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As she reached across the bar for her drink, Shawna’s big, pink areole peeped over the top of the loose, white, silk camisole she wore. She turned slightly to her right to grab some money for her drink out of her Louis Vuitton wrist bag, and her pink nipple delicately followed its areole. The bartender grinned in appreciation, but he wasn’t the intended target for this showing of her prime real estate. Jimmy Murphy, one seat to her right at the bar, had been tracking her popping nipple for the last half-hour. As Shawna darted about like a hummingbird seeking nectar, pecking a friend’s cheek here, hugging a friend there, Jimmy had gotten hard. She worked the crowd this way every Friday night and Jerry Cotton, the owner of “Cotton’s Club”, ought to have paid her to show up. A host of guys came every Friday just to see her and find out if they had won her raffle for the evening.

Shawna was damned serious about her nip slips. They were part entertainment for the crowd, part titillation for her and a tool of conquest that she had sharpened to a keen edge. Nip slips made her slit dampen as she flaunted her pointed nips and popped her booty to the DJ’s booming selections. Mostly they were aimed at trolling and hooking a conquest for her Friday night, legendary sexual needs.

From a teenager on, Shawna had discovered flashing nips as a surefire way of getting any guy she wanted. Selectively applied, enveloped in her sexy persona, with graceful moves, soft voice, flaming red hair and piercing green eyes, the nipple flash was the closer for dozens of seductions. She split up more than one couple, some that had been together for years. It was her game of games. Some played video games in a fantasy world; she played for the real thing. Some captured fairy princesses from the dragons; she captured men and saved them from the humdrum of boring sex, worn out affairs, and those porn-addicted weekends of hand-cranked euphoria.

She closed the gap on her prey.

“Hi, I’m Shawna,” she said to Jimmy. “I see you here pretty often, don’t I?”

As she queried him, she leaned forward to pick up a bar napkin and her right breast came perilously close to escaping the confines of the camisole. She bumped into Jimmy’s arm with that breast just a bit, but it was enough. Jimmy flinched like he’d been branded in a Texas cattle roundup, pulling his arm back with wide-open, frightened eyes.

“What? Uh, sorry I didn’t mean to bump into…”

Shawna finished the sentence for him. “My tit? Don’t worry. You might say I aimed wrong. I wanted to smack the palm of your hand, not your elbow. I’ll bet you can aim better than that and always hit a girl’s target, right?”

She laughed out loud at that and Jimmy turned beet red from embarrassment. She leaned in closer to his ear and with a breathy exhalation she whispered into his ear, “That tit needs a man’s lips, and she has a sister in need too. You wouldn’t let them suffer now, would you, babe?”

Jimmy Murphy had no clue what to say next. At his age and given his seat at the bar of what was arguably one of the hottest meat-market clubs in town, you would have thought he rode an eight-inch cock that tasted pussy frequently. You might have guessed he had inspected a great variety of tastes and smells. Not so. Jimmy, the handsome young dude, was a virgin, not quite clean as the driven snow though. He had masturbatory adventures with girls off and on, heavy petting sessions, and even a few nice blowjobs to notch on his bed post, but no fucking, nada, zilch, zero.

Jimmy looked to be in his late twenties; in fact, he had just turned twenty-one. The frequent visits to the club had started as a birthday present to himself on the day he could legally drink. He was tall, slim and very nice looking. His button down collar shirt was out of context in a place where T-shirts and jeans were the norms. His neatly pressed, summer-weight wool, gray trousers fit well, but with one flaw. The tailor had not counted on a young man’s growing cock asyabahis yeni giriş when confronted with sexual stimulation by a gorgeous woman.

Shawna stayed close to his ear, continuing to brush her breast against the arm of his shirt. The bulge in his pants had not escaped her keen eye. She could look into a room full of young men and spot the erections if they made one turn of their body to full frontal position. Even a side view would do. She was a keen student of male arousal.

“Dance with me,” she whispered loudly in his ear.

The music had moved up to that level of sexual, lustful energy that promised dance floor couplings, fondling, disrobing, and cum sprayed on the polished floor.

Shawna’s right breast was now fully exposed, having slipped its moorings from the camisole as she pulled Jimmy to the crowd. He had tried to hide his erection with his hand until she slapped it away and looked him in the face and made the unmistakable sign of “No” with her mouth. Jimmy stood up straighter and thrust his groin forward like a male stripper ready to unleash his member. She smiled and gave him ‘thumbs up’.

