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The moment Noriko stepped inside, she was glad she had not agreed to a “cheap motel room”. No, this was so much better. She liked the color of the room and the lighting, and the size of it as she found a place for her laptop and set up her computer. No this would be perfect, she thought.

Her mind raced in wild thoughts as she set her computer up on a corner of the writing desk and adjusted the chair to her liking. She had found them each on line and she knew they each would appreciate the connection to the place where they had met.

Months ago Noriko had decided to go on after she had over heard about the website at work. So she gone to and gotten on the site to see what her work mates had been talking all about. But quickly she became addicted to the site; and, was always on there, making friends who were into her same fantasies and who wanted the same sexual things as she.

At first she had only swapped pictures with two guys she had met in a gang bang chat room. But soon she had bought herself her own web cam and she actually went on the web cam with these two men and discovered they were each turning the other on. It had been that night as she had masturbated on her web cam she had made up her mind that one day she would meet these men for real and at the same time.

One evening as she was doing herself with her two male friends watching, the topic of a gang bang came up and thats all it took. Before she knew it this night had taken a hold of her for she had uncontrollable cravings for a real life all-out-over-the-top total gang bang with as many hard cocks as she could find. It had become her obsession when she masturbated and it was THE scene in her head which now was the only one which could get her off. Noriko grew frantic for a total gang fuck. She wanted to be used as a slut by as many thrusting cocks as she has ever seen in any of the 15 to one porm video her two male friends had shown her. And she began to collect a private collection of pictures of just cocks.

She had her favorites in the photo collection of cocks, which she looked at often. She liked the fully erect and circumsized penises the best. Color didn’t matter, as much as the shape of the hood did. Size counted especially if the man’s hand were on it. But she loved the bulging veins of a cock the most that source of stiffness and powerful thrusts. The curvature of their cocks she liked as she fantasized what it was going to feel like inside her. She always liked her men shaved and made sure that she mentioned that in her blog and while in the gang bang chat room.

It had taken months for this meeting to actually happen. It was a “big deal” she thought as she remembered how the idea had first been suggested in one chat room, had re-appeared in a private one on one conversation, and had gradually became the topic of her circle of friends on site and on her personal web cam. The collection of personal photographs each posted was great testimony to the reoccurring theme for this evening. Her own private blog was also almost a plea that tonight should become “real”.

Noriko had joined one of the several groups about group sex and had began blogging about orgies herself. It did not take long before she had made several “friends” and they each had exchanged their private photo collections about themselves. She found all the information very instructive and used the pictures of these men and their cocks to develop her current plan for a six man fuck fest in some place.

Now Noriko looked at the double bed and thought it was almost too big for the action she was planning in her head. She laughed at her own thoughts as they flashed through her mind. She could see two men kneeling by her head and her mouth alternating between the two cocks pointed at her open and hungry mouth.

Just then there was a loud knock at the door.

“Noriko?” she heard walking to the door.

As she opened the door the two men with whom she frequently masturbated with on the web cam were standing at the door. Finally she was able to see them face to face in person. She let them in and told them to make themselves comfortable, while they wait for the others. She picked up the phone and called room service and ordered six bottles of champagne thinking that should be enough for all of them. After hanging up the phone there was another knock on the door and as she opened it there was a nice looking man standing in front of her. She invited him in as she told him they were waiting on others and champagne was on the way.

He sat down on the couch looking at the two guys and started a conversation with them while they were waiting. Noriko was sitting there looking at them in awe as her heart was beating faster and faster nervously.

Another knock on the door came suddenly and they could hear people talking on the other side as she got up to answer. When she opened the door the other three men arrived at the same time and were all standing in front cihangir escort of her at the door in an excited buzz. Inviting them in Noriko also told the new three, they were waiting on the champagne and told them that “we all need to have a drink to this night.”

“After our toast, I will hold an inspection,” Noriko said, “to make sure you are the way I like. Who brought the video camera?”

“I did.” the the nice looking man who arrived alone said.

“First names only tonight boys,” Noriko instructed, “We need to be polite…if you want to get your treat.”

“It’s Mike.”

“Mike, can you feed it back to BG….can we be live at Gang Bang …that’d be cool…right?”

