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Jenny thank you for giving me the confidence to try this again.


I will never forget that night. I worked at a pool hall in my home town for about 3 years. During that time I met a lot of interesting people, including one of my dear friends Persia. She used to come in all the time and play the touch video game machine for hours. During those long ours we developed a friendship through conversations about everything from work to my boss, religion to politics. We didn’t always agree with the others perspective, but that tie we had would never severe.

There was something so unique about her. Although her family was rich, and she clearly benefitted from it, she treated everyone the same. Even though her religion didn’t allow her to socialize with those outside of it she still treated everyone with respect and that alluring smile she would flash that would melt even the hardest of hearts. She was almost as tall as me at 5 foot 7 and was slender. She never wore real tight clothes but I suspected that under all those loose clothes hid a well maintained body. Her hair was dark as midnight that somehow darkly highlighted her olive skin. It must be obvious by now that over the course of 3 years I had fallen for her.

The thing I couldn’t get around was how she would ever end up with a guy like me. First off I’m not hot by any stretch of the imagination. I’m 5’8″ and about 250. Of that 250 around 190 of it isn’t muscle. My hair is slightly balding and dirty blonde. I do have a goatee that kind of balances it all out. I have never had a fashion sense to speak of. Most importantly I’m a Christian, she was a Muslim.

It never struck me as that much of a difference that we couldn’t be together. She never wore the traditional clothes of an Arab woman. Nor was she close to quiet. She had her opinions and she wasn’t shy about them. She told me what she was looking for was a doctor or someone one who was respectable.

So the chances I could catch this wonderful girl were small. However, I believed that what I lacked in looks I made up for in personality. We used to laugh and have such fun playing the video machine. She always came in on Sunday which was the slowest night of the week for me. Many times I would spend those evenings alone. It was so sad. I would have a good night if I saw ten people in an evening. So Persia’s visits were always welcome.

One night we were playing the video touch machine and it was a little old. We had done it so many times before. It was fun, but it had lost its edge.

“Why don’t I ever see you playing pool?” she asked me one night.

“Oh, I play but when you’re here id rather spend my time talking with you.” I responded.

“Well why don’t we play?” she suggested

“You and me?” I laughed “Sure why not.”

We got up and walked down the ramp way to the pool area. I started to rack up the balls in a normal 8-ball rack when she turned around and looked at me quizzically.

“You play 8-ball, not 9?”She smiled

“I can play either. Do you prefer 9?”

“Yes actually I do.”

“Ok, nine it is, but I have to warn you your going down.”

“Oh I am, am I?” she giggled back at me. “How about a wager then, if your man enough?”

“What kind of wager?” I asked her back with a cocky smile on my face.

” Oh I don’t know, ten dollars a game?” she offered as she chalked her cue

“Ten dollars? Are you sure about this? I would feel really bad about taking your money.”

“As you should, but that’s my wager.” She laughed and winked at me. “Do we have a wager?”

“Ok” I said reluctantly, and knowing full well I would never collect a cent from her. “We have a deal.”

“Good.” She smiled at me. ” I break.”

“Of course, ladies first.”

With that she bent over and broke with a force I never would have expected from her petite frame. The balls scattered all around the table. She giggled a little as she pocketed two balls. She stood up and eyed me deeply.

“Well that’s a good start.” She said to me in a half laugh.

She leveled herself down to take her next shot. Before I knew what happened she had ran the table. My mouth hung open as the shock of the situation ran over me. She stood up and blew the extra chalk off her cue.

“Well that was lucky huh?” she teased.

“Yea real lucky. Let’s go again. This time I break.”

“I’ll rack for you.” And she began the process of racking the balls bahis şirketleri in there diamond shape.

I winked at her and broke. I ran most of the balls leaving three balls on the table. She missed the eight and I cleaned up the last two to tie the series.

“Want to go again?” I asked her.

“I can’t tonight, but how about we pick up here next week?”

“Sure” I replied.

And so we continued our series for the next year. No one ever collected money but we did keep a tally. It went back and forth for quite some time. I always looked forward to seeing her and having our weekly match. She always showed up rain or shine. Every Sunday, same time every week. We always had such a good time.

One day she came in. As always my heart skipped a beat. This week felt different somehow. She had kind of lost her smile. Her emerald eyes didn’t sparkle as much as they usually did.

“Hey Persia. How’s your week been?” I asked to try and start our usual banter.

“It’s been a bad one.” She said as she slumped in her usual chair in front of the video machine. I grabbed her usual drink and slid it to her as I sat beside her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“I’m not sure I want to talk about the whole in’s and out’s of it.” She paused I could tell my friend was very troubled. I truly wanted to help her, wanted to be there for her.

“Bluntly put, I am moving to Dubai, it’s not what I want but it’s going to happen.” She stated. There was no emotion in her voice. It was a complete shock to hear her like this. I always had known her to be extreamly chipper, and bright. She was clearly down and I couldn’t figure out how to help her.

