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Chapter 3 – Fun In the Sun


“Charlie? Steven?”

Huh? What’s going on? I awoke in a daze to knocking at the door to Steven and my hotel room. What a night last night was. My brother had fucked my ass hard and it was still sore from the ride.

“You two awake?”



I got up, naked. Odd. I usually sleep in my boxers. I put on some underwear and went to the door, unlocked it, and cracked it.

“Yeah?” I asked, groggily.

“I guess that answers that. Is Steven up?” she asked?


“Ok. Well get him up. Put your bathing suits on. We’re going to the beach to get some sun. Be downstairs in 15 minutes.”


Mom walked away, back to her room and I closed the door. Some fun in the sun huh? Sounds like it was going to be a good day. I walked back towards the bed with the intent of waking up Steven when I had a better idea. In my haste to answer the door I had uncovered both of us. Steven was lying on his back in bed, naked, hot. His large cock resting to the side of his large balls, the foreskin covering the head.

I walked over to his side of his bed and kneeled at the edge. For a second I stared at his cock. No matter how many times I’d seen his cock in the last 48 hours I couldn’t get over how beautiful it is. I reached out my hand and gently grabbed his cock in the middle of the shaft; it was heavy in my hand. I started to slowly pump his dick, feeling it grow larger and harder with each passing second. Before long it was stand proud and tall at its full length.

Now the fun could begin. I scooted up a bit and slowly moved my head towards his cock. Slowly, and gently, I licked up the length of his cock, wetting in down. I licked it again, and again, savoring the feeling of his hard cock against my tongue. My tongue traced one of the veins up his cock and to the head. His foreskin rested just behind the head revealing his smooth glans. I pumped his cock sending his foreskin up over the ridge to partially cover his head before sliding it back down again. His cock twitched gently in my hand.

Out of his piss slit leaked a drop of precum; it looked so delicious. I gently placed my lips on the tip of his cock and gently sucked as I once again pumped his cock, sucking out the sweet nectar. It was so good, sweet and slippery. I couldn’t get enough of my brother’s delicious precum; I craved it. I backed off just for just a second to lip my lips before returning to his cock and taking the full head in my mouth. I ran my tongue along the underside of the head, flicking his frenulum.


I let his cockhead slide out of my mouth *Pop*. I looked up at Steven. He was wide awake and looking at me with a big grin on my face.

“You just can’t get enough of my big cock can you?”

Steven grabbed his cock and moved it close to my mouth. I accepted the head back into my mouth. I swirled my head around it gently.

“You are a slut,” Steven said with a slight laugh.

I let his cock fall out of his mouth again and patted it with my hand.

“Mom told me to get you up,” I glanced at his cock, “I did that. Good thing you’re awake too.”

Steven smirked at my joke.

“Get up,” I said, “We’re going to the beach. Put on your bathing suit.”

“But we’re so pale!”

“Well, we can change that today.”

Being from upstate New York really left one at a disadvantage when it came to the beach. We didn’t get much sun so we were both really, really pale. I’m pretty sure my ass and my chest were the same color. I was almost transparent at some places.

Steven and I got dressed in our bathing suits though we had to wait for his erection to go down before we could leave the room. It was actually incredibly how big of a tent his cock made in his bathing suit. I could only imagine what it must be like trying to hide a random boner with a dick that big. Score one for my small penis.

“Guess it’s a good thing we stopped wearing speedos huh?” I joked.

“Jesus, I can only imagine the looks I’d get wearing one.”

Steven looked at me. A huge grin spread across his face.

“I’d get a lot of phone numbers.”

I rolled my eyes and we headed out the door. When we got downstairs our parents were waiting canlı bahis for us. Shit… how long had we taken?

“Took you guys long enough,” my mom said, looking at me.

“Sorry, I had to use the bathroom,” Steven responded.

“Ok. Let’s go, the cab is waiting.”

Steven glanced at me as if to say, “You’re welcome” and we followed our parents to the cab.

The beach was beautiful. It had been a very long time since I had been to a beach; we didn’t get to Florida much. The sun was beating down, making for a very hot day. The sand was beautiful and soft. It was hot under my feet as we walked to find a spot to set up base. The water was a dark blue and it sparkled for as far as the eye could see. There was a light breeze coming from the ocean, carrying the scent of salt water with it. The beach was packed with people in all directions.

We laid out for a little while, soaking up the sun. It was so wonderful to just lay there in the heat and feel the sun’s rays beating down on us. Mom fell asleep while dad read his book and looked up now and then to survey the beach. I poked Steven in the side.

“Let’s go for a walk, I’m bored.”

Steven opened his eyes and turned his head to look at me.

“Ok. Let’s go.”

