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Friday 5:00 PM – Lily

It was the end of a long week. She was glad that the clinic was closed on the weekend, and happy to be going home in about an hour, even though all it meant was going back to an empty house she loathed, in the hope of getting enough sleep to make up for what she hadn’t managed to get during the week. Lily Jones was a Registered Nurse, waiting the interminable six months for her character and fitness evaluation to be completed so that she could receive her license as a Nurse Practitioner. Two more years of school had passed, staying up late studying, another part-time job interning to gain her experience hours, but it would be worth it. Her salary would double overnight. Better hours, her choice of employers, there was nothing bad about it.

Of course, none of that helped with the other problem. She could put it out of her mind most of the time, either because she had to focus on work, or chores around the house, but sometimes it just crept in on her. The years without a meaningful full-time relationship, the years without a companion at home that actually loved her and yes, the years without a man inside her. Her mind drifted to an old lover from college. He’d known how to push her buttons, in all the right places – Jack had known where to put his tongue and his fingers, and his cock. He was also pretty sweet, she remembered… and wondered what it would have been like to go home to him that night instead. She’d had different priorities at the time and she’d gone another route, and “that was that and no looking back,” which was the motto she’d tried to keep to avoid swirling into the chasm of despair that overtook her sometimes when the regrets became too much to deal with.

“And not a good thought right now,” Lily said quietly to herself, recognizing that the odds that she would have the opportunity to wrap her hand around a hard cock and guide it into her wanting pussy tonight were between slim and none. She looked up and into the waiting room while listening to the inane chatter around her. This close to the end of the day, and most of the employees had mentally checked out; some had actually snuck out early, and others had lost interest. The office staff, a couple of medical assistants, all standing around doing nothing while a man stood at the counter waiting patiently. It technically wasn’t her job to deal with the incoming patients, but she frequently found herself doing it simply because her work ethic made her. She glared at one of the receptionists, who made no move whatsoever to do anything, and decided someone needed to work around there.

Lily stood up slowly, giving the rest of the staff the opportunity to do their job, none of whom took advantage of it, and also drawing the attention of the man at the desk. She was 53 years old, but she knew she looked at least ten or fifteen years younger. She kept her hair longer, and her clothes stylish, refusing to act or dress her age. Even at work, she eschewed the loose, ill-fitting and shapeless scrubs of most of her colleagues, and kept to the more traditional white nurse’s uniform. “Not the hat,” she mentally giggled to herself, saving that idea for a Lover’s Lane kind of role-play night that she hoped would occur some day. In a way, the crisp whites did make her feel sexy, and she knew that men tended to appreciate the form fit of the uniform rather than guessing what was under the scrubs.

The man at the desk had a nice look to him, and she did a double take because he looked very familiar. “Professional, educated, financially pretty well-off,” Lily clicked through the mental checklist she’d had for decades in checking out the men who walked into her life. Lily was less about looks and more about substance, although she was far from denying that a nice looking guy could turn her head. Most of the time what she was looking for was stability, and the ability to take care of himself, and just possibly, take care of her. This guy had done it right – Henley cut sweater (probably Eddie Bauer), jeans (wow, he can still wear Levi’s!), nice shoes (brand undetermined, but appropriate). Over that he had a leather bomber jacket and a Burberry scarf (wonder whether it’s authentic? she thought).

“I’m sorry” Lily said as she walked up to the counter. They exchanged a meaningful glance at the others who hadn’t managed to get out of their chairs. She saw immediately his lack of respect for them, and knew that, no matter how much she was supposed to cover it, the same look was mirrored in her eyes.

“I have a 5:00 with Dr. Williams,” the man said. “Jack Smith,” he added, as she looked down to scan over the list of appointments. “I’m really sorry if I’m keeping you. I know the clinic is closing, but I was back-to-back with meetings all day, and Lori said she could squeeze me in before the end of the day.” Lori, she pondered for a moment. Dr. Williams was one of those female doctors that drove her a little crazy – successful, beautiful, but a little, bahis şirketleri okay not a little, bitchy and condescending. One of those doctors that insisted that the staff call her “Doctor,” even though most of them were older than her and had a lot more experience. Ugh.

