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Part 1: The Offer

“You wish that was your girlfriend,” Kristi laughed as my head nodded at the hottest girl in the bar.

I just got finished telling her I was dating someone new, and Kristi asked what she looked liked. I decided to have a little fun with her and see what she would say when I pointed to the 5’10 blond bombshell working the room.

“She’s just not your type,” Kristi continued, “but thanks for the laugh,” she added smiling.

“Oh and what exactly would be my type? Some 5’5″ wise-ass brunette with cute green eyes?” I asked, describing Kristi as generally and playfully as I could.

“That’s been your type in the past,” she retorted, winking at me and referring back to the times we had fooled around in the past.

Kristi and I had gone to college together and spent lots of time over those five years working, studying, drinking, and becoming good friends. She had always wanted more, and though we had a few memorable nights together, I never pursued it further. Now we were living in the same city again, and catching up on times, both old and new.

“We did have our fun, didn’t we?” I asked her rhetorically.

“We did. Could have had a lot more too. Too bad,” she trailed off.

“I’m sorry I never pursued it more. I guess I didn’t want to lose what we had as friends,” I said, poking her playfully. It was a total cop out. I was just always too busy chasing other girls who were out of my league.

She peered up at me from her drink, and with a serious, and very determined look said, “You could have had so much of me, and I don’t mean just emotionally, but physically too. If nothing else, I always trusted you completely. Still do.”

With that last comment, I now decided to push a bit to see where she was going with this. “So I could have suggested anything physical…” I paused, lowering my voice, “sexual that is, and you would have been game, huh?”

She looked dead at me and replied, “Anything.” I stared at her as she polished off her drink.

“So if you still completely trust me as you say, I could suggest something sexual to you right now and you’d walk out of the bar with me and do it?” I asked, testing my luck.

“Only if it was something you didn’t want to do right here in the bar,” she answered with a laugh and a smirk. While still smiling, she was now serious, “Name it, and let’s go.”

My jeans were straining against the instant erection I just popped while considering this sexual carte blanche. I had to be smart and tactful about this. Anything didn’t mean ‘everything’, so I’d have to choose wisely. Or did I? Again, lowering my voice so as not to attract the attention of the people in our vicinity, I gave her an answer. “OK, smart ass,” I started, trying to keep it playful. “Tonight…anything goes, and I mean anything. Anything I suggest, we try. Anything you want to do, we do. A completely open, unabashed, sexually uninhibited experience.”

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask for that for years,” she answered before I could even admire the brashness of my last statement. She hopped off her bar stool, took my hand, and led me out of the bar.

Part 2: The Store

After we got into the car and headed away from the bar, Kristi was the first to say anything. “So Mr. Trustworthy, what do you have in mind for us?”

I had been anticipating the question since we left the bar, and had gone over a hundred possibilities in my head, when I finally settled on something I thought held some promise. “Well, the start of any good sexual free-for-all has got to be at the adult superstore, no?”

Kristi clapped her hands and in the best girlie-girl voice she could conjure up squealed, “Yippee!!! Shopping!!!”

“Yeah, but this is the kind I can enjoy too,” I clarified, smiling over at her.

So we made our way to the one of the many adult mega-castle-dreamland-playground stores that offered our fine city all the best in sexual delights. We had been at happy hour, so it was still relatively early, with only a handful of cars in the parking lot. I parked along the side of the store, and we walked our way back to the front entrance. It’s funny how places like this used to have weird lighting and black film on the windows. These days, they practically shouted “Adult Toys-R-Us”.

The place was clean, and well-decorated, and when we walked in, a cute gal at the front desk with piercings in her lip and upper ear gave us a nice smile as she looked up from whatever she was working on. “Welcome folks,” she greeted us. “Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.” She seemed eager to help, as we were among the few shoppers in the store.

“Will do,” I replied, trying to be as cool as possible while standing in a place surrounded by naughty lingerie and all manner of phallic objects. Kristi made her way right over to them.

“Oooh, this one looks fun,” she cooed picking up a fleshy pink dildo that flopped back and forth as she waved it at me.

“You definitely could have some fun with that one,” I güvenilir bahis agreed.

“So could you,” she added slyly, nodding to the shelf at a harness that seemed to complement the dildo perfectly. “Anything goes, right smarty pants?”

