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Daniel kept his left hand in his pocket while the woman standing next to him at the coffee shop flirted with him. A cute brunette, she definitely seemed interested in him, following him over to a ledge by the wall, trying to keep conversation going.

Still unsure whether she’d be the kind to hook up with a married man or not, he slipped his ring off, picked up his coffee cup and held it to her like he was clinking a wine glass for celebratory drinks. Her green eyes immediately fell to there and she smiled.

These ones were always trickier. Some women preferred married men, while others saw themselves as ‘not that kind of girl’. However, several of those in his experience did turn out to be that kind, without much convincing. She gave her name, Kate, and he offered her his business card, saying to call him any time. Unfortunately, he had a meeting to get to and had to cut it short. For now.

He didn’t really have a meeting, but this was the way he hooked them. Always leave them wanting more, was the game he’d honed over the past year or so.

Two days later, she called and asked if he’d like to meet up with her after work for a drink. Right after, he called his wife, telling her he had to stay late. A last-minute project for a major client had come up.

Kate was waiting by the bar of the Xray lounge. He could tell right then she was used to being single, keeping close to the staff in case she needed help fending off some weirdo. Even a trendy, high end wine bar like this got its share. Dressed in a blue minidress that hugged her curves, she smiled shyly the moment she caught sight of him. He guessed she was twenty-three at most. Her body was still tight and hard, her breasts, small and pert.

He kissed her cheek, brushing the corner of her mouth, and took the seat next to her. The sooner he played up anything sexual with a new conquest, the sooner the real stuff would happen.

They chatted over apple martinis and he learned she worked in marketing. She’d been hired straight from an internship and was new to the city. She talked mostly about herself, which suited him just fine. Less of a chance anything awkward like mention of a wife would come up. A few hours later, he said he had to go – an early day tomorrow – and offered to drive her home.

She followed him to his car. Never yet had a woman told him she’d rather drive herself, walk or call a taxi instead. While she directed him to her place, he occasionally rested his hand on her knee, or brushed against her thigh whenever he shifted kadıköy escort gears. Each time any part of their bodies made contact, she flashed him an awkward smile.

Outside the low-rise condo building, he pulled to a stop and parked under a tree that sheltered them from the glare of an overhead streetlight. She made no move to exit, another good sign.

“I had a wonderful time tonight,” he said, putting his hand to the crook of her neck and bringing her face closer to his. Not a twitch of resistance. He pressed his mouth to hers, parting her lips with his tongue. For several minutes they kissed passionately and he placed his hand more firmly on her thigh. His fingers inched up underneath the hem of her dress.

They kissed like teenagers, frenzied and excited. Her knees fell apart and he began stroking the flimsy fabric shielding her pussy. It was damp. He slipped his fingers underneath and rubbed her inner labia, then stuck two up inside of her, fucking her with them.

Suddenly she sat upright, eyes downcast. He apologised to her, telling her how beautiful she was, and that he would never push her to where she was uncomfortable. In that moment, he could tell. It had been a while for her. She was desperate to be touched, but she was not that kind of girl, not the kind who would sleep with a man she’d just met. They kissed once more and she asked what he was doing this coming weekend.

“Out of town,” he told her, visiting his mom. Another excuse that always worked. They agreed to meet up the following Tuesday, kissed once more, and she got out of the car.

For their next date, he picked her up after work and they hung out for an hour or so at a quiet spot called The Blue Room. Tonight, he kept it to hand-holding and a little kissing. When he said he had to go, she asked if he was free this coming Saturday.

Later that night, he told his wife he and some buddies were getting together to watch a game. He had the TV schedule open on his tablet screen. Whenever he provided details like that, he tripled-checked them first.

This time he took the minivan. He took her out to dinner and afterwards, they went to see a movie. The entire time, he kept his arm around her shoulder. She was wearing a short dress and he was tempted to place his hand on her thigh, but for now he wanted to show her he was a gentleman.

Afterwards, they went for a stroll along the canal. At the end of the trail, they stopped to kiss. Her lips were soft and sweet, yeilding. She began üsküdar escort grinding her hips against his growing bulge.

