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I’m walking across a dealer parking lot looking over the new cars when I spot her. She was older and she was on the heavy side. She walked with a bit of a limp that was probably due to the wearing her feet and knees take from carrying the extra weight.

As she came toward me I see her straightening out her blouse down over her pants on one side, then switching her purse to the other arm to do her other side. Then she straightens her collar, all the while taking glances at me.

As we come closer I’m looking her over,spending time examining the width of her hips thinking how much I’d like to see her big ass. My gaze lingers at her crotch, hoping to catch the outline of her plump lips. She doesn’t have a big pot belly, she is fairly flat in the stomach for a woman her size. And yes there is the outline I’m hoping for!

She stops a few feet away from me and says in a sweet voice

“Lovely day for a walk isn’t it.”

I look up into her face feeling rather sheepish for staring at her crotch while she wants to talk to me! Or maybe its because of my staring that she wants to talk to me!

“Lovely day indeed ma’am. As lovely as you are, I’m sure!” I reply.

“Well you’re very sweet.” she says.

“Not at all ma’am. You seem like a very nice lady.” I said as I look over her ample breasts. I’m thinking that I have to try to get naked with this lady.

“My, you’re quite a young man,” was her reply.

I said. “I enjoy and appreciate mature ladies like yourself,” I said hoping she would catch my enjoying ladies innuendo.

Well it turns out she was cutting across the car lot on her way back home. I told her I was in the market for a new car but wasn’t in a hurry and turned in the same direction she was walking and said to her,

“I’ll walk with you. My name is Tristan. Whats yours dear?”

“My name is Sheila, its nice to meet such a confident young man yourself Tristan. That’s a very nice name.” she said.

“I like the way you say it Sheila. And I like yours too! Perhaps we could we go in to this coffee shop for something to drink,” I suggested as we pass by a coffee shop right next to the car lot.

“I don’t drink coffee Tristan. But I’m going to have some cold ice tea in the back yard out in the sun.” she said.

“That sounds like a better idea,” I said. “Do you have enough for two.”

“Oh I do” she replied.

Nailed her I thought to myself. She was mine. I was going to be having sweet sex with this woman.

“I’d love to join you Sheila,” I said. “There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend this glorious afternoon in your company.” I really meant inside her, not in her company! I hoped she caught that one!

We walked up the block then turned up a back alley to the third house on the block. I admired her heavy bosom as it swayed with her walk and felt sorry about her limp when I noticed her plump ass moving up and down with each step. I wanted to rub her feet and legs for her but I wanted her naked for that.

Entering through a wooden gate which she said her now deceased husband built too many years ago we came upon a large shade tree with a patio set under it. She told me to have a seat and that she’d be right back with the iced haramidere escort tea.

I told her I’d really like to splash some water on my face and hands before settling under the tree and followed her into her home. I was treated the magnificent sight of her big round ass up close as she climbed the three steps up to her kitchen. I wasted no time and placed my hands on her ass as she climbed up as if to help her. When she got to the top I kept my hand on her ass and rubbed it as we made our way to the kitchen sink. She seemed not to notice. She was either apprehensive or was playing along, I couldn’t tell. Either way, I had my hand on her ass and she wasn’t showing any signs of wanting it off.

She said she was anxious to slip out of her sweaty clothes and putting on something dry and airy before settling under the shade in the yard. I continued to rub her ass as she washed her hands. She then said she’d be right back and turned to leave the kitchen. I kept my hand in place and when she turned it came to rest on her crotch. I wasted no time and gave it a gentle stroking.

She sighed my name before turning to the side to escape my hand and left the room. I quickly washed my hands and made my way in the direction she had gone. I found her in her bedroom behind her closet door bent over and removing her pants.

I quickly walked over to her as she began to stand up and dropped to my knees and sank my face into her panty covered ass. She was saying something but I wasn’t really listening. My action kind of caught her off guard and she stumbled forward but I held onto her and she regained her balance.

I apologized for startling her as she walked away from the closet. I stood up and put my arm around her as she passed by her bed. I stopped and so did she. She had on only her bra and panties. I kissed her on her mouth and reached behind to undo her bra. She put her arms around me and held me close. As soon as the bra was undone I broke the kiss and sank to my knees and asked her to turn around.

She did and I took hold of her panties and pulled them off her as she leaned onto the bed to allow me to get them past her feet. I asked her to stay like that and I took hold of her big ass cheeks and squeezed them and began to kiss them all over.

I got to her crack and ran my tongue up and down forcing it in deeper and deeper. I spread her cheeks and kissed her asshole.

“Tristan, what are you doing?” she asked.

I didn’t reply but kept on kissing and licking. I pushed her right leg up so it rested on the bed and moved in to her pussy. It was damp and salty tasting as I stuck my tongue inside. Smelling the sexy aroma of her ass as I ate her out, she began to breathe heavily and I could tell she was beginning to enjoy herself.

She crept forward onto the bed on her knees, I kept my mouth attached to her pussy. She laid her head on the bed and kept her ass in the air. I was enjoying every second of this. It surprised me that granny types did this position. I reached between her big thighs and found her clit. I rubbed it hard, I rubbed it fast. I kept eating her and enjoying the sexy aroma of her ass till she came on my tongue.

I then ikitelli escort kissed her butt hole and licked her butt crack and worked my way down to her pussy again. I did this for a long time, licking from the top of her butt crack to her clit over and over again. She rolled over on her back onto the bed and I kept kissing her all over her voluptuous body. I kissed my way down to her feet and back up again then headed for her tits. I held them together and rubbed my teeth on the nipples back and forth.