At that point I knew I might be in for the ride of my life tonight, both literally and figuratively. We walked around a bit more, perusing the lotions, finally selecting two bottles that met our discriminating tastes. We next wandered over to the sexy clothing section. They had a wide selection of lingerie and sexy costumes for both women and men. Kristi and I both perused the women’s selections.

“This one’s pretty hot,” I offered, showing her a matching lavender bustier and garter set.

“It is, but so is this,” she countered, showing me a white lace-up corset. “Wouldn’t you like to cinch me up in it,” she asked with a devilish grin on her face.

“Sure. But what would you wear for bottoms though?” I asked hopefully.

She picked up what looked to be a thin white strap. “How about this g-string?”

Just then the girl with piercings walked up to see if we needed any help. Her other customers must have left. “Hi, I’m Charlotte. Are guys finding everything OK?” she asked pleasantly.

“I think so,” I answered. “Though we are having a hard time choosing between these two outfits,” I said, motioning to the two sets of sexy clothes we both were holding.

“Oh, two very nice choices,” Charlotte cooed in her best salesgirl voice. “Why don’t you try them on?” she asked Kristi. “That will help you decide.”

Things were looking up already, as was my cock, at Charlotte’s suggestion of having Kristi try them on here at the store. I rolled the dice. “Yes, try them on for us Kristi, so we can decide which is best.”

Before, she could protest, Charlotte jumped to my aid. “Yeah, it’s always best to have both a man and woman’s opinion on these things.”

“OK, why not. Anything goes, right?” she winked at me.

The three of us headed into the changing area, which consisted of three changing booths with privacy curtains that stretched only from neck level to approximately mid-thigh. I thought to myself a tall woman would have to bend her knees to keep anyone from seeing her breasts as she changed. But Charlotte and I could see only Kristi’s head and legs as she changed out of her clothes. It was a very sexy view however, knowing Kristi was getting completely naked just a few feet from us, and yet seeing but small hints of her exposed flesh. She tried on my matching bustier set first. “OK, here goes,” she announced to us.

She slid back the privacy curtain to reveal herself clad in the sexy purple outfit. Her 34Bs were lifted and enhanced by the garment, and the thong panties sexily hugged her hips and ass. She put on the garter belt too, though without stockings, the straps just hung loosely down to her upper thighs. “What do you think?” she asked, doing a spin.

We both answered simultaneously, “Hot!” “I told you that was a winner,” I added.

“But let’s not judge too quickly,” Charlotte cautioned. “Let’s see the other first.”

Kristi closed the curtains back up and began stripping off the first outfit. I caught a quick glimpse of her right breast and nipple as she wiggled out of it, and I swore her nipple was quite erect. She continued to change outfits when Charlotte asked to neither of us in particular, “So how long have you guys been together?”

I answered, “Well, we aren’t boyfriend-girlfriend, but we’ve known each other for probably 10 years or so.”

Charlotte’s brow furrowed in confusion as she then asked, “So what are you guys up to?”

I tried to be coy. “Oh just some fun, I guess,” I said smiling.

Then Kristi chimed in from behind the curtain, “I told him I would do anything he wanted tonight.” She paused. “Sexually that is,” as if it needed clarification.

“Oh really?” Charlotte mused, smiling. “I get it now. ‘Anything goes.’ How interesting. And fun!”

By now, Kristi had finished changing. This outfit took longer, with all the pulls and ties and such, and she had done her best to get into it herself. She again opened the curtains to reveal herself, and again it was a stunning site. I thought I was about to burst out of my pants. Again, her breasts were lifted and enhanced, but this one cinched up her waist even more than the last, exaggerating her proportions even more. She looked like a full C-cup in this one. The thin white g-string completed the look.

Charlotte whistled. “Wow. You look even better in that one”

“So,” Kristi asked me, “which one do you think is better?”

I suddenly had another wonderful idea pop into my head, and decided to push my luck once again. “They both look great, but I can’t decide. It’s hard to tell without seeing both outfits at the same time.” I pleadingly looked to Charlotte for help. Before I could ask, she knowingly smiled back at me and said, “You want me to try the other one on and compare the two, don’t you?”

“You güvenilir bahis siteleri said to let you know if we needed your help,” I answered innocently.

