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I have just moved from Intermediate to college and the new school I’m at is alright. The school I go to is an all boys school. No girls which is sad. I knew that life at an all boys school would be tough but I just have to accept what’s given to me.

Our school is very busy. There’s always teachers, students and substitutes walking around the hallways of my school. Through the experience of me being at this school I must say I have seen some great teachers in my time but this school was different.

All the teachers that attended my school were at least over 20 and were female staff. Most of these teachers were seen in my classes as they were my teachers. I knew that this school was the best for me by the time I got to meet and greet my teachers and this is the story:

It was my first day, students were walking around busy trying to find their classes and I was still trying to figure out my schedule. I kept on walking until I bumped into a teacher. I had apologised and bent down to pick up the stuff she had dropped and as I did I examined her.

She was wearing a red thin blouse and was also wearing tight black jeans. She had brown hair with highlights and was wearing black boots that stopped at her ankles. She had seen the way I presented myself and introduced herself to me.

“I am Ms. O’leary.” She said.

“Morning Miss.” I replied.

Later on I saw Ms. O’leary again in class and without hesitation scanned her up in down. She had the figure of time glass. She looked as though she was just under thirty. Her brown hair met to her shoulders and her black boots looked tight. What really appealed to me was her thick ass and big tits.

After class, the whole room flooded with emptiness as students fled the classroom all except for Ms O’leary. I insisted on her getting out the door first so I could stare at her gorgeous round cheeks and she thanked me but as we were about to exit through to the hallway we both got stuck into a queue. Apparently, the stairs appeared to be wrecked due to a couple of students jumping and screaming all over the staircase which turned into one massive parade on a small spot and crashed through the stairs so each student that was trying to get down had to descend one at a time and was supervised by a few teachers. It was going to take a while since everyone was lined up to get down.

I was lucky though as I had entertainment right in front of me. I continued to resume where I left off on checking Ms. O’leary’s fat ass. We were starting to become closer together as more students continued to enter the hallway. We kept moving in until her ass cheeks had made physical contact with my dick. The sensational feeling was outstanding. Her fat ass cheeks had touched my dick! I couldn’t believe the luck I was getting.

I experimented on this moment. I continued to push forward against her soft colossal ass trying to make her think that a long line of kids were rushing in line but no. It was my dick trying to feel her ass cheeks once more. She turned around and blushed, asking if I could step back. I apologised but continued to admire her figure.

All of a sudden, she had dropped her papers on the floor. And bent down to retrieve them. I couldn’t resist but giving her a push with my now solid cock. I thrusted inwards into her crack trying to make her think that the queue was pushing in once more. She didn’t move. I couldn’t believe it! I had just pumped my hard cock into her fat bubbly ass and she didn’t seem to care.

I left my dick inwards to her ass trying to see how long I can hold this Ataşehir Escort position for feeling the wonderful sensation of my cock between her ass cheeks while she was still trying to pick up her papers. She had kept moving her legs up and down so that in this was she was grinding her big soft ass onto my cock as she was getting her papers.

She did this for a long five minutes. Eveytime she stuck her ass in the sky, I would push her ass towards my dick and every time she lowered herself, I’d lower with her secretly grinding my lucky dick onto her big fat ass.

When she finally got back upwards, she pushed back getting her ass onto my lap. We remained in this position for a while. Knowing that she wasn’t holding back, I stealthy placed my hands onto both her ass cheeks feeling the soft round chunky texture of her ass yet she didn’t seem to care although she was trying to find some space for herself.

She then started to search for some free space so that she could move somewhere else but I wasn’t going to let this moment pass me. She kept on looking rotating her body, causing friction towards her rare end and my erection. I tried to rotate as well getting more of a feel on her butt but I don’t think she was enjoying me groping her ass.

But I think she started to feel used to it after five long minutes of me penetrating her beautiful round cheeks because she then started to move with me in rhythm. I couldnt believe her reaction.

After we were all helped down, I then started to follow Ms. O’leary seeing as we were both heading towards the same area. Her and I were heading towards the library. As we were walking I continued to mind her gorgeous fat ass cheeks swaying from left to right. I noticed she was holding her empty water bottle and there was a tap in front of us.

The tap was about the height of her waist down. She went to refill her water bottle while I stood and watched the scene. She stands far away from the tap just being able to reach the tap. When she bent down to fill her water bottle, her ass was sticking out at my face. I then started to feel my penis getting harder by the second as she continued to fill her water bottle. She was taunting at me.

When she had finished her task, she went off to the library and I followed. We entered the library and I saw Ms. O’leary walking towards the nearest book shelf while I watched her gorgeous butt frolicking from side to side. When she had arrived she bent down at the lowest shelf possible making her ass the only thing visible to my eyes. She looked back at me with a smirk on her face. That ass was calling me.

I hurriedly ran to her concentrating on her rare end that was touching the sky. I pretended to reach a book from the top shelf causing me to pound my throbbing cock into her black jeans. I pretended to try and get higher books just so that I could grind upwards into her soft ass. I then reached for the middle shelf so in that way I could perform a doggy style on top of her shoving my loaded dick between her cheeks.

We did this for a while until the librarians started to eye me and her out. The final bell rang for lunch and I was sad because now I can’t grope her some more. She walked out of the library and left my dick to throb. I chilled on the benches outside waiting for the bell to ring reminiscing on the feeling I had felt when I grinded on her.

Finally, the bell rang. I had Phys. Ed with Ms. O’ Leary. We ran to the gymnasium so that we could change into Phys. Ed gear. When we finished changing we walked into the gymnasium to find Ms. Kadıköy Escort O’leary standing there waiting for us. For Phys. Ed she wore nothing but a sports bra and black tights. My erection began to rise.

