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Hello. I write to please, so any comments are well appreciated. Let me know your favorite parts and what could use work. If this story got you hard, wet, horny, or maybe even just breathing slightly heavily leave a comment.

Happy fantasizing,

– slide_g


It felt good to be alone. I was always so busy keeping up the bar, and while I enjoyed it, every once-in-a-closing-time I just wanted to sit and be by myself. I poured a cold beer and settled down before I started the closing routine and wondered how in the hell I’d ended up here.

I was always a pretty intelligent guy. In my youth, I felt like I was destined to make a difference — I felt a match and the world rather wonderfully resembled a heap of kindling. Age made me kick the habit of idealism, and in the process I became disillusioned. I followed the plan to success: Great technical college, fantastically paying software development job right out of school, apartment in the city, faithfully boring girlfriend. It was 1970 and the nascent computer industry would stuff your pockets and then some for any half-viable idea. I had so much, and yet I didn’t feel like much of a success, and I sure as hell didn’t feel happy.

I always thought that a person, when their limit of how much shit and mediocrity they can stomach is abruptly reached, will react one of two ways. The first kind will go stir crazy and off themselves. The other kind folds their hand and says they’re not playing the game anymore. And, well, since you’re reading this I suppose you can surmise what kind I am.

So that’s how I came to be here. Tired of my existence resembling a particularly dreary slog through the mud, I folded my hand. I dropped everything. I dumped my girlfriend (the fifteen minute conversation between us to settle this containing more passion than the last three years of our sex life). I quit my job — oh, glorious day I quit my job! I’d saved up five years of excellent wages and I had quite a bit of money, so I bought myself a small van, stuck a few basic amenities in the back, and went to go find something, anything, more interesting along the open roads of North, South, and Central America.

I won’t put the details of that journey here. The legendary journey could be compiled into a Zen text if I but had the words to place it, but this isn’t the story of my adventure. It’s the story of how I ended it.

More or less, after three years, give or take, of bebopping around the greater Americas funds were running a little low. Thanks to low cost of living and frugal, simple existence I had managed to stretch my money quite a bit, but it was time to get the hell out of the bohemian lifestyle and make a buck for a while. So, I purchased a small bar in the large city of Mérida, Mexico, and took a swing at it. I did well. I had a lot of American expats come in regularly, but surprisingly the local Mexican population filled out a lot of my business. I tried to make the bar a good time — I wasn’t looking for long, hard days, nor was I looking for a rowdy crowd. A lot of the gringos came in to have their cerveza and speak some English for once, and the Latinas who had a thing for us gringos always knew they could get some. The bar conveniently came with a room upstairs too, which I took as my loft, so many mamacitas had joined me for a passionate jaunt at the end of the night.

It wasn’t difficulty. Vanity’s not very becoming on me, but I was handsome. A slight mess of dirty brown hair, sharp face with piercing brown eyes. I had been doughy when I was in America, but doing odd jobs, living minimally, and especially doing a lot of climbing had left me with a strong, thin frame. I had also picked up pretty much fluent Spanish and, for some reason, developed a quicker wit in the language than my more reserved demeanor in English. All things considered, I was doing damn well with the women.

And my god, the women. Any ass man would surely cry tears of utter joy upon taking even a mere five minute walk from the bar to the market. Fantastic, plump asses on gorgeous women wherever you looked. It seemed at times that every woman under the age of 40 (and a hell of a lot of ’em past that) had a big, tight, beautiful round ass leading down to those thick, creamy thighs where I many a time wished to die between (as I can think of no more merciful a death). And the best part was the culture around sex. It’s so brilliantly clear that the US was founded by a bunch of Puritans once you live in another country. Everyone enjoyed sex, everyone thought it natural and fun. Now, I don’t mean to paint Mexico as a nudist colony, but compared to America it sure as hell seemed like one.

I also came to enjoy the women keeping on the hairier side. Most of them trimmed it up, but kept a nice bush down below. Just another case of sex being so much more organic and natural below the border, I suppose, and any misgivings I had about it were quickly stopped when I found out how into fucking these girls were! Dear God, they would go at you like no American women I’ve ever seen kaçak iddaa before. They were downright hungry for cock, and they knew absolutely how to press every button you didn’t know you had.

