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As the afternoon wore on I stayed busy with meetings and the phone, but I couldn’t help glancing at the clock every time I passed it and looking at my watch in between. The day seemed to drag as it got closer to five o’clock. The office cleared out right at five like it always does. I pulled the proposal I had been working on the day before, but the harder I would try to concentrate, the more difficulty I would have. My mind kept drifting to our pending meeting.

Finally, after anxiously checking the time again, I just gave up and leaned back to daydream. My mind focused on the first picture you had sent me through ICQ and wondered to the ones that you had later sent me of you nude. They were burned into my memory, but I decided to go the hidden sub-directory and look at them again. I leaned forward to view the picture of you smiling. My focus moved from your pretty eyes, to your beautiful skin and hair, then to your lips so sensual in the dark red lipstick, and finally to your high cheek bones accenting your gorgeous smile. Your eyes seemed to dance in your smile as I looked at the picture. Checking my watch, 5:17, you said you would be here about 6:30.

I got up and walked over to shut the blinds, straighten up some paper stacked on my conference table, and walked down the hall to see if anyone was still here. I walked into the shop and turned the lights on … then off. I flipped the lights off as I went through engineering, made sure the coffee pot was off; stopped to read a letter on a secretary’s desk, flipped the lights off in a few more offices as I passed them, and looked at my watch; 5:53. I returned to my office and sat down behind my desk, reaching up to button my collar and straighten my tie. Then I leaned forward to look at your picture again as I unbuttoned my collar and pulled off my tie.

The time seemed to crawl. Looking at the clock I saw progress, 6:12 or so. I leaned back in the chair, propped my feet on the desk and closed my eyes. I didn’t need the computer screen to see your picture. I tried to imagine your body in my mind, your voice from the times we had talked on the phone, what your gestures would be like, your body language, and then tried to imagine your fragrance. I was startled when I heard the electronic latch clicking from the reception area. I jumped out of the chair, looking at my watch, and thought, “I was hoping you would be early!” My anticipation grew as I walked the hall to our reception room door. Your pretty smile greeted me as I opened the door. I held out my hand as I swung the door open. Taking my hand and stepping inside, I held you at arms length and looked at you. “Wow, you are even prettier than all your pictures!” Your slight blush wasn’t hidden by your beautiful smile. I set the perimeter alarm code and locked the front door and hand in hand we walked down the long hall to my office.

Once inside, still holding your hand, I closed my office door. Turning to face you, I pulled you to me and kissed you with all the pent-up passion that had been building for hours. bahis şirketleri You pressed your warm body against me and I slid my hands down your back and brought them to rest on your firm little ass, cupping your cheeks. Your passion met mine as our tongues darted against each other. I could feel your body writhing against me and my cock began to swell between us. My hands gripped your cheeks and pulled you tighter against me, my dick pressing into your stomach, throbbing as it grew. Our breathing was coming faster as our passion built. I reached to unzip your skirt, but was startled when your hands jerked from around my neck, grabbed my hands and pulled them away from you. Your smile and mischievous eyes puzzled me and I was at a loss for words. Fearing I had done something wrong, I tried to think of something to say.

Still holding my hand and backing away from me, you told me, “no, I have a surprise for you and I don’t want to spoil it.” Smiling, you reached out and rubbed the back of your hand across the front of my pants causing my penis to swell more. Laughingly you said, “Why don’t you go sit in your chair and relax

Getting over my original shock when you jerked away from me had done nothing to make my cock stop throbbing. I sat in the chair behind my desk wondering what would come next. You stood, leaning against my desk in front of me, and bent forward to gently kiss me before pushing yourself up on my desk. Then you stood up on the top of my desk and turned to look at the light switch by the door. Looking back at me you said, “since you have that little desk lamp over there between your chairs, is it necessary that we have these bright overhead lights on?” Feeling that you were totally in control of the situation, I wondered what you had in mind. I walked over to turn off the lights without saying a word. You stood there motionless with your hands on your hips and watched me. I returned to my chair and leaned back to watch you, adjusting my hard dick with my hand in a vain attempt to give it some relief. Your eyes on my crotch, you said, “I know that must be uncomfortable, I want you to relax for your surprise. Why don’t you get undressed.” My throat could barely manage speach, I could only mutter, “all right” as I hastily striped and threw my clothes on the conference table. I pushed my shorts to the floor and removed my socks and sank back into the chair to look up at you

My cock was standing erect in my lap and I squeezed it with my hand to relieve it as it throbbed. You unbuttoned the last button on your white blouse and held the bottoms together in front of you, just like in your picture, then let it slide from your shoulders. You were looking at my hand and told me, “be careful baby, I don’t want that to go to waste too soon!” Your hands went behind your back, unclasping your lacy bra and you then let it slide down your arms to drop on top of your blouse on the floor. You reached behind you again to unzip your skirt, your rounded breasts standing out so pretty in front of you. Your skirt dropped to bahis firmaları the desk top and you stepped out of it, leaving you dressed only in your shoes and thigh-high hose.

