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Before I begin let me first thank those having already started reading the Nick Stud series and assure those in doubt that I am indeed Nick’s originator. For those of you unfamiliar with him let me now welcome you in the hopes you will derive enjoyment. This was the first writing of Nick Stud and has never been posted. I thought some of you might like to read of his beginning. Oh yeah, keep them cards and letters coming folks. Nick loves reading them.

* * * * *

Case of the Seductive Woman

I’m sitting behind my desk, feet propped on the top cleaning my nails when SHE walked in, kind of smooth like silk. It had been a slow week and she brightened an otherwise dull day. I give her the eye, you know, looked her up and down. Nice legs, or what could be seen peeking from the hem of her calf length dress.

I guess I should say more about said dress. It was one of those with buttons starting at the neck just below her chin and running all the way down the front to the hem. Bright red, it was, with each button of a golden color, shiny like. Maybe the buttons holes were worn out, or maybe something else, I don’t know, but most of them didn’t find their way into the holes cut for them. Looking at her legs I saw quite a bit of one since so many buttons were left undone up to mid-thigh and was it shapely with obvious firmness.

My eyes drifted up and took in her slim waist as it was actually pinched by the overly snugness of her dress. Further up was more evidence of the button hole problem, holes with no buttons half way to her waist. You got it, there was more than cotton stuffed inside making it stand out so well from her chest as the open front exposed a lot of cleavage.

“Hi. I’m Monica.” Her voice was just as silky as her walk and deeply sultry.

“What say, Monica. I’m Nick Stud, but you can just call me Nick.”

“The sign on your door says you’re a private dick.”

“That’s private detective and I’m very private.”

“OK, Nick or should I say stud. You look like you might be one.”

“That’s my business. Now, lady, what can I do for you?”

Leaning over more than needed she pushed her behind out to sit in the chair in front of my desk. When I say more than needed I mean she gave me a real good look down the front of her almost buttoned dress. A little glimmer of light from the floor and I would have seen her belly button. Sitting she crossed her legs. Did I mention her legs yet? They went all the way from her buttocks to the floor and then some. Her legs crossed most of her one thigh was delightfully exposed. A real site if you know what I mean, one to conjure up sexual arousal like I was getting.

“I need protection, a body guard.”

“I don’t do personal protection. Too risky and the pay’s lousy.”

Monica got up and walked nervously around. She didn’t have far to walk since most broom closets are bigger than my office.

“I know I can’t pay much, but I’m sure the fringe benefits will more than make up the difference.”

Yeah the fringe bennys I thought to myself a smirk twitching the corners of my mouth as my eyebrows lifted. So I’m a dirty old man, but I knew what was coming next and sure enough it did.

“Benefits like this,” she said opening more of the buttons on top. Being the dress was so tight on her well endowed chest the top spread apart exposing much more of what was hidden inside.

“Yeah I know,” I commented. “And when you don’t get the reaction you expect more buttons get undone and you bare your chest and let me see your naked breasts. Been there before lady and that’s about as far as I’ve ever gotten. Now do us both a favor, squeeze yourself back inside your dress and scram. Like I said before, it risky and the pay’s lousy. Beat it, I’ve got real paying clients to worry about.”

There was a loud sniff and almost a tear from her eye as she lifted her head high, real snooty like, pulled the top of her dress into place and stomped out. She all but broke the glass in the door as it slammed shut.

A couple of weeks passed and I was real busy. Found a lost dog, snapped some pictures of a husband screwing his secretary. Then there was more pictures of his wife doing the milkman. Read tons of junk mail and manicured my nails to perfection. Yup, it was about as busy as I get.

The door opened and Monica was back only this time sporting a shiner on her left eye and was it a beauty.

“Doorknob?” I asked sarcastically.

“Ex-boy friend. He’s the reason I came here in the first place.”

She slumped in the same chair as before. In place of the sexy button down dress she wore a blouse and skirt, one of those billowy flowing things with lots of pleats. A lot of jiggling and bouncing took place inside her blouse making it obvious there was nothing between her and the material. Instead of crossing her legs she just let them drift apart. Yeah the hem was high and lots of leg showed along with a goodly portion of her chest. Did I mention the round bumps sticking out on her blouse? Well they sure did and not just a little bit not cihangir escort to mention the smaller bumps right in the centers.

