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Sophia Perry strolls down the sidewalk, her shopping bags in hand. She was so very excited about the New Year’s Party. Being new in town and without a friend here, Sophia had accepted the invite from her neighbor.

Walking in her front door, she announced, “I’m home!” and within seconds, she was greeted by her cat, Nora. “Hey sweetie, did you miss me?” Nora answers by purring and rubbing her slender body against Sophia’s legs. Sophia picked her up and buried her face into the cat’s fur, enjoying the feline scent. “Come, sweetie. Help me get ready!”

Sophia turned on her player, and out belted a Miles Davis song. Listening to the timbre of the notes, she pulled out a bottle of red wine and poured herself a small glass. Sipping and then setting it down, she pulled her shirt over her head, showing a white lacy bra, with her size C breasts bursting from beneath. Swaying her hips to the sexy jazz music, she slipped off her jeans to reveal white matching panties. Taking her wine to the bathroom, she starts up the shower. Nora jumped away from the splash of water trickling on the floor. Sophia laughed.

In the shower, she let the hot water beat against her tense shoulders. She hadn’t had sex in four months. After she broke up with Benjamin, she moved to New Orleans for a new start. She could almost still smell his musky scent, feel his warm arms wrapped around her. Everything about him had been amazing. Her senses heightened, her nipples hardened. She remembered the last time they had sex.

She had slipped off her silky gown to show off her curvy figure. Slowly, she strolled to the bed, making every step dramatic. The candles flickered around the room as the sexy jazz music filled the air. He was in the bed, with his boxer briefs on. He hardened as he watched her approach.

Straddling him, she kissed his neck. Groaning, his arms slipped around her waist. She glided onto him and rode. After she convulsed onto him, she got off him and put her mouth on him, tasting her own juices. Slipping up and down his shaft, he quickly kaçak iddaa came in her mouth.

Back in the shower, Sophia could still taste him. Her hand stroked her clitoris, and she’s close to the brink. After taking her hand away, she tasted herself. She turned off the shower, walked naked to her bedroom, still glistening wet. She opened a drawer, and pulls out a toy. She turned on the vibrator and slipped it inside of her. The pulsing toy hits her spot again and again until she cums all over it.

Finished, she rinsed off her toy and realized she’s mostly dry from her shower. Nora peeks out from under the bed. “Oh, sweetie. I feel better now. At least I got that out of the way before the party. Lord knows I won’t meet anyone and just screw them right away.”

She finished getting ready and headed for the door. Sophia was beginning to get nervous. New place, new people. She went to the wine rack and grabbed an unopened bottle of chardonnay. Across the hall, she could hear the party getting started. At least she would be fashionably late.

Knocking loudly on the door, she wasn’t sure if she should let herself in or wait for someone to hear her. After standing for a few seconds, someone decided for her. “You can just go on in, you know.”

Sophia startled at the sound of the voice. She turned around to find herself face to face with a very good looking guy. His face was tanned, beneath his two-day old stubble. His smile was wide, but friendly. His brown hair was just a bit ruffled. “I’m Eric. Are you a friend of Natasha’s?”

“Oh, uhh, well,” she stammered. She felt like an idiot for feeling so flustered. Now all she has to do is look at a cute guy and she acts like this. She was hoping the party would go better than this. Finding her voice, she introduced herself. “I’m Sophia. I live right across the hall from Natasha. I just moved in last week.”

“Well, Sophia from across the hall. Very nice to meet you. And, may I say, great taste in a drink.” He pointed to her bottle of chardonnay. He reached over her, grazing kaçak bahis her breasts to open the door, Nirvana bursting into the hallway. Within seconds, he melted into the crowd of people, leaving Sophia to close the door and linger. For a brief moment, she thought about just scooting back across the hall and drinking her chardonnay alone.

“Sophia! I’m so glad you came!” Natalia moseyed her way to her, looking amazing as usual. Her black hair framed her pretty face in a pageboy cut, her bangs looking a bit chopped unevenly. Her make-up was done up quite dramatically, bringing out the deep green in her eyes. Natalia gave her a big hug, as if they were best friends for the longest time.

Sophia held up the chardonnay bottle and said, “I brought a little something for the party.”

“Great! Let’s open it and get started then!” Natalia grabbed the bottle from her and showed her to the kitchen. Pouring them both a drink, Natalia looked over Sophia’s head and smiled. “Eric, my baby, you made it.” She put her arm around him and gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. Sophia couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy.

Feeling like a third wheel, Sophia walked back into the living room, where the loud party goers were dancing with the beat of the music. Swinging her hips to the rhythm, she took in the crowd.

The fellow dancers were mostly dancing solo, just a woman/woman couple dancing together. Smoke and laughter filled the air, the lights beginning to dim around her. She closed her eyes and took in the moment, letting the beat of the music just take her away.

When she felt someone’s leg brush against hers, she opened her eyes. Some cute blond guy had approached her and started dancing with her. Laughing out loud, Sophia introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you. My name’s Tate. You’re a great dancer!”

Swaying and dancing to the music together, she and Tate danced for another two songs, until something slow came up. “Mother Nature calls,” she told him. “I’ll be right back.”

Down the hallway, she found illegal bahis all the doors closed. Realizing that it’s a mirror image of her own apartment, she went to the second door on the left. Opening it, she found her hostess and the cute brunette, Eric, going at it.

Natalia’s skirt was hiked up and she was leaning into the sink, with Eric, thrusting himself into her from behind. Her breasts had fallen out of the top of her shirt and were bouncing around. Sophia didn’t realize how big and beautiful they were. After a moment, Natalia and Eric realized they were being watched. Sophia turned to shut the door when she heard Natalia panting, “No…Uhh. Sophia. Come back”

Did she hear what she thought she heard? Sophia stood with the door partially open, Natalia’s jade eyes staring right into her own. Natalia smiled. “Come here,” she demanded. Eric stopped what he was doing and he faced Sophia. Shyly, she closed the door, staying inside the bathroom. Sophia walked to her, and Natalia cupped her face before kissing her. With tongues exploring, finding a rhythm, Sophia felt a familiar sensation between her legs. Her head began to spin as they backed up from the hot kiss.

Eric walked to Sophia and started to kiss on her neck. As he did that, Natalia was pulling on her jeans, taking them off. She felt Natalia’s mouth on her ass, kissing and licking it.

Sophia got on her knees in front of Eric and licked his head. He sucked in some air. Licking her lips, she put it all in her mouth. She felt Natalia right beside her. Together, side by side, they each took turns putting him in their mouths, gently rubbing his balls. Within minutes, he began to shudder, and Sophia wrapped her luscious lips around him. Sucking him nearly dry, she looked to Natalia and they shared his cum. Setting Sophia down on the toilet, Natalia licked her lips and began to stroke her with her tongue. Finding the clit, she lapped circles and then tongue-fucked her. Sophia could barely catch her breath as Natalia found her spots. With Natalia lashing at her clit, Sophia bucks around, barely containing an “Oh… my GOD!” As she came, Natalia sapped it up.

As Sophia put her jeans back on, Natalia told her, “Meet me in my bedroom in five. I’ll be waiting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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