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I’m 73 years old and thought I had learned a little something over the years but I guess I’ve learned almost nothing about sex. Long ago, in high school, I thought about sex almost all the time. And that’s all I did, I never managed to actually experience it. I have since learned that most of the girls were in the same boat as me and if I had been just a little more enterprising I might have succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.

I was always good in math, really good in algebra. My worst math grades were in my junior year when I was seated next to Anamaria Giotti, the absolutely hottest girl in the school. I couldn’t see her without getting at least the beginnings of a hard-on. She’d sit there, across the narrow aisle, turn very slightly towards me, her left leg still facing forward, her right leg now facing me, with her skirt riding up high enough on her legs that I could just barely glimpse her panties. I lost any ability to concentrate for long periods of time. I always thought she was completely unaware of what she was doing until I talked to her ten years later at a class reunion. She was then the mother of three, happily married, and confided in me that in that class she was trying to turn me on. A couple days she even took her panties off in the rest room before class to try and flash her bare pussy at me just to see what I’d do.

I was floored. It never entered my mind that she was interested in me. I was in athletics but not a star. And I never would have believed she was purposely ‘flashing’ me, even to the point of trying to show me her bare cunt, which I never saw. It’s something I never would have done. In fact, if I had tried to display my cock and balls to her, I could have ended up in huge trouble, maybe in jail. But, as I already said, I have never figured out women. So, I said to her, “I never knew you were doing that on purpose or had any interest in me. What would have happened if I had taken you up on what you were doing? Asked you out on a date and then tried something?”

She grinned at me and replied. “I don’t know. I was awfully interested, really wanted to find out what sex was all about. If you’d made any sort of move, I’d probably have gone along with you as far as you wanted. Our lives might have been very different.”

Truth is, back then I probably wouldn’t have any idea what to do. But she intrigued me. I knew what to do about it by the time I was talking to her at the reunion. I wasn’t married yet but had some sex experience. And she was still a very attractive female, a little heavier but that only accentuated her curves. So I said, “If you still have an interest maybe it’s not too late to do something about it.”

She laughed. A friendly laugh not a mocking one. She reached out and touched my arm and replied, “Gary, I’ve managed to learn what it’s all about, I don’t have to find out any more. Sorry but you’re too late.”

Back then I didn’t know girls ever acted that way. Over time, though, I learned some were even hornier than I was. In fact, I’m fairly sure that I never seduced any of those I had sex with. They all knew they were going to have sex with me way before I knew. And a few actually seduced me. The only one I actually seduced was the one I married and I seduced her with a marriage proposal.

I was married for forty years to “my Marilyn Monroe”, blond and built. We never had wild orgies that lasted all night. I doubt if most people do. From the start I wanted a marriage that lasted, wanted to get long with her. Which included sex. I wanted to be a good lover, not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am that rolled over and went to sleep after raping the wife. We had a nice life together. Kids, grandkids. Holding each other and feeling your bodies intertwining is almost better than actual sex. Sucking on her clit really got her going, although I really liked licking the inside of her vagina better and only moved on to her clit because I learned I needed to.

But she died. Heart attack, no lingering illness. It’s tough after so long but I eventually learned to live with it. So for over a year, I’ve done without sex. Who’s interested in an old man? I figured that was over.

I walk. I’m no body builder but I’m not in bad shape. Healthy. But an old man and aware of it. There are just a lot of aches and pains and inconveniences that etiler escort go with age.

I’m sure I was in a routine. Normal for me to do the same thing, fall into habits. Well into my daily walk I would see this lady sometimes, also walking. Then I began to see her every day. I’d smile and say good morning and she would, too. She’s Chinese or Japanese or something Asian. I’m a lousy judge of age so I had no idea how old she was. She looked in good shape, trim. I assumed she was in her forties or maybe fifties. Our walks were early enough that she could have finished in time to go to work somewhere. Then, after several weeks, we would walk a couple blocks together and talk just a little. I gradually discovered she was older than I thought. A widow. Not as old as me but in her sixties as far as I could tell from the things she said.

Then one day she asked me if I’d like to stop at her place for a cup of coffee. Truth is, it would interfere with my routine and I wanted to say no. Besides, while I hope I’m not bigoted I had no idea what to talk about with a Chinese woman. But I was polite enough to accept her invitation. So I was sitting at a table in her kitchen and she threw me a curve. Made me realize again that I have never truly understood women.

She raised the point about us both having been in long marriages. Then she said that living alone was a big adjustment. I agreed with her.

“Some of my marriage has to just remain pleasant memories,” she said. “I’m sure you feel the same. There’s nothing we can do but go on and be glad we have the memories. But some things are hard to do without, particularly when you don’t want to do without. Mostly sex. Don’t you miss sex, Gary?”