“See baby, no panties, I told you I had a surprise for you!” you said, your eyes twinkling. You kicked the skirt off the desk with your toe and stood again with your hands on your hips, looking into my eyes. I squirmed in my chair and reached between my legs to wrap my hands around my balls and the base of my throbbing cock. I knew that, if I were to touch the head of my cock, it would squirt cum everywhere. My eyes roamed your body; from your high heals, up your shapely legs to your alabaster thighs. The curves of your pretty little ass barely visible, your pussy almost in shadow from the desk lamp that dimly lit the room. I could see your smooth shaven pubes though, just above the slit between your legs. The light reflected off the moisture that was forming at the opening at the bottom of your slit. Your hand moved across your freshly shaven area and you asked, “do you like it?” I found it difficult to swallow as I watched you slowly drew your nails over the tight smooth skin

I barely managed to gasp, “oh god yesss!”

You then sat down on my desk with one shoe on the edge as you unbuckled the small strap and let your shoe drop to the floor. You raised the other foot, your legs parted and exposing your nude pussy while you removed the other shoe, dropping it also, as you placed your stockinged feet on the arms of my chair. Your legs were spread wide in front of me as you lay back across my desk. Your hand reached between your legs and you draw your middle finger slowly across the top of your pussy lips. I could see the wet between your lips as they parted, your swollen clitoris extended between them. I watch, mesmerized, as your finger dipped down into your wet pussy and massaged the walls inside, then slowly you drew it out and ran it up underneath your lips, depositing your cream on both sides of your hard clit. I began to slowly stroke my hard penis now as I watched your hand. There was a tiny bead of precum on the slit of my cock and I wiped across it with my thumb, lubricating the pulsing head. Your eyes were shut and I heard a muffled moan as your fingers drew over your clit.

“Do you like watching this?” you asked in a low voice, your eyes still closed. I didn’t answer you, but instead leaned forward, pushed your legs further apart and licked your fingers as they massaged your clit. Tasting the warm cream from your vagina sent a shiver through my body. I leaned forward more and pushed my tongue deep up inside you to get more of your taste. I felt your fingers flicking back and forth on your clit as my tongue rolled deep inside you. I cupped my hands under your ass cheeks and raised your hips in the air as I pressed my tongue in deeper.

You arched your back and pressed your hips towards my hungry mouth as you gasped and let out a loud cry, “YESSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHH YESSSSS!” I felt your vagina contract on my tongue, squeezing your kaçak bahis siteleri warm juices onto it. I ran my tongue down between the crack of your ass as my hands held your firm cheeks apart. My tongue darted against your tight little asshole and deposited your wetness against it. Your hips began to jerk as you screamed, “OHHHHHHHHHH GAWDDD, I AM COMING!” I could feel your hands grip the back of my head as I again plunged my tongue up inside your wet cunt and drew it in and out of you as if fucking your pussy. You screamed out, “FUCK ME, OHHHH, FUCK ME JAKE, FUCK ME NOWWWW!

I stood up between your legs, took hold of your ankles and raised them in the air, pushing your knees to your chest. You wrapped your arms around them, exposing your wide open pussy to me. I held my hard cock in my hand and began to flick it hard over your creamy clit. The head of my cock was coated in your wet cream as it massaged your clit. You screamed out again, OHHH YES YES, YESSSSSSSSS” Then, I let it slide down into your slick cunt and stood there motionless with it throbbing deep inside you. You let go of your long legs and they wrapped around me pressing against my back, as if to push me deeper into you. I began to withdraw my cock from you until the head was almost out. I felt your warm juices running down onto my balls.

Hesitating there a moment, and then I slammed it back down into you. Again you screamed, “FUCK! OHHHH FUCK YESS!” Slowly I pumped my long cock in and out of your pussy, my eyes closed, feeling your warm juices beginning to engulf my balls with your wetness as they slapped against your ass. Your arms held your legs apart and my hands gripped your hips as I slammed my cock into you. Sweat began to drip from my chin and landed on your belly as I watched your breasts move with each thrust. I felt my scrotum begin to draw up as my own orgasm began deep in my balls. Faster and faster, I pounded my dick into your body. I heard you let out a loud guttural scream that echoed out in the room

I felt my sperm race through my penis and gush deep into your cunt, mixing with your flowing juices. We both began to scream as I thrust in and out, in and out of your pussy. I almost passed out in ecstasy as another huge gush of sperm jetted from my cock. In and out of you, my hips slamming against your crotch with each thrust. Then another load of cum filled your slick tight cunt, and another, and another, until it throbbed with dry thrusts inside you. I collapsed across your chest, gasping for air, kissing your lips, your forehead, your nose, your neck, your shoulders. Sweat still dripped from my face and mixed with yours on your neck and shoulders as I kissed you. Your legs again wrapped around my back as my dick began to shrink inside your pussy. I pressed my hips against you, to hold it inside you, feeling the walls of your vagina still gripping it. Our breathing became smoother as I raised up and looked into your eyes.

Neither of us uttered a word; our smiles said it all. I could feel your warm breasts against my hairy chest, the hair matted from the sweat between us. I leaned down and again tenderly kissed your lips as your legs tightened around me. “Wow sweetie! You sexy little thing! You wonderful sexy sexy little thing,” is all I could think to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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