering its fully erect state.

As you began gently licking the knob, you moved your bursa escort bayan body onto my chest, thus placing your pantied crotch right in front of me. At first, I only sniffed. Every woman has a unique smell, and I wanted to memorize yours. It was slightly perfumed, perhaps from soap. Clean, but slightly musty, animalistic. The perfect combination. By now your licking had become more active, and soon my cock was sliding between your lips. I pulled aside your panties, and got my first real look at your pussy. It was more than I could have desired, far better that the photos I had seen on Literotica. Your clit was slightly prominent, and the your pussy lips were already flaring with arousal. The pink exterior became deeper read around your vagina, and every part of you was wet with your savory juices. Unable to resist any longer, I licked and sucked and smelled and tasted your delightful pussy, pleased as you wiggled your ass and pushed harder against my mouth as I teased and tantalized your clit and splayed lips.

It was at this point that the voices from the sidewalk intruded on my actions. Until now I had blocked them out, but suddenly I heard them clearly. I turned my head slightly toward the wall, and I could see feet and legs passing by. I could hear snippets of conversation “…and then we looked at this other house…”

“…the bus was late so I missed…”

“…best buy I ever made…” and endless other ordinary conversations. And here we were, just over the wall. Before I could consider the matter further, you swiveled around and sat down directly on my cock. After an initial pause that allowed my cock to caress your clit, you thrust your ass downward and impaled yourself on my hard dick. Once I was all of the way in, you sat there for a moment before leaning forward and resting your hands on my shoulders. As you looked into my eyes, you began wiggling your ass, rising and falling on my cock, giving me the fuck of my life. I could feel the smooth silkiness of your cunt as it slid up and down my erect cock, nearly sliding off, and then dropping down, consuming all of me in your hot void.

The sounds of fucking grew louder, and I was certain that some passerby would hear the squishy rhythm of our pounding into each other. As I looked up, I expected to see a face peering over the wall at any moment, but I did not care. As was the case the last time, it was only a matter of minutes before it became clear that it would all be over far too soon. You bounced harder, I thrust deeper, and our muted moans grew louder (but not too loud). Finally, with head thrown back, you came, just as I erupted deep inside you. The pulsing of your orgasming pussy squeezed out the last drops of my cum.

You leaned forward, looked into my eyes, and then kissed me deeply. Ah, total bliss. But then, without warning, you slid off of me, adjusted your panties, rose to your feet, and with a wave, you were gone. Damn, how can this be? I still do not know your name, and I have just had the most thrilling fuck of my life. Just as I had finished putting my wet cock back in my pants, a head peered over the wall, and an elderly woman scanned me from head to foot. I look of disgust told me that she thought I was a wino sleeping behind the wall, and soon she was gone. I stayed in place for a few more moments, trying to store away every morsel of every bursa bayan escort moment we had together, and then, I stood up and went back to work, hoping that I would one day see you again.

And I did see you again, only a few days later. You are so bold. Have you ever been spied on before, or do you just make a habit of showing off for others? I could not believe my eyes when I looked up from my paper as I sat reading it in the park. There you were, sitting on the bench across from me, pretending to read a book. You did not even acknowledge that you recognized me, or maybe you did not, at least at first. You were just there, right across from me, and that was what mattered.

At first I did not notice what else was going on, I was just pleased to have you there, but then I saw that your eyes were not focused on the book, but rather glazed over, out of focus, and a wry smile on your face–what was going on? Then I noticed that your right hand was up under your sweater, and you were clearly squeezing your breast. I continued to pretend to read my paper, pretending not to notice, but we both knew you had my full attention. As a matter of fact, part of me was already rising to attention!

From the motion under your sweater I could tell when you were squeezing your tits and when you were pinching your nipples. As I watched, you began to lick your lips sensually, and your eyes became more unfocused. Your ass began to move on the bench, and I could tell you were enjoying yourself. Gradually, as you writhed on the bench, your legs gradually spread apart and your short skirt slid up your legs. I could see your red panties, and there appeared to be a wet spot in the center where your pussy must have been oozing hot juices.

After several minutes of caressing your breasts, you pulled your hand from under your sweater, and after a quick look in my direction (to be sure I was watching, I suppose), you moved your hand to your crotch. You pushed aside the narrow strip of panty fabric and began massaging your clit. You slid down on the bench and spread your legs wider apart as you became increasingly aroused. Soon your finger left your clit and trailed along your dripping slit. As you did so, I could see the red, enflamed interior of your pussy as your labia swelled and pulled apart. The sunlight glistened on the moisture seeping from your pussy and wetting the luscious lips surrounding it. After a few moments of sliding up and down your slit, your fingers paused at the opening to your pussy, and then, as you closed your eyes, you plunged three fingers deep inside yourself.

I could hear your moan as your fingers slid easily into your wet slippery pussy. At the same time, you thrust forward with your hips and began fucking your fingers. Your head rolled from side to side as your fingers slid rapidly in and out of your hot snatch. I could hear the slurping sounds as you fucked yourself with your fingers moving faster and deeper with each thrust. All too soon, you came, raising your ass up off of the bench and pushing your fingers as deeply as they would go into your cunt. After a few quick bounces, you stopped moving, eyes still closed and fingers buried in your pussy. You stayed that way for several minutes, and you then slowly opened your eyes and looked at me. You smiled. I smiled. You quickly pulled your fingers out of your pussy, gave them a couple of quick licks as you looked directly into my eyes, and then you gathered your things and walked quickly away.

I thought about following, but decided that was not the thing to do. I sat, smiling, thinking about you and the times we have spent together, and about the times still to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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