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John and Trudy had known each other for ten years. Partly due to their creative talents, they had become close friends from the start. They worked many projects together and had even been part of each other’s weddings to their spouses.

What Trudy didn’t realize was that from early on in their relationship, John had developed an extreme attraction for her.

Both of them due to events in their lives had self image problems but had reached a stage of seeking to rise above that mentality. John had always seen Trudy for what she was not the image in her mind. She had become the focus on his fantasies to the point of picturing her in his mind on the few occasions he would have relations with his wife. Trudy had spent the last ten years unsuccessfully trying to win the affections of her husband who had absolutely no interest in anything about her than the status of being married.

They had talked about all of this with each other over the years and quite contentedly were satisfied with having a friend to talk to. Then one night John opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio that Trudy had left at the house during a party. John was not much of a white wine drinker but something sweet sounded good that night. The tart sweetness of the wine took him by surprise and he thoroughly enjoyed it. After the third glass he sent Trudy a text chastising her for trying to teach an old dog new tricks. She quickly sent one of her infamous quips back and the spark had been struck. The texts going back and forth began to take a whole new tone never explored by the two. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the familiarity they had with each other. More likely it was the realization that both of them were in the same boat and that life was too short to spend it just settling.

John decided to drop all pretenses and inhibitions and started sharing his desires and fantasies with Trudy. He gave her every intimate detail of the things he wanted to do with her. She in turn was intrigued and quite aroused and revealed her own longings. The whole evening was spent going back and forth and ended with them knowing they had to return to reality and a promise that this evening was not going to change their deep friendship.

Several weeks went by and they worked side by side with each other not even mentioning that night but in the back of their minds, they longed to reach out and touch each other. The frustrations of their relationships to their spouses seemed even more evident. Finally the dam broke.

Trudy was halkalı escort in the neighborhood and stopped by John’s place. John’s wife was out of town on business. John had already started on his new found beverage and offered her a glass. They sat and talk for what seemed hours and in the middle of John’s conversation Trudy simply said one word…Now.

John’s heart leapt in his chest. He knew exactly what she had just said and wasted no time diving across the sofa almost upsetting the coffee table and their glasses of wine.

The kiss was more passionate than any kiss either of them had experienced in over ten years. All of the frustrations and pain were shared in the touching of those lips. The whole world melted into a sea of desire and lust. It was way beyond just physical but went even deeper into the very being of these two who spent their whole lives living up to the image of being “good”. Johns hands explored her body. She felt her temperature rising with every area he touched. They could hardly breathe as they seemed to be inhaling the very souls of each other through their ravenous kissing.

John was was the first to break the coupling but quickly moved to to her neck. Her passion only intensified though and his hand came up and began caressing her nipple through her clothes. He could feel her harden as the palm of his hand gently made a back and forth motion. She could feel the wetness beginning to soak her inner thighs and she grabbed his hand and placed it between her legs. She didn’t know that she was capable of it but he simply squeezed and the first orgasm hit her a like a wave crashing against the shore. Her whole body shook and a low moan that began deep in her throat came forth and only spurred him on.

He quickly smothered her with another deep kiss as he quickly began removing her clothes. He only knew that he wanted more of her, all of her at this very moment. She in turn knew she couldn’t have what she desired if he remained dressed and started frantically tugging at his clothes. There they were on the sofa, both naked with their flesh finally making contact as had happened so many times in John’s mind. It was glorious.

Now the heat transferring between them was intensifying to the point of combustion. Wanting to discover all of the hidden secrets each had to offer. John dipped down and let tongue run circles around her hardened nipples. Her hands ran through his hair and taksim escort over his shoulders. She shuddered as his mouth engulfed her breast in on one swift motion. His hands wandered over her flesh as the winds of a desert. His kisses and lingual caresses began to move further south and she deeply inhaled anticipating the direction he was heading. John had revealed his longing for the taste of a woman as that was off limits in his relationship. Trudy was more that happy to enjoy his release of that pent up restriction. John took his time though and as he moved further and further down ever seeming to avoid the center of her desire. He gently kissed her flesh running his tongue in circular motions making her skin send sparks of electricity to her brain. She could only close her eyes and get lost in the sensation.

As he moved between her legs his kisses on her inner thighs began to intensify and he breathed in the scent he had so longed for. Trudy couldn’t take the delay any more and begged him PLEASE! He moved upward and ran his tongue along the folds of her glistening labia. The energy generated even by that light touch caused her back to arch. She could already feel the next explosion about to erupt. John was thoroughly enjoying the taste of the fluids coming from her womanhood and could not seem to get enough. Then he sucked her exposed clit in his mouth. Time stood still for what seemed an eternity has his tongue flicked across her bud in a back and forth motion. She exploded with a scream as every nerve cell in her body fired all at once. Her writhing endangered breaking the union of his desire and epicenter of her climax. John held her tightly to the sofa as he continued his ministrations. As her first orgasm was like a wave that overtook her, this was more like a massive electrical storm, each lightning bolt striking randomly and with different intensity. She tried to push him away to catch her breath but it had been so long, John was unwilling to let up. She came over and over again until she was on the verge of passing out. Only then would he cede.

He stayed between her legs though as the storm ebbed from her body. He could feel the spasms continue in her thigh muscles pressed against his cheek. He patiently waited for her to exhale. At that point he laid the palm of his hand against her vulva and could feel the warmth still smoldering inside her. His fingers gently stroked her labia and she started to protest as his finger parted the sea of flesh şişli escort into her body. She quickly acquiesced. He gently began sliding it in and out of her and she once again felt the heat rising. As a second digit slid inside her, she felt him find that one spot that she was yearning for. Her orgasm was much deeper, more basal in nature, as an earthquake pushing a mountain to the surface for all to see its beauty. She screamed her pleas to fuck her.

He rose and urged her to turn over. She more than willingly followed his instruction as he push her head into the cushions of the sofa. Her beautiful ass that he had watched for so long was in the air waiting for him to partake. His cock needed no coaxing as he pushed it into her waiting cunt. She felt so soft and wonderful as the folds of her pussy enveloped him. She pulsed her muscles as he stroked her insides. She wanted him to feel the pleasure she had experienced for last two hours. She had forgotten how amazing it felt to have a cock inside her, ramming her, driving her deeper into the sofa. She then felt a completely new sensation as John started stroking her sphincter. He slowly moistened it with her own juices and slid it in her back door. The sensation of being double penetrated was exhilarating and she could feel every ridge of his knuckles gliding in her as well as the sensation of his swollen head spreading her pussy walls.

Since she had all of these sensations coming at her at once she went for the tri-fecta and started stroking her own clit with her hands. The sensation was too much to withstand and she exploded again. This time like a volcano spewing forth juices from her pussy that ran off of John’s scrotum onto the sofa. Her screams were muffled by the cushions and her body was bucking like a wild animal. She knew John was about to explode so she quickly spun around and took the entire length of his shaft deep in her throat. She cradled his sack in her hand and gently massaged the balls only wanting to taste his cum as he had hers. She understood his longing to taste a woman as her own juices coated his cock. This made her smile. Then she felt John’s cock begin to swell and the sweet tang of her own excretions were replaced by the creamy saltiness of his cum hitting the back of her throat. His own scream was only second to hers as his body convulsed while she greedily swallowed his offering.

They collapsed from the exertion and melted into thought. John was the first to break the silence as he said “That was way better than my fantasies.” She smiled and knew that their situations had not changed. They were still the best of friends only now they had a greater understanding of each other. That’s what growth in a relationship is.

They parted that afternoon knowing that there may come a time when Trudy once again whispers the word “Now”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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