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Part I: Teasing

Rick sat back and pinched the bridge of his nose. It had been a hard first few hours in the office, fixing the bugs he’s failed to spot with the tired eyes of the day before. But now everything seemed to be working fine, he packaged up the changes and fired off a mail to his team leader requesting his update be approved. Time for a bit of slack time he figured, he’d earned it. He slouched back into his office chair and flicked over to his browser to catch up on the mornings news stories.

It was then he heard the steps coming towards him from behind and there was an immediate tensing in his legs. There were over twenty people in his department, but being IT only three of these were women and he’d learnt to identify these particular high heel shod footfalls within the first few weeks of their arrival at the company. Moments later his prediction was given credence as Jessica brushed past his desk.

For a moment his world was filled with the swashing jiggle of her buttocks, a slight shimmering of soft cheek as the heel of each shoe connected with the ground. Then she was past his desk and he could see further down her legs. She had quite a boyish frame, hence the slightly too small arse, but that was more than made up for by the legs. They were simply two of the finest he’s ever seen. Her skirt ended mid thigh, and from there down was just pure pale skin, leg muscles just toned enough to sculpt lines down her thighs, the back of her knees looked so soft and the faint blue lines of veins could be seen. Below her calves arched with the same just toned lines until they met the ankle strap of her shoes. Rick hadn’t seen this pair before, but that was no surprise.

In those all too few months since she had joined Rick had only seen the same pair of heels a handful of times. She must have quite the collection, and all really quite fabulous. Today’s pair were black, matching the skirt perfectly, ankle strap connected to a slip of heel support, then peep toe front. The shine of her french polished toes clearly visible, but enough of a shoe to hold her toes in place so that only part of her big toe and the next toe were on show.

Jessica moved down the office to the desk diagonally across from Rick, obviously needing to talk with Tina about something with her current programming assignment. He could only make out the odd word, but then he really wasn’t concentrating on the conversation. He idly flicked a few screens around on his PC in mock work, but his actual focus was on Jessica’s skirt.

She had bent forward to talk with Tina, resting her palms on the desk as she bent in to look at Tina’s screen, this had raised the back of her skirt just that little bit higher than she probably would have liked it to, but lost in work she clearly couldn’t feel that she had exposed so much leg to Rick. He couldn’t see any of her panties, but he figured they must only be centimeters out of sight.

Rick suddenly became all too aware of his excitement, the swell in his dick had forced it up at an alarming angle, he quickly slipped his hand into his pocket and forced it down into his left trouser leg, though he couldn’t resist flicking the tip of his finger over the rim of his helmet, sliding his foreskin back and forth a few times whilst keeping his gaze locked onto the hem of Jessica’s skirt the veins on his dick filling, and a sudden rush of heat signified his full arousal.

The beep of a new email broke his concentration for a moment, as he checked what it was.. nothing too important, just a message from Simon asking for his football predictions for the office fantasy game. He made up a few scores, not really caring to think too hard, and certainly not too long about it and then glanced back over to Jessica.

Her back must have gotten tired of leaning over as she was stood again, returning the skirt to it’s more usual position, but she was still in deep conversation with Tina clearly there was quite the problem going on. Then she moved again, perching on the edge of Tina’s desk with her left leg so her foot dangled mid air, the shoe dropping slightly until the ankle strap prevented it from falling off. Her right leg still on the ground she again leaned in to look at Tina’s screen in detail.

This time it was not the hem of her skirt that caught his attention, but the top. As she leaned in her white blouse, which met the skirt perfectly in length when stood up crept up her back, and as it did revealed a tantalising glimpse of the top of her thong. A deep blue satin back became clearly visible the sides sweeping around her back, and the center.. oh the center dropped out of sight into sadly unknown lands. But that didn’t stop him imagining that fabric dropping down between her pert buttocks softly obscuring her undoubtedly cute arse hole before sweeping round and under towards her neatly shaven pussy. Not that he knew if she shaved or not, but he had a hard time believing anyone who took so much time over her outwards appearance would not maintain a fairly high level of grooming.

