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Big Dicks

It was Monday morning, and I boarded a plane to Istanbul from Ankara. I had not told any of my friends in Istanbul I was coming, it was a one-day business trip on behalf of my dad. I was going with two of my lawyers to help me. We landed and went straight to the office to get work done. We got off fairly early and were just leaving for our hotel to spend the rest of the day when I saw him leaning next to a pillar with his briefcase in his hand and coffee in the other.

I walked towards him and before I could say hi, he looked up and smiled. “What are you doing here?” he asked. “Had to do some work, I’m only here for a day; don’t tell anyone” I replied. We did not know whether to hug so we just shook hands, and even that sent my blood rushing throughout my body. I asked him if he wanted to grab dinner together and instead, he offered to take me home. The thought of being in his room excited me, and although I expected nothing to happen, I still wanted to go.

I sat behind him on his motorcycle. My thighs rubbed against his and although I tried keeping space between us , I kept slipping into him. The subtle, accidental touches during the bike ride to his house were enough to arouse me and I caught myself breathing heavily as my vagina touched his ass. I wanted to rest my head on his back and stroke my hand on his thigh and tease him, but I wanted to reach home safely without getting us both into an accident.

We reached his home, and he took us upstairs to his room. He told me to güvenilir bahis make myself comfortable while he changed. He came out wearing shorts and a shirt and I could see he was not wearing any boxers. I suddenly started sweating and opened my top two buttons, exposing my bra a little. He put on a movie and we laid on his bed. Without notice, we kept getting closer to each other, and ten minutes into the movie, I felt his fingers caressing my arm. I froze and started breathing heavily.

His fingers made their way to my neck and down my blouse. He pushed one finger under my exposed bra and slightly pinched my nipple. A current went down my entire body and I was immediately turned on. He opened the other buttons and took off my blouse, exposing my upper body. He moved on top and bent down to my neck. I could feel his warm breath and his heavy hand wrapping around my neck. His mouth and wet tongue was felt on my neck as gave me a hickey. He went up to my ear and whispered, “now you’re mine” and looked straight into my eyes. I had waited so long for this I felt nothing but complete ecstasy.

He moved his fingers on my lips and then kissed them. It was intense and he tried taking as much of me as he could. His hand was wrapped tightly around my neck while the other was squeezing my boobs, which were too big to fit in his palm. He went down, kissing my breast and then the navel. He slid down my pants and my panties and kissed my vagina. My legs had started shaking.

He put one finger güvenilir bahis siteleri in, teasing my clit. His finger got all sticky from my pre cum, and he put the finger in my mouth. I did as he instructed and sucked on it. He went down again, this time using his wet tongue to tease my clit. he teethed my clit and I let out a moan. I grabbed onto his back, my nails digging into his skin and hair. His tongue started going deep into me while his finger still teased my clit.

he stopped and came back up. I pushed him down so now I was on top. I sat on him and took his shirt off. I traced my finger across his body and leaned in for a kiss. His hands grabbed onto my ass and we kissed for as long as we could. I gave him a hickey and whispered, “you’re mine too” and got back up. I kissed his body as I made my way down. I took his shorts off and his dick stood there, erected. I wrapped my hands around his member and stroked up and down.

My hands started moving fasted and I moaned louder to help him reach his climax. His pre cum had started to leak and I bent to lick it with my tongue. I put his dick inside my mouth and stroked his balls. I almost gagged because he was so big and felt him grow even more in my mouth. The faster I moved in and out, the more throbbing I felt. He let out a groan too and he came. The cum leaked out of my mouth and lubricated his dick. It was ready for me to take it in me.

He once again assumed the top position. I laid down, waiting for him to take me. iddaa siteleri He put two of his fingers inside my vagina and fingered me. I moaned loudly and got really wet. The juices were dripping, and he slowly put his dick inside me. I once again held onto him, my nails digging into his skin. He grabbed my breasts, squeezed them, and started thrusting. At first it was slow and incredibly intense; each thrust had more force than the previous. His hands were again wrapped around my neck and my vaginal walls were contracting and holding onto his dick tighter. He gained more speed and started thrusting faster. I saw in his eyes he was about to come. a few more seconds of thrusting and I felt him score inside me. His cum started to leak and he fell besides me.

He was too exhausted, but he wanted to fuck me from the back too. So, he laid there for a while until he got his stamina back. We kissed in the meantime and he stroked my clit. I got up and held his dick in my hand. stroking it so it can get hard while using the other hand to play with my breasts. When it stood there erected. I sat on it, slowly. I started moving up, down and sideways, hitting the head at different spots. I saw him groaning and his face relaxed the next minute. I got off and the white liquid dripped from my ass hole. I laid on top of him, kissing him passionately. He was exhausted and so was I, but both insanely content.

I woke up in the middle of the night from a phone call. My dad’s lawyers were coming to pick me up, it was time to go home. I quickly changed and as I was leaving, he woke up. I kissed him good night and went downstairs. I could smell him on myself and as the plane took off, I looked down, flushing at the thought of seeing him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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