She sat there looking at the machine without moving for a very long time. She was quiet and this concerned me. I just looked at my beautiful friend and my heart was breaking.

“When do you leave?” I asked her

“Next Tuesday. I will be able to stop and see you next week. Then it’s off to Dubai.”

“We will then make the most of our next two matches.” I said as I put my arm around her to pull her in for a hug. This had been the first time in a year I had ever touched her outside of a handshake or a high five. She allowed me to pull her in for a few seconds and then she sat up.

“Let’s play you turkey.” She laughed out of nowhere. She won all seven of our games and ran her total up to one hundred twenty five dollars on me. When she left that night I felt a little empty and knew I had to do something for her to make our last match special.

She came in true to form that next Sunday. Before she sat down she looked at me very dubiously.

“What’s this?” she asked me pointing to the long box that was wrapped and sitting in her chair.

“Why don’t you open it and find out.” I smirked back at her. I was thankful that once again we were all alone. As she opened it I was smiling at her. She gave me a sideways glance and a slight smile. she was skeptical I could tell but there was a hint of excitement.

“OH my,” she gasped as she pulled out a green marble finished pool cue.

“What is this for?” she asked me with a lightness in her voice.

“Well the color reminded me of your eyes, and I love you eyes so I thought maybe you would appreciate a reminder of our Sundays together.”

“I love it. Thank you so much. I will cherish it forever my friend.” She said with that touch of sadness and gratitude one has when they receive a precious gift.

“That was the idea. I want to show you something else, if you’re willing.”

“Ok?” she was defiantly hesitant.

“I hope it will take your breath away and I promise I won’t put you in any danger.” I offered my hand to her.

She looked at me for a very long time before she put her hand in mine. I quickly locked the door to the bar and led her up the two flights of stairs to the store house above the bar. One quick climb of the indoor ladder and we were on the roof of the building. From there you could see the city for the beautiful town that it is. The lights dancing off the river waves as it flowed gently downstream. How the stars seemed even brighter than before. The buildings didn’t seem to obstruct the view enough that you could see parks and many others aspects of the city that by themselves were ordinary but as part of the whole canvas made the beauty of this town really stand out. I wasn’t the only one who noticed all of this as well.

“Oh Steve, what bahis firmaları an amazing sight this is. I would never have imagined that it would be so beautiful up here.” She looked around the roof top at all the things we were able to see. “This is incredible.”

We wondered around the roof and just looked at the sights for a while. She saw a big commercial satellite dish and sat inside of it. She kept taking in the sights around us. Finally she looked up at me.

“Thank you for this as well. You are incredibly thoughtful.”

“Well you mean a lot to me.” I responded.

In that moment something changed. She stood up and looked at me. I could feel the moment I had dreamt about for a year about to happen. She gently took my hand and stood there looking at me. I decided it was now or never. I leaned forward and touched my lips to hers very softly. It took a second but she responded. Her hand gripped mine a little tighter as she melted into the kiss. Is started as just a simple touch then grew to where my arms had come up to pull her closer. Her lips parted a little and took that to mean that she wanted to go a little farther.

The first time our tongues met it sent goose bumps all over me. It started soft and sweet. After a few licks the tension rose. My hands slid up and down her back. Her arms circled my neck. The passion of the kiss kept rising. At some point during the kiss, my hands were sliding down her back and coming back up, when her shirt lifted just enough for my hand to make contact with her skin. She moaned a little into my mouth. I then got a little bolder and slid my hands under her shirt.

Her skin felt like warm silk. It was moist and smooth and everything I had ever dreamed of. A fire of desire was lit in me that couldn’t be quenched. I wanted her like I had never wanted anyone. I ran my hands up and down her spine a few times. I was caught off guard when I felt her hands on my hips and moved to the front of my shirt. I took a chance and slid my hands around to her belly, and attempted to open her buttons. I expected resistance and her hands came to mine.

“Be careful.” She whispered in my mouth. “I don’t want to lose a button.” With that she helped me loosen her shirt. When it was open I looked at her. I studied her physique, or at least what I could see of it. Her shirt was open enough to see her belly was flat and I had already felt the firmness of it. Her breasts were hidden but i could tell they had a nice shape to them. As I was looking her over she had begun opening my shirt. I kissed her again deeply. As the kiss began to progress I felt her hands on my belt. In seconds she had it open. He hands brushed against my belly as she opened my jeans. As she pulled down my zipper she sat back into the satellite dish. It put her face at my belly. She leaned over and kissed my belly. She nibbled a little and then started to kiss and lick her way to my now raging cock.