It Escort Bayan was at this moment that he heard his name being called. He snapped back to reality only to realise his name was being called by Jessica herself. The eye contact immediately sent a jolt of excitement to his dick, he felt the pulse travel the entire length and with it there was a sense of dampness as the first droplets of pre-cum shot into the fabric of his underwear.

Part II: Seduction

“Rick, can you take a look at this with us please?” Jessica said once he had met her gaze. There was a glint in her eyes, had she noticed? Was that a look of disgust, or maybe, just maybe was there a slight hint of a smile on the corner of her lips? Rick pushed those thoughts and his sexual ones away. Time to be professional! Or at least as professional as he ever got. He moved to stand, then the presence of his still slightly throbbing cock reminded him that might be a bad idea. he checked himself back down onto his seat and wheeled it across to Tina’s desk. He slotted the chair in on Tina’s left, with Jessica on his left. As he slid in he realised Jessica’s raise leg, that dangled off the desk so sweetly, was now between his, the back of her calf rested gentle on his left thigh about a third of the way up.

“Sorry.” he said looking up into Jessica’s blue eyes

“Huh? Oh it’s fine.” She replied. Was that the hint of a smile again? No.. over analysing he thought. Stick to the job sir!

“What’s the problem?” he asked, turning to Tina. She was somewhat older them either himself or Jessica, hair greyed, laughter lines clear upon her face up close like this. But there was always a playfulness to her hazel eyes and she could certainly hold her own when the office banter turned adult, as it invariable did when Rick was involved. She peered at him over her half moon spectacles.

“It’s this filtering routine again, we only just got it working last week and now it’s crashing out every five minutes for this one customer.” She highlighted the section of code on the monitor.

Rick lent in to look over the lines of code, as he did so he felt Jessica’s calf slide slightly up his leg. He must have moved he thought, must have been his leg sliding down. Then it moved again, higher still, this time he could sense the ankle strap standing proud of the soft skin of her lower calf. He fixed his eyes on the screen. The way he had lent in Tina’s view was obscured, and besides she was studying the screen with him. He then detected the faintest smell of hot leather. With Jessica’s foot slightly out of the shoe the aroma of the fabric had been released. Rick felt his dick return to full strength, the swell pressing in on his thigh trapped by the fabric of his trousers, pressing back into the now cooled dampness, sending a thrill along its length and jolting his balls up what felt like a full inch. He bought some time with Tina

“Erm..” there was the faintest of quivers in his voice “Let see… I was just looking at this code on Wednesday.. let me just think through the logic” Jessica slid her foot even higher now, the back of the shoe nestled into the head of his dick forcing yet more pre-cum from it. he coughed to cover his jump of excitement.

“Excuse me.” He let out in response to Tina’s look. He dared not look towards Jessica now. He still couldn’t believe she was deliberately doing this.. had to be she couldn’t feel it.. didn’t it?

“Ah wait,” he said “this is the old code! Someone must have resaved the bad routine over this one.”

“Oh for fucks sake!” exclaimed Tina, “That’s twice this month now. Jessica, could you hand me one of those Post-It note pads.”

Rick had an excuse to look at Jessica now as she twisted and lent back to reach the pad. Her blouse pulled tight across her chest. Well, her nipples are most certainly to attention, Rick thought to himself. Jessica didn’t have a big chest, probably a B Rick had guessed, C at the outside. But they always seemed perfectly pert on the odd occasion he had stolen a glance or five. The blouses where usually loose fitting around the neck line and the top few buttons left undone. It had been on more than one occasion she had lent in to talk to him at his desk and he’d had a clear view of the days bra. Always looked like quality stuff and fitted to her cute tits like they had been custom made.

It was at that moment Jessica seemed to tip over, the Post-It pad just a little out of reach. She raised her right leg from the floor to balance herself. Rick grabbed for her waist to catch her, looking down as he reached. Her right leg had lifted high enough and wide enough in her attempted recovery that her skirt had ridden up, and with her legs apart he had a perfect view up her skirt. Her soft smooth thighs, tensed with the effort of correcting the fall, muscles clearly standing proud. He followed the lines they drew up to too her panties, the same dark blue he had seen from behind, but then here, at the centre.. it was darker still. Dark and glistening with Bayan Escort wetness. He instantly wanted to move to it, to smell for the honey that was clearly lining her lips. To taste, to press his lips to those of her pussy and then slip his tongue deep within and drink of her juices. Then he had her, her legs clamped back together with a tantalising slap and he pulled her back to a seated position. She looked him in the eyes.

