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I was on Bournemouth beach alone and bored. My husband had to work, my girlfriends were busy and I was not going to spend the day at home when I could be catching up on some sun.

I lay on my towel and tried to read my book but it was too bright. I rolled over and put the book on the sand so that I could read it that way. I became aware of a three guys who had chosen to sit behind me and were pretending to not even know I was there.

I grinned to myself, like most women, I love to be watched, and I was half naked so it mean I was worth looking at.

I sat up and got out the sun tan cream and spread it on my arms and chest and then lay down again. An old boy-friend had told me that when a woman lies on her back in a swim suit, the waist part stretches across the hip bones and makes someone behind think they can see down them. I lifted my head to check and it was true that there was a gap between the material and my body.

I turned over and rested my head on my arms, and doing so was able to glance back at the guys who were again pretending not to see me. Two of them were wearing shorts but the other wore that suit that competition swimmer wear, look a bit like briefs.

I reached behind me and undid the clasp of the bra and shrugged the straps off and noticed from the corner of my eye how they were goggly eyed and nudging each other.

I lay back down and soaked up the sun for a while and then leaned up a bit so as to show my chest a bit more, I could feel just how much was showing and I let them see nearly down to the nipple. As I got comfortable again I could see that two of them guys were hard and the other had his hands over his groin area.

I lay there again wondering if they’d ever come and talk but nothing happened, except one of them went to the sea, probably to cool off.

I was still alone, so I started to sit up, “forgetting” that my bra was undone before flopping down to do it up again. I heard a gasp from the guys and glared at them in mock indignation as I did it up.

I picked up my purse and wrapping my sarong around me waist I went up to the prom and bought an ice cream. I had to queue for a few minutes and realised that they guys had followed me and were in fact directly behind me. I thought that this is where they made their move on me and was wondering how I was to react, but instead I bought the ice cream and walked back to my towel without being spoken to but conscious of their eyes on my back.

I decided to go to the sea and walked along the edge eating my ice cream and letting the waves ripple over my feet, After a while I turned and made my way back and noticed the guys all in the water and playing around with a ball and showing off like they do. I stood watching them and using my tongue on the ice cream in what I hoped was a suggestive way.

After a few minutes, the ball was thrown very near to me and I picked it up to toss it back but one of the guys was next to me almost immediately kaçak iddaa and took it from me. He said “Thanks” and threw it to one of his friends.

What was wrong with these guys, how much of an opening did I have to give them?

I walked a bit further along the beach and again the ball came after me and splashed me as it landed at my feet. This time I bent over to pick it up and quikcly turned and threw it to the nearest guy. He tossed it back again and soon we were all playing ball.

It got a bit silly for a while with each of them doing sillier things but they calmed down and when one of them threw the ball so that it landed between me and one his friends we both swam for it and got there both together. I let him have the ball but as I backed off, I let my foot touch his leg and I saw his eyes widen.

After that it developed to games, and of course I had to be the one who climbed on their shoulders and squealed as I wobbled.

Then we had a mock fight, me sitting on Jake’s shoulders and trying to wrestle Greg off of John’s shoulders.

They took the opportunity to accidentally touch me and I could feel that I was getting warm and wet, not just from sun and sea.

I was finally defeated and was pushed off and made sure that as I submerged I bumped into Greg’s groin.

Then John dived under and between Jake’s legs, then someone else and they looked at me. What could I do?

I dived under and made sure that as I passed under Greg I brushed quite hard against him and when I did the same to John, my hand trailed up his leg but stopping short of my target area.

I stood up shaking water from my hair and they finally plucked up courage and Jake said “Your turn” and dived under water at me. I opened my legs and braced myself, and as I expected he seemed to get stuck half way through and brushed and pushed up against me.

As he stood up the other two took turns and did pretty much the same.

I laughed at them, “Stand by” I called and dived under Greg who was wearing shorts. I stopped in front of him and pulled his shorts down to his knees and surfaced laughing.

He laughed too and pulled them up again and I later did the same for Jake but when I tried to get John’s suit down it was too tight.

Eventually, they all took off their suits and let them float as they dived towards me. I knew what was going to happen now and braced myself as they got to me and lifted me and took off my suit completely.

So, there we were, three guys and me, all naked. I submerged for a few seconds, supposedly to brush my hair out of my eyes and checked them out – as I thought, three dicks stiff as they could be.

They stood looking at each other and me, and they were fascinated by my boobs but didn’t make a move. Finally, losing patience I leaned back and floated with my arms outstretched and was not totally surprised when a couple of hands took hold of a boob each.

I was nearly pushed under though when my kaçak bahis legs were opened and Greg and John held me on the surface as Jake fingered me.