“You are so naughty,” Kristi piped up, smiling.

“You two seem fun, and besides, ‘Anything goes’, right,” Charlotte replied. “Here, give me that other outfit.

Just when I thought to myself that this was going better that I could ever have possibly imagined, Charlotte began undressing right there in the vestibule before us. She didn’t even bother with the changing room. Neither I nor Kristi, who had wandered out of the small changing room and into the vestibule with us, said a word as the helpful girl unbuckled her heavy black belt and unzipped her jeans. She quickly slid them off her legs revealing a thin black thong underneath. Charlotte stood back up and smiling at us pulled her tight black t-shirt off over her head to reveal to us her bare, very full C-Cup breasts. I hadn’t noticed she was braless before, but then again I had been plenty distracted. She then bent over again to remove the very minimal remaining piece of clothing from her body. Once she did, it was clearly apparent she was completely shaved, and I noticed the shimmer of a small silver hoop just below her clit. A genital piercing…wow!

It was quickly covered up, however, as she efficiently donned the purple panties and bustier outfit. Her breasts seemed to be bursting from the tightly constrained top. She gently grabbed Kristi by the arm and pulled her next to her, both of them facing me. “OK, now compare,” she more or less ordered.

They both looked fantastic, sexy, and hot, and I think both of them could read my mind. “Turn around,” I requested, and they did. Two pairs of wonderfully rounded, cute asses on display for me. I could have stared all night. They turned back around to face me and Kristi asked, “OK, who’s hottest?”

I wasn’t about to get sucked into that one, so I answered as strategically as I could. “Both outfits are extremely hot, and both ladies have done a wonderful job modeling them,” I answered with a bit of applause. “I think we should buy both,” I offered.

“Perfect idea,” Charlotte confirmed.

“You are too generous,” Kristi complimented.

“OK, then. Off with them and wrap them both up,” I suggested. “Thank you so much for your help Charlotte.”

“You are quite welcome,” she replied, probably thinking to herself she just doubled the size of our purchase with her quick lack of modesty. As she began to strip off the outfit, she was positioned between me and Kristi, who could therefore not get back into her dressing room. While not completely exposed, the vestibule was certainly visible from the area of the store immediately outside it, and anyone browsing through would have easily seen us. Kristi looked about for a few seconds and apparently decided if Charlotte could change right there in the open, then why couldn’t she? She began loosening her upper garment as best she could to get it off, and then dropped it to the floor. By then, Charlotte had already removed her outfit entirely, so I now had a naked stranger on one side of me, and a topless friend that I planned to sexually ravish in the very near future on the other. Needless to say my erection was clearly visible through my pants to both of them if they chose to look. And Charlotte chose to.

“You’re going to have to give that some attention quite soon I think,” she said to Kristi with a nod at my bulge.

“Ah, he can wait,” she teased.

The two finished dressing into their original outfits, and Charlotte grabbed the two that we planned to purchase. On our way out Kristi found a leather thong for me that she felt would provide her with plenty of amusement, so without having to try it on, I took it too. We added the fleshy dildo from earlier to the pile as well, and after some highly-charged sexual innuendo-laced chat with the checkout girl, we paid for our naughty purchases and left the store. As we walked back around to the car, I had another wicked idea.

Part 3: The Drive

“OK, ready for what’s next?” I asked her as she sat next to me in the front seat of my car.

With an eager smile she replied, “You bet! Where are we headed?”

“Well, I was thinking about your place. But where we are headed is less important right now than how we are going to get there,” I answered.

“What…we aren’t going to drive?” she asked me quizzically.

“Oh we’re going to drive there,” I assured her. “What we aren’t going to do is wear any clothes while we do it!”

“What?!” she exclaimed. “Drive home naked? Can’t we get in trouble if someone sees? Oh my god, what if someone sees!? That is so crazy…and dangerous…and, and exciting,” she finally finished, leaning over and kissing me quickly on the cheek.

“Good, I am glad you are game. Now let’s go…off with that stuff.”

“You too naughty boy,” she chided.

