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Read part 1-3 written in a series

Nigel had done an excellent job of training Ali. Most 19 year old women would feel guilty having sex with their siblings. All she felt was the pleasure of having his hard cock fucking her tight pussy. She wanted him to be inside her again. But the next time she wanted him to shoot his hot cum inside her tight pussy.

In the first few months of Ali’s training she would question Nigel about where the line should be drawn in-between right and wrong (when it came to her sexual feelings). His response to her query was” There will never be a line drawn separating the two. Only pleasure would be given or received. Never should there be any feelings of doubt. You will be free to feel and discover the joys of letting go of all that was taught to you about right and wrong by your parents or your priest.”

“You were placed on earth to pleasure men in any way they desire. You are their toy to enjoy. The source of all your pleasure will come from submitting to their advances and pleasing them .Sometimes we need to try new things because they feel good and not question if its the right thing to do.” he concluded.

Ali had lost track of how many men had actually used her for their pleasure that first year of college.

Nigel kept her very busy pleasing his inner circle of friends. Most nights during the week it was only Nigel and his brother in-law(Ted). On the weekends, she often didn’t know who was doing what to her. Nigel loved to blind fold her and tie her to a bench or a bed and have 20 men take their turns on her young body . She would learn the truth about these parties a few years later . All those men where not Nigel’s friends. He was selling her pussy and profiting greatly from these gang bang parties. Most of the men where wealthy business men who where more then willing to pay the $1000.00 for a chance to sample the young beauties flesh.

Nigel had given Ali a cell phone so he could call her and give her instructions of where and when to meet him. He very rarely spoke to her in person on campus .He had to be very cautious because his job was always on the line . No college would kindly on a professor having sex with his students.

When Ali opened the door to her bedroom she could hear the ring of that cell phone.

“Hello my pet” Nigel said ” How is your first day at home going?”

“It is going just as you planned.” Ali replied

“I let my brother see me masturbating and then I got him to fuck me in the barn. Just as you instructed me to do.”

“Good girl.” Nigel said “Now you are ready for part two of my plan.”

“Meet me at the Goodhue city park at 5:00 this afternoon. I want you to pick up Jen and take her home with you. Tell your family she is a friend from college, that her car broke down and she will be spending the weekend with you.”

Ali hung up the phone and went downs stairs to tell her Mom about driving to town to get Jen.

“My friend Jenny was traveling home from school and her car broke down in Goodhue.” Ali told her mother. “The mechanic told it would not be done until Monday so I ask her to stay with us for the weekend.”

“Take the crewcab pickup .” Jean Shanhan told her daughter. ” That way you can get all her things from her car so the mechanics won’t be going through her bags .”

Ali went back up stairs and slipped on a thin yellow sun dress. She never wore a bra in the summer and her dark nipples shown through. She also knew Nigel would want instant access to her teenage pussy so she didn’t bother putting on and panties to get in the way.

As she made her way down the gravel township road to the main highway she could feel the warmth of her juices running down her leg from her hot cunt. She parted her legs and reached down to gently rock the ring in her clit hood back and forth. She knew her pussy had to be wet and ready for her master.

What did Nigel have planned for her she wondered? Was he planning on fucking her right in her home town? Why did he want Jen to spend the weekend? Did he want Jen to fuck my brother too?

The thought of Jen and her in a threesome with her younger brother would be so naughty and so exciting. She stopped teasing her clit when she was just short of cumming. Because pendik escort bayan she knew that she didn’t have permission to cum yet. Master Nigel would tell her when it was her time.

Ali saw Nigel’s car in the city park under a big oak tree.

The ton crewcab Ford was a lot higher up in the air then Nigel’s car so Ali could Jen naked on her knees sucking on Nigel’s cock as she pulled into the parking space beside them.

Nigel motioned for Ali to get out and to go the front of the car. He opened the door and stepped out to joined her. His hard cock was poking out the front of his pants . He firmly push her on back on the hood of the car. Ali parted her legs to give her master the access he desire to service her young cunt. He could see the pink lips part and the wetness inside.

Nigel did not say a word to his love slave. He didn’t need to. He just placed his cock on her wet pussy lips and pushed the length inside her young body in short but powerful strokes.

Jen made her way onto the hood of the car and placed her pussy directly over Ali’s beautiful face. She was offering a taste of her dripping pussy to Ali’s tongue. Something Ali could never resist. She loved the sweet taste of Jen’s love juices.

Ali was bucking her hips up and down to match Nigel thrust for thrust as she tried to lick Jens pussy dry of her juices. Jen lips were so very hot and swollen. As Jen came she shot out a stream of fluid that cover the teenagers face and filled Ali’s nostrils with the scent her cum.

Nigel loved to see his slaves eat pussy as he fucked one or the other. He was now pounding Ali’s tight pussy hard as he twisted her nipples hard through the thin cloth of her dress. He could feel the cum boiling up in his balls.