Now Noriko felt the awkwardness of the situation melt as the men began talking among themselves. She heard someone say that they had brought a clear vinyl tarp to cover the bed and part of the floor. That brought out a general excitement level, which pleased Noriko’s soul as a knock and a opened door brought a bell boy, a cart with an ice bucket and six magnum’s of champagne into the room.

Noriko gave the bell boy a twenty dollar bill for a tip and thank him. The bell boy looked around the room with a wonder in his eyes thinking what the hell is going on in here. Noriko caught that look at told him to come back when he got off work if he wanted to have have some freaky fun. He gave her a smile and told her he may just do that and then turned around and shut the door behind him.

Noriko told Mike to open the bottles of Champagne while she got the glasses together. After he opened the bottles, she lined up the glasses and started to pour the chilled champagne into them. She told the men when she handed them their glass she wanted them to tell her their names.

She grabbed one glass and handed it to Mike, since she already knew his name she needed no introduction. She grabbed two glasses and handed it to one of the men when he said his name was Brian.

She handed the other to someone else when he said his name was Greg. Walking away and grabbing another two, she turned around and handed it to another man as he said his name was Chad. Handing the other glass in her hand to a guy sitting right next to Chad smiling who he said his name was Dion. Smiling at him she turned around walked over to the table and grabbed the last two glasses and walked over to the man sitting on the couch and handed him his glass asking “So what is your name sweetie?” Clearing his throat he said ” My name is Richard, but they call me Rich for short.” Leaving one glass in her hands for herself Noriko said with a smile ” Okay guys, lets have our toast! Lets toast to good fucking!”

They are drink up; and then, Noriko tells them to line up in a row in front of her and unzip their flies. This is something they are each eager to do. There is one unzipping sound as Noriko goes to her knees in from of Rich and reaching in pulls out his cock. Rich almost spills his champagne on her head as Noriko makes certain that Rich has a totally shaved cock for her. She then moves to Dion, who has already pulled his semi hard cock out and tells Noriko, to inspect it with her mouth.

Noriko sees that Dion’s cock is hard, short, shaved, and fat.

She looks up to him, while swallowing the whole penis and watching his response, she works her tongue on his balls. “Would you like to have my ass first?” she asks releasing his cock from her mouth. “Well put a condom on it, please.”

Chad handed his ten inch cock to Noriko, as she scooted down the line on her knees, saying, “I want this in your pussy, Noriko, and you are going to scream for joy when it’s there…aren’t you?”

“You like a woman to scream?” Noriko asked just before she lunged on Chad’s perfect cock and swallowed its head and then began to inch her mouth down its expanding shaft. The other men watched as Noriko showed them that she was ready for the fucking she had just toasted, and more.

“Christ..” Chad shouted as he threw his head back a thrusted his hips toward Noriko’s mouth. “God fucken dam, woman. Jesus eat that cock,” he said as he began to rock with the pull from her mouth. Noriko relaxed her throat and accepted the full shaft of Chad’s cock as it hit the back of her throat.

Now seated at his base, Noriko began to deep throat the cock which now had become her one single thought forgetting all the men looking down at her and the nervous shuffle of their feet. Noriko gagged and swallowed her meat tube making an almost inhuman noise.

“Mike get this on camera.” Greg shouted. “She is wild. Look at her go. Be sure to get a view of her tight little asshole and her small cunt.” As the camera captures it, Greg penetrates Noriko’s pussy’s lips with his middle finger and begins a slow in and out watching the lips growing and becoming wetter and wetter. “God, you getting this?” Greg asks and pulls his finger out showing her juices to the camera esenyurt escort before pushing it back into Noriko’s cunt. “Did you see that asshole pucker?” Greg asks the camera.

TThis…….so…much…better…than…mas….tur…bation, Noriko thought as she worked the cock. But she is interrupted as she is hoisted from the floor and stripped of her clothes by Greg and Brian and Rich. Again,Greg puts his finger inside Noriko’s shaved pussy and declares, “She is one tight little cunt, boys.”