“OK, you might have me convinced you need help, but why me? I don’t advertise personal protection.” I was getting interested and not in just her case.

“I like the name Nick and Stud made you sound tough. I like a tough man.”

“So I noticed,” pointing to the shiner.

“Not that kind of tough. I like a man that can take care of himself and treat me like a lady. Maybe I picked the wrong ‘dick’.

We talked more about her problem and I decided to take the case. I still wonder if her prompting had anything to do with my decision. It seemed the more we talked the more relaxed and friendly she became coming around behind me and rubbing my neck and shoulders. How did she know I was a sucker for such treatment? Some how my chair got turned sideways and she was running her hands over my shirt covered chest. It did feel good. Soon enough her hands drifted lower and I felt her rubbing my crotch.

“Better not do that,” I said lifting her hand away. “Never know what might come up,” but I knew it was to late. She couldn’t have helped but feel my growing arousal.

She pouted but went back to sit in the chair. Her legs crossed, the hem riding up letting me see even more thigh than before. Wow, I thought watching her hand slowly, teasingly stroke the exposed inner skin.

“Do you carry a gun?” she asked.

“Never leave home without my rod.”

“I know about your ‘rod’,” she smiled still rubbing her thigh. “I’ve already felt it and think it’s dangerous.” She uncrossed her legs, planted her feet firmly on the floor. The gap between her knees widened and her hand disappeared beneath the hem of her skirt.

“Yeah, I pack a gun, too.” I was feeling that old familiar stirring in my groin and knew she was more than getting to me. I was paying more and more attention when the door suddenly opened and in walked Alice, my part-time secretary. Part-time you ask? Hey, I just a small time operator and can’t afford full-time.

“Oh, sorry Nick. I didn’t know you had company.” Alice stared at Monica shooting daggers with her eyes.

Monica slid her hand from under her skirt and casually rubbed her fingers over her lips. I saw a hint of moisture on the tips as her tongue touched them.

“Yes a client if you don’t mind.” Monica glared right back at Alice, like who do you think your are, bitch?

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone,” Alice replied in huff and closed the door.

“Kind of bitchy. She always this rude?”

“Don’t mind her. We go back a long way and she tends to be protective. Kind of like a mother hen.”

“More like a jealous girlfriend I would say.”

“Jealous, maybe, but girlfriend no. We’ve dated a few times but nothing serious.”

“Sex?” She hand her hand under her skirt again not trying to hide what she was doing either.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but yes a few times.”

“That’s OK. I don’t mind. Matter of fact I like a woman now and again, too.” She pulled her hand out and boldly licked her now very wet fingers. “Mmmmm, I just love the taste of myself. Want some?” she asked holding out her fingers.

“I’m not hungry right now, maybe later.” Not hungry? Who was I kidding. I felt my tongue getting firm and crossing my legs was out of the question. I began to wonder if she might be part Chinese and an hour later I would want more.

“Maybe your secretary will warm up later. I wouldn’t mind a snack before getting down to some serious tube steak.”

Now she was really getting to me. Snacking, tube steak? Yeah, Alice was a fine figure of a woman and could always get my tube up, but Monica was making it grow into ‘steak’ proportions. I had to get things back on track and back to business, mainly her protection.

“Look, messing around with clients is bad for business and not professional,” I all but stammered tearing my eyes from her chest and looking into her eyes. “Let’s get back to the case. This ex-boyfriend, what’s he like?” I got serious chiding myself for letting things go so far.

“Oh, about like any other guy. Big, strong and mean.”

“How big and how mean?” I was getting nervous. This could mean real trouble for me. I’m not a coward mind you, but real big mean guys tend to wipe the floor with me and it hurts.

“Oh, about six foot six maybe two forty five. Broad shoulders, narrow hips and real mean when drunk.”

“I’ll have to make sure I’m not around when he’s drunk. Bad for my health.”

“Just show him your rod and he’ll back down. You can trust me on that,” she smiled.

“You do mean my gun don’t you?” I shuddered at the thought of whipping out my rod, waving it around and telling him to stick’em up.

Monica laughed at my joke and agreed with me. We discussed more about how to approach the problem and left it with going to the private club he frequented. It would look like a date and I would have to convince this bruiser çapa escort to leave her alone.