“Doctor Williams is still backed up, but you’re the last appointment, so it shouldn’t be too long. What ails you today, Mr. Smith?”

“Eh… heart burn… too much stress, too many meals out of bags and cans, not enough, well, you know. Should have done something about it years ago, but too much work, and too much ‘doctor avoidance’ if you know what I mean.” Nothing pretentious, even a little embarrassed. It was cute.

Lily flashed him a smile without realizing she’d done it. “Well, we’ll take care of you, sir.”

“Thanks…” he said, looking at the badge on her chest “Nurse Lily.” That one made her smile and blush. The smile because “Nurse Lily” sounded like something out of a story in Penthouse Letters, and the blush because she knew full well that his eyes had stopped on her breasts considerably longer that was necessary to read the two syllable name.

“Just have a seat and I’ll be out to get you in a few minutes.”

Walking back behind the desk, Lily noticed that the rest of the staff had taken the opportunity, the moment the clock had hit 5, to clock out and leave her holding the bag. “Fuck. They fucking goddamned did it again.” For a moment she regretted getting up to deal with the guy. Hell, it wasn’t his fault though. He seemed nice… no reason to punish him for it. But Lori? Much as she wanted to first name the bitch, which she intended to do the minute her “NP” was added to the badge, it kind of bugged her that the guy had called her that.

Dr. Williams had had it in for her since she’d joined the staff three years ago. Obviously talented, but aggressive and with a complete disregard for the rest of the employees, “Lori” was the kind of female boss that made other women hate female bosses. Her clothes were expensive and fitted her perfectly, emphasizing her chest and ass, hair and makeup always “just right.” She shamelessly flirted with the more well-to-do male patients, saw to the needs of the society women who came to see her, and basically blew off everyone else. The staff had taken to going to Lily in response to Dr. Williams’ poor treatment of them, and Lily had on several occasions had to speak with the doctor just to try and keep the peace. “Not like the bitch understood it,” she had thought, feeling like the doctor thought Lily was challenging her precious authority. They’d come to harsh words a couple of times, and Dr. Williams had once even threatened to look for a reason to give her a poor performance appraisal, which certainly would have hurt her character and fitness review. Lily had decided the risk was too great and went back to playing nice, and it seemed they were getting along all right now, although it had cost her some points with the rest of the staff.

Resigning herself to the inevitable, Lily went to the file room to get the new patient’s charts. With nothing else to do, she thumbed through the file. “Jack Smith… wait…. no way.” Reading through the charts, she picked up the pertinent details. Smith, Jack, age 51, resident of the City, three degrees from City State University, first graduated in… 1983. Wait, was it him? She looked up sharply at the man sitting patiently, alone, in the waiting room. Looking very closely, and hoping he didn’t notice, she guessed that it might really be him, a thought that caused her to blush… because this was the Jack she’d been thinking about earlier. An immediate warmth and wetness spread between her legs. “In-a-fucking-propriate,” Lily said to herself, but she couldn’t help drifting back again….

Friday 5:00 PM – Jack

“I wonder if I can teach the skill of pretending to wait patiently while trying to figure out how to get these lazy bitches fired,” was what Jack had thought after waiting at the counter without a word for more than five minutes, while the clinic office staff chatted about their plans for the evening, once “everyone had gotten the hell out of there.” Piss-poor customer service. The nurse in the back had looked a little guilty though, which was nice. Not her job, he knew. She was supposed to be dealing with patients in the treatment rooms, not babysitting office staff. She was hesitating, he could tell, debating whether to get up and bail everyone else out. “I bet she’s done this before” was the thought on his mind, generating some sympathy for the real prime movers of the world, who existed everyone, albeit not in as plain sight as the industry giants Ayn Rand wrote about all those years ago.

“Not bad looking, that one, not bad at all,” Jack thought as he gave the nurse a once over while trying not to look like he was giving her a once over. Forty, maybe? Hard to tell, she had one of those looks that could go a few years either bahis firmalar way. Nice face, nice tits under that white nurse outfit. He’d have to check out her ass if he got a chance. Jack’s cock gave an involuntary twitch as he went back to the inevitable fantasy of a male patient doing it with a nurse. That twitch was probably more pronounced since it had been an awful long time since it had seen any action beyond his hand.