Crap, I wasn’t expecting anything like this. I looked at her. Actually she’s pretty nice looking. Trim, even slender. “Yeah, of course,” was about all I could manage to come up with.

“Just feeling a naked body against me, having someone other than me doing things to me,” she said. “That’s what I really miss.” Then she looked up at me and waited.

My immediate reaction was to get up and run. I’m sure I sat there for a couple minutes before I answered. But as I thought about it, that’s what I missed, too. And she’s actually pretty attractive. Too old to get pregnant and probably doesn’t have any disease. It could be a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

So I said, “I need Viagra, Min.”

She grinned and reached for my hand. “It’s two years old but I have some.”

I guess her husband used it. She went and got it. I looked at the bottle, it was the same dose as I had at home, also now aging. I shook one tablet out, put it in my mouth and sloshed some coffee to help get it down. Then I looked at her and grinned.

“It’ll take a half hour, maybe. Think your clit could stand a half hour of action?”

“Well, we can always find out,” she said as she stood and took my hand and started to lead me to her bedroom.

Maybe we’d be better off at night, in the dark, where we wouldn’t see the sags and wrinkles but we were soon naked, on her bed with the covers thrown way back. In fact, she had a very nice body, as good as many a lot younger than her. I did all the things that always worked for me in the past. Kissing, feeling her butt, sucking on her nipples. Her breasts weren’t as big as my wife’s but were very nice, felt firm and the nipples reacted to my actions. I fingered her while doing this then slid down and got between her legs. She rolled her legs back up towards her shoulders, raising her pussy to me. I noticed gray in her pubic hair. Interesting, didn’t realize it turned gray, too.

When we were first married, my wife and I were both inexperienced. As I mentioned earlier, I had fucked a few girls. But that’s all it was, just fucking them. Basically one night stands that extended to multiple-night stands. No real relationships. And my wife was a virgin. She was also extremely slow to get aroused. More than slow, at first I really couldn’t get her interested. I was used to girls just spreading their legs and inviting you in. My wife was also ticklish, which complicated things even more. I was extremely limited in what I could do. Anyway, after some experimenting, I discovered that licking her pussy truly turned her on. So I ate her fatih escort every time we had sex for forty years. Thousands of times. I had never done it before her but loved it. Loved the tastes, the texture and shape of her vagina as I searched it with my tongue. Loved the reactions it brought in her. With us, it was always just part of foreplay. For actual sex she required that I get my penis into her vagina. A religious thing, I think. So I had to guess at how aroused she was getting so that I could move up and get my dick into her before she orgasmed. Because once she orgasmed, everything was over. She had no interest in any more. Oh, she’d let me pump away until I came but it was obvious she was just doing me a favor.

So, I was interested in eating out Min and went at it with gusto. This time, I knew, I was free to go on tasting her as long as I wanted. Soon she was on her back, her weight pretty much resting on her shoulders, her legs sticking out like a bug turned over, and I was kneeling, holding her butt up, my tongue as far into her as I could get it. And she loved it. She tasted great. Willing but a little dry for a moment, getting juicy fairly quick. I licked up and got my tongue on her clit. She was full of “Yes” and “Oh my” and it was obvious it was working.

“You’re wonderful,” she said, “but can we switch positions?”

I pulled my face back and helped lower her onto the bed and she pulled me down to her and got her arms around me and kissed me. She actually licked my lips, tasting herself on me. I fondled her breasts, slipped down a little to get my mouth to them again, sucking on one nipple and then the other. Then she clambered around and straddled over me and lowered her pussy onto my face. As I licked, she moved her hips to get my mouth and tongue to her clit. I had my hands on her butt, holding her to me because too much movement makes it more difficult for me to keep my mouth to her. Her clit was now swollen more than when we started and as I licked it I slid a finger up into her, then two. I sucked on her clit as I felt around inside her with my fingers. From my limited experience, women don’t last long like this. Maybe it’s age, maybe a long lay off, but she just stayed there and urged me on and on, telling me how good it was.

When she finally had her orgasm, I thought I might actually get hurt. For one, I was flooded. I swallowed some and breathed through my nose to keep from drowning (an exaggeration, I’m sure). Her whole body jumped and jerked, landing full force on my face over and over. Fortunately her bottom was well padded. I got my fingers out and she slid back on me and lay down on top of me and kissed me. She let me know it was absolutely perfect and the first time for her in a couple years.

Then she got this bright eyed look and smiled and asked if I thought the Viagra might be working yet and then said she wanted to find out. The way she fondled my dick and balls and licked and sucked and kissed I’m not sure I even needed Viagra. She was either very good at it or very hungry for it or both.