“I want you to cum before we get to the main event.” She breathed to me. She looked me in the eyes and winked. Then she leaned forward and kissed the head of my manhood. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as she lowered her mouth to kiss the tip. I watched as she kissed it a few times then slid her tongue out and started to lick me. I gasped when her velvety mouth took me into it. She started really slow, almost savoring what I was giving her. She took her time. We were in no hurry and I loved every second of it. She’d bob a few times, pop me out of her mouth lick the underside, and then start to suck on me again. This went on for a few minutes. Then she slid me in her mouth and wrapped her hand around my shaft. She started to bob again taking me deeper than I had ever been before and the same time using her hand for extra stimulation. I couldn’t take much of that. It was only a few minutes and I felt an orgasm building.

“Persia, Persia” I desperately whispered. She hummed back some reply but picked up her pace. Soon my hand shot out and gripped her hair. It was purely instinct and not meant to be disrespectful. But I couldn’t help it. I released my seed deep into her mouth. She just kept bobbing and swallowing me. The earth seemed to shake at that moment. My eyes clamped shut; the energy of my being was emptied into her. Girls don’t realize how deep of and cum it is when you cum in her mouth. It truly is an amazing feeling and completely selfless kaçak bahis siteleri on her part. I stood the panting for a few seconds. Once I was under control I looked at her.

“Wow” was all I could manage.

She stood up and looked at me. She softly kissed me.

“Now why you recover, why don’t you explore me?” with that she slid her shirt off her shoulders and placed it in the dish. I looked at her and the hunger grew. I kissed her deeply a few times. Then I moved to her neck. It was longer than I thought and she was delicious. I kissed and sucked my way from her neck to her collar bone to the shoulder. I pulled her as close to me as I could. I kept kissing my way back to her neck as I undid her bra. It floated to the ground. As it did I kissed my way down her chest. I found her breast. The nipple was hard, but her skin was creamy and the texture clashed in such a way it was so exciting. Her breast was the size of a small orange and very firm. I licked and sucked on them for what seemed an hour she put her hands on the back of my head and strung her fingers through my hair. I wanted more of her so I started to kiss my way down her abdomen. I bit her a few times and stopped at her navel. I explored it with my tongue licking the top part as it was her clit. I then moved to her bottom part of the navel and sucked on it a little as my hands worked on her jeans. Soon the button let go, the zipper slid down and I felt her heat immediately. I wanted to savor this moment for as long as I could. I already felt myself getting hard but I refused to deny m myself the pleasure of tasting her honey. Her jeans slid down with both of our help. Her panties went with them so I was eye level with her well groomed but not bare crotch. I ran my fingers through her dark patch of hair. It was so soft and silky. I leaned forward as she leaned back into the dish. I saw her open up and I took advantage. I lightly licked her clit. I kissed her lips, sucked on them a little, and slid a finger into her. I turned my finger so I could find her pelvic bone, looking for the sponge like gland that will send her to the ultimate ecstasy. I found it and placed my mouth on her clit. She was wet and very excited. She moaned and her hips moved with my movement of my finger. I could feel her about to cum, so I pulled it out and just kissed her thighs for a while. I wanted to build this for a while. After she calmed down I slid my finger back into her and went back to her clit. I get this rhythm for a few times. Finally it was time to let her cum. I moved my finger quickly over her gland and sucked on her clit. Her hands ran though my hair pulling my face against her clit as she ground her hips against my lips. I felt her shudder and she let out an animalistic cry that made me swell with pride.

As her breathing calmed I watched her. Her eyes were closed for a while, she basked in the feeling and she was beautiful. She laid there for a while then looked at me with a hungry stare. No words were needed. She reached up to me, I feel to her. She reached between us and positioned me to enter her. I’m not sure why what happened next happened but I looked at her deep in the eyes.

“I love you” I whispered.

“I know” she whispered back. With that she pushed her hips against me taking me into her body. I slid in very easily and it was heaven. She was very wet and hot. It felt like velvet being in her. She met my thrust with her thrust. She reached up and kissed me as our bodies danced together. She clung to me with her nails digging into my back. Her lips moved from my mouth to my neck. The feelings I felt on that night with her ran though me deeper than any river ever could.

I felt her start to shudder again, and that feeling forced me to the edge. I came hard and deep inside of her. That climax peaked moments before she did. We collapsed into the dish together panting, and sweaty. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her. I rolled over and kissed her lightly on the lips. We laid there for a long time just kissing and looking at the stars.

She stood up and looked down at me. I started to say something but she stopped me. Nothing needed to be said. Nothing could be said that she wanted to hear. We had a night of passion, and that is exactly what it was. Nothing more. She left for Dubai, and took a chunk of me with her. I’m sure I will never see her again, but isn’t that the beauty of life. Growing form those who have touched your life in some profound way. Loving and losing so you can grow more. Well Persia where ever you are, I hope that you are happy and life is treating you well. As for me I’m alright as far as I can tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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