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We all three laid in bed until Sarah got up to get us some water. We drank steadily, hungrily, eager to be refreshed.

Sarah laid back down on the bed, her fingers easing the intensity of the orgasm she’d just had. I used my cold lips to suck on Sarah’s magnificent tits, the sensation making her wiggle and squirm. I had my ass in the air, and you were staring at us, rubbing yourself.

“Eat her out,” you said. “I want to see you fuck my girlfriend with your mouth.”

I kissed Sarah all down her beautiful body, down her ribs, the crevice of her stomach, the swell of her hips, the peaks of her pelvis bones. I looked back behind me at you, and you were rubbing your clit more steadily. “Do it!” you commanded.

I sank my wet tongue into Sarah’s soaking vagina, passing stiffly across her clit, running smoothly along her labia, and landing in her sweet hot hole. I penetrated her several times with my stiff, wet tongue, sucked on her labia, and went back to her clit, which was newly erect. I sucked on her clit hard and sure, taking in the pungent smell of her, letting my tongue escape to hit her hole over and over.

“Lick me!” Sarah breathed. I looked up at her and she was fondling her own breasts, pulling hard at the nipples, massaging them whole with both hands. She tilted her pelvis toward my face, thrusting herself at my tongue, which was ready to lick her engorged clit.

I istanbul escort had eaten enough pussy to know exactly how this girl wanted it: a flattened tongue, quick movements, and penetration. I began lapping at her clit as I brought my fingers up to her sex, entering her with two fingers. I felt her tight wetness close hard against me, the tips of my fingers touching her rough spot inside. She let out a moan of pleasure.

I began fucking her with my fingers at the same time I was massaging her clit with my tongue, keeping my face firmly buried in her cunt and my expert fingers fucking in-out, in-out. Sarah breathed hard. I began grinding my pussy on the bed, trying to give myself an orgasm as I had my face in this hot stripper’s pussy.

My eyes looked toward you, and you were furiously beating off, your mouth half open, your legs spread open wide.

“Come ride me baby,” I heard Sarah say.

You crawled toward her, and straddled her, your vagina just above her face. You gracefully dragged your pussy along her nose and lips, spreading strings of clear wetness all over her. She stuck out her tongue, searching for you, and moved her hands from her breasts to your ass. She pulled you down on her hard, and buried her face in your cunt. You threw your head back as you began to buck on her. I was licking furiously now.

“Do you want to fuck her hard?” you asked me.

“If şişli escort that’s what she wants.”

I heard Sarah let out a muffled “mmmhmm,” so I found the strap on and put it around my body, tightening it well so it wouldn’t slip off. I moved toward you two, your cunt still nearly suffocating her face, and plunged her pussy deep and fast. She began squealing, eating you faster, and I was fucking her as fast as I could. She came quickly, screaming, which was muffled my your cunt around her face. I realized you hadn’t cum yet, and I was close, so I had an idea.

“Let’s both tittyfuck her,” I said to you. You looked reluctant to get off your ride, but I was taking off the strap on and rubbing my clit, moving your hand to touch me as well. “Her tits are so big, we could each have one.”

You agreed, and furiously pulled me toward you, kissing me deeply with your tongue. “You are so fucking hot,” you said, your finger now probing my hole.

You moved your body so your pussy hovered over Sarah’s left tit and I did the same to her right. We sat down on her chest and intertwined our legs so that our vagina and assholes were on Sarah’s tits and our clits were barely touching. Sarah used her hands to encourage our bodies together, nipple to nipple, belly to belly, clit to clit. She began to move her torso under us, her nipples just penetrating us, her soft fleshy mounds mecidiyeköy escort providing the perfectly gentle ride. We were slippery and hot, and began kissing and fondling each other’s breasts.

We rode each other on top of Sarah for a while, slowly building our orgasms. “I’m about to cum,” I said. “Can we cum together?”

“Fuck yes,” you said, and you pushed me off of Sarah. You mounted me with your swollen clit. You always had to be in control. It was what got you off.

You bucked into me, pulling my ass up so I pressed as hard as possible into your pussy, as you ravaged my chest with your mouth, licking and sucking my breasts hard. “I’m about to come,” I said, and began pulling on your ass as well. I erupted on your hot cunt, sending streams of juice all over your thighs, and I felt your pussy explode at the same time. You began biting my shoulder, pounding into me, our pussies slick against each other. As your thrusts subsided, and your body relaxed against mine, I looked over at Sarah, who had positioned the strap on against the bed, and was straddling it, riding it. Her big tits were swinging, her pussy suctioning against the silicone dick. She pumped it up and down, up and down, as you and I moved toward her, each taking a nipple in our mouths, licking off our own juices. She began crying out loudly, her orgasm ripping through her body from her nipples to her clit to deep inside her vagina. “Fuck!” she screamed before she fell back, still slowly pumping the dick inside her, exhausted.

We laid together, the three of us with our arms and legs intertwined, until we passed into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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