“Want to go for a drive?” he asked and she nodded. They held hands as he led her to his van. This time his ring was tucked safely into the change pocket of his wallet. She hadn’t yet asked if he was married or involved with anyone else and he had no compulsion to tell her.

He drove her up to a secluded spot, a lookout near the top of the mountain. He parked next to a tall oak tree, a vista of the city lights far below. Light from a full moon streamed in through the windshield.

They leaned across the gap between them and kissed, then climbed into the back. Lying her down on the seat, he pushed up her dress. No underpants this time. She’d shaved all but a patch above her slit.

He got down on the floor beside her and explored her silky nether regions with his tongue, teasing around her clit. For several minutes he lapped and licked, enveloping her pussy with his lips, suckling until she was squirming uncontrollably. Just as she was about to orgasm he pulled away, sat up and unzipped his pants.

Thank God for big cars, he thought as they shifted positions so that he was lying on his back. He held her waist as she straddled him and he eased her down onto his shaft. For several minutes she rode him, giving his prick a squeeze each time she lifted up. Her breathing grew more frantic and she came, moaning, her muscles clamping his cock. She threw her head back, her chest heaving. She sat still for some moments, catching her breath.

The most awkward part was sitting up and cramming his erect shaft back into his pants again. He hated condoms and couldn’t risk coming inside of her. She smiled sheepishly as she pulled her dress down, not offering to finish him off. Not that he wanted her to. Less guilt he’d feel blowing her off, later.

They drove to her building in silence for the first stretch. Closer to home, she asked him what his plans were the coming weekend. He hesitated and she began pressing for details. Two weeks in and it felt like she was trying to possess him, now that she’d put out for him.

He parked under the streetlamp, right in front of her place. She invited him up, but he told her he had to get home; an early morning helping a neighbour move something tomorrow. “I’ll call you,” he said, knowing she wouldn’t let him kiss her now that his lips had been other places.

“Good night.” She stumbled out of his car and staggered tuzla escort to the entrance of her building. Once she’d unlocked it, she gave him a quick wave and he drove off.

It was only a twenty-minute drive to his house and all the way, his groin throbbed. He parked in the driveway and got out. Late getting home, his wife was right inside the front door when he came in, waiting for him.

“How was your night?” she asked, her eyes shining wide in the darkness of the entryway. His heart fluttered.

“A little tiring, but okay,” he said, trying to sound casual.

Pressing her body against him, she whispered in his ear, “What were you up to that would tire you out, hm? You told me you’d be hanging out at the bar,watching the game. Your team lost, by the way.”

He leaned against the wall next to the doorframe, his head swimming, his pulse racing.

She undid his belt, unzipped his pants and freed his erect shaft. Dropping to her knees, she stared up at him as her tongue fell out of her mouth. She gave the tip a long, sensual lick, swirling her tongue all around.

“I can taste her, you bad boy,” she said, in a tone that sent shivers up his spine. “No condom. What if she got knocked up?”

“I pulled out in plenty of time,” he said, grinning down at her, aching to plunge it back into her mouth and down her throat.

She stood again and kissed him once more, probing his mouth with her tongue. “You licked her pussy, didn’t you.”

“It was so sweet and wet,” he said, his breath shuddering. “Tiny little waist, perky little breasts.” He held up the two fingers he’d stuck inside Kate and pressed them to his wife’s lips. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked off the remains of the other woman’s juices.

“She does taste sweet. Let me lick the rest of her off of you.” She lowered herself again and he clutched her hair in his fists, thrusting his hips as she sucked him off.

Later that night, the two of them watched the footage he’d captured from cameras they’d set up all over the inside of the minivan. “She’s cute,” his wife said, cupping his balls in her fingers. “Are you going to see her again?”

“I think she’d asked me if I was busy this Friday.” He slumped down against the headboard while she worked his shaft.

“Take her somewhere nice for dinner.” His wife straddled his hips and began rubbing her slash with the tip of his cock. “Text me if you’re not going to be home that night.”

His breath hitched in his throat as she eased herself down onto him and kissed around his neck. She was soaking wet. “I want you to take your sweet time making love to her. I want to hear everything.”

She flattened her palms on his chest and began bucking her hips. With a quean for a wife, he had best of both worlds. He got the thrill of cheating, only it wasn’t her he betrayed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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