He leaned down and said his first words of the day to Ali.” Are you ready for my seed my little farmer girl. I am going to plant it deep inside of you hoping it will grow into something just as beautiful as you.”

With that Ali could feel his cock pulse as he now had her tits in a vice like grip. He shot stream after stream of his fertile cum into her unprotected pussy. He had instructed her that she was not allowed to use any form of birth control over her summer vacation. He wanted to see her get bred and become heavy with child. He had always wanted a milking slave and Ali was to be his first.

As soon as Nigel had pulled his now soften cock out of his favorite fuck toy . Jen was on her knees licking the mixture of his cum and Ali’s off his cock and balls.

Nigel then noticed two teenage were watching them from the other side of the park.

“We are being watching.” Nigel told the girls” I hope the locals liked the free show.”

He pushed Jen away without saying another word. Nigel went to the car and threw Jen’s bags out on the ground and quickly drove away.

Ali quickly pulled her dress back down and got Jen’s bags and threw them in the back seat of the pickup.

“Oh my god” Ali said to Jen (as she started the pickup so she could drive away) “That was my old high school boyfriend and his older brother watching us.”

” I never want my family to know I am older mans sex slave.” Ali confessed to Jen

“We have to go over there and talk to those two and try to convince them it would be in their best interest not to tell anyone about what they just saw .”Ali said to Jen

Jim and Bob Forsyth were smiling ear to ear as Ali pulled up next to Jims old Trans Am in her Daddy’s big white truck. Jim walked over and leaned in the open window to talk to his old highschool sweetheart.

“Quite a show you and your friends put on for us” Jim said to Ali.

Bob went around to the other side of the pick where Jen was sitting.( She was still very naked.)

“Who was the old guy that was fucking you.” Bob asked “And who is this beautiful naked friend of yours?”

“Just shut up you two hicks and get in.” Ali said to the brothers

They both opened the back doors of the crewcab pickup and crawled in.

They drove a short distance to an old abandoned farm. The house was a wreck but the hip roof barn was still standing strong and was a popular sight of many high school keg şirinevler escort bayan parties.

Ali pulled up behind the barn and parked the truck.(knowing from past experiences that it would not be seen from anyone passing by the farm on the old township road.)

“What do I have do to buy your silence.” Ali asked Jim and Bob

“I think you know what we want Ali.” Jim replied

“lets go inside the barn so Bob and I can fuck both of you.”

In the center of the main barn was an old couch and a couple beat up chairs.

“Remember that couch Ali?” Jim asked “That’s where I popped your cherry after the senior prom.”

“Yes I remember. “Ali replied (How could she forget that night. Ali thought to her self. Jim’s cock was the biggest that ever she had ever had . It was 9 inches long and as thick as her wrist.

“Just tell us what you want us to do.” Ali said to the brothers.

“First , We want a replay of you eating your friends pussy. Then Bob and I are going to fuck you both until we can’t get hard-ons anymore.” Jim said back to her.

Jen never said a word. She just undone the zipper on the back of Ali’s dress . Ali let it slide off her shoulders and down to a pile on the ground .

The two girls made their way to the couch and Jen laid down with one leg on the floor and the other on the back of the old couch. That gave the brothers a clear view of her pierced and shaven pussy. Ali knelt down on the ground and lowered her mouth to her friends wet hole. She started by licking all around Jens pussy making sure she missed the clit. Her hands both were moving up and down Jens firm belly right up to .But not quite high enough to squeeze her firm tits. Ali part her legs as she arched her ass up high so Jim and Bob could see her tight asshole and the dripping wet cunt that lay just below.

As Ali ate her pussy with great desire Jen looked over to see that Jim and Bob where both naked a few feet away. They were both young and in great shape. If a person only looked at their cocks they could have been twins both 9 and hard as steel.

Ali slowly started fucking Jens hole with her tongue making the blonde arch her back and moan.

Ali felt two sets of hands running over her ass cheeks spreading them wide so they could get a better look at the tight rosebud.

“This is something new Ali “Jim said” AS he gently pulled on the golden ring in clit hood Ali moaned softly. “I see your friend is also pierced. Is that some big city college thing( to get your pussy pierced)?”

“I also see that your old friend left a little mess behind and its still leaking out of your twat.” Jim said to Ali as he pulled out the lips of her tight pussy to see her pink insides.

“Enough licking pussy Ali” Jim barked. “Have your friend clean that cum out of your hole so I can fuck you .”

Jen did not need to be told twice to clean up the masters mess. She lived to serve her master and part of her duties were to take care of Ali. She also could never satisfy her hunger for cum (male or female).She had Ali lean forward and put her arms on the couch as Jen got on her hands and knee’s on the dirt floor of that old barn Ali could feel Jens tongue clean the dry crust of Nigel’s cum off her pussy lips .Jen slide her tongue inside Ali’s fresh fucked hole and sucks out the white musky fluid from the teenagers vagina.