“Before we get into basketball we need to do some stretches to relax our muscles.” Ms. O’leary spoke.

She ordered us to spread apart at arms length and then instructed me to volunteer. Out of all the students she could’ve selected she picked me!

“Now the both of us are going to show you a simple stretch that releases all tension from within your thigh muscles.” She said.

“This should be interesting.” I thought.

She got me to lay flat on my back while she kneeld down beside me. She then lifted up my left leg seeing as it was closest and then hopped on top of my right leg so my left leg was being held in the air by Ms. O’leary while she sat on top of my right leg grinding her fat ass onto my right my leg.

She then slowly pushed my left leg forward towards my face and every time my leg got closer towards my face, her thick boobs would rest onto my crotch causing a hard-on.

She did this to me multiple times for a while. I was the luckiest man in school.

She then started to present to us a different stretch where she would get down on all fours and arch her back towards my cock so her legs were underneath my balls with her ass pressed against my erection. Every time she arched her back, her round ass would stick out onto my cock causing to surge a powerful thrust against her booty cheeks. My cock ran deep into her asshole thanks to her soft tights.

After this, we were told to run towards the basketball courts and circle her and I. She then demonstrated how to play defence in basketball. She got a ball, turned around so that her fat booty was facing me and she then squatted. She then began to dribble the ball drawing my dick towards her ass. I tried to reach for the ball so that my cock could sink in deeper between her ass cheeks. I leaned on her. She then started to push me back with her round ass causing my dick to go harder.

She then shot while we were still close causing her sweaty boobs to smack me in the face. Her tits were so bouncy every time she released the ball making a jump shot. We played one more game and I went for a block but when I blocked her we both fell onto the ground with herself on top of me. We all moaned pain. I knew she wasn’t in pain though, she just didn’t want to get off of me. She lied on me with her left leg onto my stomach and her pussy resting on my hard dick. She then got onto all fours shuffling to make her boobs comfy until my face was placed into her cleavage. We were hesitating to get back on our feet.

I finally got back up and apologised so the class thought it was an accident. After Phys. Ed we were to go to the locker rooms and change. After Phys. Ed class I asked Ms. O’leary if we could workout to help me get into better shape for Phys. Ed and she had agreed to be my VERY personal trainer.

After Phys. Ed I had wood work with Ms. O’leary once again thank god. She had no time to change as she were to prepare our wood for what we’re making today. When I arrived for wood work class she still had on her sports bra and tights revealing her fat ass if you could see through enough. Her boobs were also very sweaty. Her breasts look as if they were about to burst because her sports bra was so tight.

She began to gather the blocks of wood from the lowest cabinet once again sticking out her ass at me waving it from side to side. I couldn’t help Ümraniye Escort but jack off a little underneath the table. After she had gained her strength to carry the box of spare wood. She slammed it on the table causing her boobs to shake about. She glared at me before beginning to explain what we were making today.

“So today we’re going to see how to build a birds house.” She said.

She got five placks of wood, glue, nails and sandpaper. She then placed two placks of wood seperate of each other, one plack for the floor and two for the roof. She glued them together and then nailed in the wood. As she nailed it in her boobs started to move up and down, side to side in all kinds of motions. She then got the sand paper to sand down her house ready for polishing and as she moved the sandpaper against the house she did it fast making her boobs shake about again. I continued to wank underneath the table. Out of nowhere, a bit of her nipple popped out just bofore it went back into hiding. She kept on smiling at me. She knew I was jacking off towards her cleavage she wanted to keep it that way. She then started to stop what she was doing and pull up her bra causing her tities to bounce up and down again before resuming. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

The bell rang again for next period. The whole time I was just jerking off to her cleavage.

I had swim sports again with Ms. O’leary. Yes! I ran to the school pool passed the gymnasium after I got changed into my togs. When I jumped into the pool, I saw Ms. O’leary, standing beside the pool wearing nothing but a bikini that couldn’t be seen because of her fat ass cheeks covering the bikini and she also wore a small swim bra that was covering only her nipples. My cock was on the edge of bursting into cum.

It was a free swim period so the students were mucking around in the pool and it was quite crowded inside the pool with everyone whacking pool noodles against each other and splashing water everywhere and it was just all fun and games. I began to practise on my swimming when my face had entered Ms. O’leary’s butt. I felt her soft jiggly cheeks moving across my face. I apologised but she just laughed and continued splashing around. I decided to bump into her again. I swam into her breasts, sinking my face deep into her boobs as I tightly squeezed on her ass cheeks. She then started to bend down underneath thr water. I then decided to bump into her ass again with my dick this time I help my position and she didn’t move a single muscle as my horny cock swiped up her ass and back down. She responded by moving in opposite directions, pushing against my cock with her ass and placing her boobs into my face. I rubbed my face all over her breasts as I slobbered over her soft tits. I then turned her around and started shoving my dick right into her big fat ass pumping her harder with every thrust she received. I could feel her starting to cum and I think I was about to as well I hammered her harder getting my loaded cock in and out of her fat ass. I could feel my cum getting ready to shoot inside my teacher. As her fat ass cheeks swallowed my dick, I squeezed her tits so hard, rubbing her hard nipples.

I turned her around again and put my dick between her breasts and slid in and out as she sucked on my cock. I could feel my cock about to burst in her mouth as she licked the tip of my penis and shoved it down her throat and back out. I finally cummed in her mouth. Wave after wave of sperm flooded her mouth. As I released I gave her throat a few final pushes hitting my cum onto her tongue. My dick was wobbling inside her mouth trying to get every last drop of cum into her mouth as I was still squeezing both her round ass cheeks.

After that we continued to playfully bump into each other for the rest of my schooling days. What a lucky student I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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