By far the steamiest girl I’d ever been with was actually my pseudo-girlfriend. Her name was Olívia, and she was my type. Before I say anything else about her, I must say that she is first and foremost and absolute saint. She loved to give head — honestly, when in rare form she was so into it that it seemed she’d rather be doing nothing else in the world. Many a night at closing time would I see a pair of soulful brown eyes on a heart-shaped face peering through the window and be greeted with the kind of slow head that makes your spine tingle, your nuts shrivel up, and your eyes roll in the back of your head.

And then we’d say hello.

Our relationship was all passion. Everything we did had an air of importance and righteousness to it — not just the sex (though especially the sex), but also the cuddling, the talks, and even simply being near each other felt simple and right. I’d never really felt totally myself with another person. She had great taste in music. We could stay up all night playing each other weird records. And never have I met someone so curious about the way the world works. I at times felt the world a crushing weight, and in this I was her foil. We never formally dated, though we loved each other as lovers do, because we were both fleeting souls who saw each other as touchstones between adventure and life, as a spark when the passions of else seemed to be drying up.

I never knew sex could be so good. My girlfriend before I left had perfected the “lay still and pray it ends quickly” technique. Foreplay was lost on her, as was romance. But Olívia, well, the contortions of that beautiful face in agonizing pleasure as she came hard could rouse the blood of stone itself.

I realized that all this thinking had turned me from alone to lonely. I quite wanted some company tonight, so I decided to give Olívia a call. The phone rang thrice before I heard hear voice ask “Hello?”

“Hello, lover. What are you up to right now?”

Her voice came soft and sweet. “To be honest, I was a little lonely and a little horny. I was thinking of calling you soon; do you mind if I come over for the night?”

“I’d like nothing better,” I said as I smiled to myself and got up to finish my work.


I gotta say, I worked myself up right good in the following forty-five minutes waiting for Olívia to arrive. And when I saw the beautiful curve of the outline of her big, soft breasts down to her slim waist I swear I felt nearly dizzy.

Another aside about Olívia. Everything about her was soft and perfect. Her breasts were big, supple, and firm. I doubt she needed to wear a bra, except to cover her thick, dark nipples. Her cute stomach was soft and womanly. She was nowhere fat. She had fat, but to call her overweight would be a tragedy.

I opened the door and let her in. She looked me in the eyes as she stood on her very tip toes to deliver a big, wet, passionate kiss. Just seeing those eyes could melt me. Our lips pressed together and our tongues smoldered against the other as I took in the scent of her flowery hair. She broke the kiss prematurely and looked at me with a glint of mischief in her eye.

“And hello to you as well. Is it just me, or does the look on your face say that you’re scheming something?” I asked.

A slight grin came on her face. I could tell that she surely was trying to keep something from me. “Why don’t we take a shower? It looks like you have just finished your work, and I want to be clean for later…” she asked in her delightfully cute, ever so slightly too formal, accented English.

I agreed and we made haste to the shower upstairs. My room was a bit messier than usual but Olívia wasn’t one to care. In the bathroom we stripped each other, her getting on her knees to slide my boxers down and me pressing her into the wall for a slow kiss after I unhooked her bra. She ran her hand through my hair and ground into me slowly and purposefully. I could tell she was hotter than usual tonight. I fingered the elastic of her underwear and began to slide it down her supple thighs, but she stopped me.

“Hold on, I’ll take off my panties for you” she said slyly. She turned around and so-slowly began to slide her panties down her ass. “Are you ready?” she asked me.

She waited for no reply before the panties came all the way down and I was treated to her glistening mound and — a butt plug? Her subtle hints came together. This would not be the first time I had fucked her ass, and while she liked it, it was rare for her to practically beg for it like this.

I didn’t even have time to say anything past a slight smirk before she slid past me into the shower and beckoned me join. I stepped into the warm water with her and pressed my chest against hers, slicking the hair out of her eyes and bringing her head up to meet mine. As we kissed, I let my hands roam down her body, feeling kaçak bahis every inch of her until they landed on a handful of her perfect ass. I gave her ass a squeeze and a wet slap, and I heard her giggle as she remounted her efforts on my mouth.