As Jen cleaned Ali’s young twat she could feel the tip of Bob’s thick cock parting her pussy lips . He lunged ahead just like a bull would fuck a cow in heat. He was in up to the nuts in one hard stoke. Jen arched her back so her hole was in line with this wonderful cock that Bob was fucking her with. Bob was young and like to fuck fast and hard. His balls were swinging wildly back and forth and they bumped into the rings that adored both side of Jens shaven cunt. He couldn’t stand the added pressure and he would soon be filling Ali’s friend with a country boys cum. With one last lunge he shot his

load deep inside Jens trembling hole.

“Well you fucking dork.” Ali said to Jim.” You going to just stand there yanking on your wiener.? Or are you going to plow my wet furrow like you used to.?

“You were şişli escort bayan never shy and always said what was on your mind Ali.” Jim said back ” I always loved and hated that about you.”

“Get on your knees on the couch bitch. You are in for the fuck of your life.”

Ali put her one hand back on her firm behind . Pulling her one ass cheek to the side so Jim could see inside her wet hole. Jim was

standing on the ground behind her slowly worked the tip of his cock up and down the length of her pussy. Teasing the young bitch with his rock hard cock. Ali would push her hips back when it was in-line with the her fuck hole. She wanted the cock so bad and Jim knew it. Ali moaned and complained to Jim ” Fuck me you cocksucker.”

Jim moved his cock up to her puckered asshole and slowly put more and more pressure on the dry hole.

“Damn you Jim. You can have my ass. But not until you fuck my pussy.” Ali said to Jim

Jim let out a laugh. He always liked the control he could get over Ali. Please her pussy a little and then she was game for anything he used to throw at her.

Jim gave Ali want she wanted and slide his thick cock in her tight hole. After fucking Nigel’s little cock Jim’s cock felt like telephone pole going in. He held her firmly and only let her have half. He loved to watch it go in and out of her teenage twat. He held her hips firm so she couldn’t push back. He knew she wanted to feel the tip hitting her cervix. Finally he pushed the rest of his cock inside so the tip bottomed out.

“Is that what you wanted whore?” Jim asked Ali

“Oh god yes Jim .” Ali moaned .” I am a whore for that wonder cock.”

“Please spank my ass as you fuck me and tell me what a naughty bitch I am”

. Ali begged

Jim pulled and spanked her hard until her pink bottom was the same color as the fire engine red hair on her head.

“He screamed at her and asked if she was a whore who let anyone fuck her. What kind of whore are you? Jim asked

“Yes, I am a whore, ready to please any man that wants me. I your whore that to punish and to fuck.” Ali said quietly back

Jim grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her off the couch and into breeding position on the dusty barn floor. Her head was down resting on her forearms. Her ass and pussy exposed and ready for his cock.

Jim moved behind her and pushed his cock inside Ali’s tight ass and fucked her hard. As he felt his balls tighten he pulled out and came on her back. Ali loved ass fucking it always made her cum twice as hard and this time was no exception.

“Ahhhhhhhh fuck ” Ali squealed as she felt the hard cum rock through her entire body. Her skin became covered with goose bumps and her thighs trembled.

“You are a whore Ali…….and you will be mine for the summer. “Jim said to his lover

“Your turn brother.” Jim said to Bob

After Bob and Jen had finished fucking Jen had gotten down to her knees in a submissive stance (On her knee’s hands behind her back)and cleaned his cock and balls. The cleaning and watching his brother fuck their cute neighbor girl in the ass made him hard and ready to fuck anything that couldn’t squirm away.

Bob moved behind Ali with his cock in his hand. She had not moved from where Jim had left her. She was quite a sight to Bob. Her beautiful ass was still gapping open and waiting for the next cock to fuck it. Her head was down and she was slowly rubbing on her clit as she now patiently waited for Jim’s younger brother to take her.

Bob hand her stand up and move to the end of the couch. He motioned for her to bend over and place her hands on the arm of the couch so he could fuck her from behind standing up.

“I want your pussy first to lube up my cock and then I want your ass. Bob said to her

Bob took Ali’s hips in his hands and lifted her off the ground and lowered her vise tight cunt down on his shaft. He fucked her with out mercy. She was like a rag doll on the end of his cock and on the up stroke he had so much power he was lifting her 5′ tall 100 pound body off the ground.

He had reached around with his hands and had her tit’s in a death grip. His thumbs were pulling on her nipples as if he was try to tear them off. The feeling of great pain he was inflicting on her tender tits and the pleasure of his brutal assault of her cunt drove Ali over the edge again. She was pushing her hips back ,fucking the cock with her hole. As she came her pussy clamped down hard on Bob’s cock. The pulsing was more then he could take and he too came and fill her twat with the second load of cum that the young girl had taken that day in her unprotected pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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