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I looked back down the street and saw the clerk had stepped out for a smoke. I don’t think he saw me as I slipped back past him and into the store. Once inside, I made a b-line for the door to the arcade. I had some idea of what would be inside. I had never been to a porn store before, but I had read the signs for the arcade earlier when the clerk had turned me away. I figured I could hide and enjoy some porno movies.

I went from the bright lights of the store into the dim darkness of a tight hallway lined with video booths. I got hard the moment I passed through the doorway to the arcade thinking about the porno that awaited me. I made my way down the hallway. Most of the booths were closed. When I came to the first open booth, I moved in and closed the door behind me. It was dark in the booth. The only light inside the booth guided my quarters into the slot.

The video started up. It lit up the tiny room. On the screen were two men. One standing behind the other fucking his ass. I hadn’t even considered that the porn would be gay. I was disappointed. I had made it this far and now I had porn with no hot chicks. I was undecided what to do next. On the screen, was a close up of a rather large cock pounding in and out of a guy’s butthole. Anal sex was a new concept to me. I don’t think had even fantasized about anal sex with a woman but, I was still hard. My hand down my pants felt good. I would just have to make do. All my quarters were used up. I fondled my boner in my pants. I was so hard. I was considering what to do if I came. The door to the booth opened behind me.

It really caught me by surprise. I pulled my hand out of my pants. A man had opened the door to my booth. He stepped right into my booth and closed the door behind him. We stood face to face, almost. He was more than a foot taller than I was. I was so scared, I was trembling. The light from the screen was too dim to make out much about him other than his Pink Floyd tee shirt. He reached around me and gave me a hug. It kept me from falling. He held me up while I recuperated. Once I had recovered my balance, he released me. He didn’t say anything, and I didn’t know what to say. So, we were both stood there in silence.

His hand went right to my crotch. He pressed his palm up against my rigid boner. It turned me on instantly. The warmth and rapture spread from his palm into my loins. I was completely lost in my own body. It centered in my cock, but I was also enjoying his other hand on the small of my back. Until this moment, all my sexual thoughts and fantasies had been with girls. At the time, the difference didn’t enter my mind as the pure joy of sex passed into me. No one had ever touched my cock. It was fantastic and my pants were still in between his hand and my penis.

He removed his hand from my dick and took my hand and moved it over to his bulge. He pressed my hand into his manhood and let go. I pressed into his cock bulge and spread my fingers measuring its size. To me, it seemed huge. He was so much bigger than I was. I felt and squeezed at his cock through his pants. It was turning me on almost a much as his touch on my member. He reached down and guided my hand under his waistband and to the bare skin of his penis. I grabbed it wrapping my finger around his cock. I could feel his skin and the heat of his raging hardon. istanbul travesti He pushed his pants down.

I pumped my hand up and down the shaft. He had large balls that hung down. I cupped his balls and pulled his shaft with my other hand. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock. He was rigid and had a head much bigger than his shaft. I had never seen or touched a cock other than my own. I was enthralled by it. As I played with his dick, he placed his hands on my shoulders.

He pushed down on my shoulders. I dropped down on my knees. I was glad to have a better view of his penis. I gripped It in my hand stoking it towards me. I stared at the one eye as it looked right at me. He moved his hands from my shoulders to the back of my head. He stroked my hair and rubbed my head as I continued to explore his cock with both hands. With one hand still on the back of my head, he pushed my hands away and took hold of his own dick. I didn’t want to stop fondling.

He guided the tip his dick up to my lips. He pushed the tip against my mouth. In the moment, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t know what he expected. I had the most beautiful cock staring at me and I didn’t want him to leave. As I pondered my situation, he spoke first time. “Open up and pull your teeth back.” He commanded.

Ah. I did as I was instructed. I took the tip into my mouth. It had a salty taste. Nothing like I had feared moments earlier. It was pleasant. I explored the bulbous head with my tongue. The head alone seemed to fill my mouth. I suckled and slurped a bit toying with his cock. I took hold of it with my hand as there was still plenty of length to hold on to. I realized I was giving a blow job. I was still totally turned on. My cock was rock hard in my pants. He let me play with his cock and suck on it for a few minutes. I was on my knees in the middle of the booth facing into his now bare belly as he had removed his shirt and dropped his pants while I blew him.

As I sucked, I realized there was a hole in the side wall of the booth. Not only that but there was a face watching me thru the hole. The hands that had been on my head moved under my arms. He pulled me back up to my feet. He pulled off my shirt. He squatted down in front of me. He unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my underwear. He helped me step out of my pants. My full hardon boner stuck straight out. I looked down at him. He smiled back up looking at my cock. I thought “he’s going to suck me” I was close reaching an orgasm as my rapture increased and my whole body felt like part of my cock.

To my surprise he stood up. His cock brushed against mine as raised himself up to his feet. The touch of his cock sent shivers thru me. We stook facing each other. I looked up at his face and he gave me a big smile. He placed his hands on my hips and kissed my forehead. He then turned me around. I was now facing the video screen. The movie had ended. I could see the reflection of me naked with this man towering nude behind me. At that moment, I realized he was going to fuck me. Just like in the action in the porno I had seen when I entered the booth.

I didn’t have time to worry about what to do next. He pushed me forward. I leaned in and placed my hands beside the screen. My ass was arched back and exposed. Next, I istanbul travestileri felt a cool trickle of liquid running down the crack of my ass. His fingers started rubbing the lube into my hole. He pressed with a finger. I thought I was turned on already. I didn’t think my lust could have been more intense. But his lubed fingers in my ass pushed me to a new level. He spent some time with one finger before moving on to two. He pulled at the sides of my virgin hole. A third finger went inside me. When I felt the warm tip of his cock against my anus, I was on the verge of blowing my load.