After we finally broke the kiss, Olívia looked up at me with another smirk.

“And what is it this time?” I asked.

“Well, I forgot that there is one small condition for you to have my ass tonight…” she said.

“And that would be?”

“You have to make me come first.” she purred at me.

I needed no further prodding. I reached my hand around in between us and began to rub her sex. I could feel even through the shower how hot and wet she was. I pressed my hand to the back of her head and brought her mouth to mine. I moved my hand to caress her face and begin going more insistently at her clit. She pulled back immediately at the new pressure and let out a hard moan into my mouth, grinding against my hand. I rubbed my middle finger across the length of her slit and then slid it into her. She groaned as I worked my finger into her. I worked it in deep with long slow strokes, doing my best to hit a rhythm with her rocking. I could feel the outline of the plug through her thin wall. As our rhythm became faster and deeper, I could see her face begin to scrunch up as she got louder and louder.

“Ohhhh, right there, please, just one more finger…” she practically grunted at me.

I slid my index finger inside of her and used my thumb to work her clit with renewed effort. We stopped any pretense of kissing entirely as she closed her eyes and grabbed onto my torso. I could feel her breathing’s now frantic rhythm as her breasts pressed into me and she leaned in as she rode my fingers as far as they would go, my long slow strokes being abandoned for her sawing herself on my hand. I felt her tense up as she reached a fever pitch, letting out a long low moan as she came hard on my fingers. Her face was pressed into my neck, but I could feel her mouth press open on my collarbone as the pleasure in her pussy crashed over her body.

As I slid my fingers out of her, she looked me in the eyes (oh, but her beautiful brown eyes) and guided my hand up to her mouth and sucked my fingers clean before planting them on her breast and reaching in for a deep kiss on me. I rolled her stiff nipple between my fingers, pulling on it and giving it the attention I knew the ultra sensitive nubs always craved.

I felt her hand slide down my stomach and onto my painfully stiff cock. She left my mouth and gave me a more sultry set of eyes than should be legal before turning her attention down my chest, kissing and sucking her way down. She even stopped and gave my nipples some attention, which I have always found to be sorely lacking from the women I’ve slept with. She was taking her absolute time, practically worshipping my body. Finally, oh finally, she dipped below my groin and gave my bursting head the slightest of kisses. She slowly licked the length of it, starting at the base and swirling her tongue against the oozing head before wrapping those full red lips around the tip. As she sank down I felt the tight glove of her mouth slide over my member, and I groaned appreciatively.

My encouragement was not unnoticed. She began to bob up and down the first third of my seven inches, never breaking eye contact. She’d take me up until just the tip was in her mouth, and then slowly and gracefully work all the length she could take back into her mouth. And once I was fully back in, she would work her tongue from the bottom of my shaft up, swirling over the head, my dick never leaving the warm envelopment of her mouth. The water was streaming down on us, her hair streaked across her face, a bit of spit and pre-cum leaking from her mouth. It was sloppy. It was beautiful. Nothing, and I repeat nothing, is sexier than a woman so caught up in giving head that she focuses all her attention on making love to the dick in her mouth. I felt my balls begin to tighten, but I wanted this work of art to last a little longer.

“Holy shit, slow down or I’m gonna come,” I managed to groan out.

She pulled all the way back, leaving my dick at the cusp of orgasm, and wrapped her index finger and thumb around the base to form an impromptu cock ring. Or in this case, an orgasm dam.

“Well, unfortunately I’m in the mood to suck dick right now, so this is all you get,” she said. Like I said, this woman — perhaps I should say angel — seriously had a thing for giving head.

She hesitated a moment, staring down the length of my throbbing member. Then, before I realized what was happening, she put all of me that she could fit into her mouth — probably four or so inches. Then, she pulled out and situated me just right as she worked her mouth down my cock, working it over, slurping and nearly choking until I felt myself slide down the perfectly tight, warm depths of her throat. She looked up at me with my balls resting against her chin and her face pressed into my groin and for one moment I felt illegal bahis like I knew true love.

She pulled her face back and then slowly pushed down again. Soon she was rocking her head and was effectively fucking my cock with her face. I began to push in rhythm with her ever so slightly, sure not to hurt her, until she looked at me and slightly nodded. I picked up the pace, grunting and thrusting harder each time I sank into her waiting throat.

