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I’m a 30 year old female who is not single, but my boyfriend is currently living in the UK. Soon he will be here with me, but while he is away I been taking care of my sex needs.

I been buying erotic sex toys and been spending a lot of my time online with anonymous lovers. I can engage in sex with myself right in my own home under privacy. While developing these relationships, I never thought well imagined that any of these could be so erotic and arousing to me.

One night I was feeling horny and needing really bad and I went into a cyber room where men were on cam and ladies also. I clicked on them and started to watch. I couldn’t believe some of the men that where on cam. They were so well endowed that I have never seen men that were that huge.

I started to get excited as they stroke there hard cocks in there hands. As I watched I decided to text to this one man that was omg so hot looking. His muscles in his upper chest where amazing. His face was so sexy and he had these eyes of lust.

I was thinking to myself I have to have him in my privates. I wanted him so bad. As I continued to tell him in text how I wanted to be his hand stroking his hard cock in his hands and taking my tongue and flickering his head slowly as I tasted his pre cum. I noticed I got his attention for he wrote back to me asking if I would like to go private with him.

I jump at the opportunity for I didn’t want to pass it up. As I added him to my allowed list. He wrote “hello” and said “okay baby you got me. What would you like to do to me now?” As my heart started to pump I started to type to him. I was getting so horny that I took one hand and started to masturbate. I told him my deepest desires while I fingered my pussy, gently encircling my clit, getting it wet. My pussy lips parted, as I Escort Başakşehir began to insert one finger and pushing it in and out, probing my pleasure box.

I then lifted my finger out of my sweet wet pussy, I began to bring it to my mouth and tasted my juice. “Mmmm” I tasted so good. As he typed back to me and asked me what I was doing. I told him. As he wrote me back again and asked me if he could watch. I said yes and I turned on my cam as he turned on his. We decided to hear each other as well. Which was great, then I can hear his moans as he can hear mine?

As he saw my sweet wet pussy. I could hear him say “Mmmm baby nice pussy you got there. I would love to lick you up and down with my tongue teasing on your clit and then sucking it gently with my mouth.”

I let out a soft moan as he spoke his voice so sexy and erotic. I then lifted the cam up higher so he could see the rest of my body as my nipples were aroused and hard to the touch his voice getting deeper as he stroked his cock more. “Oh Baby” he kept saying as he told me to turn around my tight ass showing as I stood there looking back as I watched him continue to stroke. I began to lean over a little showing my wet pussy from behind. ” oh yeah” baby he said, touch your pussy from behind for me. As I did. I began to rub her slowly up and down. Sticking my finger back in and probing her in and out as he can hear my pussy making wet sounds, he told me to go faster. “Finger that pussy hard baby,” he said make her cream for me.

I began to go faster, pumping my pussy with my wet finger. I let out a moan as I can feel my body quiver with excitement he said “that is it baby cum for me.”

As I began to finger my pussy harder, I could feel my body ready to release my first orgasm. Bayrampaşa escort I let out a loud moan and as my pussy finally released my cream. It ran down my legs.

As I sat down in my chair, I got out my 8 inch dildo and placed it on the desk. I told him to get up and bring him cock closer. I wanted to see his head with Precum dripping from it. As he did, I said in a soft sexy voice “Mmm I would love to taste you and suck on that hard cock for you. I would take my hands and grab your balls and start to massage them gently.”

He said, “Oh Yeah baby keep going.” As I said “no, it is time for you to fuck me with that cock.” I heard a moan from him. I took my legs and spread them wide for him as he watched, I told him, when I tell you to cum, I want you to cum for me. He let out a soft “yes.”

I took my dildo and started to rub my pussy with it sliding it up and down as I watched him stroke his hard shaft up and down slowly. Circling it all around my clit, I let out a moan it felt so good. My pussy getting all nice and wet. I can feel my pussy throbbing. She wants to be fucked so bad and so hard.

He then told me to insert the head of the cock in me. I began to push the head in as he then told me “now don’t go no farther push her out and then back in again a few times,” as I did I can feel myself started to cream. I heard his voice saying “Oh my god let that cream cum out of you. I want to lick that with my tongue.” I started to moan louder as my body quiver for more. I had to push it in some more as I did, I told him to stroke his cock harder for me.

He started to stroke his cock faster. As I watched I could see his precumm dripping from the sides making his hard shaft wet. His other hand playing with his sexy shaven balls. His balls Beşiktaş escort bayan look so good to suck on kept running through my head.

I began to fuck my pussy with my dildo. Pushing it in deeper and faster the vibe on it turned up full. I scream out “Oh Yes fuck that pussy,” as my cream kept flowing out of me. My dildo covered in my juices as it slides in and out of me nice and easy. I began to pump her harder. He was still stroking fast and he kept saying “Go baby go fuck that pussy good make it throb for me.” I took the dildo out of me and began to circle around my clit rubbing all my white cream around it. Bringing my dildo to my mouth I began to lick it up and down.

“Mmm baby,” he moaned “you are driving me crazy.”

I said, “Oh Yeah well you will be more crazy when I tell you that my pussy taste so sweet and delicious. “I began to put my dildo back into my wet pussy and started to fuck myself again.”

Moaning louder and louder my body began to shake. Sweat started to pour down my face as I fucked myself. Watching him go faster on his cock he started to moan louder his breathing getting deeper as he said “Oh Yeah faster baby let me fuck you faster Cum for me baby.” I began to moan louder saying “fuck me harder baby Oh yeah faster pump that cock into my wet pussy,” I moaned.

Then I said, I am about to cum! I screamed for him to cum for me as I watched him stroke his hard cock faster I heard him say, “Oh Yeah baby I am going to cum for you.” I pumped my pussy faster in and out. I continued to watch him. Telling “Oh yes baby cum! Cum now for me,”

As he let out a loud moan, I saw his hot cum squirt out of his knob, hitting the cam. I started to cum. Letting out a loud scream. My dildo pumping in me as my pussy began to tighten to release my cum. As my cream driped out of me and down my pussy. I took out my dildo and brought it back to my mouth and sucked on it tasting myself once again and sitting back and relaxing for a moment as he cleaned himself up.

I said thank you to him and he said the same and I have to say, I was satisfied for the rest of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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