The warmth of his thick head pressed against my anus felt wonderful. He pressed on harder and harder until he popped thru my sphincter and entered me. My ecstasy turned into excruciating pain in an instant. The enormous head of his cock popped thru my hole and into my ass. My ass clamped down on him as he continued to force his cock inside me. I cried out and tensed up. but I didn’t move away. I was trapped by my lust right up to penetration. Now I tried to squirm away. He held me firmly by the hips. His dick pushed in a little further. I hurt so bad. How had the guy in the porno done it? The cock up his ass was even bigger than the one now in mine. Another inch slid inside me. It didn’t hurt as bad as before. My head hung down looking back between my legs. The face was still in the hole. My legs were close together between the legs of the guy fucking me. I was on my toes hanging by my ass from his cock.

With his hold on my hips, he forced himself inside me. He drove his entire length into me. It still hurt but not as bad as before. He made his first stroke. It hurt, both the in and out stroke. This turned into a slow pumping. The pain abated after a few minutes of slow strokes. He picked up speed. He thrust into me again and again. I could hear him grunting behind me. His breathing got hard and heavy. He began to pick up speed. As he reamed my asshole, my boner returned. Soon after that, the rapture picked up where it had left off and took off to new heights. The pain was gone. Replaced by the ecstasy of prostrate stimulation. He banged away at my virgin hole with steady forceful thrusts.

I came.

Cum splattered the wall in front of me. It dribbled onto the floor below. I trembled and shook as waves of ecstasy pored over me. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had. It grabbed a hold of me a floated me into pure pleasure. The face in the hole said something about how hot I was. He pushed into me deep as I came. His body draped over me as my orgasm quivered thru my anus pushing him over the edge. His cum poured into me. We held this position for a time.

As some strength came back to me, I looked up into the blank screen. In the reflection I could see the man still inside me. The face from the hole was now in the behind us in doorway. When the cock slid out of my ass, I felt so empty. Cum spilled out of my ass onto the floor as he pulled out. Having blown his load inside me, he grabbed his cloths and dressed. Still naked, I turned to face the two men. The guy from the hole had his cock out and was masturbating as he waited for the other man to leave. When the first guy left the booth, he left the door opened. I could see a few other guys were watching from the hallway.

The new guy pushed my head travesti istanbul towards his cock. His dick wasn’t as long as the first one. It was a little thicker and he was uncut. The foreskin extended over the head. It didn’t matter to me. Even though I had just shot a load that was almost a piss, I was still horny. I did like I had before and sucked his cock. I got more of it into my mouth. I explored his foreskin with my tongue. He was oh so hard and tasted salty. I suckled it like a tit. After a short time, he pulled back and I stook up to face him. He pulled at my hip signaling me to turn so he could fuck my ass. I turned around for him. I knew he wanted to fuck me, and I wanted his cock inside me. Once again, I was braced against the wall. As I looked back between my legs, I could see the shoes of others watching from the hallway.

This time he went straight to it. His cock entered me easily. Sliding all the way into my ass on the first stroke. He took to fucking right from penetration. It made a slapping sound has he slammed into my hole. Each stroke of his cock pushed my rapture higher and higher. I never imagined anything could feel this good. He picked up speed and then slowed down grinding away at me. He hugged me and pulled my back against his chest. He swirled his cock inside me, and he held himself fully inside me. He used his position to turn us towards the side wall.

His lips in my ear, he whispered two words “suck it” He moved a hand to my head and pushed my face down. As I looked down, I could see there was a cock sticking thru the hole in the wall. He still had his pants on. His cock extended thru his fly and into the hole. His dick was cut and firm. It had a distinct upwards curve. I took the new cock into my mouth. I was lost in rapture. I just held myself up with the wall and let the two of them fuck me. I gagged a bit but managed to hold on. Both men fucked at me. The thrusts from behind would push me down on the cock in my mouth. Each time a thrust hit my face he banged against the wall between us.

As he face fucked me, the taste flooded into my mouth. I felt my mouth fill with cum. As first, I didn’t know what had happened. Cum dribbled from my lips. I swallowed some of it. I had satisfied the unseen stranger. He pulled his cock back and I could see even more cum dripping from it. All the while, I was still being fucked up the ass. Once I had completed the blow job, the guy in my ass pulled me back up against his chest and pushed hiss cock as deep as it could go. He turned me again. Now I faced a crowd formed around the entrance to the booth. My cock now fully hard bounced with each thrust for all of them to see.

All good fucks cum to the same end. And so did this one. He grunted and pressed against me tightly as he came as deep inside my ass as his cock would take him. I felt his orgasm and it pushed me toward my own. He released me and withdrew his cock from my hole. I was left the nude and empty. One of the onlookers moved up, bent down, and took my cock into his mouth. As my dick rubbed down the length of his tongue, I felt the most wonderful feeling of the experience. I came instantly. There was only a small dribble of spooge as the booth was already splattered with my first load. I still quivered and shook from the force of the orgasm.

The crowd broke up as I dressed. I felt that after fuck feeling for the first time. The emptiness of no dick up my ass and the lasting warm fuzzy feeling of being totally pleasured anally. I could tell more of the crowd wanted to fuck me, but I had had enough. Now I had to sneak myself out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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