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We all 4 slept in until around 9 am the next morning which was a Sunday. The freezing rain had stopped, but the temperature was in the lower 20’s and the roads home were still closed. The good news was that all four of us were still naked and both of us guys had raging hard ons.

Chelie slid down between my legs and took my cock in her mouth and starting licking and sucking. Katy had Lane move closer to me as she went down on him as well. I wasn’t sure why she had him get next to me, but I was about to.

Katy’s mouth left Lane’s cock and moved over to help Chelie suck mine. She continued to stroke Lane’s cock as her and Chelie took turns blowing me.

They turned their attention to Lane doing the same to his cock and they were mine. When one was sucking cock the other was sucking balls. I laid there watching the two girls have their way with Lane and was almost more turned on than when they were taking their turn on me. Seeing the two of them touching tongues and lips while sucking us was driving me crazy .

Chelie then made the statement “If you two boys dikmen escort will eat our pussy’s and get us off, we’ll let you cum on our face. “

I think Katy was as shocked as Lane and me were. She looked at Chelie with her mouth wide open and a “what” reply. Oh hell Katy I’ve never had two loads on me … let the boys have some fun with us . Lane and I looked and each other said “hell yes” and went to work on some pussy. We had the girls stay on their stomachs , stick those round asses in the air, and went in tongue first .

Chelie and Katy both are shaved smooth and slick … Chelie was already wet as I dove into her. I love eating her from behind, I also love licking her asshole. I alternate my thumb between her two holes depending on which one I’m eating out . Lane and I swapped positions and had Katy’s phat ass in my hands. I stuck my tongue as deep in her sweet cunt as I could , rubbing her clit with my thumb. I spread her cheeks apart and gave her asshole it’s first ever licking. I did her the same as I do Chelie, emek escort back and forth , back and forth. I finally got my thumb in her virgin hole as she became vocal. I pulled her clit in my mouth and sucked her pussy as I thumb fucked her ass. Within minutes she began twerking faster and faster until she came with an “Oh Fuck!!”

Chelie was face fucking Lane and he had his tongue in her as far as it would reach. Her moans were becoming louder as Lane grabbed her hips and pulled her closer in his mouth. She came hard and squirted some in his mouth. Katy said she had never seen or done that before and Lane was taken back by the love nectar that Chelie had left on his face.

The two of them slid off the bed onto their knees as Lane and I stood over them. Then two of them went to work on Lane’s cock first. Swapping out turns between his cock and his balls. He came with a “Oh Shit here I cum.” His first two ropes hit Chelie from her forehead to her lips, he stroked out what he had left onto Katy’s face.

I was about eryaman escort to blow but I wanted the two of them to pleasure me a while longer. A couple minutes more was all I could take though and warned the two of them I was ready. My first explosion hit Katy in the middle of her forehead with the next one from the top of hairline down to her chin. Chelie moved closer and she received two more ropes of my cum. The two of them moved their faces next to each other to where they were touching as I milked out the rest of my spunk onto the both of them.

I gave them all I had and between Lane and I we had made a mess of both their faces. I couldn’t resist rubbing my still hard cock between their faces. To my surprise Katy grabbed it and went to sucking me again, cleaning the cum off my cock and swallowing it. I was spend and fell back onto the bed. The girls started giggling as they looked at each other and themselves in the mirror .

We all four jumped into the shower to clean off. The water was hot and steamy as we laughed and joked about what had just happened. As we dried off and hopped back in the bed naked, we turned the TV on to see that the roads were back open.

As much fun as we had, we were ready to get home. It was a weekend to never forget. Three months later Katy and Lane got pregnant with their first child and we’ve not had any other sexual encounters with them . But who knows …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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