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I was diligently plugging away at a project at my desk, when he came by to pretend like he had something important to look for. Then I felt him behind me, as he made another clever comment about the project I was working on. Normally, I would just sit there and pretend to be completely calm although my body feels waves of tingles all over. This time though, I couldn’t stop myself. I rotated my chair around to where I was facing him. All I could see was his crotch, to which I couldn’t stop the devilish grin forming from my lips. I looked up at him and slowly rose to my feet. Face to face, bodies so achingly close to one another, he couldn’t help but allow his eyes to glance at my breasts. With a coy smirk, I whisked by him to pretend to grab something off of the copy machine.

As I was finishing up the last of my work for the day, I got another e-mail from him. We had an ongoing flirt fest by e-mail and this last comment was most inviting. We were joking about me taking out my frustrations on some helpless coworker as I screamed obscenities at them. This particular e-mail he said, “I have yet to hear you scream obscenities to me but would prefer it be in a more private setting.” My body grew hot and I began fanning myself. I read on and he said, “I’ll be working very early tomorrow morning. It’d be nice to have your company to keep me awake.”

After I finished getting excited I mustered up a good response. “I think I can help keep you awake.” I smiled from ear to ear as I clicked “Send” and gathered my things to dash out the 5:00 door. I walked by his hall quickly and saw him getting up to leave. I kept walking but flashed a smile his way.

The alarm went off extra early this morning. Somehow, I did not feel tired though. I began getting my petite but pin-up body graced with business attire that was easy to fuck in. I decided on no panties and a black flowy skirt that stopped above my knees. I put my thigh high knit tights on and my black bra that opened from the front. Then my put on her button down slick, form fitting red blouse and halkalı escort did the hair. My raven black hair was given an extra boost of yum and I smudged Egyptian goddess musk on my wrists and neck.

It was dark out this morning. I got in my car and headed for work. The drive seemed like forever, as I kept double checking everything to be sure I was at my best.

The parking lot was empty, except for his car. My heart began to pound faster. I got out and headed for the office. I opened the door and swiped my id and headed in. As I headed for my desk I saw him peak out from his cubicle and smile at me. This seemed like a dream. I knew it was time to push back any jitters and be sexy and confident.

After I got my stuff settled at my desk, I meandered over to his cubicle. His spot was conveniently private and difficult to peer into. The place was quiet and still. He was on his computer, actually working.

“Hey! You actually decided to keep me company this morning! That’s so thoughtful.” He had a slightly devious tone to him. He was wearing a delicious outfit. He had a sexy black slim ribbed sweater that he had slightly unzipped a the top, which showed off his delicious chest and arms, and some sexy slim black slacks. I wanted to fuck him immediately.

“Yeah, I really didn’t want to leave you here all by yourself.” I said as I sensually fidgeted. “So what can I do you for?” For me it felt bold, but it looked extremely casual. I got closer to him in his chair and glided my hand along his shoulders. He smiled and softly said, “Come here.”, as he pulled me onto his lap.

With that I straddled him and as I sat down on his lap, facing him and wrapping my arms around his neck. I couldn’t stop myself and immediately reached for a kiss and my hips began to grind slowly. He was startled a little by my aggressive gestures but couldn’t resist the attention, the beauty and the sexuality dripping from me. His hands started feeling down my back and squeezed my ass. taksim escort I kissed his jawline and whispered in his ear, “I’m not wearing any underwear.” I felt him thrust up against me as he groaned and I could feel him getting hard.

His hands started unbuttoning my shirt as my fingers began to unfasten his pants. Our kisses got more passionate and hungry. I pulled away for a moment and unfastened my bra, and my breasts sprung forth. His hands began to play with them, and his eyes got big and he looked quite pleased. He pressed them together and hungrily kissed and licked my nipples and around them. His hands played with my breasts, squeezing them, running his palms up and down, feeling them flop as his thumbs rubbed my nipples. I breathed heavily, but stayed quiet and sucked on my lower lip to mute my desire to moan. It only turned him on more.

I freed his cock from his pants and started teasing the head by sliding it up and down my soaking wet clit. He grabbed the shaft of his cock and insisted his way inside of me, thrusting himself up into me. The sensations sparked pleasure all over my body and I pushed the chair against the corner of his cubicle desk and pressed my hands on the desk top. I started riding him slow and choppy, feeling him deep inside me, feeling shocks of pleasure with each thrust. We caught each other in an eye to eye moment as both of our mouths were open and both struggled to stay quiet. He fucked me back as I rid him down. I started going faster and faster on him, unable to stop the momentum, the high getting higher and sweeter. “Ohhh…” I groaned softly. He grabbed my hips and helped me slide on his shaft, stealing kisses from my lips and my breasts.

There was no stopping the rush of my first sweet orgasm. The sensations filled my body as my face got flush with heat. I opened my eyes wantonly and gazed into his as I absorbed my high. He could feel me cumming and felt the amazing amount of wetness dripping from me. He slowed down and steadied to a stop and whispered, “Lets hit the şişli escort restroom.”

I pulled myself off of him. He felt a cold rush on his cock as we headed straight for the woman’s bathroom. I turned the light on and we shoved a trash can in front of the door, just in case.

He held my shoulders and pressed me against the wall and kissed me deeply and sensually and then he forcefully pressed me up to the sink and bent me over. I got really turned on by his forcefulness. I felt him glide smoothly inside of me. He felt so amazing and hot in me. I looked up into his eyes in the mirrors’ reflection. His face shown totalanimalistic lust and want. He took a breath and looked right back at me and watched my eyes get heavy as he started fucking me smooth and steady.

I allowed myself to moan, just a little as the sensations enveloped me completely. He pulled my skirt up some and started admiring my ass. He slapped my ass and gave a strong choppy thrust. I let out a louder moan and the bit my lip a little to stop myself. I braced for the next and the next as he got faster and started fucking me harder.

“Don’t stop until you cum all over my pussy.” I groaned to him as I took a deep breath. He started losing himself in the moment. His balls slapping against my clit made an erotic sound that sent both of us to a level just under orgasm. “Oh I feel it, I’m going to cum soon.” he uttered with a raspy moan. I watched him lose himself completely in the moment and began to get primal. His skin getting red, and his hips thrusting faster and faster, getting more rugged and choppy, I felt him getting harder and harder. “Oh yeah baby, lose yourself.. just fucking cum all over my pussy.. your making me cum!” I whispered as I started moaning ever so softly and came again, all over his cock. He could feel me so hot and wet and trembling around his cock and stopped, pulled out and started spurting cum on my ass and my pussy. He gasped a couple times and clenched his teeth.

Our senses started seeping back into us and he realized his pants were soaked. “I think I better call in late.” He said and we both started to laugh. I turned around and he kissed me deeply and slowly again. I smirked and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, this never happened.”

And with that, he zipped up and walked out of the bathroom. And I, well I was all smirks and smiles all day long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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