“Woah.. thanks.. almost went totally arse over tit there!”

“You’re welcome.” he replied, hands still firmly around her waist. His fingers rested on the back of her thong behind her.

“If you two have finished fooling around..?” Tina inquired. “OK, Rick.. get this code replaced again, and I’ll try to find out who fucked up in the first place. Jessica carry on with the currency conversion stuff you have.” Rick let go of Jessica and pushed his chair back away from the desk. Jessica stood up, gave him a look which this time left no questions. A deep look, and with her lips slightly parted she lightly licked her upper lip. He felt the head of his dick swell to its maximum forcing the foreskin back of its own accord.

As she turned and walked back down the office he felt himself throb with each step once again fixating on the jiggle of her arse with each meeting of heel to ground. Slowly he wheeled himself back to his desk, careful not to allow the fabric of his trousers to rub against his now exposed head, at this point that might end up very messy indeed!

Part III: Encounter

Rick opened up the offending program and got to work re-correcting the code to the more recent release. Should be a simple task, but then streamlining it back into the production systems always took a while. He settled in for the work, but his mind kept flashing him images of thongs, and legs, and dampness ensuring a low level of tension remained. He felt the faintest twinge of his balls going blue, the long term stress without true release building his expectations. He’d never masturbated in the office, but he was sorely tempted to slip off to the toilets for a quick wank just to ease things. He resisted however focusing more on his work in an attempt to draw the blood back to his mental faculties.

The time past and he finished recoding and installing the fix back into the system. All he needed now was to print off the sample output which Tina would need for her full test report. He fired the job to the printer and stood to go and collect. As he did he heard the three tone beep from the printer of an error. Crap. What now. He rounded the corner and read the small LCD screen of the printer. Great toners empty, what’s the chances of us having a spare? At that moment Simon and a few of the other guys came up behind him.

“Lunch time Ricky boy!”

Rick turned to them “Sorry guys, need to get this print sorted, head off I’ll grab something after”.

“Ohh, who’s the suck up working lunch then!” Joked Simon back at him with a big smile.

Then Chris jumped in with “Guess he may as well work lunch since he does bugger all the rest of the time.”

“Oh har de har Chris.” Rick replied with a laugh and slapped him on the back as he moved off towards the supply room. He past most of the rest of the staff on the way as the usual rush to escape for an hours break emptied the office. He opened the supply room door and stepped in. He scanned the shelves for the toner boxes, but could see nothing. Moving further in he caught sight of the Epson logo on a box towards the rear of the room tucked under the lowest shelf on the floor. Squatting down he started easing the box out.

At this moment his ears once again detected the steps of Jessica. She must have had something to finish off before heading off to lunch. But then, instead of the steps passing the door, they paused momentarily and then started moving closer. He froze.. he should really turn round, but the thoughts of the morning came flooding back and he wasn’t sure standing at that moment would be a good long term option.

The footfalls stopped, and then as he looked down at the box he was now gingerly still pulling out from under the shelf, slow enough so he had an excuse to stay squatting, Jessica’s foot appeared between his legs. The shine of her nail polish glinted out from the peeptoe, and he felt his swell returning in a hurry. A moment later and it lept to full strength as Jessica lifted her foot into his crotch, applying pressure to his balls, separating them as her toes pressed up expertly into the base of his shaft. An intense wave of pleasure shot up his core as Jessica lightly wiggled her toes against him. He grasped onto the shelves on either side to maintain his balance and he look up over his shoulder.

Jessica was staring down at him, a wicked smile on her lips. Her left hand held onto a shelf to maintain her balance also, but her right hand was down the front of her skirt. As he turned he heard the faintest of noises coming from her panties as her fingers were obviously working Escort away under cover. She smiled and removed her hand, her fingers glistened in the light of the single bare bulb that lit the supply room. She lowered her hand towards him, the aroma of her juices reached Rick and an intoxicating wave filled him. He took hold of her hand and brought it to his mouth. Kissed the fingers and wetted his lips with them, the taste causing his mouth to salivate in overtime.