When it came, I couldn’t help it. I felt the pressure screaming through every muscle in my body to be let out. And looking down at the beautiful woman who was taking my full length in her throat, I firmly believe no man on Earth could have held his load.

“Are you ready?” I asked, though I knew a woman like this always was.

I felt a massive blast of semen leave my cock and with it a powerful, dizzying orgasm took over my body. There was nothing gentle or soft about it. I closed my eyes and squeezed them tight, losing vision for a moment as I pumped my load into her mouth and down her throat. It took about fifteen seconds of bliss for the orgasm to wash over me and for my pelvic muscles to stop jerking the last bit of cum out of me. She sucked me clean, savoring every drop that I had given her, and after soaping each other up and washing we dried off and went to the bedroom.


I was drained. After such an intense blowjob, I don’t hesitate to say that this was not an insult to my stamina. We laid in bed and talked for a while, her nuzzling into my collarbone, breasts pressed against my chest with the soft sweet sigh of our breath and the city outside as music.

“You know, you’ve never told me why you came to México,” Olívia asked as she wrapped her arm tighter around my chest. “Surely someone as handsome as you would be swimming in sexy American girls,” she said with a sly smile.

“Oh, you’d think, but I found so many women who were just with me because they wanted a man. Not because they wanted me. And surely none of them could compare to you,” I replied.

Even in the low light, I could see her blush and smile. “But you still haven’t answered my question,” she said.

“I came because I wasn’t happy. I had everything that I’d had drilled into my head would make me happy, but I felt like a cold husk. Books helped, music helped. They both gave me something to connect to. But I found there is no art nor possession which will quell the loneliness that can grow in a man’s heart. So I set out to search for something that would.”

“And?” she asked

“And what?”

“Have you found it?”

With a gorgeous, sweet girl wrapped around me and my heart rather open, I must admit it was hard not to spew out the first cheesy line that came to my mind in the name of romance. But to say anything else would have avoided the heart of the matter, so I told her, “No supe para que busqué, pero cuando te encontré, dejé de buscar.”

(I didn’t know what I was looking for, but when I found you, I stopped looking.)

She clutched me tighter before looking up at me and smiling. I felt her hand reach down to my cock, which was now fully stiff.

“Ahh, but this is unfair! You know my weakness is sweet talk! And I know you didn’t forget about what’s left, did you?” she said, smiling at me. “He sure didn’t,” she giggled, giving my dick a squeeze.

She crawled up until her lips were pressed to my ear. With hot breath that made my whole body go up in goosebumps she whispered, “I don’t want you to make love to me now. I want you to fuck my ass.”

With a parting kiss, she climbed from on top of me and moved to stand bent over, leaning on the bed, sweet pink pussy and plug out for the world to see. I moved behind her and began to work the plug in and out of her tight hole. It was ribbed, thick but not nearly as thick as me, and perhaps two thirds of my length. As I fucked her with it gently, I moved down to rub her clit. I heard her let out a soft sigh as I picked up the pace. Once she began to buck back with me to let it in deeper, I knew she was ready. I pulled out the lube from my dresser and oiled myself up, slipping a finger in her waiting ass to ease the process on her end.

As I slid it out, she looked back expectantly at me and it was all the encouragement I needed. I lined up my fat head against her rosebud and she turned forward. I pushed in slightly. The head of my dick slid in slowly, sensually. The first inch went slowly, but once I got past her barrier the next two inches slid in easier than I expected — probably thanks to the plug. I sat with a little less than half of my length in the hot depths of her ass, rubbing her little nub with my thumb before sliding the rest in almost all at once.

I heard her gasp and then moan “Ohhhh, that’s so deep,”, clearly half in pleasure and half in pain at the sudden depth of my intrusion. I spread her ass apart and pushed forward even more, filling her as much as I possibly could. I held it there, teasing her and letting her adjust to my size. Her whole body quivered and she threw her head down, grunting long and low as I pulled out oh so slowly, practically dragging her insides along with me until just the tip was left at her waiting hole. I saw her gape slightly, begging for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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