This being Thursday and we were to meet at her place Saturday night I had few days to figure out how to discourage this guy. My options were few with even less in the way of ideas. Only Saturday night would tell. Monica left a deposit before leaving my office with the promise of more to come. OK, I’m a sucker for a good looking dame with a sexy body. She left her number and address with Alice before leaving.

“You plan on boffing the bitch?” Alice sneered.

“Now Alice, is that any way to talk about a paying customer?” I inquired.

“Yeah I know she’s a paying customer but with what, her body? Honestly Nick, sometimes I think you’re nothing but a dirty old man that wants to grope and fondle any young thing that walks in the door.”

“Come on, Alice, don’t get jealous on me. Besides, isn’t that how we met?” I knew I struck a nerve as she grimaced then smiled.

“OK, you got me there, but what’s to be jealous of anyway. Did you know she tried to proposition me? When she came out she opened her blouse and flaunted her naked boobs.”

“Well, so far you’ve seen more of her than me,” I said trying to calm her down. “She did mention something about liking a woman at times. You should feel flattered, Alice. You are, after all, a very sexy woman.”

“Well, they really were nice breasts,” she finally admitted. “Not so big and heavy she would have to wear a bra and those nipples, yes those nipples.” Alice was getting a far away look in her eyes. I would have never suspected she might want to swing that way before.

“Alice,” I exclaimed in mock shock. “You and another woman? That I would have to see to believe.” I made a beeline back inside as she looked like she was going to throw something heavy.

Making sure the outer door was locked Alice came back shedding her clothes on the way. Moments later she was naked and pushing me to the sofa.

“It’s been way to long for us Nick,” she breathed letting me see her large heavy breasts heaving with each intake of air. “Not since that night in your car at lovers lane.”

I remembered that night on stake out. She had come along to keep me company, but the sight of all those young jocks hammering their girlfriends, well you know. The rest is history. Yup, we screwed our brains out.


Seven o’clock Saturday night and I was right on time. Monica’s apartment was one of those secure buildings where you had to buzz first and wait for and answer. I pushed the button and was immediately buzzed in the front door. Her apartment was on the ground floor. I hate stairs and there was no elevator.

I knocked on the door and it swung open. There she stood wearing a dress that went from the floor to her chin. It had a two way zipper in front. From the floor it was open to mid-thigh and her slightly crooked leg showing as part of the dress fell to the side. Down from her chin the zipper stopped just below the swelling of her ample breasts exposing lots of fleshy cleavage.

“Hello Nick. I’m glad you’re on time. Surprise, you don’t even have to wait, I’m ready anytime you are.”

I was tongue tied. She was ravishing. The dress cling to her body like a second skin showing her every curve and indentation. I walked inside and, finally able to speak, commented on the nice décor. When I turned, there she was, her arms suddenly around my neck giving me a lip lock while pressing her body to mine. Our tongues dueled as her hips ground hard to mine. The effect was immediate as my arousal grew. I pulled away and she pressed her hand to my crotch feeling what she had started.

“Mmmmm, nice Nick. I’m glad you remembered to bring your rod,” she cooed still rubbing me.

“Never leave home without it,” I gulped pulling further away. “Oh, yeah, brought my gun, too, just in case.” I opened my jacket and let her see the butt, the gun butt you perverts. “Let’s get going before something gets started we can’t finish,” I panted.

“I could finish it, but then we’d never make it to the club.” Her smile was wicked and sexy at the same time. Of course you’re right, we’d better go now. Maybe later we can ‘discuss’ your ‘growing’ problem.”

“Yeah, maybe later if I’m still alive,” I said wryly.

Half and hour later we casually walked into the club. She was a member and had no trouble getting inside. The booth was private in a dark secluded corner of the room. The cocktail waitress came to take our order. Did I just call her a waitress? Wow, what a babe!! She wore a skin tight leotard showing off her very long sexy legs. The top barely covered her overly large bust and standing so close to me almost poked out my eyes. Monica gave her the coldest look I’ve ever seen from a woman. Bluntly speaking if looks could kill that waitress would have been cold meat on the floor. After that she kept her distance from me.

We sat for about an hour drinking slowly, at least I was. Monica tossed down erenköy escort three very quickly before I cautioned her to take it easy. We waited for the ex-boyfriend all the while Monica kept moving closer and closer to me until she was almost a part of my jacket. Then he showed.