With Brian and Rich holding her, Greg begins a slow deep inspection of Noriko’s pussy, meanwhile her mouth is gagged by Chad’s cock. Noriko’s eyes grow wider and wider as she is explored and her mouth is stuffed by Chad; and then by Mike, who has set of the camera but down wants in too. Mike and Chad adjust to the awkward situation; but manage to fit both of their cock heads into Noriko’s watering mouth as she can do nothing but mumble, “UmmmhummmhUmmmh”.

Dion is now a one man cheer squad, saying, “Go girl…go..take both of them cocks. Look at them fight over that mouth of yours. They ain’t ever going to stop you little cum slut. You are going to get so much cum tonight…”

Meanwhile, the bell boy has walked to the front desk to let the manager know he was going on his dinner break. As he was standing at the desk waiting for his manager, he began talking to Jack, one of the guys at the front desk. He told him about the woman in the room that had six men with her and how she had told him to come back, if he wanted to have some fun. Jack got excited himself and told the manager he would take his break too. Then Jack and the bell boy went on their lunch break and Jack told the bell boy to take him to the room fast.

Now Noriko had her mouth stuffed with two cocks and Greg was still working her asshole and cunt and there came another knock on the door. The men all froze. And an unflappable Noriko got up, told the guys to hold on, so she could answer the door.

Not putting any clothes on, Noriko opened the door. Standing there was the bell boy and Jack. The bell boy asked if her offer still stood. Noriko smiled and said “Of coarse it does, honey; and I see, you brought a friend”. Stepping back into the room and away from the door, she told them to come in. Grabbing two more glasses and pouring champagne, she then handed the drinks to her new recruits.

“Have a drink…. and make it quick….. because the rest of us have already started” said Noriko.

The bell boy and Jack gulped down their drinks quickly so they could get right in and enjoy the fun. Noriko said “Hold on now, just because your a late comers you don’t get off so easy. I want you to drop your pants so I can see what you got”.

The bell boy and Jack dropped their pants as Noriko inspected their cocks. She looked at the bell boy’s cock and said “I found me another ass boy” as she smiled at him. Looking at Jack’s cock she told him that he came well packed. Jack smiled back at Noriko and said, “In a moment you are going to be well packed, aren’t you?”

Noriko smiled and then turned to the rest of the room and said, “Ok, men the inspection is over. Now, I want action. Get that sheeting over the bed and down on the floor. Mike get the camera set up over there and as back as it will go. We are going to need room. First I need my ass fucked and fucked hard…you ass boy, I mean bell boy, get a raincoat on and you can be first. Dion you are second so get that fat cock covered and lubed. Now who wants to lube me?”

Brian jumped up grabbed the lube and pulled Noriko towards the bed telling her to get on her knees doggy style. As she got into the doggy style position Brian spreaded her ass cheeks and squeezed the lube out and watched it run down the crack of her ass. He then rubbed the lube around her ass hole and inserting his finger inside her making sure she was lubed all the way. After taking his finger out he held open her ass cheeks then called over Rich to help. Rich walked over grabbed one ass cheek while Brian held the other.

The bell boy walked over, stroking his hard cock, and began to enter Noriko’s tight ass pushing gently in. Noriko said “You don’t have to be gentle,honey,.. just get it in”. So the bell boy just rammed it in her small puckered asian asshole making Noriko arch her back as she let out a long low, “AAAAAAAAAH” . Then the bell boy started pumping away fucking her asshole; while, the four other guys got on there knees on the bed near Noriko’s face so Noriko could reach their cocks.

Noriko grabbed each cock deep throating them one by one as the bell boy was rode her hard. After about two minutes, Dion tapped him on the shoulder as the bell boy pulled out; and, Dion took his place fucking Noriko even harder and rougher. For the next ten minutes,Dion and the bellboy kept alternating back and forth like a tag team of pro wrestlers fucking Noriko’s tight ass as she moaned etiler escort bayan for more and sucked cock climaxing inside her orgy of a rape gang bang.

Dion was the one who came in Noriko’s ass. When the bell boy heard her exclaim how much she loved a hot load of cum in her ass, he took his almost ready to bust cock to the other side of the bed and without a warning shot his load onto Noriko’s face as she moaned with eyes closed and her mouth open. “How…much …cum…does…this …cum…slut..want? he asked pumping another stream.