While I’ve never had any complaints, I don’t have a huge cock like you might see on some porn shots. Probably just average. But the way she was trying to get me down her throat resulted in my having the largest, hardest erection I’d had for some time. It sure felt terrific. She obviously wanted to be doing what she was doing. This was all new to me. My wife never gave me a blow job. We got into a sixty-nine position often and I think she actually had her mouth on my dick at times but just doing enough to keep me hard so we could fuck once she got ready. So having a woman really attack my cock was new to me. And terrific.

Viagra has an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on your viewpoint. If aroused, it lets you get erect, hard. And I was definitely aroused. However, from my experience, sometimes I could fuck what seemed like forever and never cum. My wife would finally be getting no more pleasure out of it and I’d just stop and pull out. This time that worked in my favor because she sucked on me until she said her jaws got tired and then she climbed up on me and sat on me, shoving me up into her. She was pretty tight, tight enough that I could certainly feel my whole cock enveloped.

She sort of rocked fındıkzade escort back and forth, sliding me in and out of her. I got both hands on her breasts and tweaked her nipples. We were both fairly quiet but she would interject moans and “ohs” and other sounds occasionally. She stared up a lot, enjoying whatever feelings she was having, then would look down at me and smile very happily. I finally pulled her down to me, kissed her and suggested we change positions. I ended up kneeling between her legs, her on all fours, as I slid back into her from the back. I leaned over her slightly and got my fingers on her clit and massaged her as I pushed in and out of her. This has always been a sexy position for me. I get in further or something. Anyway, my cock seemed to get the most action and I figured maybe I could cum this way. And I did. But only after she did again.

We ended up laying on her bed, next to each other, looking at one another with big grins, as we breathed deep from more exercise than we ever got on our walks.

“This may be the best sex I’ve ever had,” I said. She smiled at me and rubbed my butt. “With my wife, once she orgasmed it was over. So this going on and you having several orgasms is new for me.”

She kissed me and held me even tighter. Her whole body was pressed against me. She moved her hips, massaging her pussy on my abdomen just above my cock.

“I’m not sure how Viagra works,” I said. “I don’t know whether I’m going to get it up again or not. But my mouth works and you’re delicious so if it’s o.k. with you, I’d like to get you to another orgasm.”

She spread her legs some, slid down a little and started riding her pussy against my thigh. Pretty forceful. I could feel she was juicy. “Well, I don’t want to deny you anything,” she says and then grins.

So I’m soon in there again, slurping my tongue in her. I have no idea why, I’ve always liked tasting pussy. I used to want to do this to my wife and she didn’t want it. When she was done, she was done. So I enjoyed what I was doing and kept licking and moving my tongue around and then finally licking up to work on her clit. Everything was a little different. Stronger tastes, different tastes, different texture, not as firm but more swollen or something. I realized that I was getting the taste and substance of both me and her. I slurped up everything I could, sucked on her pussy to get almost a mouthful and then slid up over her again and kissed her, trading the contents of my mouth into hers. She was actually sucking on my mouth, my tongue, apparently loving the tastes. Then I got back down and at her pussy again. I was sort of pulling on it with my lips as I slipped two fingers back up into her. It took less time than the first and she was jerking and moaning and emitting lots of fluid. I swallowed all I could.

As I lifted my face out away from her and slid my fingers out of her she almost jumped into a different position to get her mouth and hands to my cock and balls. I don’t know whether to credit Viagra or just the over-sexed situation but I was soon up again. And she was working everything she could on me, as if she was going to swallow my balls, then my cock, then jerking me off with her hand while licking the head. Then everything all over again.

She said that she really needed it in her and soon we were in the missionary position, which we had not tried earlier. I pushed into her and she had her legs on the bed, pushing back, lifting her hips up off the bed as I tried to shove them back down. I always though a guy lasts longer the second time but maybe my first time was artificially extended by the Viagra. I could feel through my whole body that I wasn’t going to last a whole lot longer. Just then, she started almost screaming again and I could feel her stiffening and the juice running onto me, so I shoved as hard as I could into her and just held it as I shot off whatever small amount I had left in me.

Again, we were side by side, exhausted but smiling, I grabbed her hand and held it. “I don’t know how much of this I can take but I can’t imagine a better way to go.”

She rolled over, about three-quarters on top of me, and kissed me. “I’m the one with the bad heart,” she said, “and I’m not worried. All you have is sore knees, that shouldn’t hold you back any.” Then she kissed me again. When did I tell her about sore knees?

Anyway, that was three months ago. I’m not sure we’ve ever topped that first time but we’ve tried. Often. When I got my doctor to renew my Viagra prescription he commented that he thought my wife was dead. My answer was, “Yes, but I’m not.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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