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Erica looked at the clock in the lower corner of her computer screen, tapping her pen impatiently as she sighed. Only fifteen more minutes until 5, but each moment seemed to drag on forever. Work never usually bothered her this much — but then again, she didn’t usually have anything to look forward to after her day was through at the office. Today was a different story; she was going out to dinner with Michael tonight.

Erica and Michael had been friends for years, and there had always been an obvious romantic tension between them. Yet somehow they always found themselves in relationships with other people, unable to admit their feelings to one another. But yesterday Michael had asked Erica to accompany him to a big social gathering with his new work associates at the law firm. Although he hadn’t phrased it as such, this was finally the date she’d waited eons for.

When the clock finally struck 5, Erica sailed out the door and raced home to get ready. Once she got in the door, she stripped off her clothes and checked herself out in the mirror. She never thought her body looked perfect (what woman did?) but she felt confident tonight. As she slipped into a pair of black lace panties and a matching bra, she hummed to herself in excitement. Still staring in the mirror, she ran her fingers along her bikini line, sending a chill up her spine. She couldn’t wait until Michael’s fingers were doing the same thing.

When Erica answered the door, Michael almost gasped out loud. She looked gorgeous, in a low-cut black cocktail dress complete with a black choker. He’d always found Erica attractive, but tonight he actually had to catch his breath after his first glimpse.

“Well hello sir!” Erica giggled, unable to think about anything but how sexy and muscular Michael looked in his suit. The last time she’d seen him dressed up was probably at his senior bahis siteleri prom almost 10 years ago. They embraced and the kiss he placed on her cheek gave her another chill. Before her mind carried her off, Erica began to head for Michael’s car.

“You look absolutely amazing, Er,” he said shyly, opening the passenger door for her. She thanked him, turning the same shade of pink. Once he was settled in the driver’s side and the heat was blasting, he suddenly turned to her. “I know I’m supposed to be tactful and wait all night for this, but I really can’t. Can I kiss you?” She was shocked by how blunt he was, but simultaneously ecstatic that she didn’t have to wait any longer for the kiss she’d already waited so long for.

“Abso-” Before the word was completely out, he was leaned across the gear shift, with his hand on the back of her neck, gently kissing her. As she responded, his lips got hungrier and hungrier. Their simple kiss quickly turned into a full-on makeout session, her hands running through his silky hair. She couldn’t believe , she thought she must be dreaming. Not only was Michael kissing her, but he was probably the sexiest kisser she’d ever met.

Suddenly, Erica was overcome by her need for him. Pausing only for a moment, she asked “when exactly does this dinner start?”

“Actually not until 8, and it only takes about 20 minutes to get there from here.” He smiled at her, his green eyes sparkling in the dark of the car, and began to kiss her neck. She grinned and pulled him closer.

“Let’s run inside and get warm for a bit, shall we?,” she asked coyly. Without an answer, he was already outside, opening her door and taking her hand. Erica had no idea how they made it to the couch without unlocking their lips, but she had no complaints. Michael suddenly paused for a moment and frowned.

“I’m sorry, am I moving too fast? canlı bahis siteleri I’m never like this — I usually at least pretend that I have some tact on a first date…” Erica just laughed at him and grinned, moving over until she was sitting on his lap.

“How about I do the moving and you won’t have to worry about it?” As she asked this, she traced the neckline of her dress, caressing her round breasts. He was simply driving her wild, and she couldn’t contain herself any more. Almost a decade of longing, and here he was — all hers!

Erica stood, facing him, and unzipped her dress, letting it fall silently to the floor. Michael nearly gasped again — he’d waited too long to see that flesh, those breasts, and the smooth V that led to her soft mound. He could see through her panties that her pussy was shaved smooth, and the rock-hard bulge in his pants somehow got harder. She leaned over and kissed him, unbuttoning his shirt — first with her fingers, and then with her teeth. He reached behind her and squeezed her ass, giving it a little spank. Once his shirt was off, she tore his pants away quickly, leaving him in his boxer briefs. She was shocked at how large the bulge in his pants was — ‘his cock must be a foot long!’ she thought. The sight of it set her juices flowing, and she could feel her panties getting wet. He reached out and began to caress the lips of her pussy, through her panties, and she moaned softly. He leaned in and whispered “Do you like that?” in her ear. She nodded and he pushed the panties aside, slowly slipping his finger into her pussy. It was already soaking wet, and he began to tickle her clit. Barely able to stand, Erica straddled Michael’s lap, pressing her hot crotch against his throbbing dick. After a moment of grinding on him, she slid down and pulled his briefs off, exposing his giant cock. With a little cry canlı bahis of shock and excitement, Erica took it in her mouth and began to tease him. Soon, she was sliding it in and out of her mouth like a popsicle on a hot summer day. He put his hand on the back of her head to guide her and he grinned when she looked up into his eyes.

As much as Michael loved getting head (what man doesn’t?!), he could not bear the thought of her tight pussy anymore. He grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up on the couch, facing the wall with her knees on the cushions. His dick was now nice and wet with her saliva, and he could only wait a moment before plunging into her tiny box. He had never gotten a rush like that from the first thrust before, and every push after that felt better and better. It was like Erica’s pussy was euphoric, some sort of ambrosia sent by the gods. ‘This is what good sex is supposed to be like!’ Michael realized. As he realized he was finally fucking Erica, THE Erica, his longtime crush, it was hard not to come. He’d never had sex with a close friend before, and he realized that over the years she’d told him everything she did and didn’t like. He got excited as he remembered that she liked to finish with mutual masturbation to make sure that everyone got to come. He pulled out of her steaming pussy and turned her around, getting her into position for a perfect sixty-nine. He buried his mouth and nose in her sweet crotch, nuzzling each little part of her It only took a few minutes of him tonguing her clit and her deep-throating his huge cock before they both exploded at the same time. Michael had never actually come at the same time as his partner, and the feeling was astounding. It was breaking through the sound barrier at top speed while holding hands with the most gorgeous, funny person on Earth.It actually gave new meaning to the word orgasm.

After getting dressed again, Michael helped Erica get back through the ice and snow and into his car. As they drove to the restaurant, he was ecstatic thinking that this winter was going to actually be pretty damn hot…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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