As I began to untie my shoes, I kept my eyes focused on Kristi the entire time. She quickly slipped iddaa siteleri off her shoes and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. With a quick look around outside the car, she pushed them off her waist and down her legs, pulling each leg off over her feet one at a time. I leaned back to put my shoes and socks on the floor in the back seat, and when I turned back she had started to slide the blouse she was wearing off her shoulders and arms. She had been wearing a nice blue button-down blouse (unbuttoned) over one of those tight black tops with thin straps. Before I could unbutton my own jeans, she had the blouse off and had begun to lift the black top off over her head. She watched me take off my jeans before proceeding any further.

“What’s wrong,” I asked, sensing cold feet.

“One more item and I’ll be half naked. Two more and I’m all the way there.”

“I can see that,” I answered sarcastically. This was the first sign of any hesitation on her part all night.

“You go first,” she offered. “I’ll get naked if you get naked.”

Knowing I needed to do this to make it happen, and that I didn’t really mind anyway, I readily agreed. “OK, if that’ll make you happy,” I answered with feigned reluctance. “But you owe me one later,” I countered.


I quickly removed my jeans, and then my shirt. I sat there in just my boxers. Like Kristi did, I made a quick look outside the car, and then back at her and said, “Well, here goes,” and proceeded to slide off my boxers and toss them in the back seat. I sat there in the driver’s seat with nothing but my well-developed hard on.

“I’m glad to see you aren’t enjoying this or anything,” Kristi sarcastically joked upon gazing at it.

“And I am just sure it is killing you to see me this way as well,” I volleyed back. “So I met my end of the bargain. Now it’s your turn.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Since seeing me go all the way, the nervousness that she possessed only moments ago now seemed to have melted away, replaced instead by growing excitement. She quickly slid her panties off, sitting there next to me naked below the waist. Then without any hesitation at all, she unclasped her bra and let her 34Bs pop right out, nipples clearly erect with excitement.

“Ta da!” she proclaimed with confidence. “Now let’s get before someone walks up on us.”

“In a minute,” I assured her. “But to add one more layer of excitement and intrigue to the situation, we are going to put all our clothes in the back. That way we aren’t tempted to cover up. If we get stuck at a light, the car next to us may see. If a tall truck drives by, they will easily be able to see. And if we happen to get pulled over for any reason, well, let’s hope the cop has a sense of humor because they’ll get an eyeful.”

“That’s a wicked idea, but do you think it is smart? What happens when we get back to my place?” she asked.

“We’ll have to get out of the car and open the trunk to get our things,” I answered non-chalantly.

“You’re really pushing me, aren’t you?” she said with a smile. “Alright, I’ll play along. So how do we get our clothes back there now?”

“Through the pass-through. Here, give me all your stuff.” I leaned into the back seat and opened the little opening in the middle that led to the trunk of the car. I guess it was supposed to be for putting large items in the trunk, like skis. But in our case I shoved all our clothes as far back through it as possible and closed it up. “Point of no return,” I offered to her.

“Let’s do it!” she now said enthusiastically. And with that I started the car, backed out of the spot, and started to leave the lot. A guy leaving his car for the adult store glanced our way, but I don’t think anything unusual registered with him. There was a break in the traffic and I pulled onto the street. We had no one immediately around us but already I was glancing in my rear view mirrors and at traffic coming at us in the other direction. Oh, and of course stealing glances at Kristi’s wonderfully naked body just inches away. She must have seen my furtive glances at the traffic.

“You think they can see anything coming at us that fast,” she asked.

“Probably not,” I replied. “They’d have to be specifically looking for it. Otherwise if they do happen to think they see something unusual about the two of us, we’d be past them too quickly for them to confirm anything. Now these folks up ahead of us on our side of the road, or those coming up from behind…they might get an eyeful if we get stopped next to them.”

“Yeah, and I’ll be first on their radar I am sure. You don’t have a pair of tits on clear display to anyone who bothers to look at the car,” she fretted.

“Sure I do,” I joked, rubbing my chest.

“Nice try. Uh, oh. Looks like we might have our first encounter,” she announced.

Sure enough, we were pulling up to a red light and next to a four-door sedan. As we came to a stop next to it we noticed there was just a guy in the car driving. He wasn’t looking over at us, just staring straight ahead. This seemed to annoy Kristi. “How come he won’t look over,” she asked impatiently.

“Guess he doesn’t know he’s missing anything,” I offered. “Why don’t you roll down your window and holler at him?” I jokingly suggested.

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