He spun himself around to face her and placed his knees on the ground taking hold of the raised foot that had been pressing into him. He quickly undid the ankle strap and slid the shoe from her foot and Jessica wriggled her toes, enjoying the freedom from the leather. Lifting her foot to his mouth he looked up into Jessica’s blue eyes which glinted with expectation, he held her gaze as he placed light butterfly kisses on the ends of each toe, then he slipped his tongue under her toes and along the underside. Jessica grasped the shelves hard as she arched back at the sensation.

Rick then turned her foot outwards and began kissing near her ankle, moving upwards with each kiss, delicately traversing her inner calf until he reached her knee. He flicked a few long licks towards the back of her knee enjoying the sensation of the soft skin there before continuing on up her inner thigh. As he reached her skirt Jessica inched the hem up with each kiss so he could continue his climb. From here he could already smell her wetness, it urged him on, willed him to locate its source.

He reached the edge of her panties, and as he slipped his tongue under the edge of the fabric he could see what had been a small patch of dampness this morning was now as wide as the thong itself. Jessica’s breathing had gone from heavy to audible, he moved his head central pressed into the thong, kissing through the fabric which greeted him with warmth. He rubbed the end of his nose up and down finding the crease of her pussy, Jessica returned her hands to the shelves to steady herself, her skirt scrunched up around her waist kept in place be her raised right leg which now draped over Ricks shoulder.

He pulled the thong out and to the side and took a look at Jessica’s pussy. Indeed she shaved, at least along the lips but above was the neatest of triangles of deep black pubes. Jessica’s juices had been spread all over her crotch by the thong leaving everything glistening. Rick lightly ran his finger along the line of her pussy causing Jessica moan out loud, an erotic sound which caused Rick’s cock to throb massively. He took a couple of deep breaths, drinking in the atmosphere and moved in to let his tongue finally taste..

“Rick?” He paused.. that wasn’t Jessica’s voice “Rick?” Shit. That was Simon. He looked up as Jessica who’s face looked as shocked as he felt. Rick slipped out from under Jessica’s leg and headed for the doorway. Jessica retrieved her shoe and began frantically trying to re-fasten the suddenly annoyingly small buckle. Rick popped his head around the corner of the door frame as Simon was about a enter the room.

“Yeah?” He managed, trying to hide his deepness of breath.

“Ah, wondered where you where. I got you a sandwich.”

“Oh nice one, er.. just leave it on my desk I’m just grabbing a new toner for the printer.”

“Sure.” he turned to head towards the office then paused.. “Err Rick?”

“Yeah?” replied Rick, suddenly his heart doubled it’s beat.

“You’ve got some blue fluff in your teeth.”

“Oh..” Rick picked at his teeth “..odd” he managed to say as he retrieved it and looked down at it. Dark blue.. satin..

“You really shouldn’t go around giving Smurfs blow jobs mate.” Simon fired at him

“Ohh.. well..” Rick tried to smile “The extra cash comes in handy.”

Simon laughed and headed of back to the office. Rick turned as Jessica stood up having replaced her shoe. She walked up to him and brought her head alongside his, her breath still deep and forceful.

“After work.” was all she said, and then slipped past him and headed the opposite way to which Simon had gone. Rick looked down, his dick was still fully erect, and there was even a small dark patch on his grey suit pants where it pressed. He gave it a bit of a whack on the head to calm it, and then went and retrieved the toner box. He held it low, covering the damp patch and headed off to install it. After work… damn he thought. This is going to be the slowest afternoon ever!

Part IV: The Wait

Rick returned to his desk via the bathroom where he had deflected the hand dryer’s hot air towards his trousers to speed up the evaporation of the dampness. He took a quick look in Jessica’s direction as he reached his desk, but she had her head lowered towards her monitor so all he could see was her hair. With a slight sigh he slipped down into his chair and tried to look interested in his work, but his mind was still racing. Her could recall the sweet aroma, still wishing he had at least had a chance to properly taste her. He’d laughed to himself as he had checked in the bathroom mirror for more strands of fabric caught in his teeth. By now he was having to move far more carefully to not jostle his balls too much, the ache deep within was now triggered by the slightest of movements.

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