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Paula had worked hard all week. Kids were now in bed. House work completed. She had taken a long soaking bath and was now in bed for some much needed rest. She hoped Randy would be home soon. Sometimes he worked long hours and the family missed him. She wanted him next to her so she could get lost in their love making that was not happening nearly enough.

Randy had worked over on Friday night, so he would not be working the weekend. The house was quiet when he arrived home. Entering the bedroom he discovered Paula, his loving and very sexy wife, enjoying a bath. As he peeked in to announce his arrival, he was greeted with her reaching for something and getting a good view of her large, round breast. This caused his cock to perk to attention. “I need some of that body and lots of it, tonight.” he thought. He slowly backed out of the room and went down stairs. Grabbing something cold out of refrigerator, Randy sat down to rest for a few minutes and fantasize about his wife

After several minutes, Randy walked into the bedroom. Paula looked in his direction and gave him an “I need you” look. Without saying a word, Randy bahis siteleri leaned over and kissed Paula on the lips. It was the kind of kiss that lets her know how much he has missed her today. A kiss that says there is much more to come. He reluctantly withdrew. Randy quickly entered the bathroom removed his clothes and showered. He wanted Paula as much as she wanted him.

Randy stretched out on the bed next to his loving wife. He loved her and wanted to show her how much by making love to her. He moved his arm around her waist, caressing her breast with his hand. He bushed her neck with his lips, drawing a line down her neck towards her chest, stopping to taste each breast, urging first one nipple and then the other to attention. Paula sighed. He knew she was relaxing getting herself ready to enjoy what was to come.

As Paula felt the stresses of the past week leaving her body, she placed her hands on each side of Randy’s face. Randy kissed his way down until he reached Paula’s neatly trimmed pussy. He inhaled deeply. Without any words yet spoken they continued on. Randy knew what his wife liked. A tongue directly on canlı bahis siteleri her clit would help achieve the orgasm he wanted her to have. He stroked and probed with his mouth, moving his tongue in and out of cervices and folds that now opened for his entrance.

Without saying anything, Randy knew from Paula’s movements she wanted Randy to enter her with his cock. He was not ready just yet. He continued until her breathing was more labored and she moved to meet his fingers thrusting in and out of her now very moist pussy. He could feel how close she was reaching the height of satisfaction. As Paula arched her back and moved her hips back and forth, Randy increased the pressure of his fingers moving inside her pussy and around her clit. Kissing her breast she exhaled with moans that were anything but pain.

As Paula relaxed and laid still beside Randy, he moved up to caress his lips with hers. Making love was so good she thought. In their years together Paula had become more relaxed in taking the lead sometimes. Like her husband, she also knew what he liked to receive from her.

Paula nudged Randy to lie canlı bahis on his back. Next, Paula moved to sit on top of Randy with her legs on either side of his waist. He reached up to touch her breast and she arched her back to feel the pleasure more intensely. But this part of the love making was not about Paula’s needs. Randy needed to feel Paula pleasure him. As Paula leaned forward she moved to extend her legs down by his. She kissed her way down until she was able to take his cock in her mouth.

First, she kissed the tip, moved her tongue around the head and licked the first drops of moisture she had tasted in over two weeks. Randy sucked in his breathe and let it out slowly. He knew how good this was going to feel. Paula took the entire cock into her mouth. Paula moved her tongue around the sides and up and down. She moved faster and faster. Randy knew he would not last long like this. He urged Paula to slow down. Paula followed his lead for a few minutes. Paula let Randy cool off a bit and then started over with the up and down motion he liked so much. Randy’s hands rested on Paula head. He moaned with pleasure as he released the love juices into Paula mouth. She knew how much he liked this. Paula laid down beside Randy. Still no words had been spoken between them. None were needed. Showing love through motion and release was all that was needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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