I then stood back and took my shirt off. I undid my belt and pushed my pants down allowing my hard brown cock to spring out. I love getting naked with white women who have never had a brown man before. I asked her if she liked it.

“Oh yes Tristan, it looks so beautiful. I’ve never seen a brown one.”

Standing there next to her bed I said “Come get it honey.”

She propped her self on her elbow and reached her other hand to stroke my cock. I took her hand and brought it around to my ass. This brought her face and my cock into kissing distance as she squeezed my ass. She ran her fingers along my crack and I took hold of her head and pressed her face into my cock. I then turned still holding the back of her head. Now her face was against my ass.

I bent over slightly to step out of my pants and asked “kiss me honey.” She kissed my ass and I guided my crack to her lips. I bent over more said “just like that honey.” My cheeks now being slightly parted I asked her

“Lick me Sheila.”

I could tell she wasn’t into this, but that was going to change.

I stepped out of my pants and turned around asking “Part your thighs for me now Sheila.”

She lay back and parted her thighs. I climbed between them and placed my hands under her knees and pushed up. I asked her to rest her feet on my shoulders and keep her knees apart. She complied and I began to lick her big pussy again. I licked her butt hole again and she moaned. I circled the tip of my tongue around her butt hole then tickled the opening. She was oooooing and oohhhing so I spread her pussy lips and tickled her clit over and over till she was pushing on my shoulders with her feet in ecstasy.

Sensing she was near orgasm again, I then pulled back and let her feet drop to the bed and moved up so my big hard brown cock was aimed at her pussy. I slipped straight in and sunk it in all the way and she moaned loudly.

She was very wet and I was able to begin slamming her pussy immediately. I slid out slowly and slammed back into her pussy. I reached down and brought her knees up. Keeping her knees up I pounded her sweet old pussy over and over as she orgasmed loudly moaning and sighing my name.

“Give me dear boy. Give me. Yes boy…” Squealed Sheila.

“Give you what honey,” I teased. “Give you my sweet brown cock?”

“Yes boy, yes” she said.

“Do you love my hard cock honey?”

Sensing I was near orgasm, I slowed my pounding.

She said,”Oh Tristan it feels so good.”

“I’m so very glad you like it Sheila,” I said as I kept pumping her pussy slowly.

I told her “Sheila, I want to come between your big boobs.”

“OK Tristan,” she istanbul escort said.

So I then got up and turned around and climbed on top of her so that I was face to face with her pussy and my ass toward her face with my cock between her big tits. My legs were on either side of her arms so she couldn’t move them.

I used my thighs to squeeze her tits around my cock as I began to fuck them. I brought her knees up and put my arms on the back of her thighs holding them down as I kissed her pussy as I fucked her tits.

“Kiss my bum Sheila” I said as I slid my cock between her tits. She did and it felt so good that I moaned.

“Yes honey kiss me, lick me” I said.

She licked my ass and I loved her tongue on my asshole.

“Oh yeah honey, rub your whole face in my ass Sheila.”

She rubbed her face in my crack and kissed my butt hole as she did.

“Yes honey, just like that Sheila,” I said.

I was fucking her tits as she smothered her face in my ass while I licked her pussy. She was going mad as I teased her clit again and again. That’s when I stuck a finger into her pussy and got it wet before shoving it into her asshole. She began to twist her big ass from side to side madly rubbing her face into my crack as I finger fucked her big asshole and fuck her fat tits.

We continued for what was too short a time before I blew my load between her tits onto her belly in extreme ecstasy. I rubbed my cock back and forth enjoying each and every spasm of ecstasy riding the waves till my cock was satisfied.

I climbed off my new lover and turned around and lay beside her as she straightened and rested her big legs flat. I threw one leg over hers and rested in the cradle of her arm. I stroked her big tits and played with her nipples as we began to talk. I told her how fantastic I felt.

“Me too, Tristan. It’s years since I enjoyed my self like that.” she said.

“Do you really like how we did it sweetie?”

“Oh I do dear boy,” she said.

My cock still felt really good as I had began to hump her thigh. I climbed on top of her and laid between her legs. I kissed her lips and she kissed me back. I stuck my tongue into her and she twirled her tongue around it. I withdrew slightly and got her tongue between my lips when she followed me. I sucked her tongue as though I were giving it a blow job. She giggled and sighed mmmm.

My cock found its way into her pussy again and I fucked her slow and easy while I played in her mouth. I inhaled her breath and licked her mouth while pushing my brown cock deep into her. Her pleasured moans told me she was enjoying her self.

“I loved kissing your bum Sheila and I really liked your mouth on my bum,” I said.

“You really like bums, don’t you Tristan?” she asked.

“Yeah,sure do! Your ass is intoxicatingly big round and delicious,” I told her.

“I want to be your friend and lover Sheila.”

“An old lady like me?” she asked.

“Honey, you’ve given my bum and cock so much pleasure today that there’s no way we can’t not be lovers,” I told her.

“Well the bum thing you did was different, but if you like it, that’s all that matters,” she said.

I put my legs on the outside of hers and asked her to bring hers together. The friction this created on my cock brought me near the edge of another orgasm.

“I’d love you to pleasure my bum again, will you?” I asked.

“Sure Tristan, that was actually rather fun,” she whispered.

That’s all it took and I came inside her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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