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My name is Officer Cory Ryan. I’m a deputy sheriff with the county. I’ve been a deputy five years now, and at 28 I’m looking at a promotion next year. Two years ago I worked the graveyard shift. I drove all over the county not doing much but listening to music and the police calls from other departments.

Everybody hears the stories about all the stuff cops see. Some of the stories are pretty good, some are just damn weird. This time it was my turn to have the story. A story I couldn’t tell anyone in the department and keep my job.

This is farm country, so the houses are far apart and lots of open land. Most nights all I saw were a few deer wandering around, maybe a raccoon or two. Not much goes on out here. Every now and then one of the locals gets drunk on Friday or Saturday night. Then he and his Old Lady get to fighting. But by the time I get there the fight is generally over and he’s passed out till morning.

I was patrolling as usual out east of a small community. I drove past an open lot and caught sight of something. My brain said it was a human lying on the ground, but that didn’t make sense, no one lived out here. I stopped the patrol car and backed up to get another look. Shining the spotlight where I saw something I got a real surprise.

There in the middle of this pasture was a woman lying on a blanket naked. A lot of things went through my mind and I played out every conceivable one. Or so I thought. I radioed in that I had something suspicious to investigate. As I got out of the car, I turned on the flashlight and cautiously walked across the field. I was not looking forward to finding a corpse.

The flashlight beam lit up every part of the woman, those bare legs slightly apart, dark hair between them, slightly round belly and nice size tits with erect nipples. Her hands were under her head, and she had soft curls of red hair.

I moved to her side to check and see if she was alive. I heard her sigh.

“Turn that damn flashlight off!” she said. Without thinking I turned off the flashlight, only the faint moonlight shone on us.

I introduced myself. She slowly turned her head and gave me the once over from head to toe. Then closed her eyes again. I heard her chuckle.

“Are you alright, ma’am?” I asked.

“I’m just fine, Officer Ryan, just fine. Now go away.” Was the response I got.

I cleared my throat and tried again. “Ma’am, please wrap the blanket around you and go back to your house.” I was in my best cop stance – feet apart, one hand on my weapon and the other on my utility belt.

Without missing a beat she said,” I’m not the one looking for trouble. But if you continue to stand there like that you’ll be sexually assaulted.”

I have to say that I was stunned. My cop brain was trying to decide if it was a threat or a promise. If this woman had a weapon I couldn’t imagine where she was hiding it, I could see üsküdar escort every part of her. Every curve, every place I’d like to touch or lick. Damn, I better get my head back into the game.

Once again I repeated my request, “Ma’am, please wrap the blanket around yourself and go back to your home.” But I added my own threat, “or I’ll have to call for backup and you could go to jail tonight.”

She laughed, and then slowly sat up. She moved like smoke on water, slow, easy and deliberate; in other words: sexy. She sat in front of me legs crossed showing that nice patch of dark hair between her legs. I was thinking if the moon was brighter, or I turned on the flashlight I’d see those pink pussy lips peeking out from it. Her tits were nice, full and round with sweet looking thumb size nipples. The cool night air had them erect. My attention was wavering from between her legs to those tits. I swear I could smell her.

We locked eyes and I knew I had been found out. She grinned.

“Do you want to handcuff me, Officer Ry-an?” That mocking lilt struck a nerve. And she knew it.

“Not if I don’t have to, Ma’am”. She knew I was lying; I wanted to cuff her and stuff her.

The next thing I knew she was on her knees, arms outstretched and wrists together. Pushing those round tits up and out, the nipples pointing right at me. Daring me to handcuff her.

My radio crackled and the dispatcher asked if I needed back up. I responded that I had no problem and would be returning to patrol all that was out here was deer.

“Come on Ryan, do it. You know you want to.” She was almost whispering. “Put my hands behind my back so that all I can use on you is my tongue. I know you want to, that isn’t a back up weapon I see pushing against those pants. “

Shit, I had been caught. Not with my pants down. But with a hard on. My training screamed in my head to get out of there. But my stiff dick was looking at a golden opportunity. I wanted her mouth around my dick. I would have bet anything she knew how to suck cock until the universe exploded in cum.

Without further thought, I reached around and took the handcuffs from my belt.

“Place your hands behind your head and lock your fingers. Please.” I wouldn’t have been that polite with a perp. But if we were going to play the game I was going to play it full out.

As I moved behind her, I looked over her shoulder at the round tits below me, each one high and swaying with the movement of her hands over her head. I didn’t want that picture to end, so I took my time. I took her wrist and pulled it behind her, then fastened the cuffs. By the time I got the other wrist cuffed I was in a world of hurt.

Following protocol, I searched for a weapon. Reaching over her shoulder my hands dug into her tits and I squeezed hard. Then I tugged on those beautiful nipples. She tuzla escort sighed. I worked my way down her body, palms stroking along the curves of her ribs and her soft belly. Then I moved to the side and slipped my hand between her legs. Her sex was wet and hot. I explored every fold and slipped my hand lower. She laid back and opened her legs. My fingers went into her cunt and massaged her clit until her back arched with the pleasure of it.