The bell boy then turned to Jack and said, “Man, you better get some of that….and I better get back. She looks like she is just getting started.”

The bell boy put his clothes back on and headed back to work just as Jack took Noriko from behind and shoved his cock in her wet pussy. Jack was not a short fat cock like those which had greased Noriko’s asshole with the cum that Jack slammed into. Jack’s cock was a nice eight inches and Noriko felt it immediately as Jack banged his way into her tight ass.

While still sucking cock, Noriko’s total attention was now on her asshole as Jack was holding on to her hips and had begun moving in and out of her with long deep slow thrusts. Mike got off his knees holding his cock and told Jack to let him have a go. With one last pump Jack stepped back and let Mike in and then knelled on the bed taking Mike’s spot getting his cock sucked.

Mike also took Noriko hard as she moaned loudly every time he rammed in to her deeply. Rich and Brian let go of her ass cheeks and started stroking their own cocks, while watching her getting banged by Mike. Brian, Rich, and Mike then started taking turns fucking her tight wet pussy alternating back and forth. Noriko was now in her heaven. She could not tell which cock was in her ass as it was stretched by one cock and then another. She loved the idea of her ass being filled with cum and her cocksucking took on an aspect of pure revenge as she took her ass pounding.

Having her ass and then her pussy fucked and fucked hard was driving Noriko crazy and she bit her lip as the cocks started to thrown their cum into her. She had lost all sense of time and now the men were talking about her as if you wasn’t even there and it was just her ass and cunt that were.

“Look at this asshole. It must have a pint of cum in there.”

“She is still fucking tight, man alive is that pussy good.”

Greg and Chad couldn’t take watching anymore and after letting Noriko take one last suck to make their cocks hard and wet, they got up and joined the train. It was Dion who stayed inside Noriko’s mouth, enjoying every last drop of cum being sucked out of him and then letting Noriko mouth use his cock as a sucker until he felt himself starting to get hard again.

The men now had only one thought: to fill her pussy with cum and they each banged her with their own style and rhythm to make that explosion happen. Even with her mouth full of cock Noriko began to loose herself to her pussy and the poundings it was taking as one after the other the men entered her and fucked her and then was replaced.

One of the men had his cock in her and was fucking away and then put his thumb in the wet goo of her ass and kept it there as he fucked her. Noriko was in heaven now. She could hear the voices behind her as she was being fucked.

Noriko’s asshole was now a pucker of hot flesh, leaking cum when it was not being fucked. Her pussy was a wide tunnel glowing a neon pink when a cock came out of it followed by trinkle of streaming white cum. Noriko’s ass, her pussy, and her cheeks were sore and cum soaked as Chad’s cock entered her for its third time.

“Noriko, you slut, you’re now going to start to clean this mess up,” Chad warned as he slid his cock into her pussy, seating it deep inside, and then withdrawing it slowly, only to jam it in hot ass. Chad held the head of his cock inside Noriko’s asshole, soaking in in the goo there. Then he withdrew it and came around the bed to Noriko’s mouth and offered her his cock covered in six flavors of cum. “Clean it,” he commanded.

Noriko opened her mouth to Chad’s cock allowing him to place it inside her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. She then closed he lips around the cummy pole as Chad slowly withdrew it. Noriko licked her lips with a cum covered tongue and laughed at Chad’s throbbing cock as it bounced up and down in front of her face. But Noriko did not have a chance to say how much she loved the taste of all the men because another cock entered her ass causing her mouth to open in surprise and Chad then thurst his cock into her mouth again. And now Noriko was pushed and seesawed by the lust of two men at once While the others stroked their dicks and watched waiting for their turn.

Noriko loved being filled with cock and come and it was the best feeling she had ever had and didn’t want it to end. She could taste everyones cum and her own while sucking it off of Chads hard cock moaning in pleasure telling everyone she wanted a cum bath.

After saying she wanted a cum bath this turned everyone on as they imagined her swimming in all of their cum.

Everyone was still taking turns fucking her in her pussy and in her ass even knowing they were too big for her tight ass they did it anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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