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I typed the last correction into the computer. “Run,” I mumbled as I keyed in the command. “That bug was a cast iron bitch to find and fix.”

The computer digested the command and the database popped up exactly as it should. I saved my work and quietly gave a fist pump. Another two hours of overtime tonight, but it was worth it – we needed that database to be functional.

I gathered my things and started to head out. I figured I’d be the last one in the office. But to my surprise, Anne, the owner’s PA, was still present.

“Heading out, Mark?”

“Yep. What are you still doing here, Anne?”

“Secretary stuff. PA is a bullshit title: we’re still secretaries, they just changed the name of the position. Normally I’m here almost as long as you – I haven’t gotten home before 8:30 in a month.”

“Do you at least get paid OT?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t help much when my husband accuses me of staying late to have an affair. I think he’s punishing me: we used to have sex three times a week and he hasn’t so much as given me a lustful glance in 3 months.”

Not something I had to consider, as I hadn’t been romantically involved with anyone since college. Being a programmer took up all my time, and being single and living in a small apartment, it didn’t bother me when I had to stay late. Besides, I loved the challenge of my job.

“I’m afraid I don’t have any advice for you there, Anne.”

“I wouldn’t take it if you did, Mark. I did show him my last six pay slips with the increased hours. He told me anyone could fake a pay slip.”

“Sorry. Well, guess I’d better head out.”

A week later, Anne and I were again the last ones in the office. Anne had a deep scowl on her face.

“I’m getting sick and tired of being accused of cheating without actually getting any action. I think I’ll show that bastard.”


“You’re free tonight, aren’t you?”

I bursa escort looked at my watch. Only 6:45, which for me was quite early.

“I didn’t have any plans.”

“You have some now, Mark. Your place is really close, right?”

“A 3-minute drive.”

“I’ll follow you there. You are going to give me what my husband used to. Since he won’t, I have to get it from somewhere.”

I’d never seen Anne look this angry.


10 minutes later, we had reached my place, made a pit stop, and stripped. Anne was in her mid forties, about 10 years older than me, and still looked very well maintained. Five-foot-seven, slim, toned, small but firm breasts, washboard-flat stomach, perfect rear.

“I work out for an hour every morning before coming to work.”

That answered my unspoken question. I was scrawny (didn’t exercise at all) and was starting to develop a paunch. I couldn’t dream of getting a woman as nice as Anne. Her husband must be a total idiot to deliberately ignore her. I said as much.

“You flatter me, Mark. I suppose familiarity breeds contempt. He sees me every day, so he doesn’t realize how good I look.”

I gave her a smile in response.

“Okay. Let’s not waste time. I have about an hour before I have to dress and leave.” With that, Anne leaned forward and thrust her breasts in my face.

I tentatively gave her cleavage a kiss. Anne grabbed my head and moved my mouth to her nipple. I suckled it with enthusiasm, even if my technique wasn’t great.

“Use your tongue, Mark. Make little circles.”

She moved my mouth to her other nipple, and I tried to follow her instructions.

“That’s better.” Anne punctuated this with a slight moan. “Now try very gently taking it between your teeth.”

I did so, focusing on the very gentle part. Anne shivered slightly.

“I don’t suppose you’ve gone down on a woman.”

I bursa escort bayan had, but it was years ago. I told Anne as much.

“I hope you’re a quick study.” She lay on her back with her legs spread and helped position me properly.

“Start by licking along my slit.”

I licked along it a few times. Anne’s juices started to leak out a little.

“See if you can find my clit.” With her hands helping guide my face to the proper location, I did find a small nub.

“Lick it, very softly, flickering your tongue a bit.”

I obediently did so. After about two minutes of experimentation, I found a motion that Anne really liked. I stayed with that motion until Anne’s legs locked around my head and she gushed her juices onto my face.

“How long since you last climaxed, Mark?”

I actually had to think about that one for a few seconds. I’d been getting so much OT that I hadn’t even had time to watch porn and jerk off in awhile.

“About… six weeks or so?”

“Then you won’t last 3 strokes if I fuck you. Let me take the edge off first.”

She wrapped her hand around my erect pole and began stroking it, gently but quickly, while her other hand teased my balls. By my watch, it took exactly ninety-six seconds for her to pump a load of sperm out of me, and a big load at that. With one hand, she kept stroking me, and with the other, she grabbed the top sheet of the bed and cleaned the sperm off my skin with it.

“I had an oophorectomy five years ago, so I can’t get pregnant.”

“What part of the body is your oofers?”

“You know nothing about anything except computers. That would be my ovaries, you moron. Now shut up and let me ride your cock.”

I stopped talking at once. Because Anne had continued to stroke me after my cumshot, my pole had never gotten soft. She lifted her body up, then lowered her box onto my bursa bayan escort rod.


“You think that feels good? Try this.”

Anne placed her hands on my chest and began sliding up and down. Every time she slid down, she squeezed my pole with her pussy muscles.


“Forget what it feels like, Mark?”

“My girlfriend in college didn’t do that.”

Anne keps sliding up and down steadily, establishing a rhythm. I just lay still, enjoying it. Except for my hips, which seemed to start moving on their own, matching Anne. She climaxed again, but kept right on going.

“Go ahead and fill me up, Mark.”

I continued to move with her. Now she was more actively tightening her box around me on every downstroke, as if she was trying to milk more cum from me. I quivered beneath her and gasped. She increased her speed and I felt my orgasm hit. She continued to milk me with her pussy until my cock began softening and stopped squirting.

“Very nice, Mark. Exactly what I needed.”

Anne climbed off the bed. How she still had energy, I didn’t know. I lay still, feeling spent.

“I have 10 minutes before I have to leave. Enough time to freshen up and dress.”

“That was wonderful, Anne. Thank you.”

“I enjoyed it.”

“No good-night kiss?”

“I’m never going to kiss you, Mark. You’re here to fulfill my sexual needs as long as my fool of a husband keeps ignoring me. Kissing implies a romantic interest. But as long as he does keep ignoring me, how does three times a week sound?”

“I sure as heck won’t say no. By the way, do you have any single friends who, um, need companionship?”

“Of course I do. My friend Kathy is also an engineer. You’d get along well with her. And as soon as my husband gets his head out of his ass and I no longer need to rely on you to give me orgasms, I’ll give you her information and you can go on actual dates and start courting her.”

“Thanks again, Anne.”

Five minutes later, she emerged from my washroom, quickly put back on her clothes, and gave me a wave.

“See you at work tomorrow.”

She slipped away, and I heard the front door open and then close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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