Although the floor was crowded, when Shawna showed up the sea parted for the waves she created. The twisting, swinging mob knew her mating dance was about to begin. She grabbed Jimmy by the waist, pulled him to her hard, and moved her face smoothly toward his. Her tongue was sticking out and waving suggestively, a heat-seeking missile looking for its target. She found his mouth, half open in the anxiety of the moment as Jimmy began to sweat even before the dance was beginning. She rammed her tongue home, driving into his mouth, rolling it around his tongue and teeth, probing his gums, marking his tongue and sucking his saliva as if it were a life-giving elixir. The crowd roared; then she pushed away and started to dance.

Both pert breasts were now out of her camisole, the nipples bright pink guide marks in the fog of smoke and the throng of bodies. The smell of sex was in the air as she swayed, spun, thrust her naked breasts forward and slowly approached Jimmy. He was transfixed, frozen on the spot.

As she neared him, she spun, unclasping the catch at the top of her wrap-around skirt. She spun the other way and the skirt separated from her body with a flourish, going down like the cape of a bullfighter in a moment of triumph. Now topless, dressed only in a white lace thong and black nylons with garter belt, her stiletto heels, and a smile, she began yelling to the strong Latin beat.

She came to him and with strong hands ripped the buttons off his shirt, spread it, and began to rub her tits softly against his chest. All the while, she did a frenetic bump-and-grind into his groin with her pussy mound. The front panel of her thong showed a sopping wetness, rivulets running down her leg looking like she’d peed.

Shawna was not a big woman. She was lithe and had the movements of a feline predator stalking her prey. Her eyes were glistening now; her body was alive with movement and vibration of pure sexual energy. She backed off and then danced up to Jimmy, turning and dragging a foot, first one way and then the other, and as she reached him, she sank to her knees. Her torso undulated, and her arms reached high up to his chest, grasping his exposed nipples and tweaking them.

The crowd had gathered around, frozen in place to watch the lewd, sexual spectacle unfold. They had never seen Shawna this far gone in depraved lust. She moved mindlessly, reaching for his zipper, slowly opening his fly and inserting her tiny hand. She stroked him with short, quick up and down movements. Jimmy doubled over, then jerked upwards and thrust his hips toward her. She never took her eyes off his face.

Jimmy came and not quietly. He roared into the blare of the music and the sickening sweet mist of pot and cigarette smoke.

“Holy Fuck! I’m cumming!”

Within seconds, the front of his light gray trousers was covered with asyabahis güvenilirmi a spreading wet spot. She leaned forward and sucked the spot hard, trying to suck his cum through his shorts and trousers.

Shawna stood tall and put her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down into a deep, lover’s kiss, and Jimmy awoke from his orgasmic trance. He started running his fingers over her exposed nipples, shifting his body to ram his knee up against her cunt mound and lifted her off her feet.

The crowd went wild. A collective moan and groan set up as several other couples openly engaged in oral sex and at least one pair was furiously fucking across a long table with a white cloth. The girl’s dress was pushed up above her waist, and her pussy was being drilled at the edge of the table by her black boyfriend. His cock was slamming her, and she was yelping with each thrust.

The DJ ramped up the music another notch. Pot smoke floated thickly into the overhead lights on the dance floor, and an orgy was catching on like a flame through dry grass. In the middle of it all, the instigator of the wild party slipped out into the hallway pulling her conquest with one hand locked to his belt. Shawna led Jimmy down the hall toward the cloakroom, lifted the counter gate and pushed Jimmy back against the wall next to the small office where the attendant usually sat.

“Jimmy, fuck me,” she cried out, her voice hoarse, projecting her deep need.

She grabbed his pants, tore open the zipper and pushed them down. Jimmy stepped out of them and leaned forward with his hard-on poking her in the belly. Shawna’s arms were around his neck, and she pulled herself up to the right height, opened her legs around his hips and aimed her wet slit at his knob.

“Now!” she grunted, with intensity in her voice. Shawna pushed her pussy lips around his cock and slid smoothly down the shaft until she was tightly locked around his waist.

“Oh my God, Shawna, your pussy is so fucking hot. I never knew what this was like. Am I doing it right?”

Jimmy was pushing his huge rod completely into her with each pounding of her pelvic area. He could feel his dick hit solid material each time he guided his cock into her sheath. Nothing had ever felt this good to him in his whole life.

“Don’t stop!” she groaned and tightened her legs around him. “It’s perfect!”

Her pussy was pounded; she was grinding back. Jimmy had her around the waist with his arms and she had her legs locked behind his back as the fucking continued. She slipped her left hand in between their sweating bodies and frantically reached for her clitoris. The little button was enlarged and throbbing as she pushed and pulled it with her fingers. Her orgasm was building; the rise to the peak of ecstasy was escalating until she yelled out.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” she cried, as she came with a scream into his ear. Her nails scratched him, and she bit his neck; her pelvis was ramming and jumping as much as she could move it considering Jimmy’s bear hug hold on her.

