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Big Tits

We met online and I wasn’t real sure what to expect. I had been so horny lately and had been keeping an eye out for just about anything to do with sex and another warm bodied person.

I am very open about sex and enjoy trying new things when I have a chance; I just never realized that this coming evening would be one of those chances that would truly test my manhood and my sexual limits.

Being bisexual and very submissive, I would usually respond to posts for couples looking for fun with another guy; and on occasion have even replied to just guys alone that were in need of a mouth or ass to use. The post I replied to the other day was a couple in their 40’s looking for a submissive bi guy that was open to anything. Naturally I emailed them, telling them what I was into and how we seemed to be a good match up, and sent a few pictures for them to see.

The next day I received an email and some pictures back from them. She was 40 years old 5′ 5″ 130 pounds and had a sweet little ass on her. He was 46, 6’2″ 240 pounds and very rugged looking. In their email they said they were looking for someone willing to play their slave and must submit to both of their desires and I would be expected to do as told immediately or face punishment. I was told I would dress and act the way they wanted or again, Escort Bayan face punishment. I was totally interested in their offer and agreed to their terms.

We had chatted together online a few times and we finally set up a time to meet at their home. I showed up on Friday evening at 6 o’clock, just as I was told. I walked up and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later the woman, Liz, opened the door and greeted me with a hug and a kiss. She explained that her husband Dale was tied up at work and would be an hour or so before he got home. I followed Liz into their kitchen where she instructed me strip naked and informed me that I would remain that way until they were finished with me.

I was kind of embarrassed getting undressed in front of her and at the same time very excited about what may happen next. Liz made me sit on the floor in the kitchen and instructed me that I wasn’t allowed to be on any of their furniture unless instructed otherwise. She told me that my punishment for any mistakes I made was to get my ass cracked with a belt. The two of them would decide how many cracks I would get depending on what I did and was forewarned that the bigger the mistake, the more severe the punishment. I assured her that I understood completely and was willing to take what Bayan Escort I deserved. Some of the other rules I was to follow were that I wasn’t allowed to walk, everywhere I was told to go or do I was to remain on my hands and knees. She informed me that they had a couple of dogs out in the backyard and one of my jobs was to take care of them, feeding them and making sure they went out when they needed; any accidents the dogs had I would be responsible and would have to clean it up and I would be punished. I also was banned from using the bathroom and that I was only allowed to go outside with the dogs and would have to hold it in until the dogs were let out for the same reason. She again warned me that I was to do whatever I was told immediately or else.

Sitting naked on their kitchen floor I told her I understood and would do my best to comply with their wishes. After a few more minutes of small talk she told me to follow her and she would give me a tour of the house before Dale got home.

Without even thinking, I got up off the floor and started to follow her down the hallway. She stopped and turned around and just smiled at me shaking her head back and forth. It took me a few seconds to realize I had already fucked up. She commanded me to stay and walked down the hall Escort into a room. A second later she walked out of the room with a wide leather belt in her hand. Dropping to my knees the instant she walked away I was trying to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen. Waiting for her return on my hands and knees, Liz walked up and stood over my back facing my naked ass and told me spread my ass cheeks. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart when the first strike landed right on my asshole. It hurt like hell and before I had a chance to even move she cracked my ass four more times. I was nearly in tears and my asshole stung like never before. Liz reached down and patted me on the head and told me I would learn soon enough. After crawling behind her for the tour of their house my knees were already sore but I said nothing to her.

I could hear the dogs barking out back and Liz told me that it was time to feed them. She told me where the food was and told me to go let them in. I crawled to the patio door and slide it open and the dogs, both large labs, were sniffing and pawing at me instantly. As I shut the door one of the dogs had its nose in my ass and I freaked out a little. Liz noticed and warned me that I would have to deal with whatever the dogs did to me or I would get the belt again. As I was emptying the last can of dog food into a dish I could hear someone come in the front door. Liz got up and on her way out of the room she said “Prepare yourself, the funs just beginning!”


(More to come if people are interested!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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