“Eh… heart burn… too much stress, too many meals out of bags and cans, not enough, well, you know. Should have done something about it years ago, but too much work, and too much ‘doctor avoidance’ if you know what I mean,” was his response when the nurse had finally arisen from her perch at the back of the office and come out to greet him and asked what was wrong.

It had been a break getting the appointment; he’d had to call in a favor from one of the junior partners at the office, whose younger wife was still at the stage of her career where she was sucking up to the people who she thought would be able to get her ahead. “Head” he thought again, wondering just how far pretty little Lori Williams would go to advance her career. He could do it, he knew, drop a word here or there, get her an appointment somewhere a bit more prestigious than this suburban clinic. Would she put out for that? He couldn’t deny that he’d given bending the petite little doctor over the edge of the examination table some thought, and wondered if she’d take it up her ass for him, or get down on her knees and suck him until he’d filled her pretty little mouth with a load of hot salty cum.

“Thanks…” he said, coming back to reality, and looking at the badge on her chest “Nurse Lily.” That one had made her smile and blush, and he had a little also. Blush because “Nurse Lily” sounded like something out of a story in Penthouse Letters, and the smile he gave her that he hoped would cover the fact that she knew full well that his eyes had stopped on her breasts considerably longer that was necessary to read the two syllable name.

At Nurse Lily’s direction, Jack went back to the seat in the waiting room, and looked around for a magazine from some time later than the dark ages. Pretending to look at an ancient Architectural Digest, he looked back at Lily, seeing something familiar, yet not being quite sure. He remembered a Lily from his college days. Pretty, petite, smart… and sexy as hell. They’d dated for about a year on and off, and he recalled that the sex with her topped anything he’d had before or since.

That Lily of his past could suck a cock better than any professional, probably because it was clear that she loved to do it. He couldn’t count the times he’d started her up just be grabbing her hand and putting it on his cock through his jeans. It was like a switch flipped on, her pussy soaked itself, and Lily was either on her knees or bending over the console of the car or whatever it took to get his cock in her mouth. When he hadn’t been coming in her mouth, he’d been deep inside her pussy, driving into her in a missionary position, pounding her from behind, or even relaxing while she rode him on top, sometimes feeling like she’d snap his cock off at the hilt by how hard she’d ground on him. He’d come inside her without protection more times than he should of, but she always told him to, and what guy doesn’t want to? Sometimes he was amazed that she hadn’t gotten pregnant, and for a brief moment… realized that he sort of wouldn’t have minded if she had.

Jack’s fantasy might have broken, but the thought had remained. “I wonder what it would have been like if I was going home to her after this appointment tonight?” “I wonder.”

Friday 5:30

Lily and Jack were both getting irritated, although for different reasons. Lily was by herself, with nothing to do but wait on the irritating Dr. Williams. Unlike the medical assistants would have, she wasn’t getting overtime. The only thing keeping her from cursing was trying to figure out if this was really the same Jack, and if so, whether it was worth trying to strike something up. For his part, Jack was just perturbed that he’d been sitting somewhere, non-billable, for half an hour. Every few minutes he’d steal a glance over at Nurse Lily, trying to decide if she’d say “yes” to a dinner and drinks invitation.

Friday 6:00

“Lily, what are you doing here?” said Dr. Williams as she left the examination room, looking a little flustered and seeming to have some trouble pulling herself together. The somewhat older gentleman who had just left was walking out to the parking lot to get in his Mercedes sedan, looking quite a bit happier than when he’d come in an hour and a half before, not surprisingly complaining of “erectile dysfunction” issues. “You’re not supposed to be running up overtime just sitting around.”

“Not sitting around, Dr. Williams, just waiting for you. You have a 5:00 that’s been sitting here for an hour waiting.”