We got up and told our dad that we were gonna head off down the beach. He nodded and we set off down the beach. We walked at a leisurely pace enjoying the feel of the sand under our feet and the sun shining on our backs. We didn’t say much, we just walked down the beach watching people as we went. Every now and then we’d see something interesting and comment on it, but for the most part we were silent. The farther away from the entrance to beach we went the less people there were. After we had walked for about 10 minutes there were very few people around as at all and the beach seemed much more pleasant.

Eventually Steven pointed up the beach, towards the dunes, and suggested we go up there. He nudged me in the direction of the dunes and I obliged. Not like I had anything else to do. When we got closer I noticed something that I hadn’t when we were closer to the water. The seagrape trees here arched over the beach for a couple feet and created a shaded area which was difficult to see. Steven shoved me in to the enclosure and followed after me, his bathing suit starting to tent.

“Here? People can see us.”

“No they can’t. Look around, we can barely see out of here. Just don’t make too much noise.”

Steven was right. Looking out, the trees did block the majority of the view. There were small gaps that we could see out of but it would be hard to see in. Behind me Steven had already stripped off his bathing suit and was standing with his cock fully erect.

“Take your bathing suit off.” Steven growled, impatient.

I stripped down and asked how he wanted to do this. I really didn’t want sand in my ass.

“Get on your hands and knees. I’m gonna fuck you like a dog.”

I did as he said and got down. He licked a finger and touched my asshole. Involuntarily I clenched briefly before remembering and relaxing. My hole was still slightly loose from the assault the night before; Steven’s finger slid in without difficulty.

“Still a little loose huh? That’ll make it easier at least.”

Steven got down on his knees behind me and for the second time in 24 hours Steven began to eat out my ass. His tongue was so wet as it slid in and out of my whole. The pleasure was so good but I wanted more. I wanted his cock. Steven wet my asshole thoroughly and loosened me up a great deal more by the time his tongue finally left my hole.

Like the night before Steven moved around to my face and pushed his cock towards my mouth; I didn’t need instructions. For the second time that day I took his dick into my mouth. I took as much of his cock as I could, wetting it down with my saliva as I sucked on it and ran my tongue along it. I could taste some residual salt from his brief dip in the ocean when we first got to the beach.

When his cock was wet enough he pulled it from my mouth and moved back around behind me. He rubbed his cock up and down a couple times, spreading my spit around. He quickly relubed my ass up with his tongue and then positioned himself.


“Yes please.” You bahis siteleri could hear the need in my voice.

Steven placed the head of his cock against my hole and I moaned in anticipation of the pleasure that I knew was coming my way. Steven started to push, sliding his cock into me. It went easier and less painfully than it had the night before. I guess you get used to being fucked I thought. Steven kept pushing steadily, quickly sinking the full length of his cock into me.

“Mmmm…” I moaned.

Steven kept his cock buried in me for a moment to let me get readjusted to having him in the depths of my ass. Slowly I felt him pull out and then push back into me. Steven continued to fuck me, slowly at first but speeding up gradually. With each thrust of his hips his body would slap against mine and his balls smack against my balls. The sounds of us fucking, the moans, groans, and slaps, turned me on almost as much of the very fact that my brother was inside of me. I had yet to touch my cock and it was rock hard and swinging between my legs. On exceptional hard thrusts my cock would swing up and hit me in the stomach leaving a small wet spot of precum.

“How are you still so tight?” Steven moaned, “Sarah always loosens up a bit when I fuck her. Your ass feels just as tight as it did last night.”

Steven knew that this couldn’t be a marathon session. We didn’t have hours to fuck like we had the night before, our parents were down the beach and they were probably wondering where we were by now. I looked back and saw a look of pleasure on Steven’s face as he pounded my ass. He grinned at me and slapped my ass

With one hand I grabbed my bathing suit and wiped my hand on it. While Steven continued sawing his dick into me I reached beneath my legs and grabbed my own cock. I started to jerk off, determined that I was going to cum too. With Steven fucking me like he was, hitting my prostate with each thrust, and how turned on I was, it wasn’t going to take me long to reach orgasm.

“I’m getting kinda close,” Steven gasped.

“Just hold on a bit longer,” I begged, jerking my cock harder and faster.

“I’ll try.”

Steven slowed down a little bit, trying to hold off his orgasm so that I could cum. I felt some his sweat drip onto my ass and that turned me on a little more. I continued jerking at a feverish pace. I wanted to cum so fucking bad. I started to feel that familiar feeling deep inside me and knew that I was getting close.

“I’m getting there.”


Steven started pounding into me again, working to shoot his cum into me. Both of our breathing became erratic as together we approached orgasm. Beneath me my hand was practically a blur as I jacked off. Behind me Steven was humping me as fast as he could in his need to fill me.

“Fuck yes!” I moaned as my orgasm hit me.

