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I walk into the office, anxious to unload the weight of the week. As I walk in, I am immediately startled when I see your dark hair from behind, pressed against the chair. Clearly not the doctor I am used to seeing. Timid, I sit down on the couch. We exchange introductions as you explain you are filling in for my normal doctor. I stare at you, my mouth gapping, in awe of your strong male presence. You ask me what I’d like to talk about today and I can’t form a sentence. All of the thoughts that were in my head a mere thirty seconds ago are gone. All I can think about is what your hands would feel like against my body. I see you grin to yourself. You then chuckle for a second and ask how I’m feeling.

In a trance, I blurt out one word, “Desperate.” You look at me for a second and then get up, stride towards me, and sit down so close to me that I can smell you. I close my eyes and inhale your closeness. You lean over, I can feel your breath in my ear. Chills run down my back.

And you ask in a low voice, “Desperate for what?” I turn to you, still awe struck, and look into the depths of those stunning eyes. Before I can even feel myself move, I’m straddling you, my mouth crashing into yours. Your tongue feels so soft, so gentle, yet possessive in my mouth. You put your hands on my hips, as I run mine through the back of your hair. Needing to take a deep breath, I pull away from your mouth and straighten my back, just enough to put my boobs right in your face. With a swift motion, you grab the hem of my shirt and pull it off of me. You are even faster getting my bra off.

You take advantage of the position and cover my nipple with your mouth, quite forcefully. The sensation shoots right down, down between my legs. And as you bite and suck, I let out a few hushed moans into your ear, gently biting your earlobe as I do. I feel your hands move to my ass, grabbing me tightly. You begin guiding me, my hips back and forth against you. A slow grind as I can feel your dick against me. I’m growing wetter every second.

You slip your hands inside of my pants. I stretch upward as you pull my pants down, leaving me exposed bahis siteleri to grind against you. You feel so incredible. I can’t wait for you to be inside of me. You lay me down on the couch, as you quickly slip your clothes off. Once again I am left in awe of the sight of you. You hover over me, clasping your hands in mine, pulling them over my head. I can see the dark desire in your eyes, knowing it is matched by my own. You lay a gentle kiss on my forehead, my cheek, and then down my neck. I feel your tongue pressing against my neck, licking me, so wet and warm. The sensation is incredible, enough that I’m panting in anticipation.

You kiss, lick down my collar bone, between my breasts, down my stomach, finally reaching the area that had been aching for you. You kneel down beside the couch and take my legs over your shoulders. I jump at the feeling of your tongue against me. You begin a slow assault with your tongue, up and down, ever so slowly. My fists clench against the fabric of the couch. I lower one hand to your head, grabbing a fist full of your hair, pulling your face closer, deeper into me. I can feel the moisture pooling underneath of me. Your tongue is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Without even realizing I’m doing it, I find myself grinding into your face, my legs tightening around your head. My added motion gets you in all of the right spots and I feel myself in the edge. I grip your hair even tighter as orgasm waves through me. I let a cry out, screaming your name, unable to stop it. I close my eyes, completely sated. I need a minute to recover.

I can’t move. You lean over me, mouth against my ear. I feel the warmth if your breath against me.

You whisper, “How was that? Are you still desperate?” I pull myself up, wrap my hand around the back of your neck, and kiss you hard. Playfully, I pull your bottom lip between my teeth. I let your hands run down the length of my body before falling to my knees. I take your dick in my mouth, giving my jaw a second to adjust to your size. Your hand tangles into my hair. Your touch startles me and I grab the back of your legs in reaction. I can sense your canlı bahis siteleri need for control, so I let you guide my head, my mouth up and down your length. With the pace of your hand quickening, I have a hard time keeping up and gag a few times.

The moisture of my mouth is dripping off of you, dripping onto my chest. You force me backward, until I am sitting with my back against the couch, you towering over me, dick still deep in my mouth. You have all of the control now, I can’t move. With my face, my mouth angled straight up to you, you begin thrusting down into my mouth. I gag repeatedly, but you don’t stop. You keep pumping into my mouth, hitting deep into the back of my throat. I’m nearly choking, tears streaming down my face, yet it feels so good to have you in my mouth. I take a little more control and wrap one of my hands around the base of your cock, my spit already coating where I put my hand.

You still for a second in response. I tighten my lips around you, as you regain momentum in your thrusting. I can tell you are getting close, slightly weak in your legs. In and out a few more times. And then you withdrawal from my mouth, grabbing yourself, aiming straight for my face. I feel the warmth all over my face, running down and falling onto my chest. You collapse to the floor in front of me, half laying on me. You weight feels so good against me. With a coy smile, I ask how that was for you.

You return my smile with a devilish grin and say, “Oh, I’m not done with you yet. You have the whole hour.”

Before I know it, you pull me to my feet and push me against the wall. Your hands find mine and pull them above my head, your foot gently spreading my feet apart. While I hold my stance, you guide yourself into me. Slowly, but forcefully. You feel so big inside of me, I nearly fall over, but the wall is the there to support me. My face presses against the wall as you pound into me from behind. Your fingertips grasping my hips, holding me still so you can continue to rip me open. I feel myself lift to my tippy toes, your size, the motion is so intense.

We both utter breathy curses in the canlı bahis moment, your pace never falling. You are relentless in your movement in and out of me. Each time you thrust into me is better than the last. I can feel my muscles down there tightening again. I’m having a hard time controlling my breathing, it’s so rapid. This is so intense. You pull yourself closer to me, wrapping a hand around my waist, and biting my shoulder.

I mange get out, “Please, faster.” You comply. And with in seconds, I’m crashing down, my body tightening around you. I hear you moan a reaction. And then I literally fall to the floor. I sit for a moment to catch my breath.

You look at me and say, “Still not done.” You lift me to my feet, supporting me as we hobble back to the couch. You sit down, I fall into your lap, my back to your chest. You wrap your arms around me and we sit for a minute. You lay kisses along my back as I catch my breath. As I come back to Earth, I feel you push me down to the floor, just my upper body, so my knees are resting on the couch still but my face is in the carpet. You stand slightly. And then you take a few fingers and bury them deep into me. While it is nothing compared to your cock inside of me, I still groan at the sensation.

I hear you mutter out, “God you are so wet for me.” And I am. And then in an instant your dick rips into me again. The angle this way is intense. I’ve never felt it like this before. You are so much deeper into me than I have ever felt before. My voice is loud as I cry out. I know I can’t handle this for too long. I can feel you in the pit of my stomach with every movement into me. Each one deeper than the last. I feel you grab my hips, then my ass. And then I feel the sharp sting if your hand make contact with my ass. I yelp, but it feels so good.

I say, “Again.” And you do, three more times, each time a little harder than the last. Once again I find myself having difficulty breathing. I can hear it in your breath too.

And then I hear you say, “I’m gonna cum. Can I cum in you?”

I reply with a simple, “Yes. Now. Please.” And you do. I feel the warmth coat me inside. As you withdrawal, I already feel you dripping from me. I fall to the floor, yet again. You lie down beside me, a hand gently caressing my back.

You look at me, kiss my forehead, and ask “Same time next week?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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