“FUCK. Give kaçak bahis siteleri me a minute and then room him and let me know when he’s ready, and damn it, stop making appointments for me when you know damn well I’m leaving for the evening,” she added, a little too loudly, with her sharp voice carrying out into the waiting room. Jack heard it, and immediately felt a wave of sympathy for the nurse who’d done absolutely nothing wrong.

“Mr. Smith, can you please come with me?” Lily said, covering the uncomfortable silence as the doctor had stormed off to the bathroom muttering. Lily suspected that the bathroom trip was probably necessary to get some mouthwash, or maybe some moist wipes to clean off whatever part of the body the last patient with the “problem” had left his DNA. She knew the thought was unprofessional, but the bitch had it coming, and Lily also guessed that Jack Smith was probably in a position to do a lot more for Dr. Williams than the man who’d gone off to his car moments ago. “Blew the wrong patient” Lily laughed to herself, and then immediately composed herself to deal with the man who was, frankly, making her own pussy quite damp.

Jack had plans for the next Monday, most of which had to do with dropping a few comments into the right ears about the customer service at the clinic. For some reason he’d planned to include a few very nice things about Nurse Lily, not sure whether it was because of how she’d treated him, or his memory of the other Lily, but not really caring. This Lily led him to the scale and asked him to step on it, recorded his weight and asked him to move toward an examination room. Closing the door, she walked up to him and put the blood pressure cuff on. As it inflated, and she bent over to take the reading, Jack caught a hint of lily of the valley in the air. Probably her perfume. Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold? he wondered. A co-worker had it, and he’d always wanted to jump her when she wore it. Still, something more, something very familiar. Another scent, just a hint, from long ago. Something much more intimate. But not possible, this woman was much younger.

Lily was very professional, although it was getting difficult to stay that way. He suspected. She knew. She leaned into him, more than necessary for the procedures, and he leaned back into her, and she could even tell when the sharp intake of breath indicated that he was trying to place the smell… the smells. She knew he could smell her too by now. Her panties were soaked through. Lily had always been quick to get wet when she got horny, and she was horny now. If it was him, and she knew now for sure that it was, she also knew something about what he liked… or at least what he liked back then, and started to think about how she could give it to him, even more than he might have wanted… and got carried away by the thought.

For his part, Jack started to feel that at the least, Nurse Lily was interested, and at the most, was HIS Lily. As she moved to leave the room, when the doctor entered, he asked “what year did you..” and before he could say the word “graduate,” she answered “1983.” As Lily moved deliberately between Jack and the doctor, it took only a slight maneuver for her to brush her chest against his shoulder, leaving no doubt in his mind as to who she was.

The door closed behind her, and Lily realized that the bitch was going to be alone with him. That fucking, slutty, cock-sucking bitch. With nothing left to do for the evening, the whore would probably climb up and ride Jack. After all, he’s a guy, and I know he’s horny, and that slut will probably blow him for a good word. Lily’s mind was suddenly filled with jealousy that she knew was completely unreasonable. For all she knew, Jack was married, or gay, or who the hell knew what, but he certainly wasn’t hers no matter what they’d done 30 years ago. Still. Still. Lily made a point to be as loud as possible going about her chores closing down the office, and continuously knocking on the door to check to see “if Doctor needed her” until finally the exam was over, and Lily breathed a sigh of relief.

Jack himself was relieved when the appointment was over. He never had a problem being alone with an attractive woman, and after being without for quite a while, and then reminiscing and discovering who his nurse was, he’d developed a hardon of some proportion. Of course, the good Dr. Williams assumed it was all about her, and at one point he noticed that a button on her blouse had seemingly come undone, allowing a good bit of cleavage to show. As he expected, Lori was her flirtatious self, prodding him to give her information about what was “going on back at corporate,” looking for anything that could give her a leg up. She’d even hinted that she would be up for drinks the next night, “not tonight because I have to get home to my husband,” although he had a feeling that she just hadn’t had enough time to clean up after her last appointment. Jack had the same suspicions that Lily had. The good doctor smelled like sex, and perhaps someone who’d just been fucked. She was clearly good looking, and drop dead sexy, but he realized that compared to Lily, she wasn’t really that attractive to him.

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