My ass clenched around Steven’s cock, increasing the friction, as I started to cum into the sand beneath me. Five strings of cum exited my cock and landed in the sand. I almost collapsed from a combination of the pleasure of my orgasm and Steven’s pounding. I rode off my orgasm, out of breath as I felt his cock start to swell even more and pulse inside my hole.

“Here it comes,” Steven said hoarsely.

He roughly thrust into me once more, holding his cock balls deep inside me to shoot his cum as far into me as he could. He gasped with each pulse of his cock as he filled me up. He placed his hand on my back for support as he too coasted off of his orgasm.

He pulled his cock out of my ass leaving me feeling slightly empty and very loose.

“That never gets old,” Steven said with a grin on his face, looking at my gaping ass.

He stuck a finger into my ass and wiggled it around a little.

“What are you doing?”

“I dunno. Just seemed interesting.”

Steven pulled his finger out of my ass and showed it to me. His finger was covered in his cum from my ass.

“You want some?” he asked me.

The idea of tasting cum that had been in my ass both disgusted me and turned me on at the same time. I nodded and opened my mouth. I sucked on Steven’s cum covered finger, cleaning it off. I love the taste of his sweet cum but this time it had a slight nutty flavor to it. I wasn’t sure how I felt about bahis şirketleri that.

“Good?” Steven asked, clearly quite curious.

“Why don’t you have some?” I joked, shaking my ass at him.

“No thanks. Not much of a cum slut.” He said and stood up.

I clenched my ass and followed suit. As much as I clenched my ass it wasn’t enough and Steven’s cum started leaking out and down my legs.

“Looks like you need a little dip.”

“Looks that way.”

We got our bathing suits and made our way out of our little hideout and into the sun. We walked down towards the water, cum continuing to drip down my legs. Steven reached the water first and ran, diving in and surfacing several feet further out. I decided it would probably be safest if I just walked in. We floated around for a while letting the cum leak out of my ass and wash away in the water. We didn’t talk much, just floated.

When we finally got back to where our parents were they were both ready to go and were quite interested in why we had been gone so long. We said that we’d walked really far down the beach and then got in the water and let the current carry as back to where it was time to get out. That answer seemed to satisfy them and they didn’t say any more about it.

Steven felt like a burger for dinner so we decided upon Steak & Shake for dinner since my mom loved their milkshakes and melts. Dinner was much better than it had been the previous night and the conversation was lively. We all reveled in the color we had gained.

We headed back to the hotel and once again split up to our separate rooms.

“Do you think mom and dad are having as much sex this week as us?” Steven asked with a small laugh.

“Probably not. My ass is pretty sore.”

We got back to the room and decided on another shower together. The more the merrier right? I washed Steven first, soaping up his body starting at the top and working my way down his body. I spent a lot of time cleaning his cock, getting under the foreskin. By the time I finished cleaning him his cock was rock hard and glistening in the water from the shower. Steven then proceeded to wash me, working his way down my body. He got my ass all sudsy and then slipped a finger inside causing me to gasp.

“You like that huh? You like my finger in your ass?”

All I could manage was a moan.

Fucking me again wasn’t what Steven had in mind though. The fingering of my ass had gotten my cock nice and hard and that’s what he wanted. He got behind me, his large cock pressing against my back, and grabbed my cock. Slowly, Steven started to jerk my off.

“Your dick feels so weird in my hand. I’m not used to being able to wrap my fingers all the way around.”

“Shush,” I moaned as he started to speed up.

Soon Steven had me breathing hard and fast in no time at all as he jacked me off. He must have a lot of practice with his own cock because he was doing everything right. I was getting close to cumming and my breathing was getting shallow. In his hand my cock started to get even bigger and harder.

“I’m cumming!” I managed to say with a gasp as the first stream of cum left my cock.

Steven kept jacking me off, aiming my cock at the shower stall wall, as I came. I was almost spent from my orgasm while being fucked earlier in the day but I still had some sperm left in me. Two more jets of cum left shot out of my cock before my orgasm was reduced to a drizzle of cum. Nobody had ever made me cum before. I had half collapsed onto Steven at the onset of my orgasm and he continued to hold me up as he continued to slowly stroke my cock, milking it for every drop of cum. My foreskin moved over the ridge of my head over and over again making me wince from pleasure each time.

“Jesus!” was all I could manage as I sought to catch my breath.

“That was hot!” Steven said, finally releasing my cock and letting it fall down, semi-hard, against my balls.

All I could do was nod.

Steven and I got out of the shower and dried off. We brushed our teeth and got in bed, ready for a good night’s sleep. In my head I went over what had happened during the day. I couldn’t believe how good it all had been. I couldn’t believe I’d had sex in a public place. I couldn’t believe my little brother had cum inside me for a second time. What an incredible day; I could get used to this. Truly, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the sun.

End of chapter 3.

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