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All Young

She was gone! Bill sat on the side of the bed with her pantyhose wrapped around his arm. They had lain together and talked for a while after their last coupling. Bill had not tried to keep Murphy from leaving, he understood the position that she was in and only she could decide what to do. There was no more sex but they comforted each other in their own way. She needed comfort in what she was going to face and Bill needed some idea of what would happen to them in the future. She got her comfort but Bill was left without closure. It would all depend upon what happened when she confronted The General.

He watched from his position on the bed while she got dressed. She told him to lie there and not try to touch her or she would never get out of there. She removed her thigh high stockings explaining that they were hot and she had a long drive ahead of her. He silently watched her brushing her short hair and repairing her makeup. He wanted to go to her and hold her once again but when he moved as if to rise, she looked at his reflection as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror and silently shook her head.

After completing her toilet, Murphy stood beside the bed and leaned over to kiss Bill goodbye. He accepted her kiss and didn’t try to pull her down onto the bed.

“Thank you,” she said into his mouth and stood up with her purse slung over her shoulder. “Good-bye. I’ll call you.”

Turning to leave she took one step, paused and turned back towards the bed. Lifting her skirt she wriggled out of her panties and he watched as they slipped down her legs to the floor. She picked them up with the toe of her pump and ikitelli escort bayan using the wall for support held them out to him dangling from her foot.

“Here, these will keep you company,” she giggled blowing him a kiss.

Bill sat dejectedly on the side of the bed and listened to her heels clicking down the tiled hallway and waited for the sound of the door closing, in effect, closing out a chapter in his life. A welcome chapter but now ending in sadness at her departure.

Burying his face in her panties he inhaled her scent and standing up he looked out onto the Atlantic Ocean and its gentle, soothing swells.

“Well, it’s been fun!” he said aloud and tossing her panties onto the bed alongside of her hose he pulled on his shorts and retrieved his now warm can of beer from the kitchen counter and taking a swig he swirled it around in his mouth as if to wash out her taste.

“Time to move on,” he reminded himself and turned to check on his forgotten email.

The door chime sounded just as he reached the balcony and pausing for a moment he turned and hurried to open the door.

“Maybe she changed her mind and she’s coming back,” he thought and pulled open the door.

“Hey, Mr. Hughes! How are you doing?” said Missy standing there in bare feet wearing a bathing suit cover up. “I got off early and I thought I’d stop by and see if you needed anything. Can I come in?”

She answered her last question by walking past him and into the kitchen area.

“Not bad!” she exclaimed. “I could live here. You should see the kartal escort bayan closet that I live in. Got another beer?.”

Bill, still speechless, nodded towards the refrigerator and Missy headed towards it while removing her cover up to reveal a tiny yellow bathing suit with two little triangles barely covering her nipples and a naked ass framed by a yellow string tied at each hip and disappearing down between her cheeks.

Turning around to face him, she popped the top on the can of beer and took a long swallow.

“Damn! That tastes good,” she said and gave a little burp. “Oops! Excuse me,” she said through her hand covering her mouth. “That was not ladylike.”

Breezing past him she walked out onto the balcony closely followed by Bill who stood in the doorway.

“I heard you’re friend left and I thought that you might want some company!” she said and smiled up at him.


“She told me that she wouldn’t be using the chair anymore and that I could rent it out again and make some extra money. Mind if I lay in the sun here?” she asked while rearranging the sofa cushions to form a mat.

Bill could only stare at the lips of her naked pussy protruding from between her thighs when she bent from the waist. The string of the thong was pulled between her lips that looked to be shiny with sweat or moisture.

“It’s against the law to wear a thong on the beach here and I don’t get any sun over where I stay,” she explained as she dropped to her knees than to her side and finally rolled over onto her back displaying her kadıköy escort bayan belly button jewelry.

“Sure, go ahead,” Bill was finally able to get a sound out of his dry throat. He took a swig of his warm beer and moved to sit on the chair next to the cushions. His cock was already stirring into hardness and he didn’t try to hide that fact from her.

“Dammit!” she said. “This thing keeps coming off when I get it wet.”

Lifting the string from around her waist she pulled the bow tying the bottom of her suit together on her right hip and the little piece of cloth barely hiding her pussy from the world fell to the side exposing her shaved pubes and the fact that she had no tan lines. She ran her fingers over a little skin colored patch trying to adhere to her lower belly and pressed down on the edges to try to make it stick to her skin.

“What’s that?” he asked naively. “Are you trying to quit smoking?”

She laughed.

“No silly! It’s a birth control patch. I just got them a week ago. “I didn’t put the first one on right and it left a mark on my skin. See!” She pointed to a red mark on her groin. “It’s still a little sore, do you want to kiss it and make it all better?”

“Just a minute! Don’t move! I’ll be right back,” he said and hurried into the bedroom to retrieve a condom from the bedside table drawer. Turning to leave he changed his mind and retrieved a second one just as his cell phone chimed.

“It must be Murphy,” he said and located the phone on the kitchen counter. Flipping it open he saw the word ‘Sandy’ on the caller ID. His throat tightened and he hesitated for a second with his thumb on the answer button. “No!” he decided and closed the phone.

“What a hell of a vacation this turned out to be,” he murmured as he unsnapped his shorts and letting them fall he walked out of them and stood in the balcony door in time to watch Missy untie the little bow on her other hip, spread her legs and run her fingers over her pussy while smiling up at him in invitation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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