I lay back and enjoyed it but I was wondering how we were going to do this. Jake started to use his tongue on me and I couldn’t maintain my floating and spashed and spluttered until Greg went behind me and held my head up and John put his hand on my bum to hold that up.

As Jake licked and sucked John stuck his finger up my bum and I started to enjoy this more. I looked up and saw that we had a small audience who were very interested, fortunately there were no kids out this deep.

Finally, Jake stood up and pushed down on my hips so that my legs descended and still open, went either side of him and I felt his dick nudging at me.

I wrapped my legs around him and lowered myself slowly and he steered himself into me. He started to rock me up and down and I saw that several of our audience had hands underwater.

It only took a few seconds and Jake came into me and held on to me gasping as if he’d run a mile.

I disengaged myself and beckoned John who took Jake’s place and started to pump into me. This was much better and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. Again though, he came before I was ready and I pushed him away and grabbed holed of Greg who was, to my astonishement soft.

He confessed that he had come while watching us and I was not happy.

I was about to tell him my opinion when an older man came up to us and said how much he’d enjoyed the show and could he oblige?

I would have taken anybody by this time and readily agreed and he entered me with no preamble and started to pump. It didn’t take me very long this time and I was soon clinging on to him and shuddering as I came. He was in no hurry and continued pumping until he finally came into me too.

He released me then and gently kissed me and thanked me as he let me stand up again.

After everybody realised that the show was over, the original three found two of their suits but not the other one and neither part of mine.

I stood there wondering what to do and John said he would fetch me a pair of his shorts, but in the end I just said “the hell with it” and stalked out of the water stark naked and walked up the beach to my towel and wrapped in around myself.

A woman nearby sniffed and tutted at me, but a very old lady on the other side beckoned me over and told me I had a good body and she wished she could walk around naked like that. She said she’d love to attract the boys like I just had. Then she asked if I had had sex in the sea and I confessed I had.

She giggled, “I remember doing that when I was a girl” she said. “mind you it was different then and I only had it the once and no one else ever knew about it”.

I grinner at her, “I’ve always said, you only live once, make the most of it”.

“You do that” she answered with a smile, “and if you have any spare boys, pass illegal bahis them over to me”

I laughed and indicated the man who had made me come who was now sitting with his wife nearby “how about that one?” I asked her

“Oooh yes” she said

Later on the guy left his wife and went for a walk along the beach and I followed him. I was surprised, now that I had more time to think as to just how old he was. I can’t judge ages but he had lots of grey hair and wrinkles. When he noticed me, he looked pleased and obviously thought he’d been so good I’d come back for more.

I told him he’d been OK and would he do the same for a friend of mine, and he agreed readily.

I smiled to myself and suggested that now would be a good time and he agreed that his wife would be going home alone soon, and I told him to go back to where she was and I would meet him there after she’d gone.

As I got back I saw that his wife was packed and impatiently tapping her foot and waiting for him and she told him off for keeping her waiting, and while she was doing that I asked the old lady her name and she said it was Ann. I told her that if she was willing I had a man for her and she became very excited. It turned out that she had a beach hut behind us and she said that would be nice and private and she told me which one it was. Finally the wife left and I went over to him. His name was Alan and was looking around for my friend.

I told him that it was OK and she had a beach hut and was waiting for him inside.

He must have been pretty fit for an old guy because I could see that he starting to harden at the thought of it and he held his hat over it as we walked up the beach.

I got to the door of the hut and knocked lightly and Ann called out “Come in”

I stuck my head in and was taken aback to see her naked and waiting, “Where is he?” she asked anxiously.

“He’s just coming in” I answered and as I turned to him he was trying to get past me. I brushed his dick as he did so just to keep him hard and let him in.

I sat down on the verandah and listened.

There was a silence for a few seconds and he said, “I thought that. . . . um her friend. “

She replied ” She’s a nice girl isn’t she, she is my friend” and then silence for a while until he groaned a couple of times. I couldn’t resist and peered in again and she was sucking him. He reached down and lifted her and I was about to pull my head back and I thought, “What the heck, I want to see”

There was no bed so after he’d finished kissing her and stroking her breasts which were quite flat and saggy (but he didn’t complain,) he lowered her to the floor and poised over her.

I watched him enter her and then I stopped watching and sat looking at the sea and people passing.

I had to leave finally though because of the noises she was making.

She was moaning and groaning and I could clearly hear the liquidy squishy sounds as he pumped in and out.

As I was walking back to my things which were not far, I heard her give that noise which almost certainly means she orgasmed.

I grinned, that’s two of us who’ve enjoyed the day and I dare say the guys did too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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