I finished my pat down and stood in front of her knowing that she could charge me with sexual assault and confinement. I’d lose everything I ever worked for. But I was going for broke. I took the baton from my belt and snapped it open. The sound alone was startling to hear, but the image of that 26 inch steel baton unfolding was impressive. I tapped the inside of her thigh signaling her to spread her legs wider. Then I used the tip of the baton to draw a line from her ass to her clit. With her hands behind her back, she couldn’t do much to get away from it, but she obviously didn’t want to either.

I used the baton to tap her clit and rub her cunt. She was wiggling like a fish on a line. The slender end of the baton slipped along her cunt and would dip inside of her just a little bit. When I had played enough to see the wet baton in the moonlight, I held the end of it to her mouth.

“Look what you’ve done”, I said, “You’ve gotten my baton messy. You had better make this right. Lick it clean.”

She grinned a wicked smile and her tongue very thoroughly licked the baton. My own baton was aching to feel that tongue. I dropped the steel baton to the grass. Slowly I unbuckled my utility belt and let firearm and belt drop to the ground. Somewhere in my sex driven brain I knew it would be a costly mistake if she went for the weapon. However, I was willing to risk it.

I unzipped my pants and let them drop. Out came the biggest hard on I ever had. She sat up and had a look on her face I’d seen on cougars, a hungry look of a predator wanting prey.

She took a deep breath, made some little sound and moved in for a long lick. Her tongue went from my balls to the tip in the lightest touch I ever felt, and my dick must have liked it because it jumped. She started swirling her tongue on the end and after several full licks took my entire cock into her mouth. Warm, wet, and sucking like a baby on its momma’s titty.

I dug my hands into her hair and held her head against me. I did not want this to end, but it wasn’t long before I felt the cum rising and the need to fuck her mouth build. Then all of a sudden she stopped and pulled away from me. In my sex fuzzed brain I thought she was going to leave me hanging at that minute. Didn’t matter, I’d jerk off and get the release, but the blowjob felt so good.

She stood up, turned around and pressed her bare ass against me. Oh, this was pendik escort too good to be true! I slipped into that hot pussy and was pounding on her like there was no tomorrow. It was warm, wet and soft as silk. She ground her hips against me and was trying to spread her ass cheeks farther apart so I could go deeper.

There was only one thing to do, and being a man of action, I did it. I grabbed her arms and put her on the ground face down, ass up in the air and buried my dick all the way to my balls in her wet hot cunt. If there had been a house near us we would have woke the neighbors.

Between my grunts and her moans we must have scared the wildlife for a mile around. It was what we call ‘hot pig sex’ that inhuman action of solid fucking and grunts. It wasn’t long before the hardest orgasm I’d ever had made me stop breathing for a few seconds. It was fireworks and Roman candles rolled into one explosive moment. I filled her to over flowing, and she collapsed with me on top of her.

I tried to get up, but I was so weak I wasn’t sure I could stand. On my knees I realized that she hadn’t moved once we fell. A wave of fear swept over me. How the hell was I going to explain this? About the time I was trying to sort it all out she rolled over.

“If you would please, Officer Ryan, uncuff me. ” There was a smile on her face, that unmistakable look of sexual satisfaction. I tucked my still wet but limp tired dick into my pants zipping them as I reached for my belt and weapon

I was shaking like a rookie on his first arrest. It wasn’t from nerves, but exhaustion. It took me a good minute to find the key to the cuffs. I removed the cuffs and helped her to stand up. She was as unsteady on her feet as I was. The juice of our fucking made her legs shine in the moonlight. The smell of it floated in the air. Reaching for the blanket I said once again, “Ma’am, wrap this around you and go home.”

She took the blanket, tossed it over her shoulder. She gave me one last look and said,” Yes Officer, I appreciate all you’ve done. Thank you, it was,” she paused,”entertaining. Have a good night.”

Being raised to be polite I replied,” Thank you Ma’am. I certainly appreciate the show of support you’ve given me. “

I watched as she wobbled a bit as she walked through a stand of trees at the side of the field. I made a slow walk back to the cruiser. I had to admit it was the best patrol I ever had. And I made sure to patrol that area every night. But I never saw her again.

A few months later I had the opportunity to move to the day shift. One morning on Roll Call I saw a group of the rookies standing talking quietly in the corner. One glanced at me grinned and nudged the guy next to him. They all turned to look at me.

“Hey, Ryan, did you ever have anything unusual happen to you out east of town?”

Damn. I put on my best cop face and shook my head no. I turned to walk away then stopped, glanced over my shoulder. They were still staring at me. They knew. I just smiled and said,” All I ever saw was a very friendly deer” and kept walking.

I have often wondered if one of them met up with the redhead in the field. If so I hope he was as lucky as I was that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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