She pointed him out and I saw her description was all wrong as I turned spineless. This guy was at least ten feet tall and six ax handles wide at the shoulders with nothing for a neck. His jacket, a triple extra large, bulged with unseen muscles. The only thing about him she was right about was his narrow hips, but then what else would you expect. He immediately spotted Monica next to me. It only took him four steps to cover the twenty or so feet between us. He leaned over to within inches of her face.

“So, bitch, you found some wimp you think can take my place?” he growled.

“Yeah, ya big lunk,” she spit right back. He’s a real man, more than you’ll ever be. He know how to treat a lady. If you know what’s good for you you’ll leave me alone.”

She was certainly being brave as I began to shake with more than just fear. I wondered if I could make the front door before he caught me.

The big lunk, giant, turned to me snarling with bad teeth and even worse smelling breath.

“Hey, punk. Stay away from my woman or I’ll have to break you in half.”

Now I can be intimidated and he was doing just that. Scared, as describing how I was feeling, would have been a gross understatement. Had I not just come back from the restroom I would have wet my pants.

“I don’t like to be threatened, boy,” I replied using the toughest sounding voice I could muster, surprised it didn’t come out squeaking like the mouse I wanted to be. “Now go away before I have to get really tough.” In a flash my hand was filled with forty-five automatic aimed right between his running lights.

His eyes grew wide as they crossed looking down the barrel. Pulling back slowly so as not to make me more nervous than I already was he began to stammer.

“Yes sir. I see your point. Please forgive my rudeness. I sure don’t want any trouble,” he said still eyeballing the automatic.

I suddenly realized he was for real and truly scared, even more than me. We both saw the dark stain forming on the front of his pants as he peed himself. Leaning over I saw the puddle forming around his feet. For the first time that night I felt safe.

“Now that you’ve left your calling card like any dog, how about going away before I get angry and I know you don’t want to see me angry. Why I might just start shooting and not pay any attention to where I’m aiming,” my voice became menacing as the barrel lowered to his crotch.

This so called man, this giant hulk suddenly turned to Jell-O. I felt it was time to press home my advantage.

“You are to stay away from Monica. Should she feel the slightest bit threatened I’ll be looking for you,” I continued keep my gun aimed at his privates. “Just one word from her and you’re history. Should anything happen to her, even a real accident, you get the blame. Got it punk?”

“Whatever you say sir. Why not even a fly will bother her ever again. Fact is, I was just about to pass the word to leave her alone since she has a new boyfriend. You can trust me,” he said as his entire body shook with fear. “You have my word and life on it.”

“Before you go look under the table. I’ve got Monica’s hand between my legs and she’s really making me feel good.” I had taken her hand and pressed it to my crotch. Her fingers found my manhood as it quickly sprang to life. The hulk leaned to look and saw her slow gentle stroking of me from outside my pants.

“Yes sir. Looks real good. Ten?” he asked raising back up and still quite close.

“Nine and a half, but who’s measuring. Now I think it’s time you scram, but first.” In less than a heart beat I drew back the automatic and slashed it across his face the front sight furrowing a deep trench beneath his left eye and over his cheek.

His face reddened as the dark scowl grew menacing. At first I thought I had gone to far as my erection suddenly began to wilt. A hand quickly raised to cover the bleeding gash and I held my breath. Sure, I pack a forty-five, but with an empty magazine. Hey, bullets in a gun can be hazardous your health and I wasn’t going to let somebody shoot me with my own gun. How embarrassing that would be to read in the papers.

“You got it boss,” he just as quickly said. His huge form raised straight up towering over us. “Ms. Monica, should anybody give you trouble you know how to find me. It would be my pleasure to make sure they don’t bother you again.” Still holding the side of his face the monster slumped his shoulders and quietly left us alone.

It took me several minutes before my heart began pumping again and I could breath. In the meantime Monica kept stroking me and finally I became aware of her hand. I had gone from erect to all but limp and it was only her that kept me aroused.

It was time to get back to business as I removed her hand. She whimpered but didn’t fight it. Yeah, I’m human but felt it would look right for me to have an orgasm in the club with all the other folks around. I’m not a prude, mind you, but I do have some sense of modesty. We left and went back to my office. Why there I don’t know but it seemed right at the time.

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