Jimmy stumbled over to a sofa along the wall in the cloakroom, leaned forward and dropped her gently down with her back against the cushion. He pulled his cock out of her gushing pussy as her orgasm drove her to another string of mouthed profanity.

He put his knees on the sofa astride her and pushed his dripping dick into her mouth. It was hanging open, and she was gasping for breath.

“Open wide, you whore, swallow my cock whole!”

He slid it past her lips with a push. She gagged, quickly got a hand on the shaft and pushed back on his hips with her other hand. Shawna grabbed him by the ass and forced him to deep throat her gullet. Greedily, with animal-like growling and panting noises, Shawna gave him the blowjob of his young life.

She increased her attack, rapidly stroking his slick cock each time it escaped the confines of her saliva-filled mouth. Her juice drooled over her lips and onto his nuts as she asya bahis giriş took him into her throat again and again.

Shawna pulled back and looked up at him. “You wanted me to suck your prick? Did you want a blowjob? Is this what you wanted you fucker?”

“Yes, don’t stop!” he blurted out.

Once, twice, three times more into her throat and Jimmy’s cum was bubbling out of her mouth with her spit, a frothy mix running down on her tits and to her pussy. Shawna swallowed what she could then leaned back.

“Down on your knees, boy, now.”

She grabbed his nut sack for emphasis and pulled him down. Jimmy grimaced and did what she wanted.

She slid down the back of the sofa, so her pussy was right at the edge of the cushion. Jimmy’s mouth fell to her ‘V’ as he knelt and without any hesitation he stuck his tongue through the red hair guarding the gates of her pink paradise. He nursed her clit, sucking and molding it with his mouth and tongue. His fingers found her vagina, bending and curling to the front of her hole to find the spongy spot that was home to her passion.

Shawna felt like her body and emotions had all collapsed into her cunt as the center of her sexual being. She was wracked by a second orgasm and then a rolling third. The liquid heat that primed her love hole poured forth on Jimmy’s hand and mouth. He swallowed as much as he could, savoring the taste of a mature woman for the first time in his life. Musk, fruit, caramel, berry, so many complex flavors; he couldn’t sort them out. He didn’t care. He felt the power of his maleness as he made her his personal whore. His hands and cock were the instruments to lock them together. He was ready again.

Jimmy was sporting the biggest hard-on of his life. He dropped down to sit on the sofa with his back to the wall, picked Shawna up in his strong arms and speared her with his man-member as he placed her on his lap facing him. They began a slow, steady fucking lap dance, the most erotic of all the moves they had shared so far this evening. His cock slid in and out of paradise, and his attention was riveted on her face. He drank passion from her deep well between her legs. It made him feel strong to fuck her now. He was all man, his knighthood bestowed in this initiation with this sexual creature.

She looked worn, fussed-up, her red hair in tangles, but still beautiful. Her eyes were half shut as she leaned forward and shoved her left breast into his mouth and with her hand, held it there. He gently sucked and pulled at the whole breast with an engulfing suction of his mouth. Her belly was full; she felt his cock high up in her, satisfying the yearning she had when she walked in this night. Her pussy was purring with a pleasure deeply intense.

“I’m cumming, Shawna, oh God!” exclaimed her young lover and his hot cream filled her cunt to overflowing. He continued to slam her up and down even as his stiffness began to subside. She was so close and then she had one more glorious orgasm. It was the finest of the evening, so deep and satisfying, so intimately woven into her organs and her limbs.

All of a sudden, there was a loud commotion!

“Let’s hear it for the newest member, Hooray! Hooray! Who-hoo!”

A burst of cheering rang out, laughter, applause and the rush of a crowd of bodies all around them.

Jimmy looked up wide-eyed, and Shawna turned her head, her face red with embarrassment.

“You guys!” she called out with a laugh in her voice. “You’ll scare him away; he’s just a boy.” She giggled like a teenager.

“Jimmy, on behalf of the Friday Night Nip Slip, One-of-a-Kind-Fuck-Club, we welcome you. Only the finest and best young studs are ever graced with Shawna’s charms. All of us were first fucks with her. She knows how to pick the virgins from the crowd. Welcome, brother.”

Jimmy sat on the sofa with Shawna beside him. His limp dick looked like a pathetic, worn -out rubber toy, full of slippery liquid and still dripping cum. Cum was running out of Shawna’s pussy onto the edge of the sofa as she slouched back with open legs. Jimmy kissed her and then looked at the laughing group.

“And to think I was going to stay home tonight to watch TV,” said Jimmy shyly.”That would have been the major fuck up of my life!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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