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Summer break from college, meant catching up with friends at home. That night Jenna decided to have a few friends over. Jenna was looking forward to q relaxing night with good friends. Jenna had always been the girl to have a group of guy friends and was always comfortable hanging out with all guys. They were Jenna’s best friends. A confidence boost from the opposite sex never hurt either. The boys all claimed platonic relationships with Jenna but sometimes could not help but stare. Jenna, being a petite girl, with boobs that fit her figure very well. Her friends loved to see her in a bathing suit. Her long brown hair reaches her shoulders and she has breathtaking blue eyes, ones that a guy cannot look away from.

The night began as it normally did, Drew and Sam arrived to hang by the pool and Cole was late. The night moved by quickly and Cole finally arrived to find everyone sitting around a nice bonfire. The group of friends sat there for a long time just talking and enjoying each other’s company. Soon it got late and Drew and Sam decided to head out. Cole stayed to hang out by the bonfire with Jenna. They sat close on a bench and talked until the mosquitos were too aggravating. Jenna brought Cole inside to watch TV on the couch. Suddenly, Jenna noticed how attractive Cole was. He was just a bit taller than she was, with short brown hair and clear blue eyes. His arms had nice muscles that she could not help but stare at and his lips looked so kissable. She found herself sarıyer escort thinking about what she could do to him. She just wanted to jump on top of him on that couch.

Stopping herself from just climbing on top of him and kissing him, Jenna sat down next to Cole on the couch. Jenna gave Cole the remote to flip throw the channels and settled on Adult Swim. The sat on a couch a few inches apart for a while, until Cole casually put his arm behind Jenna on the couch. Jenna slowly moved closer to Cole, until she was conformably wrapped under his arm. She began running her fingers up and down his toned arm. They were now both aware of how close they were. After a few minutes, Jenna looked up at Cole to find him looking back at her.

“You’re eyes are beautiful” Cole whispered.

They both could feel the other leaning in. Their lips met with a slow kiss that slowly built into a kiss that had intention and need behind it. Jenna and Cole had never kissed before but both could feel the familiarity of their friendship and comfortableness with each other. Each person wanted to continue what was happening.

Jenna broke off from the kiss and straddled Cole where he was sitting on the couch. She kissed Cole again, this time delving her tongue into his mouth. Cole responded quickly, playing with her tongue in response and rubbing his hands down her body feeling the petite shape she had. Cole then continued to slowly esenyurt escort move his hands back up under Jenna’s shirt, where he undid her bra and began gently twisting Jenna’s nipples, making them hard. Jenna kissed Cole’s neck, which made him moan quietly in enjoyment. Things were heating up quickly.

Cole pushed Jenna back onto the couch, so that she was laying on her back. He pulled off her shirt and bra and then his own shirt. Jenna looked up at his toned body in amusement. Cole began kissing her, starting at her neck and working his way down. He stopped at her perfectly round breasts and admired her Hershey kiss nipples. He kissed and nibbled them until they were hard. Jenna moaned with pleasure but he did not stay long. He moved down her body kissing as he went. When he reached her shorts, Cole pulled them off her body to reveal a blue lace thong. Cole began kissing and caressing the inside of her thighs, teasing, driving Jenna crazy. He slowly moved closer and closer to her lace covered mound and kissed on top of the thong. Jenna was begging for in to be removed.

Cole finally pulled the thong off with his teeth and continued to tease Jenna kissing all around her now soaking wet slit. Finally, Cole began to kiss and lick her lips. He slowly moved his tongue around her clit and brought his hand up to put two fingers deep in her. Jenna was moaning loudly, grasping the couch trying to keep herself from cumming, trying to make it avrupa yakası escort last longer. Cole now moved three fingers in and out of her and circled her clit with her tongue. Jenna thrusted back and forth on Cole’s finger until she could no longer control her body and the orgasm she was about to have. She came hard and Cole crawled back up to kiss Jenna on the lips. Jenna know this was far from over.

Jenna sat up, while still kissing Cole and pushed him to lay down on the couch so she could pull of his jeans, which made his butt look so good. She pulled off the jeans and wasted no time removing his boxers either. His dick, erect in front of her, Jenna kissed the tip. She then licked it up and down making Cole whimper. She pulled his tool into her mouth, sucked, and licked up and down. She could taste the pre-cum on his cock.

Jenna stopped abruptly, just when Cole was moaning loudly, and told Cole to stand up. He did as he was told. Jenna then got up, put her hands on the edge of the couch for support and told Cole to fuck her from behind. Cole admired Jenna’s beautifully shaped ass and grabbed it. Then he moved behind Jenna and slowly inserted his shaft into her waiting hole. He slowly moved in out of her until he found a good rhythm. He told Jenna he was going to fuck her hard. Soon Jenna had her face in the couch, screaming and whimpering. She was pushing back hard against Cole, feeling the full length of his cock in her sopping wet pussy. Cole started moving in and out faster and faster until he was about to cum. As soon as he felt the orgasm coming, he pulled his cock out and came all over Jenna’s back. Jenna laid down on the couch in exhaustion and satisfaction. After cleaning up Jenna and himself, Cole joined Jenna on the couch. Both friends knew they wanted this to happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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